Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 726 Absurd Thoughts

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He was really a man with profound facial features!

Maybe she could only observe and look at him unscrupulously like that when he was asleep!

He was like a fiery flame last night, burning every inch of her consciousness. She almost didn’t have
any resistance and just being obedient in silence. They were husband and wife, but they were a pair of
married couple like that!

If there was no agreement and without all of it, how good it would be if they were just a pure couple.

Sylvie endured the bursts of sadness coming from her nose. She relieved her breath gently and her
gaze returned to Marley’s extremely enchanting face by her side.

There was still an indescribable melancholy in her heart.

Just when she was fascinated by his handsome face, Marley who was in ‘Deep Sleep’ opened his eyes

Sylvie’s eyes met Marley’s deep commanding eyes. Her mind was absent for a moment.

He looked into her eyes and asked slowly, “Do I look good?”

Sylvie was embarrassed of being caught on the spot, so just remained silent.

With a faint smile on his lips, Marley hugged Sylvie into his arms and said in her ear with a sexy low
voice, “Little voyeur!”

With a hot face, Sylvie was in a loss of a sudden.

“Look good?” He asked again.

“Hmm!” She just hummed.

“Answer me!” He ordered hoarsely.

“Look good!” Sylvie said hurriedly, she dared not to make him angry at the moment.

Marley turned her head facing him. He held her face up and let her focus on him.

He bowed his head suddenly and kissed her deeply, over and over again. The sudden kiss made her
embarrassed heart calmed down gradually and she even forgot to resist but let him kiss silently.

“Next time, don't shut me out again. Also, wherever I stay, you have to be there! Understand?”

“Oh!” She just nodded.

His slender fingers scratched lightly the skin of her face and he asked casually, “Are you hungry?”

Sylvie’s stomach was groaning and the sound was loud. Marley heard it for a while and he let out a
deep laugh, “It seems that you are hungry! I am also very hungry, otherwise I can continue to punish

“I'm going to cook!” She said immediately and she was about to get out of bed when saying that. She
couldn't think about other things at all and just wanted to leave quickly but neither she nor him were
wearing clothes at the moment. She hesitated at the moment and she was embarrassed to get out of

It seemed that he had known her thoughts, Marley smiled lightly and said, “Okay! Go! Faster go and

“You, you get up first!” She said quickly.

”Haha, well, I'll get up first!” While he was saying that, he unfurled the quilt, got out of bed in front of her
and walked to the bathroom.

“Ah –” Sylvie was yelling. “Marley, can't you wear clothes?”

“Hahaha—” He laughed loudly and turned his head to face her. “Aren't you not wearing clothes as well?
We are just same!”

“Ah!” Sylvie screamed and covered her blushed face with her hand, “You, you, hurry up and take a

“Haha—” It was followed by a deep laughter coming from the bathroom. It indicated someone's good

Sylvie was embarrassed.

She got up and put on her clothes. Then, she went to pack her own things. When she was clearing the
drawer, she saw the card. There was 300 million in the card that Ryan gave her. She froze for a while.
What should she do with this money?

She was pondering with her hand holding the card. Suddenly, Marley’s voice sounded, “What card is

Sylvie looked back abruptly. There was a panic flashed in her eyes. She didn't want to let Marley know
about the matter about the 300 million because she knew that he was too proud and she just didn't
want to break his self-esteem.

Marley was staring at her. His gaze passed over her deeply and then he reached out and took the card
in her hand. But it turned out that he saw the signature on the back of the card-Ryan!

The word ‘Ryan’ looked so dazzling.

“Ryan’s card?” Marley asked in a deep voice and his tone seemed casual but it also seemed to involve
a hint of anger.

Sylvie took a sneak peek at him. She was very anxious when she discovered his gaze was getting cold
suddenly. She was thinking of how to explain to him and she must not let him know about the matter of
the 300 million, otherwise it would only hurt his male self-esteem.

“Say! What happened to this?” Marley’s tone became even colder.

“Yes!” She admitted. That was indeed Ryan’s card. “It's Ryan’s card!”

Ryan’s face changed in an instant after hearing her answer. The blue veins on his forehead were
shown obviously. He took a pause and said sarcastically with complex emotions, “You like other men's
money? Isn't it?”

