Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 641 Don’t Keep Making Mistake

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She lay down on the sofa but the pain didn’t ease, so she ended up curling into a ball in pain. The
warm blood that was spilling out of her body became more and more vigorous to the point that she felt
she was going to be completely emptied soon. The severe pain began to make her feel that something
was not right, so she then tried her hardest to get up and go and call for help.

Although Hudson had broken her phone, she saw the landline phone on the cabinet about less than ten
meters away from her; however, now these ten meters was a long distance for her to get to. She found
that she was unable to move her legs and her stomach was like all of her nerves were being torn, it
was a kind of extreme neuralgia and she really couldn’t bear it. She then suddenly started to sweat cold

She managed to crawl over in a struggle, but before she called the hospital, she wanted to call Hudson.
But as she held the phone, she gave a sad smile for she knew that he would not leave Esther. So she
just called the hospital and as she spoke she could barely say her name and address, but after she had
given them the information they told her to open the door and wait.

She had almost used up all her strength by the time she crawled to the door and when she finally
unlocked the door she then collapsed completely onto the ground. She didn’t cry but instead laughed
miserably and suddenly felt that everything was getting darker around her, however, blood was still
flowing out from between her legs.

From the sofa to the telephone on the cabinet and up to the door there was a shockingly large amount
of blood everywhere. It was as if an artery had ruptured, it was a terrifying sight to see with blood
dripping everywhere.

When Winnie woke up, she saw that she was in a hospital ward. She had thought that she had died
and did not expect to still be alive.

Someone was calling her name; it was a familiar voice. “Winnie, what’s wrong? What happened to

She turned her face slowly and saw it was Ethel.

She raised her eyebrows feeling puzzled and wanted to speak, but she found that she didn’t even have
the strength to talk and could only silently look at the rather exhausted Ethel. However, she then
managed to ask without making any sound, “What happened to me?”

Although she couldn’t use her voice to talk, Ethel understood what she was asking.

“You were pregnant; however, it was an ectopic pregnancy. The embryo ruptured and caused a
hemorrhage, and if you had got here any later then this would have been fatal!” Ethel found it hard to
say this, but he knew he must tell her.

Winnie closed her eyes, and two teardrops began to slide down her face.

Her child! The child seemed to have lost its way inside of her, could it be the child was also silly? Just
like her and Hudson, perhaps this pregnancy was just a mistake. She knew exactly what an ectopic
pregnancy was; the fertilized egg, instead of finding its way to the uterus it had implanted itself outside
the womb onto either the fallopian tube or abdominal cavity. So it turned out that their child was just a
bunch of deformed flesh and blood, and now she wondered whether this could prove that their
relationship was also deformed, that even god was wishing evil upon them.

“Winnie, don’t think about it, just take care of your health!” He couldn’t dare now tell her that she had
also lost the opportunity to ever give birth normally, for it had been discovered that her fallopian tubes
had a congenital deficiency, and this meant that her next pregnancy would also end up like this!
However, the doctor said that they could still assist her in her next pregnancy in that she could have it
done by IVF. Now that science had advanced so far, it was now impossible to never be able to have

He took out a tissue and wiped away her tears, “It’s going to be ok, please don’t cry!”

Although he was worried about Esther and wanted to go back to her immediately, seeing Winnie like
this, he really couldn’t leave.

He had a house here but never expected that it would be in the same building as Hudson. When he
had gotten off the elevator, he saw someone being carried on a stretcher by people from the
emergency centre. He couldn’t help but take a look but never expected the person to be Winnie, so he
immediately followed them to the hospital.

“Ethel, I’m fine!” Winnie shook her head, and more tears began to flow out of her eyes.

Ethel looked at her feeling slightly distressed. She was very sad and she was even crying, yet she was
the one comforting him. He frowned and said, “Where is Hudson?”

As soon as he asked this, he found that she began to cry even more so he immediately shut up.
Hudson must have gone back, he had just tried calling him from the operating room just now but his
phone was turned off, so he must be on the plane right now!

Ethel couldn’t reach both Hudson’s and Elijah’s phone. He then tried Christ’s phone, but also to no

“Winnie, you are still very young so don’t worry, you can still have a child in the future!” Ethel couldn’t
help but say this to comfort her.

She and Hudson would never have a child again. Now that life had reached this point she needed to
give up this idea, she had already died once before and their love was also dead. She would never be
the same Winnie again.

Ethel looked at Winnie and sighed deeply. He didn’t know what he could say to console her, but at the
same time, he also felt that there was nothing that could be said to console her.

Ethel had even signed her operation form and he knew what signing it meant. It meant that she would
never be able to get pregnant normally again, and even if he didn’t sign it then the next time she
became pregnant it would end up the same as this, ectopic pregnancy, and be just as life-threatening.

Right now he wanted to return to his country because he was worried that Esther’s life was in danger,
but he was also worried about Winnie. If he left then he wasn’t sure what Winnie would do.

Winnie wasn’t saying anything, and instead was biting her pale lower lip which was leaving some

Ethel didn’t ask any more questions for he understood clearly. He stroked her hair and said, “Hey, it’s
just good you are awake, you are going to be ok.”

