Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 723 He’s My Best Friend

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And without saying anything, she married a stranger. Ryan then thought that this person should be the
savior that Sylvie talked about last time when she was drunk. But just what kind of kindness was it that
made Sylvie marry herself so hastily?

Yet when Ryan saw Marley today, even he as a man himself couldn’t help but marvel at the owner of
that face, Marley was really good looking. Also, with a man’s intuition, it could be felt that Marley do
care about Sylvie.

While Ryan was looking at Marley, Marley was also eying him at the same time. Ryan was handsome,
pure and clean, his face features looked quite clear and natural too.

This was the man, Sylvie’s best friend! They lived together before in America? The words that Sylvie
said the other day rang in Marley’s mind.

With just one look between the two men, they could already understand each other. Both having their
own thoughts in their hearts but had both coincidentally hidden it deeply.

Marley smiled slightly and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Babel! My wife said that you’re her friend, which
then makes you my friend too!”

Marley emphasized his tone when he said the word “friend”.

Of course, Ryan had noticed it. His face stiffened a little but quickly spread a smile, “It seems that Mr.
Hughes do like making new friends!”

“Not as much as Mr. Babel. The friends I make are all with the same surname!” Marley said with a
hidden meaning in his sentence.

Ryan smiled and raised his eyebrows, “Uh, does Mr. Hughes not believe in pure friendship between
men and women?”

“Oh, please stop joking, Mr. Babel. It doesn’t matter if I believe in it or not. What matters the most is
that Mr. Babel should strongly believe in it. Am I right?” Marley fake a faint smile.

It was a fight between two men of high level, each word was powerful and a flicker of eyes could make
others frightened. Sylvie wasn’t a fool, she could feel the tension between the two while they were
talking, but then they have had it hidden so deeply.

“Your friend is waiting for you, Ryan.” Sylvie “kindly” reminded.

Only then did Ryan turn to look at the woman who had come with him. He then looked back at them
and gave Marley a smile, “Sylvie is entrusted to you from now on, Mr. Hughes. Do take good care of

The corner of Marley’s lips lightly raised and said slowly, “It’s a matter of course. Sylvie is my wife, and
I’ve always kept that in mind.”

The implication seemed to be also reminding Ryan that he had better remember that Sylvie Mccarthy
was his wife.

“Oh, then that’s good!” Ryan’s heart was somewhat unpleasant after hearing those words. He slightly
pursed his lips and looked at Marley seriously. Could this man really treat Sylvie well wholeheartedly?
Should he be relieved?

But by holding up for too long, some of the probing should also be enough.

Marley smiled profoundly, his gaze gently turned to Sylvie and raised his arm, indicating her to take his

Sylvie was a bit stunned, what was Marley doing? She was looking at him in dismay, and saw that he
still didn’t move, so she could only stretch her hand out and took Marley’s arm.

No matter how, it just felt like as if Marley was doing it for Ryan to see. But why did he need to do that?

Ryan saw the intimacy between the two holding their arms and nodded indifferently, “Excuse me,
Sylvie, Mr. Hughes. There’s a beautiful woman waiting for me!”

Sylvie turned her gaze towards Ryan, her big pair of eyes blinked, then gave a smile without saying
anything. Ryan had already walked away when Marley turned his gaze towards him. At the same time,
Marley also saw the woman over there and was slightly stunned.

Then, he also walked over bringing Sylvie with him. She didn’t know what he was going to do. She was
just following the pace of the person beside her, all up to him to lead her elsewhere. When Sylvie had
regained her conscious, she realized that she was already standing in front of Ryan and the beautiful

Sylvie heard Marley said to the beautiful woman, “Hello, Miss Griffiths!”

Hearing Marley talking to the woman beside him, the light at the bottom of Ryan’s eyes was
extraordinarily dark.

“Long time no see, Mr. Hughes!” The beautiful woman was smiling. She stood beside Ryan, looking
charming and gentle. She was wearing a hemispheric pearl on her slim finger, it wasn’t overly
ostentatious and revealed its hidden grace instantly, “I heard that you got married, is this your wife?”

Marley nodded, “This is my wife, Sylvie Mccarthy. Come and meet this lady, Sylvie. The CEO of Well
Group, Connie Griffiths.”

Well Group?!

Sylvie was slightly stunned, she didn’t expect that this Miss Griffiths would be Connie Griffiths, who was
said to be a legendary figure.

Well Group was a legendary and mysterious group in the insurance industry established twenty years
ago. It was said that the president of Well Group was a mysterious figure and never showed his face.
Also, some people said that the mysterious president died in a car accident five years ago and the
previous CEO was also kidnapped. Then, CEO Connie Griffiths had settled in Well Group when the
news broke and had been the CEO since then. Under her leadership, Well Group’s stock had been
strong for several years.

But how did Miss Griffiths get together with Ryan?

Even with a person as calm as Sylvie was also shocked by Connie Griffiths’s identity the moment she
saw her.

But she still managed to quickly adjust her mind and smiled generously, “Hello, Miss Griffiths!”

“Hello, Mrs. Hughes!” Connie Griffiths calmly extended her hand and Sylvie also hurriedly stretched her
hand out. The two shook hands in the lobby in front of the two men.

“It’s time for us to go eat!” Ryan had a trace of displeasure in his eyes all of a sudden and spoke

Connie Griffiths faintly froze for a moment and looked at him, “You’re hungry, Ryan?”

