Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 711 Can’t Hold The Feelings Anymore

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All three of them were taken aback as if they hadn’t expected Secretary Sylvie would answer them so

At once, no one talked anymore and they all lowered their heads and began to eat.

Maisy fiddled with the food on her plate and said with some regret and yearning, “Although, the
handsome and cool President has been snatched away by someone, since that person is you, it is
nothing to be unhappy about. Sylvie, no matter what, I support you both. You must do your best!”

Hearing what Maisy said, the other two agreed and said, “Yes! You must try your best! Although the
president is a bit serious, he is a good boss. If you both are together, we support you!”

“Yes! We support you!”

“Thank you!” She hadn’t expected them to say like this and also supported her to be together with
Marley. Having their sudden support, she could only say thank you.

She just had a few bites when her phone rang. Sylvie hurriedly picked up her phone. Seeing Marley’s
name, she was a little surprised and answered it, “Hello!”

“Bring me a meal!” After he finished saying this in a deep voice, he hung up the phone.

She looked at the phone and only got back to her senses after a long time. Then she hurriedly had a
few more bites and then stood up. “I finished eating, you guys continue. I have to go to do something!”

After saying this, she went to pack an exquisite meal which was considered as balance since there
were meat and vegetables and carried it upstairs.

“Oh! Their relationship really improved!” Maisy sighed.

Aila’s gaze turned towards Sylvie’s departing back. A faint gleam of light shone in her eyes with a hint
of loneliness.

Sylvie carried the lunch box into the elevator and quickly reached the top floor. When she knocked on
Marley’s office door, his head was buried in his notebook.

Seeing him not able to go to lunch during the noon break, she realized it might have been because he
skipped work just now in order to take her to shop for bracelets, thus delaying some of his working
affairs. So, he was this busy right now.

“Eat first!” Sylvie walked in, closed the door and then took the lunch box to the coffee table. She helped
him to arrange it, put properly the chopsticks and then stood up to pour him a cup of warm water.

Marley raised his head and glanced at the lunch she brought. His thin lips opened a bit and said
regretfully, “I don’t eat ginger. Help me to pick out the shredded ginger!”

“Uh!” Sylvie was startled and nodded. Actually, he could have picked it out by himself as he ate, but he
still wanted her to pick it out for him. What a rich Young Master!

Seeing her impatience, he raised his eyebrows, “What? You don’t want?”

“No.” Sylvie replied stiffly.

“That’s enough already. Put it there and answer me a question!” He sighed.

“What?” She didn’t stop but continued to pick the shredded ginger while looked at him.

“Today morning you heard at the finance department that there was a problem of false accounts in the
procurement of the main project. What do you think of it?”

Sylvie was taken aback for a moment and pursed her lips, “This is the matter of the decision maker. I
am just a secretary, President!”

Hearing what she said, Marley didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He felt like she was holding a
grudge and replied him with his own words, “I want your opinion!”

“I thought you made a decision. This kind of thing should be settled at the most opportune moment!”
She said faintly.

“Oh?” Admiration flashed in Marley’s eyes, “Give your opinion!”

Sylvie put down the chopsticks, “You should eat first!”

Marley came over and sat down beside her. Momentarily, the sofa seemed to have shrunk a little and
she moved to the side. Marley began to eat, “What about settling accounts at the most opportune

“These people didn’t do anything extraordinary after you came back and the big project is now under
construction. If the person-in-charge changed halfway, it will inevitably cause some problems which
may cause greater losses. So…” She only said until here and did not go on.

“Why did you stop?”

“Do you really want me to copy the secretary’s guidelines again?” she asked him back.

He was taken aback and smiled, “You really love to keep grudges!”

She continued, “So, since they have restrained themselves now, it is better to give them a warning and
let the past be gone. When the project completed and the proceeds come back, then only teach them
lesson and ask them to pay back the money that they laundered. In the future, naturally no one will
dare to make such a mistake again! But if you want to completely eliminate this kind of false account

problem, I think it is impossible! I think you understand the saying that if you are too strict and you will
not have any friends later. I don’t know if thinking like this is right or not. Besides, didn’t you tell
Manager Lee to not disclose it to keep the morale of the workforce stable?”

“Very good!” He did think so. If he changed person in charge at that time, it would imply that something
had happened and caused more things to change which might lead to greater losses. He hadn’t
expected Sylvie would know his intention.

While he was slightly surprised, he also admired her cleverness.

Sylvie felt a little embarrassed to be praised by him like this.

After Marley finished his meal in a few mouthfuls, Sylvie took a tissue and handed it to him. He wiped
his mouth and then rinsed his mouth.

Sylvie kept and cleared the lunchbox, then as if she was thinking of something, she lowered her head
and said, “You shouldn’t eat your meal so fast in the future or you might easily get stomach problems!
Although you are busy with work and short of time, your health is still very important!”

Perhaps it was because she realized she had said too much, she wanted to go out to throw away the
trash box.

However, a pair of arms hugged her into his chest. His breath was a little nervous and rapid, as if he
wanted to hug her tightly. She was startled and turned around in panic. The man’s hands took the trash
box from her and put it on the coffee tables. Then, he bent his waist, carried her and ran straight into
the resting lounge inside.

“Marley…” Sylvie whispered.