Winnie tried hard to hold back her tears and said rather hard, “Thank you, Ethel. Please don’t tell my
brother or grandfather about this, in fact, please don’t tell anyone about this, including Hudson, ok?”

Ethel looked at her for a long time until he finally sighed and said, “Alright.”

Winnie didn’t know what else to say, so just looked at him gratefully.

Eventually, she said, “Ethel you should go back, I’m fine now!”

As he looked at the time he then shook his head and said, “Forget it, many people have already gone
to help out Esther so she should be fine. In addition, it would take 10 hours by plane to get there so it
would already be too late!”

Winnie’s heart warmed and felt thankful that he had stayed by her side. Right now she was at her most
vulnerable so with him close by she felt much at ease.

Winnie then turned her head and looked out at the blue sky outside of the window. How long had she
fallen unconscious for, was dawn approaching, or was it almost evening? And Hudson, what was he
doing? Was he still on the plane? Or had he already reached G City?

She gave a bitter smile. The story between him and her almost felt as if it was a dream from a lifetime
ago. It had been a mistake from the beginning, but she had kept repeating the same mistake again and
again and now it had almost cost her life.

She needed to wake up and realize that she shouldn’t bother anymore with this one-sided love.

At this moment Hudson was still on the plane, his heart was beating abnormally and his eyelids were
twitching. He couldn’t make any phone calls and wasn’t able to contact anyone. He wasn’t sure if
Esther was dead or alive and when he had left, Winnie had said that her stomach was in pain. He saw
that her face was pale and she had cold sweat but he didn’t have time to deal with that. This was
because he could not let Esther die, especially since everything was his fault.

Regarding Elijah, his heart jumped when he had received Winnie’s call. He then did some investigating
and found that the school didn’t have Esther’s whereabouts and that even Lena and her child had

At this moment, Elijah was really in a panic.

He didn’t expect it was Christ, he knew that Evan Gray had said two months was two months, and that
if in these two months he wasn’t able to take over LN then he would kill Esther. In addition, he had also
said that even if this had happened, after the two months, if he was still with Esther and could not serve
the organization wholeheartedly then he would also kill Esther. As the leader of the organization, you
were not allowed to have offspring, this was a rule of the LN, nor was he allowed a lover because the
leader of this organization cannot have a weakness.

However, the two months were not up yet so he wouldn’t do anything until then. This was Evan Gray,
he was someone who meant what he said, and kept his promises. Although he was an evil person, at
the very least he had principle.

But Christ? Elijah didn’t want to imagine.

At the warehouse.

“Christ, what do you want with me? Let me go now!” Esther tried to say to Christ.

“Shut up!” Christ retorted coldly, but when he saw how her face resembled that of Esther, his face
flushed with a look of yearning. But there was also a look of pain, struggle, and indescribable mourning
that immediately turned into a ghastly sinister expression.

Esther noticed the expression on his face just now. It had been more than 10 hours already since they
had been here, and Christ had already taken her phone away and tied her back to an iron pole in the
corner of the warehouse. Hanging on her neck was a time bomb that now recorded that there were just
60 minutes left.

In other words, she had 60 minutes remaining until she met with God.

“Since you want me to die, and I have no way to escape from here, could you tell me why?” Esther was
very calm, it was unclear if this was just one of the good personality traits she had inherited or that she
thought that acting frenetic was of no use, but right now she was calm.

“Why?!” Christ snorted coldly, “Because you are Filip Howden’s daughter!”

“Do you have a grudge with my father?” Esther already knew part of the reason, but even if Christ liked
her mother, he wouldn’t kill her because of that right?

“I will be honest with you, I not only want to kill you but I also want to kill your brother, did you think that
even if he changed his name then I wouldn’t recognize him? Didn’t he want to find out the reason for
your mother’s death? Didn’t he want to sow discord between me and Hudson? Didn’t he want to trick
Hudson into making all of my efforts go to waste? Hahaha, I will kill both you and your brother, because
without you both, then everything that happened wouldn’t have happened! Nothing! Eula wouldn’t
have…” The more Christ spoke the more agitated he became and the expression on his face grew
fiercer, as if he had thought of something but then suddenly stopped.

“Just because of this? You would go this far? Could it be that you have something to do with my
mother’s death?” Esther frowned.

Christ smiled coldly and grabbed Esther’s chin and held it up, “Look at this face, it looks just like Eula’s,
what a shame you are not my daughter but instead Filip Howden’s daughter. How ridiculous, how was
Filip Howden able to be worthy of a woman like Eula? How could he be worthy of my Eula? But Eula
loved Filip, she wanted to leave me and even after it was so difficult for me and her to be together, she
still wanted to leave me! I would rather her die than to watch her leave me, I mean, how could I have let
her leave me?”

“Christ, I never realized that you loved my mother so much. Does this mean my mother’s death does
have something to do with you?” Esther suddenly said. She felt rather sad listening to him, for it was
clear that he loved her mother. But since ancient times there had always been two reasons for
murders, one was for a personal vendetta and the other was because of love, so could this mean her
mother’s death was not a suicide?

“Humph! She committed suicide; I didn’t kill her!” Christ cried out in a low voice.

“Then why are you doing this? Let me go, Christ, you got the money so what else do you want? Let me
go, don’t keep making mistake after mistake!”

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