Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 688 Making A Clear Distinction Between Public and Private

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Sylvie went into the office, following Marley.

"Mr Hughes, what's the matter?"

"Sylvie, do you know I give you the consent being my secretary?" asked Marley, who went to the chair
and sat down.

Sylvie shook her head, not knowing what he was going to say. In fact, she always thought that this was
an agreement between him and Mr Mccarthy. She came to work as a secretary just to better cooperate
with Marley and not give him any trouble, and just hoped that the contractual marriage would end soon,
which were the reasons she would agree so readily.

"I heard you studied at Harvard for four years!" he said instead of going straight to the point.

"Yes!" Sylvie nodded.

"Majored in MBA?" Marley asked in disdain.

"Well, sort of.” MBA was just one of her two degrees. In order to study architectural design, she
minored in MBA. In this way, she could avoid Sadie and repay the kindness given by Mr Mccarthy.

She thought that maybe she was eager for family affection in her heart, so she agreed to him.
Fortunately, Mr Mccarthy did not force her to major in MBA, which was a small part of the reason for
her compromise.

Marley said, "Frankly speaking, you are not suitable to be a secretary. You are not from this
professional background, and I like to work with a clear distinction between public and private. We are
a couple now. Of course, I can't guarantee whether we will divorce in the future. But you can rest
assured that I will not make things difficult for you, but I am very strict. Do you have the confidence to
be a good secretary?"

"I think I can learn!"

"Secretary Sylvie, I want a positive answer! Yes or no?"

"Yes!" Sylvie was inspired.

"You can't find any excuse for your mistakes, understand?"


"I hope you don't use your identity to do things under the name of Mccarthy Group or Marley's, and act
arrogantly behind my back! Never think that you can take advantage of this position to gain any
personal benefits. To make it clear, I don't want to deal with any disputes for you. Remember you are a
secretary. Do you understand?"

"Yes!" Sylvie said.

"Well, since you have taken MBA as a subsidiary subject at Harvard, you must understand the rules. In
business, you can only keep the company's affairs in your mind. You don't have to tell others. Besides,
I don't want you to gossip like other women. I hope that what you see and hear from me will be kept to
yourself. If you let me know that you have violated these regulations, you will have to leave! Do you
understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes! Don't worry, Mr Hughes. I understand business rules. I won't say a word about business secrets.
If you don't have anything else to tell me, I'm going to work outside."

"Wait, you make me a cup of coffee!"

"I..." Sylvie hesitated.

"Well? Do you have any doubts?"

"No, I'll be right there!" In fact, she didn’t know how to make coffee at all. She enjoyed drinking tea,
especially green tea, which was healthy. But she thought that there were coffee machines in big
companies, so that staffs should be able to drink coffee. Besides, she saw the coffee machine in the
tea room yesterday.

When she came back with a cup of instant coffee, Marley took it up and drank it. Then he suddenly
stopped, frowned and vomited in the cup. “Instant coffee?” he asked.

Sylvie was stunned and nodded honestly.

"Secretary Sylvie, I don't want instant coffee! You can't make coffee?"

"I'm sorry!" Sylvie admitted, “I never drink coffee, so I don’t know how to make it!"

"What do you drink?" Marley raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

"Green tea! Or plain water,” Sylvie replied.

"Secretary Sylvie, I forgive you this time. I hope I can have a more authentic black coffee next time I
need coffee! Remember, I only drink black coffee!"


"Make a cup of tea."


Sylvie had lots of tea. She liked Huang Shan Mao Feng Tea, West Lake Longjing Tea, Biluochun Tea
and Taiping Houkui Tea. She liked all kinds of green tea. Among them, Huang Shan Mao Feng Tea was
her favorite. It was of good quality, looked like a sparrow tongue, even and sturdy. The tip of it was as

white as ivory. With delicate fragrance, and clear and bright liquor color, it tasted fresh, mellow and
sweet, The bottom of the leaves was bright yellow, very beautiful!

She had a good commanding of making tea, which could be as clear and beautiful as mountains and

When she came back, Marley took a sip of green tea, then frowned and relaxed. He looked up at her.
At the moment when her eyes met, Sylvie found that she was expecting something and wanted to
know how he felt when he drank Mao Feng Tea.

He gave her a deep look, which implied many complex emotions that she could not understand.

"Get out!" he suddenly said in a deep voice.

"Well!" Sylvie realized that her behaviors was inappropriate. She got excited and immediately avoided
his unpredictable eyes in embarrassment... At the same time, she said quickly, "Yes!"

Sylvie was enriched by a busy day. Several stranded major projects were put into operation again
because of Cassius's capital injection.