Marley’s fierce eyes were burning hot inexplicably. Carrying her body, he kicked the door of the lounge
to open it and then closed it with his foot.

She was stunned. A torrent flowed through her heart at lightning speed.

“Don’t worry too much about me. I am not a good person!” Marley’s voice was low and hoarse as he
looked at her with a scorching gaze.

She smiled, shook her head and said confidently, “You are a good person!”

“Damn!” He cursed softly.

Marley’s heart was agitated. He treated her like that, yet she still said he was a good person?

Sylvie’s fair small face blushed, “Let me down! This is company!”

“Lunch break is private time!” He pompously reasoned in a deep voice.

“But the time before the lunch break was also only handling about work matters!” Sylvie bit her lips and

Marley had already placed her on the bed. He narrowed his eyes, stared at her blank helpless face and
said in a deep voice, “I’m hungry, I didn’t eat enough so I can’t work. It will affect my work in the

“Didn’t you just eat?” Sylvie was astonished. “Is it because you eat too quickly so you don’t feel full?
Should I order and pack you another one?”

“…” Marley was completely astonished and he couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “Hahahaha…”

As his deep and powerful voice shook her eardrums, Sylvie felt indescribably shy. He was pressing on
her, making her body sink into the soft big bed and forming an ambiguous posture. “Why are you


She was really innocent. After Marley had his fill of laughter, he lowered his head, his eager lips
sucking on her two petal-like lips fiercely with enough wildness to captivate her completely.

“Hmm…” Sylvie’s face was once again covered with a blush that made her look like a peach that was
inciting people ready to be picked, revealing a seductive luster.

Marley could not hold his feelings and at the same time making her happy but also made her heart feel
confused. Her heart trembled and at the same time she began to remember everything from the
beginning. She suddenly raised her head staring at Marley’s eyes with her eyes that were shining like
the stars.

She really wanted to ask him, ‘Marley, what do you mean by this?’

However, when she opened her mouth, she didn’t know how to say it.

It seemed like when certain questions were asked, they only ended up hurting oneself. It was better to
keep it in her heart. Even if the problem might get worsened, at least there would be a numb period and
would not get painful instantly.

Maybe this was a bit self-deceiving.

“What are you thinking about?” Marley’s voice was extremely hoarse. His chest was rising and falling
because of his rapid breathing.

For some reason, he didn’t like her being distracted, totally didn’t like this feeling.

Sylvie’s eyes which were as clear as the water looked at Marley. At this moment, he stared at her and
his gazes were full of intimacy and tenderness giving off an illusion as if he was looking at his lover.

However, when she suddenly remembered that he used to have a girlfriend who had lived with him for
five years and her heart hurt slightly.

“About keeping your public and private matters separate. I was just wondering how to accomplish
that?” There was a touch of sadness in her soft voice.

Marley was suddenly scared. Her beautiful eyes were shining with a seductive light. “I won’t punish you
this time.”

“I would rather be punished!” Anyway, she had been punished by him many times, this one time wasn’t
going to make any difference.

“Then being with me is also a different kind of punishment. It’s you who I want to eat! Sylvie!” he said in
a hoarse voice.

“Uh…” She was startled, suddenly remembering what he had said just now. It turned out, being hungry
referred to…

She was so stupid!

She couldn’t even understand that! It turned out he meant that.

Thinking about it made her small face blush even more.

And the crimson that crept on her face was so beautiful that it tempted Marley to lean on her and kiss
her eyelids with love. Then he kissed her nose bridge and finally landed on her lips.

Their lips pressed together and in an instant, the fire was everywhere. There were sparks in the hearts
and even the air around them seemed to be filled with the sound of the flames.

Sylvie seemed to be struck by thunder and lightning and stopped moving. The breath that belonged to
him came and the faint smell of fresh mint mixed with the smell of his unique tobacco rushed into her

Although she had been kissed by him several times, but never once was she as shocked as this

Sylvie only felt that her mind was blank.

And Marley felt as shocked as her.

The two pairs of eyes faced each other and their faces reflected in each other’s eyes. An outline was
drawn with no one turning away.

In the end, Sylvie reacted first. She blushed, trying to escape. As a result, she was caught in his arms,
imprisoned. He leaned on her and kissed her lips deeply again, he had never once wanted her so
much than this time. Perhaps, in his subconscious mind, he was looking forward to being together with
her face to face like this.

“Let me go!” Sylvie murmured after a brief dizziness. This feeling made her panic even more, so she
tried to push him away.

He held her tightly and at the same time his hand entered into her suit and stroked everywhere…

Losing in confusion, Sylvie finally followed to what her heart wanted.

She also submitted to him and let him unbutton her clothes one by one. Her snow-white body
immediately appeared before his deep eyes.

Marley’s eyes became burning hot and it almost heated Sylvie fiercely. She froze shyly and nervously.
The magic of his big hands made her unable to resist.

“Sylvie, don’t be nervous!” He said softly, “Hand yourself to me!”

He whispered in her ear. His voice was intoxicatingly soft and gentle, full of deadly sweetness and

Sylvie felt his gentleness and gradually relaxed her heart. Her body was not so stiff anymore as she
slowly softened.

“Is it alright?” He asked her softly like a gentleman.

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