Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 615 Let’s Have A Daughter

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Finally, he raised his head and looked at her.

Her little face was slightly red and shy, “Hudson. I’ve just made some soup. I didn’t expect you to come
back. Are you hungry?”

Hudson froze. At that moment, his sight slowly moved away from her face and turned to the dining

He stared for a minute then withdrew his sight and looked at her again. Suddenly, the coldness seemed
to be warmed by the sun, which made him feel coy. “Yes!”

He didn’t say anything. As the expectation on her face made him unable to bear to reject her. He
walked straight to the dining table and sat down.

She hurriedly went to get the soup.

Hudson smelled the strong aroma in the air. It was like the smell of chicken soup, added with ginseng,
which stimulated his appetite.

“Hudson, this is good for your body!” she said.

Such concern made Hudson’s heart warmed again.

His father used him and ruined his love. The woman he loved the most now didn’t love him. It seemed
that he had nothing left, only this strange girl by his side. What was love? Hudson looked down at the
bowl of soup. He was disoriented and confused.

Then, he heard Winnie saying, “Hudson, I’ve been waiting for you to come back!”

He didn’t come back in these few days and she didn’t leave.

“I’ve seen that the video is no longer online. Since it’s gone, I’m sure that it won’t be long before
everyone forgets about it! I’ll go back tomorrow!” She sat across the dining table, said in a low voice.

"You, you want to leave?” He was startled.

After that night, he didn't say anything and just disappeared for a few days. She kept waiting for him to
come and say something, but he didn’t. The sourness in her heart made her want to cry. She didn’t
want to leave, but she just wanted him to ask her to stay.

As soon as she was silent, he spoke again. "Let's remarry!"

She froze. Her eyes were sore. She tried hard to hold back her tears, but she couldn't stop them from
rolling down.

"The soup is good!" He said in a deep voice. "Is there more?"

Winnie shuddered. Then she immediately nodded and wiped away her tears. "Yes, there is! I'll get it for

She took the bowl, filled it, and handed it to him. He took the bowl and placed it on the table. He
grabbed her hand and she looked at him in surprise. He raised his head. Their eyes met. And there
was a moment of silence. They just froze for a long time. She gently turned away her face. Her eyes
were red and moist.

"Please don't leave," Hudson said softly.

Winnie bit her lip and nodded gently. "Okay!"

Hudson let go of her hand. Then, he lowered his head to drink the soup and he finished it.

"Do you still want it?"

"No!" Hudson said.

Winnie nodded.

"Winnie!" Hudson suddenly spoke.

Winnie looked up. He looked at her and asked, "If I have nothing, would you still be willing to be with

She was puzzled. However, she still nodded without any objection. "I'll stay with you as long as you
want me! It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. To me, you’re who you are. All I want is you, not your
eminent background!"

Hudson looked quietly at Winnie who sat across the dining table. His heart was aching violently. He
seemed to be in distress now.

The next day, Hudson took Winnie to reapply for the marriage certificate.

After sending Winnie back, Hudson went to the company.

It seemed that Christ had also received the news. He immediately rushed to the company happily,
“Hudson, I heard that you and Winnie got remarried. Is it true?”

Looking up at his father, Hudson expressionlessly threw the marriage certificate that he had just
received in front of him. “Yes! We remarried!”

“That’s right! Winnie is a good woman and she is the one who suits you the best.” Christ said with a
laugh. “You should speed up the process with the purchase of the land in J City. I hope it can start with
the construction by this winter.”

Hudson didn’t say anything. He just lit a cigarette and took a drag on it. Then, he glanced at Christ and
said softly, “Esther isn’t my sister, is it?”

He was stunned. “You, you knew about it?”

Hudson, whose eyes were red, mockingly sneered. He finally realized that he was the dumbest man in
the world. He had lost the only woman that he had ever loved just because of his father’s conspiracy.
Due to his father's dirty tricks, he was forced to be with Winnie.

"You’ve reached your goals! Are you satisfied now?!" Hudson said.

"Hudson! You'll find out later that I did it for your good!"

"I know. You go! Leave me alone!" Without too much accusation, Hudson was very calm.

Christ stared at him for a long time, and he was stunned. But after he had made sure that Hudson
might have accepted his fate. He nodded his head and left contentedly. It seemed he was the happiest
one since the Ball family and the Perry family were allied by marriage!

Hudson took a drag of the cigarette.

