Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 553 Don’t Leave Me

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Esther’s heart started beating faster and her face was bright red. She closed her eyes and she curled
up into a ball. She wished that the bubbles could cover herself up, but she felt like she was just
deceiving herself. Though, other than curling herself up she couldn’t do anything else.

“You pervert, get out!” She noticed that he wasn’t leaving and was just watching her by the door. She
yelled righteously.

But he just walked in.

“Hey! Hey!” yelped Esther nervously, “Hey, you pervert!”

He then slid into the bathtub and the water in the tub spilled all over the floor.

“What?” Esther never thought that he would come in, “Elijah, you bastard! Get out, I don’t want to bathe
together with you!”

He ignored everything she said and hugged her in his arms.

Esther was angry and jumpy, she was so shocked that she hit him hard repeatedly, “I’m going to bite
you if you don’t let go of me!”

But he turned her over and checked her back. He felt reassured to see that the wound on her back was
healing. There was only a brown scar left from the peeling.

He hugged her tightly.

She was graceful, pure, and enchanting. She was just lying there, and it was already making him crazy.

Who was she? Why was she so alluring? She made him crazy all the time…

He inched closer and talked clearly next to her ears, “Don’t leave me.”

That was 8 pm and now it was 2 am. Elijah finally let go of her.

Esther didn’t want to move anymore, she felt numb and tired all over. She quickly fell into a deep
slumber as Elijah was hugging her.

He was exhausted as he didn’t sleep for two nights already. He fell asleep while hugging Esther.

The next morning, Esther woke up. She looked at his face that was close to her. His eyes were shut,
and his lashes were long, they formed a fan shape and created shadows underneath his eyes. It was
pretty, but unfortunately, it was on Elijah.

Esther squirmed and noticed that his arm was on her waist. She mumbled to herself, “Shitty Elijah, how
dare you, how dare you…”

She used all her strength and wanted to jump off the bed. She got off the bed, but her legs gave out.

Her body hurt and she bit her lips as she tried to stand up.

“Elijah, you bastard!” Shit, she wouldn’t be pregnant, wouldn’t she?

Esther was dumbfounded. No, she didn’t want to be pregnant if it wasn’t Hudson. She definitely didn’t
want that to happen. But it was already impossible with Hudson, though that didn’t mean that she
wanted to get pregnant with another man’s baby either.

She looked at Elijah and he was still fast asleep.

He was in such a deep sleep. She felt annoyance brewing inside of her! He was sleeping like a log. Her
first time that she was protecting for Hudson was stolen by a pig like him.

A thought went through her mind. She wanted to kill him. But wait, no! Homicide was against the law!

Maybe she could make him a eunuch?

No! She might face jail time for that as well!


Esther stood up angrily. She put on clothes and got up. She went out to get a pair of scissors, and then
she proceeded to cut his shirt up. His shirt turned into strips and it turned into a mess. She also cut his
pants and they became strips as well. When she was satisfied, she walked towards the bed and
noticed that he was still sleeping.

Though in reality, Elijah was already awake. He thought that he would hear her scream the first thing in
the morning, but he heard nothing. He found it unbelievable and didn’t know what she was doing.

Esther climbed onto the bed and flipped him over. He turned over accordingly and was waiting for her
next move. Esther carefully tied his hand up with the cut-up clothes. Elijah was taken aback, but he
didn’t move an inch.

He then felt that his legs were tied up as well. His limbs were all tied up.

Esther carefully checked her knots and suddenly, her face flushed when she looked at him. She quickly
used a shirt to cover him up.

She then went out to grab a camera.

“Freaking Elijah, I need my revenge!” She thought about him bullying her and felt sad, she started to

Elijah opened his eyes and noticed that she was crying. He felt sorry, “Why are you crying? I let you tie
me up, are you still not satisfied?”

He said a bit helplessly. What did she want from him?

“Ah!” Esther dried her tears, “You, you are awake?! Fine, it’s better that way!”

