Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 559 It’s Too Much

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An unexpected chill came, she suddenly felt cold. She felt like her heart stopped beating. There was a
wave of anxiety and panic in the atmosphere. “What’s wrong with him? What’s wrong with him?”

The bloodstain spread from the staircase to the outside.

“He...” Winnie cried miserably; she was feeling so helpless. Tim did not expect that this would happen.
He just wanted to help his granddaughter and he thought it would be good if they had each other’s
body first and then their relationship could be confirmed quickly, but he never thought that it would be
too much!

Esther did not wait for any answer and she ran upstairs. She was stunned when she saw the
bloodstain in the room.

“Babe...” Elijah followed her, and he saw it too. His expression was completely dull.

“Where is Hudson?”

“He drove away, there was a lot of blood on him. It was flowing out from his hand and body. Young
Master, it was scary!”

“Send someone to chase after him!”

“Hudson...” Esther just ran out. She took out her phone while running. She tried to call while trembling.
The phone was connected, “Lance, Lance, please find Hudson, he’s injured. We need to find him as
soon as possible and send him to the hospital. Then, tell me, tell me where he is! Quick, Lance,

She was so upset and worried. Elijah looked at her little pale face. His pretty face was deeply
entangled, he frowned with deep and sharp eyes. She cared for Hudson; he would always be the

number one in her heart no matter what. In fact, it was never changed ever since Esther became his

All the servants from the Perry family went out to look for Hudson. Elijah pulled Esther’s hand and
brought her into the car. “Let’s go find him!”

As the car was passing through the darkness, Esther’s vision was focusing on each car nervously as
she was looking for Hudson’s car. He was driving a red Ferrari. Fortunately, there were not many
Ferraris in G City.

Elijah was driving so fast, he kept looking at Esther beside him. When he saw her being nervous and
worried, he could not tell how he felt.

He was holding the steering wheel, but his hand could not help but tighten and let go after. He was also
focusing while searching at the front.

When a red Ferrari appeared in her eyes, Esther immediately said, “He’s ahead! He’s right ahead! He’s

Hudson was not driving fast; he was feeling dizzy. There was a feeling of bitterness filling up his chest
along the way. God knew how desperate he was, how much he did not want to care, or even if he could
never have a child in his life!”

There was a deathly stillness when he was feeling upset until a car slid past. When the car blocked
him, he suddenly braked. He felt like there was more blood coming out in his abdomen.

He looked up blankly and saw a person getting down from another car. It was a little and charming
figure. It was so familiar that his heart trembled.

“Hudson...” Esther jumped out of Elijah’s car and ran towards the red Ferrari. She kept slamming the
door, “Hudson...”

Hudson rolled down the window, but he did not open the door. He was afraid that Esther would see the
blood on him. “Esther... why are you here?”

“Hudson, open the door, open the door, open the door...” She kept shouting endlessly!

At this moment, Lance just arrived. “Lady, Master!”

“Lance, he doesn’t want to open the door, he’s injured!”

“Esther, I’m fine!” Hudson was feeling warm but bitter at the same time. She chased after him, he did
not expect that she would chase after him.

“Hudson, Hudson, I beg you to open the door, let me see you, please let me see you now!”

“I’m really fine...” Hudson shook his head, but he felt dizzier after shaking his head. “I’m fine, Esther...
why are you here?”

He was even surprised when he saw her little caring face. He was feeling so happy deep inside.

“Hudson!” Esther shouted anxiously. He was not looking good at all; his face was thin and pallid. His
face looked abnormally pale at this moment.

“I’m really fine...” Hudson shook his head, another wave of dizziness hit him which caused him to lean
back on the seat and gasped.

Esther tried to open the door from inside, Lance tried to help her to open the car door.

Elijah just parked his car, “How is he?”

“Hudson? Hudson?” Esther yelled anxiously. The stickiness on the hand made her voice tremble. “Ah,
blood, there’s so much blood, has he fainted? Hudson, don’t scare me, don’t scare me...”

“Please get him out and send him to the hospital!” Elijah and Lance tried their best to pull him out of the
car. Both felt the stickiness too, they were startled.

“How did Young master get injured? Young master!”

Esther moved to the back of the car and held Hudson tightly. “Lance, drive the car, quick, drive to the
hospital now, uh...”

Elijah looked at the way she was, he did not say anything. Lance drove the Ferrari away, Elijah sat on
his Veyron and looked at the car in front of him. He frowned and made a call to Winnie. “We’re going to
the hospital, he’s fainted. What happened?”

Winnie cried while explaining to Elijah about what had happened when she came to the hospital too.


The light of the emergency room was turned off.

Hudson was wrapped and pushed out from the room.

“How’s Hudson? Hudson?” Esther suddenly rushed over. She looked at his pale face. His hand and
belly were wrapped in gauze. When she thought of the time that he was sent to the hospital, he was
covered in blood, she felt so terrible.

