Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 567 Nothing’s Going Well!

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“You’re done crying?” He glanced at her and smiled, “Being pestered by reporters is worse than being
pestered by prostitutes, and you’re laughing?”

“I’m done crying so I’m laughing now. It hurts, but I’m not scared!” Esther explained.

“You’re one tough girl!” Ethel laughed. “I’m relieved that you’re fine and recovered so quickly!”

“If I don’t recover, I will die.” Esther drooped her head as she answered frailly. She was miffed, her
annoyance was brewing inside, and she couldn’t say anything. Her whole body was aching from being
irked, “Who knew that the reporters would come. And they were so vicious, there were so many of
them along the way. Nothing’s going well this year for me!”

Elijah was driving and before he arrived at the company, he got a call. “Young master, Miss Price’s
tapping device was destroyed, and she was surrounded by reporters just now!”

“Shit!” Elijah cursed, “Is she okay?”

“She was saved by Mr. Kirby and got on his car the moment we arrived. You can check Channel 99, it
is being shown live right now!”

Elijah stopped his car by the roadside and turned on the tv in the car. It was showing Esther helplessly
picking up a box of birth control pills. Shit, she bought birth controls! He squinted his eyes and saw that
her hand was being stomped by someone. Then the camera showed Ethel rushing over to Esther,
going through the crowds, and saved her. His eyes dimmed as he saw Esther depending on Ethel, her
hands were over his neck.

He grabbed his phone and said in a deep tone of voice, “Purchase Channel 99 within three days, and
then fire the entertainment director and all reporters who are involved today. Make them leave G City.
Delete all footage involving Esther from today… Yes, including the ones on the internet. Also,

determine the number of reporters present today and make them leave their trade. They are not
allowed to be reporters ever again!”

The person on the other side of the phone replied frantically!

Elijah grimaced and yelled, “Do it, right now! I don’t care about the process; I just want the results!”

“Investigate where Mr. Kirby’s car is heading to.” He then made another call.

He got the information not long after. He turned around and drove off, driving towards the apartment.

Elijah quickly opened the door and saw Esther rubbing her hand. She was smiling. She was shocked
and stood up abruptly as she saw him, “You, why are you back already?”

He slammed the door and walked towards her. He looked at her hand that was stepped on, her hand
was wounded. He frowned and his eyes were wintry.

Those damn reporters, their punishments were too light! He reached out and grabbed her wrist. He
checked it and felt relieved after confirming that her bones were fine. He remained expressionless even
though he was feeling very sorry for her inside.

He didn’t say anything as he walked to the fridge and got some ice. He got some water and a towel as

Esther looked at him blankly, she didn’t know what he was up to. He didn’t say a word since the
moment he came in.

“Come here!” said Elijah in a deep voice. After a while, Esther was still standing there. He arched his
brow and said coldly, “Come here!”

“What, what for?” she stuttered. She took a few steps backward and looked at the frosty Elijah with a
complicated look on her face.

His expression was wintry, it couldn’t be that he came back just to put ice on her hand.

She refuted!

Elijah grabbed her and pushed her down onto the sofa. He put the ice in the water and washed the
towel, “Don’t move.”

He then put the towel on the back of her hand.

Esther stared at his handsome and frigid face; she was shocked by his actions. Her hand felt less pain
after being covered up by the towel. She shook her head in confusion. Elijah was acting weird, he
actually tried to tend her wound.

“What are you looking at?” He sounded displeased. He wasn’t angry at her, but he couldn’t suppress
his rage.

Esther was still stunned; she then noticed a hint of displeasure on his face. But soon after he smiled as
he put his hand on Esther’s head lovingly. He ruffled her hair, “I’m tending your wound and you’re not
even going to thank me?”

She was taking aback. She looked up puzzledly and stared at Elijah who suddenly turned gentle. She
squinted her eyes that were now filled with awareness, “What are you planning?”

Elijah stretched out his arms as he smiled without saying anything. He hugged her and whispered,
“Were you scared?”

“Scared of what?” Her reaction was slow.

“So many reporters were surrounding you, aren’t you scared?” He let go of her, his eyes blazing.

“Oh! I was afraid and then luckily Ethel got there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do. It was all
thanks to him!” said Esther all silly, her head drooping as she looked at the towel.

The scene where Esther held on tightly to Ethel’s neck appeared in Elijah’s mind. The expression in his
eyes tensed up and his face turned gloomy, “Esther, remember, only I can touch your body!”

He then stood up and went to get some ointment.