Esther grabbed the camera and stood next to the bed. She stared at his firm muscles, long black hair,
healthy-looking skin, wide shoulders, nice waist…

Esther took a deep breath, “Hmph! So, what if you have a good body!”

It wasn’t as if she had never seen one before.

Esther tried to keep her face from turning red. She gritted her teeth, she felt helpless and dejected. She
aimed the camera at him and took a photo.

“Hey, are you trying to take pictures for keepsake?” Elijah didn’t think that she would take pictures of
his naked body.

“Hmph, Elijah, I’m going to post your naked pictures on the internet and make you suffer! You bullied
me and I needed my revenge. I’m telling you, I’m not that easy to bully!”

“Erm!” Elijah was taken aback; he didn’t think that that was her aim. He didn’t mind her keeping photos
of him privately, but he wouldn’t let her post that publicly, “Hey, let go of me!”

“Hmph! No!” Esther yelled. She took more photos and took more than 10 pictures from different angles
in one go. She clicked the shutter quickly and didn’t even know how the pictures turned out. She just
wanted to take photos. She felt content after a while, “Hmph, you never thought that I would do this,
didn’t you?”

Elijah rolled his eyes, “You think this is enough to threaten me?”

Esther ran out of the room and hid the camera. She then grabbed a pair of scissors, “Of course not! I’m
going to make you a eunuch as well, Elijah!”

She only wanted to frighten him, not really harm him physically. She didn’t want to go to jail.

Elijah arched his brow and squirmed lazily, “Hey, you don’t care about your future happiness?”

“Shut up!” Esther pursed her lips. She glared at him viciously and stared straight into his eyes. The
scissors seemed very sharp, but Elijah wasn’t scared at all. He stared at her blankly.

“Would you be willing to do that?” he asked in a low voice, teasing her.

“Shut up, didn’t you hear me??” She was as angry as a female lion. She waved the scissors in front of
him, “I’m going to cut it off, and you’ll be a eunuch! You’ll not be a male nor a female! You brought harm
to me, you bastard!”

Elijah’s expression remained the same, he just stared at her lazily. He squinted his eyes and said, “Go
ahead, but be careful to not hurt yourself!”

“Shut up!” Shit, he wasn’t afraid of her. She felt even more enraged! She held the scissors and sat on
the bed, but she didn’t even dare to look at his dick. Elijah wasn’t even pleading with her to stop,
“Elijah, you bastard. I’m really going to do it; I’m going to do it!”

“Hey, will you let me go if I plead you?” Elijah winked at her. How dare he flirted at a time like this?

“You pervert!” She felt mad just looking at his face.

And then she really aimed the scissors at him, at this rate she was really going to do it, “I don’t care, it’s
your fault. I don’t care if I go to jail!”

“Hey…” Elijah knew that it was going to be bad. He quickly snapped the cloth that was tying his hands
and turned around. He slipped off the bed.

Esther didn’t manage to accomplish her intention. Elijah quickly grabbed her hand and seized the
scissors, “Hey, don’t really do that. How could you?”

She struggled and wanted to snatch the scissors from his hand, but he grabbed her hand and threw the
scissors into a corner. Shit, next time he had to throw away all potential murder weapons in his house.

His legs were still tied up and he could only stop her with his hand, “Hey, it’s so early in the morning.
You should sleep and not move around so vigorously, aren’t you tired?”

Then he started to kiss her. Before he had enough, he had to let go of her. Esther’s face was crimson
red, and she felt weak in her knees as she was out of breath.

Elijah was always short of breath. He looked at Esther and said in a low voice, “Hey, be my woman
forever! I don’t only want your body, I also…”

He held out his slender fingers and drew a circle around Esther’s chest, “I want, your heart as well…”

“You bastard!” she growled.

He wanted her heart; how could he be so greedy.

She couldn’t protect her chastity, but she would still reserve her heart for Hudson. Just thinking about
Hudson made her feel miserable again.

“I won’t give you my heart, it is solely for Hudson. Him and only him. Not you, never you!” She yelled as
she closed her eyes. There was no way that she would give him her heart.

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