“I’m fine!” Hudson shook his head while staring at Esther obsessively. “Esther, I’m fine...”

His hands were wrapped in gauze while holding Esther’s hand. Both Esther’s little hands immediately
held his hands gently and carefully. “Hudson, you just scared me to death. I thought, I thought I would

never see you again. Don’t scare me anymore, okay?”

Lance pushed the bed while Esther was staying beside him. Elijah’s eyes fell on them holding each
other’s hands, he suddenly felt not good.

He looked at her, but her attention was only on Hudson.

When she passed by Elijah, Esther knew that he was looking at her, but she did not care. All she could
care about was Hudson.

“Hudson...” Winnie’s eyes were red and swollen from crying when she arrived. When she looked at
Hudson on the bed, her tears came out again.

Hudson looked away without looking at Winnie. “Esther, I want to go back to the ward!”

“Okay! Lance, let’s go back to the ward!” Esther did not know what had happened, but she did not allow
anyone to hurt her Hudson. “Hudson, you can go in first, I will come after!”

Lance pushed Hudson away, Esther stood right there. She thought that Winnie’s love would make
Hudson happier. After all, he was loved dearly, how could he not be happy? Today, when saw all the
scars on his body. Her gaze slowly turned cold and looked directly at Winnie. She asked coldly, “What

“I...” Winnie was startled for a moment. Her tears kept flowing down from her eyes. She was
speechless, she did not know what to say. Did she need to say that her husband took an oath by blood
in order not to sleep with her? Did she need to say that everything was forced by her?

Her self-esteem was long gone. She loved a man in a lowly yet desperate way, she was accused that
she committed a conspiracy with her grandfather to make love with that man. What else could she say?
What else could she explain?

“Esther, it was Hudson who hurt himself!” Elijah came over, he stretched out his hand while holding his
sister. His vision was locking on Esther’s face. There was a trace of complications flashed through her
eyes. “He chose to harm himself!”

“Why did he want to harm himself?” She asked. She could not stand seeing Hudson being hurt this
way, she could not accept that Elijah would side on his sister. She was feeling very upset. “Elijah, I
almost lost Hudson, can’t I just ask your sister for a while?”

“This is their affair; you shouldn’t be part of it!” Elijah replied, his expression instantly turned cold.

At this moment, his expression was back to be indifferent without smiling at all. His awe-inspiring
domineering was natural. His eagle and leopard-like eyes made her feel pressured. He just stared at
Esther and directly into her eyes as if he could see everything in her. “Do you feel sorry?”

She was startled but her heart twitched. “Yes, I do feel sorry. He’s my Hudson, I don’t allow anyone to
hurt him!”

“He’s Winnie’s husband, who are you to take care of him?” He asked coldly without taking a step back.

“I...” Esther was completely stunned when she was asked by Elijah. She became speechless.

“Elijah, don’t say it anymore!” Winnie squeezed herself into Elijah’s chest. “Elijah... I beg you not to say
it anymore...”

Everything was silent, Elijah’s vision was still on Esther’s face. It looked uncomfortable and
complicated. His gaze was still on her face. “Remember who you are, remember who you belong to!”

With this single sentence, Esther straightened her body and turned around. Her expression looked
distant. “It’s late, you all can go back. Wait until Hudson gets better then you can come to see him
again, Winnie!”

After she finished talking, she walked into the ward.

“Hehe...” Winnie whimpered in Elijah’s arms. She was crying silently and bitterly. The whole ward was
exceptionally quiet.

“Why are you crying?” he asked. His expression was cold and complicated.

In the ward.

Esther walked in. Hudson kept looking at the door until Esther walked in. He wanted to get up and sit
up, “Esther...”

“Don’t move!” Esther stopped him immediately. “Just lie down, Hudson!”

Lance moved out by himself and left a space for both of them.

Her heart ached for a while when she looked at him being hurt like this. Yet, he still smiled at her, she
felt uneasy, and her eyebrows tangled. She was startled for a moment and looked at him. “Hudson,
why? Why do you want to do this?”

Self-harm! These two words made her feel extremely shocked. Was it just because he did not want
himself to be controlled by the effect of the medicine? How could he be so stupid?

Hudson lowered his head and remained silent.

He could not tell her that he never touched Winnie. Even if he told her, what could be changed? He
thought that he could control his feelings and suppressed them but...

Without any explanation, he raised his head again. He stared at her face with an unexplainable feeling.
He saw the hickey left by Elijah on her neck, it was so glaring. Her hair was messy. Her little red lips
were swollen. Everything told him that Esther and Elijah had a great time before.

“Have you really married him?” He asked.

Esther nodded when she thought about the marriage certificate between her and Elijah. “Hudson,
promise me that you would never do something stupid again, okay? Why? Why do you want to be like
this? Winnie is your wife!”

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