Esther was dumbfounded, she stared at his back as he walked into the bedroom. Esther was so
confused as she couldn’t understand what Elijah was thinking.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

Esther was taken aback, who could it be?

Elijah walked out of the room and frowned. He put the first aid kit on the table and went to open the
door. He saw Ethel’s handsome face the moment he opened the door.

“Ah! Elijah, I didn’t expect you to be here.” Ethel was smiling, he had a bag in his hand, “I bought some
ointment, where’s Esther? This is for her!”

“No need, do you need something else?” Elijah blocked the door, not letting him in.

“Elijah, I’m here to see Esther. Why are you not letting me in? This is for her, not for you. Why are you
not letting me see her?”

“Oh, I’ll bring it to her! Also, Mr. Kirby, I need you to go on the business trip to Japan in my stead in the
next few days!” He received the bag from Ethel. Elijah smirked and said nonchalantly, he sounded

“No way, Elijah. How could you?” Ethel’s eyes were wide open as he bawled miserably. He couldn’t
believe what Elijah just said. He grabbed onto his sleeves and said, “Elijah, I didn’t do anything wrong,
it was those reporters. Don’t take it out on me. Also, I’m from the charity department, how can I go on a
business trip in your stead?”

“Is it Ethel?” Esther pressed the towel on her hand as she walked up to the door! Elijah was displeased
seeing her coming over.

“It is me! Esther, is your hand feeling better?” Ethel waved his hand and said hello, ignoring Elijah. “I’m
here to bring you some ointment! Are you okay?”

“You have to pay for this.” Elijah withdrew his hand that Ethel was grabbing onto heartlessly. He
glanced coldly at Esther and slammed the door.

“Ah, you locked him out.” Esther was shocked.

“Why should I let him in?” Elijah was unhappy.


“I don’t accept male guests in here!” said Elijah coldly. He brought the bag to the table.

“Elijah, you bastard!” Ethel’s face crumbled, he was standing outside the door. If he knew that this
would happen, he wouldn’t come here. He didn't want to leave the house nor he wanted to go to Japan!


“Come here!” He urged her with a deep tone of voice. He was getting impatient.

Esther pursed her lips, she yelled at the door, “Ethel, sorry! Let’s go bungee jumping next time. This is
not my house and I have no say. You should leave!”

“Okay! Esther, keep your promise and don’t forget about it! Let’s go bungee jumping after I come back
from Japan! I’m leaving! Don’t miss me too much!”

“Come here…” Elijah sounded even more annoyed.

“I’m coming!” Esther walked over obediently.

“Stay away from Ethel. I told you nobody else but I can touch you. You want to be hugged by him
during bungee jumping again?” Elijah said indifferently, his cold face was expressionless, but his tone
of voice was serious and threatening.

“Ethel is my friend!” Esther frowned. Ethel just wanted to hang out and he saved her from the reporters
a few times already, she considered him a friend!

“This is an order; I’m not discussing this with you!” Elijah glared at her sharply and inched closer, his
wintry face looked stern.

“Who are you to order me around? If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be surrounded by the reporters in the
first place. It’s your fault, and I have nothing to do with you!” For some reason, the rage was boiling
inside of Esther.

He yanked her wrist.

She struggled without caring if her hand was going to get hurt again. She used her strength to struggle
and swung away Elijah’s strong grip. She had a cold expression on her face and she stared at his
slowly dimmed face.

“You are mine!” He was taken aback by her anger as he looked at his empty hand. At that moment, his
face was as cold as ice.

“What’s yours? You’re single, and you will stay single! I’m giving you some space, please give me
space too!” She ignored Elijah’s exasperated expression and said coldly. Her intonation was sharp and

“Heh…” Elijah suddenly laughed as he heard what she said, his cold face was now decorated with a
bright smile, it was radiant.

“Are you crazy?” Esther was dumbfounded, she didn’t know why was he laughing. “Did you get bitten
by a dog? Have you lost your mind?”

“You mind it!” He was sure of himself.

“Mind what?” She frowned and she scrunched her nose, “Weirdo!”

“The news from yesterday!” he said.

“Erm!” She blinked her large eyes and was confused.

Suddenly, he hugged her tightly and yanked her towards the soda. He pressed her down with his large
body and used his weight to imprison her body.

“Let go, are you crazy?” She was annoyed and miffed as she growled. She flailed her limbs as she
struggled, trying to move Elijah who was as still as a mountain on top of her.

He seized her wrist with his large hands and pinned them on the top of her head. He then inched closer
and kissed her.

“Mmm…” His warm lips touched hers and she couldn't breathe.

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