Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 528 She’s Gone!

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When Esther looked at the people around, she did not know what to do.

“What a despicable person, the defense is too tight, it’s so annoying!” Esther was cursing Elijah while
massaging Kattie.

While she was worrying, the doctor in-charge came in.

When Esther’s eyes turned around as if something was planned. Her little face was calm but the
moment she met with Dr. Fothad, she greeted with him with tears in her eyes. “Dr. Fothad!”

Dr. Fothad found out that Esther was shedding tiny tears. He was startled for a while. “Miss Esther,
what happened to you?”

It was better not to ask but the moment Dr. Fothad asked, Esther immediately shrank her little pink
mouth. It was as if she was about to cry anytime.

“What happened?”

“Dr. Fothad, please save me!” Esther raised her weeping beauty face. “I’m pregnant with Elijah’s child,
he wants me to do abortion! I want to head back to inform his father save our precious baby! But there
are many bodyguards outside and they are overseeing me. They said the abortion would start once he
comes back. Dr. Fothad, you are so kind, and you could save anyone, please save both of us!”

As she continued saying, she was choked up and really upset.

“Ah!” Dr. Fothad was startled. “This is terrible!”

After they got along for a couple of days, Dr. Fothad slowly knew about Esther. He knew that she was
staying beside Kattie’s bedside for quite some time.

He had an affection towards this young and pretty lady. Because not all the young people had the
patience to take care of a patient!

Dr. Fothad suddenly felt empathy and patted his chest to confirm. “I’ll help you to escape!”

“Dr. Fothad, it’s so nice of you!” Esther was overjoyed and held on his hand.

“Wait here!” Dr. Fothad walked out as he finished talking. After a while, he pushed an inspection car
over. It was covered with white bedsheet.

Esther was standing at the roadside of the hospital’s main entrance. She laughed a little while taking off
the uniform and jumped into a taxi. She literally escaped.

Elijah Perry, you lost!

Before she left, she wrote a note and placed it on the table in the ward.

After Elijah finished handling the company’s affairs, he only saw a piece of note left in the ward. He
frowned and there was no sign of anger in his eyes at all. He just smiled.

If someone saw the smile at the corner of his mouth, the person would go crazy as he did not laugh

He looked down at Kattie who was lying on the bed. Elijah kept the note and put it in the inner pocket of
his suit. “Kattie, if you could hear me, please get well soon! I have asked the best doctor and caregiver
to make you feel better. Please wake up as soon as possible!”

His big palm was holding on Kattie’s hand, he held it tightly, “Kattie, all the best!”

Then he looked at her again for the last time. He stood up and went to the doorway.

“Someone!” Elijah shouted in a deep voice.


“She is gone!” Elijah said and left hurriedly while making a phone call. “Please trace back all the
surveillance videos and find a woman named Esther!”

After a while, something came up. “Master, Miss Price took a taxi, the car plate number is: XXXX. The
car stops at Johnnie Home Services!”

Elijah pressed on his lips tightly, there was a sense of playfulness in the corner of his mouth...

Esther was looking for something at Johnnie Home Services for a long time. Halfway through, the
owner went out and came back. He mentioned that there was a cheap apartment for rent. It even had a
living room.

She wanted to rent a single bedroom and a living room but this unit of two bedrooms was very cheap.
The company said that there was a man who called in and said that he would be working overseas for
a long time. Therefore, she was lucky to rent this unit with a bargained price. She was immediately
asked to view the unit and signed a contract.

Later, someone sent the key and brought Esther to the room. The room was luxuriously decorated and
fully furnished with furniture and electrical appliances. There was no need to clean the room, she could
move in anytime she wanted.

“Is this your room?” Esther turned around and asked the person who brought the key.

The man shook his head, “No, it’s my friend’s. He’s currently applying to work overseas. Miss, if you’re
interested, would you sign a contract to confirm?”

Esther thought for a while. It was near to the hospital; she was able to take care of Kattie. She nodded.
“Okay, let’s sign!”

After she got the key and paid the deposit. Esther laid on the bed happily. “Finally, I have my own room
to stay! It feels so great!”

The doorbell rang at this moment.

She frowned and went to open the door. Who was looking for her?

When the door was opened, Esther saw the person. She instantly shouted, “Ah...”

She quickly pushed the door but a pair of black leathered shoes had already reached inside and
blocked the door that she was about to close. Then, his distinct fingers held the door tightly and the
door was forcefully opened.

Esther was at the doorway. She was startled, horrified and angrier. She was not feeling safe.

She looked at the person and it was Elijah. She found out that he was looking at her as well. The gaze
seemed playful, unpleasant, and sharp. Esther did want to cry but she could not.

“Elijah Perry!” She gritted and spoke word by word.

Elijah looked at her and gently spitted out a word. “I’m the owner of this room!”

“Ah...” Esther shouted as she was completely surprised.

Elijah raised the contract with his hand, “Try to breach the contract? If you do, you have to pay me five
million in cash!”