“Mm!” Ryan’s tone was bland, he then turned to Sylvie and said, “Sylvie, I’m hungry so I’m going to eat
first. Excuse me, Mr. Hughes!”

Connie Griffiths seemed to have sighed, then said, “Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes.”

Marley simply smiled, “Goodbye, Miss Griffiths and Mr. Babel!”

Sylvie smiled lightly without saying anything. It was the first time she had seen Ryan’s childlike tone,
like the head of a group of kids, so domineering.

Then Ryan and Connie Griffiths walked towards the elevator.

Turned out that the pretty lady was Connie Griffiths, the CEO of Well Group. Ryan was actually with
her, and it seemed like they were having a pretty good relationship. Sylvie never knew that Ryan knew
Well Group’s Connie Griffiths.

Even until they had walked away, Sylvie still couldn’t come back to her senses yet.

Marley couldn’t help but to frown when he saw Sylvie’s eyes kept looking at Ryan’s back which was
moving further away and said in a cold voice, “Why? Unwilling for him to leave?”

Sylvie was confused for a moment, then saw Marley’s cold face when she finally regained her

She averted her long eyelashes slightly, kept silent for a moment then frowned. What did he mean by
unwilling for him to leave? The way Marley Hughes spoke always made people so angry.

But Marley was already dragging Sylvie out of the lobby. With everyone looking, he dragged her to the
parking lot and into the car. Sylvie was wrapped in his arms suddenly. He was acting too quickly and
always leaving her with no way to react.

Also with his strong masculinity aura forcing on, it made her felt suffocating. Marley lowered his head
against her face, his large hand lifted her small face. Looking at her seriously, he then reached out and
rubbed her hair vigorously.

A car drove into the parking lot at that time and the headlights shone brightly, illuminating on Marley’s
handsome face.

Sylvie saw that his eyes were thick with jealousy, his side profile was so resolute. He frowned slightly,
seemingly annoyed that the lights shone at the wrong time. But the lights then when out and the car

was in complete darkness again. Sylvie’s vision went dark, there was a momentary trance and nothing
could be seen. However, the image of Marley’s handsome face and the jealousy at the bottom of his
eyes were stuck in her eyes, lingering around for a long time.

While Sylvie was feeling dumbfounded, Marley spoke up in the darkness, “He rubbed your hair!”

“Uh…” Sylvie froze and couldn’t react.

She then heard Marley continued, “You’re my wife and no other men are allowed to touch you in the
future, do you understand?”

“Okay.” Sylvie could only nod her head. Her heart was overflowing with indescribable feelings, being a
little confused, “But Ryan is not an outsider!”

Ryan used to do this kind of small intimate action before, and she didn’t avoid it because she had
always treated him as a family, as a brother. There was nothing between her and Ryan, but Marley’s
tone of voice and his authoritarianism made her uncomfortable. In short, Sylvie didn’t like to be
controlled like this at all.


Marley saw her seemingly dumbfounded, his eyes glowed with a dark blue light, the hand that was
around her wasn’t released and was still clasping her tightly. Sylvie felt a vague pain in her shoulder.
His anger came so suddenly, but she could only endure it and said, “Ryan is my best friend!”

Marley gazed down at her pure face and domineeringly commanded, “Why is he touching you if you
guys are just friends?”

“!!!” Sylvie swallowed and was instantly choked out of speech.

Marley stopped talking, started the car and went straight home.

Sylvie saw his gloomy face and quickly got out of the car.

The anger that Marley had been holding back for a long time finally exploded right at the moment they
arrived home, “Stand right there!”

Sylvie turned around and saw him standing by the car door, looking at her with an angry face. She then
immediately remembered what happened in the garage last time, still feeling quite frightened, she ran
out of the garage in a flash, “I’m going upstairs first! I’ll go cook!”

Leaving him behind, she ran as fast as a rabbit. All the way into the house, up the stairs to the bedroom
and closed the door, locking it. She was panting in exhaustion, feeling both tired and scared.

When Marley saw her running so fast, his patience finally reached its limit and exploded the next

He ran into the living room, and when he didn’t see Sylvie, he went up the stairs quickly and straight to
the bedroom. He found out that the door was locked from the inside the moment he turned the door
handle. Marley stood at the door, staring at the damn lock and shouted in frustration, “Sylvie Mccarthy,
open the door!”

Sylvie was still leaning on the door. She tensed up for a moment when she heard the door handle
being turned just now, but it wasn’t turned opened. She also heard Marley’s angry voice, making her
even more nervous. She turned her head, fixed her mind and said to the door, “I want to take a shower
and change my clothes. You should go take a shower and change your clothes too!”

“Sylvie Mccarthy!” Marley shouted, frightening Sylvie that she almost fell down cause of the shock.

“I want to take a shower.” Sylvie said softly while trying to suppress her heartbeat and was about to
leave to take shower and change clothes.

“Sylvie Mccarthy, you better open the door!” Marley kicked the door violently and Sylvie was startled
once again.

Marley still refused to give up and shouted, “Sylvie Mccarthy, you dare to lock the door on me? How
dare you! You really are something now huh! You dare to lock me outside, who do you want to let in
then? Ernie Hughes? Or Ryan Babel?”

Facing Marley’s angry roar outside the door, Sylvie was feeling uncomfortable and didn’t speak for a

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