There was no way back! He lost his mind when he thought of Esther yelling at him and telling him that
they could never be the same as before. He clutched his head and thought painfully. His disheveled
face was filled with entanglement. He was more distressed than ever. He was so emotionally
overwhelmed that he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

“Young master!” Lance came in and looked at him worriedly.

“Lance, go back to the United States and carry out all the things that I’ve explained to you. Before the
New Year, I want Ball Group to disappear from this world!” He still had his eyes closed and said
indifferently. On his taut face, there was a kind of grief that could not be concealed.

Lance looked at Hudson and was about to speak. However, when Lance saw Hudson’s grim
expression, he subconsciously choked on his words. After a moment of silence, Lance couldn’t help but
ask, “Do you have to do this?”

Silence filled in the air again, and Hudson slowly opened his eyes. There was pain and entanglement in
his expression. Then, he slowly stood up and walked towards the window. He was like a statue
standing at the window and looked out the window sorrowfully. “Just do it! This is what he owes me. He
has ruined me, and he must pay for it!”

"Okay! I’ll go back now!" Lance finally obeyed his command and left.

"Do you want to eat cake?" Esther was busy in the kitchen and she asked Elijah.

"Can't you cook anything else besides cake?" He stood at the kitchen door.

"I can’t!" Esther pouted. "I only know how to bake cakes. Nothing other than that! Just try to enjoy it, or
you can cook it by yourself. You don’t appreciate my hard work, you are so annoying."

“Are you angry?” Elijah looked at her with his deep eyes. She drooped her eyes and pouted, just like
she was very angry. Of course, she wasn’t angry. She was just not happy with it.

“I’m not a quick-tempered person. Why should I be angry?” She dared not to be angry. She wrinkled
her nose and beat the eggs. “I’m just chagrined that I’m a bit dumb. I just know how to bake cakes,
nothing other than this!”

Elijah laughed. He felt that she was so cute with her childish act.

He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her waist from the back. He rested his chin on her
neck. “I need a wife, not a chef. So, stop blaming yourself!”

“But I wish I’m able to cook every dish. So that it’ll be more convenient for everyone!” Esther started to
mix the dough.

However, his big hand had reached into her clothes. He hugged her and said playfully, “For me, to have
sex with you is much more important than cooking. As long as I can have sex with you every day, I can
skip my meals…”

He deliberately lowered his voice and said ambiguously in her ear. His hot breath hit her ear, causing
her to blush. “Don’t breathe heavily. It’s so itchy. I’m now mixing the dough!”

“You just mix your dough!” he said, without stopping his action. “We don’t affect each other!”

“Let go of me. Don’t do it again!” Esther screamed.

“What means again? I just want to touch you. I didn’t expect that you want to have sex with me. Then

“Who wants it?” Esther felt so ashamed.

“Oh, you don’t want to, but I want to!” He yanked and her nightgown had been torn off by him.

“Elijah, I’m still mixing the dough. My hands are full of it!” She screamed and dare not to move. She
was afraid that the kitchen would be messed up with flour, then it would be very difficult to clean.

"Feed me first before you mix the dough!" He picked her up and carried her across to the dining table

Esther’s hand was full of dough. He didn’t let her wash her hand. She could only open her hands and
dare not to move.

He lowered his head and kissed her.

“Elijah, I can’t do this!” She screamed.

“It won’t be too long!” He coaxed her and pushed her down on the table…

He pressed his chest against hers while she subconsciously went along with his movements. She was
so dizzy that she felt breathless.

His sight suddenly blurred. Elijah squinted his eyes and vaguely saw her eyes. Her eyes were as
beautiful as a black gem.

“Babe, let’s have a daughter!” He suddenly lowered his head. He wanted to have a baby with her,
especially after her confession. He thought that she could just drop out of college and continue her
studies after they had the baby!

“Have a daughter?” Suddenly she thought of Oscar. He was so cute. She was a little excited about it!

He lowered his head, kissed lightly and hastily along her collarbone. His voice was low and husky,
“Give birth to a daughter as cute as you!”

His words made Esther stunned. Suddenly, she realized she was still on the dining table. She shouted
immediately, “I don’t want to get pregnant on the dining table. I want to be in bed, with romantic roses’
petals. I don’t want to be like this!”

He looked at her. She opened her palms with flour on them. She looked cute as she dared not to move.
He could do whatever he wanted.


The sound of panting was interspersed with the sound of powerfully beating heartbeats. The air was
filled with silence.

His head went blank and gradually regained consciousness.

Suddenly, his phone rang. He finally got out of her body and went to answer the phone without wearing
any clothes. “Hello! Speaking!”

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