In this way, Marley couldn’t get his hands off. On the one hand, he had to deal with the company's
internal corruption. As the whole company was in chaos now, many things needed to be rectified by
Marley himself. On the other hand, the external projects also needed to be checked by him. Therefore,
he and Tyler were very busy.

As it was time to get off work, Marley, who had been busy for a day, walked out of the president's office
to the Secretariat and said to Aila, "Aila, bring me the business tables of each branch for nearly half a

"Yes.” Aila answered quickly and started looking for information in the computer.

Sylvie, who was getting herself familiar with the rules and regulations, looked up inadvertently upon
hearing the voice, and Marley's eyes inadvertently swept her.

He was standing in front of Ali's office area, tall, with an oppressive surname, a cold face and a frown.

Sylvie lowered her head to focus herself working as soon as she took at look at him. She must
familiarize herself with every business and her duties. She did not dare to slack off and did not want to
be looked down upon. She wanted to prove that she could do it.

"Mr Hughes, it's all here!" Aila quickly called out the information from the computer, printed it, bound it,
and handed it to Marley.

"Alright!" Marley took it and went back to his office. As soon as he got to the door, he suddenly said
loudly, "Secretary Sylvie, come in!"

Sylvie looked up and found that he was waiting for her, and the other three secretaries also looked up.
They took a glance at Sylvie and went down to their businesses.

"Yes.” Sylvie stood up and went to the office with him, although she had no clue.

Marley looked at his watch. There was one minute away from work.

"Close the door!" he ordered.

Sylvie closed the door in accordance with his words, isolating the curious sight of the three secretaries
outside. Sylvie did not speak, waiting for his orders.

"Sit down!" He pointed to the chair opposite his boss's desk.

Sylvie stood there, daring not to sit.

Marley first put the information on the desk, then dialed a phone, and said in a deep voice, "meet me
under the building in 15 minutes!"

Then he sat down and began to focus on the document in his hand. He looked through it quickly,
flipping the pages quickly, and then he frowned. Finally, he put the information on the table, and then
looked at the watch with a slight frown, "Off duty!"

Sylvie was stunned, wondering why he asked her to come in with him.

He was still as cold as ever, and said in a deep voice without taking a look at her, "My parents are back
to home!"

His words startled Sylvie, who had no idea where Marley's parents had gone. They were not present
on their wedding. It was said that six months ago, Aiden, Marley's father, suddenly became seriously ill
and went to Switzerland for recuperation. The company was now under the management of Marley's
uncles, which was why this kind of crisis had been brought. She didn't expect his parents to come

"..." Sylvie didn't know what to say. Asking if his father was recovered seemed to be inappropriate.
Marley didn't necessarily need her concern.

"Are you free tonight?" His tone was flat but polite.

Sylvie was about to reject him at thought that she made an appointment with her netizen online today.
But she changed her mind when she saw that he was looking at her with dark eye. "Yes, I’m free!" she

"Visit my parents with me!" he said.

"Ah?" She was stunned.

His deep male voice came through the air, "I hope you can help me play in front of them!"

Her back was stiff. Play?

"Alright! I’m okay to help you with anything. Don't worry about it!" she said calmly with questions.

"Why would you help me?" Marley frowned and asked.

Sylvie was stunned, and said with a bitter smile, "Because I like you. I keep you around me with
marriage. Now I succeed, don't I?"

It seemed that from the beginning, when she was found by Patriarch, there was no way to refuse this
arrangement. He was Marley. In the whole world, she could refuse anyone, except him, because he
was Marley, who was kind to her. But what was the point of saying this?

Her words immediately attracted Marley's disgust. He frowned and looked at her deeply, “Miss Sylvie, I
can't love you, never!"

Sylvie knew that he must be more disgusted with her after hearing her words. She replied with a smile,
“I know!"

"We will divorce!"

"I know!"

"Well, you..."

Sylvie shook her head and interrupted him, "Mr Hughes, I only do what I think I should do. Come on,
how can I help you? Make your parents feel at ease to show our affection to them? Don't worry. How
do you want me to cooperate with you? I'll be a good actor and promise not to upset your parents. Is
that okay?"

There seems to be a trace of helplessness in her tone.

Marley didn't expect that it would be so easy for her to say yes. He couldn't even figure out what Sylvie
was thinking. She said she liked him, but he couldn't see her admiration for her. He knew there were
plenty of women who admired him.But why did she agree to marry him? He couldn’t figure it out.

But she response still shocked him. "My father has a weak heart. I don't want him to get excited for
anything.I hope you don't tell him the inside story about the business marriage. I hope he knows the
inside story about us - love each other!"

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