Esther almost fainted and gritted. “Where does it mention such a thing?”

“Read your contract then!” Elijah raised his eyebrows and replied in a lower voice.

Esther immediately went back to the room to get the contract; and it did mention the money. But it did
not earlier on. Could it be that the contract was changed when it was signed?

“You’re despicable! You’re cheating!” Esther was completely annoyed but she could not do anything
about him.

Everything was in black and white. She signed on it but unfortunately, she did not know that it was
swapped. She could only admit it and cursed non-stop.

“Despicable man, despicable man, despicable man...”

“You escaped from the ward, that’s smart!” Elijah replied lightly and narrowed his eyes. “I keep my
promise and don’t ask you to live with me in the villa. But I don’t expect that we are so fateful that you
actually rented my apartment!”

“You...” Esther got stuck. Whatever, she just ignored this lunatic. “Your apartment is yours, I won’t
breach the contract! Now I have rented, so during this time, it would be mine!”

“Yes, I live next to you!” Elijah’s thin figure walked towards her step by step. There was a sense of
panic in her eyes while her feet seemed to have rooted as she could not take a step backward.

Her pupils shrank a little, he was standing right in front of her. He was so close to her. “You, what did
you say?”

She subconsciously pointed at the door on the opposite—he said that he lived next door? Or another
room next to hers?

“This is my room!” Elijah replied as he took off his suit and hung it on the clothes hanger. Then he
walked into the master bedroom.

“Hey!” Esther was shocked. “How could you act like this? This is rented out for me! How could walk
around in someone else’s apartment?”

She hurriedly ran towards him but he suddenly turned around. She did not stop and screamed a little
but it was too late. She bumped into his chest and the smell of cologne surrounded her literally!

Oh, the cologne smell was mixed with the smell of cigarettes along with the unique aura of this man.
Esther could not help it but thought of that night. She was panic and her heartbeat even faster.

Elijah grabbed her with a single hand and looked down at the top of her head. There was a faint sweet
fragrance from this lady that was surrounding her.

Esther was startled without moving at all.

Elijah asked, “Are you obsessed about my hug, right?”

As soon as he said, Esther blushed immediately and pushed him away violently. She tried to get away
from him. “I… I am not!”

She leaped over him and jumped onto the big bed in front of him to occupy it. “This is my room, please
go back to your villa. Don’t try to fight with me for the room!”

Elijah remained calm as he narrowed his eyes. He insisted to walked into the bedroom. “This bed is big
enough! What a waste to sleep alone!”

He sat down as he finished talking.

When Esther saw him sitting down, she became anxious immediately. There was a burst of heat. Her
face was full of anxiety, “Hey! Elijah Perry, what do you want?”

Elijah leaned closely against her. His gaze was as deep as the ocean, “To keep an eye on you!”

“Are you bored or what? If I really want to escape, I would have gone by now. I refused Mr. Ball’s help
because I don’t want to renege on debt, don’t you understand?”

“Mr. Ball?” Elijah winked. “You two are really close!”

Esther felt a little upset. Mr. Ball was no longer her Mr. Ball. Her eyes darkened. She shook her head
and stared at the man sitting on the bed.

“Anyway, don’t worry. If she doesn't feel better, I won’t leave G City.”

“Why? Would you leave if Kattie gets better?”

“Of course!” She did not have any relatives here; she did not need to stay.

“What if I don’t allow you to leave?”

She was shocked and looked at him in surprise. “For what?”

His arrogant expression really made her very upset. He was so handsome but an arrogant man.

Elijah stared at her little face in shock. His handsome sank in. “I guess I’m your first man right!”

“What then? What’s so great about it! But you’re not my last man! It’s so funny, it was just one night
stand and you want to be responsible for me?” She asked. “Let me tell you, I don’t have any virgin
complex! You don’t have to be so nice!”

She said that to him. Elijah turned around and lowered his body quickly. Esther was afraid and shrank
into the bed. He corned her in between the arm and the bed as he stared at her funny face. “There’s no
woman who talks to me like this. Do you think I would be responsible?”

Esther twitched her lips and shook her head. “I don’t think so, just imagine that I was being
reciprocated. Get off!”

Elijah’s eyes were malicious, there was a hint of wicked smile under his eyes.

It should be a pleasant smile, Esther thought suspiciously. It was a little strange like a demon as he
was going to throw himself at her anytime.

“You, what are you doing? Let me tell you, I, don’t owe you anything!” Esther realized that he was not
getting up. She was being paranoid and worried. Her eyes widened and tried to make herself not being
afraid. But her sense of panic still shown from her eyes. Because this man was scary.

“Oh really? Those days when you owed me, should there be any compounded interest included?” He
winked and raised his lips. His handsome face was approaching even closer. Esther was scared that
she almost called “Mum”!

“What, what interest! Elijah Perry, I’m going to the hospital to take care of Miss Cole. I don’t have time
to play with you. Quickly get up!” She tried to be alert on him because she was worried that he might do
something—something that she did not want to happen again even if she died.

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