She was getting a little panic. She wanted to explain when facing his question. However, what could
she say? She could heard the mockery in his tone. She said, “It's not like what you think!”

“Yeah! You Sylvie is the granddaughter of Mr. Mccarthy, the heir of the Mccarthy Group, how could you
just be superficial and like other men's money? So it was actually the money that you gave him? Right?
Sylvie Mccarthy, you want to keep a man, isn’t it?” Marley roared at her and spoke without thinking

What? Keep a man? !

What! How could he have that idea? That was too absurd, right? !

Sylvie didn’t know she should laugh or cry at the moment. “Marley, are you too good in imagination?
What do you mean by keeping a man? I—”

“Then what is this? Tell me clearly, how come his card is with you? You are not short of money and yet
you are holding his card. How are you going to state it clear to me?” Marley waved his left hand
randomly, the card was thrown aside and fell to the ground. “You said you held it for fun? Do you think
it's credible?”

“No...” Sylvie found that she couldn't argue, her tongue was about to knot. “Anyway, it's not like what
you think. Marley, do you want to start quarreling early in the morning? I don't want to argue with you,
please go out, I really have nothing to say!”

“You don't need money. If you need money, why are you willing to marry me? So you just need men,
you need men who look good, are you short of men?” Marley was smiling. He sneered, “You are such a
greedy woman. Do you want to let all the good-looking men to be fascinated by you? Sylvie, am I

What he said was too bad, right?

Sylvie’s heart was like being stabbed. His words was like a thorn stinging in her heart. At that moment,
she didn't want to say anything that she actually wanted to explain. She stared at him blankly with her
big eyes opened but there was a bit redness in her eyes.

After swallowing the sadness, Sylvie said softly, “When the Hughes Group has back to its right track, it
is the time for us to break up. Then, we will have no relationship anymore. Whether I want all the men
in the world, it has nothing to do with you! I have never forget what you said at the first night of our
wedding. I have kept it. It is you who did not keep your promise!”

She was reminding herself to be sober and not taking it too seriously. ‘In his heart, it doesn't matter
what you are! Don’t you just think so from the beginning?’

Marley was smiling evilly. But his smile was so dazzling in Sylvie’s eyes, he was so disdainful and
mocking her.

He stretched out his hand to reach her of a sudden. She stiffened but he just stroked her face, “Are you
tired? You couldn't wait to kiss my cousin yesterday and then hooked up with Ryan. Sylvie, what do you
think I am to you? Are you tired of me? Want to find another man quickly?”

Sylvie turned her head slightly and avoided his touch. She bit her lip and said, “I just think you are a
good person, that's all. A good person in need of help!”

“What are you talking about?” He seemed to be asking himself softly.

Sylvie stopped talking and tightened her lips stubbornly.

Marley stared at her for a long time. Then, he spit out three words slowly under her surprised and dull
stare, “State it clear.”

“I have nothing to say.” Sylvie disobeyed his order firmly, clenching her fists unconsciously.

“You just see me as a gigolo?” Marley asked in a deep voice.

"That's what you said. I never regarded you as a gigolo!” Besides, she didn’t have the habit of keeping
a man and his words were so awful.

“Then how about this card? Sylvie, should I give you a card too and ask you to give me money? So I
can continue to serve you? I will serve you harder in bed?” Marley asked with a faint smile.

Sylvie didn't know what to say. He had already regarded her silence as a default. He actually devalued
himself as a gigolo. Sylvie was really speechless. Even if he wanted to be a gigolo, she was not willing
to be a client!


She had lent the money. Where did Marley get the 300 million? She also understood the current
financial situation of the company and it was impossible to get such large sum of money out. When
thinking of it, she took a deep breath and said softly, “If you give me a card, I can also give you money!”

“You—” Marley’s eyes was getting cold.

Sylvie was in a panic.

He leaned toward her with his big hand grabbing her clothes and tore them directly. “Then I'll serve you
now, you fucking give me money!”

With a chuckle, Sylvie’s clothes burst.

Her skin that exposed to the air felt cold, Sylvie trembled and got goose bumps. Her body became
colder due to his actions.

“Aren’t you lack of men? I'll give it to you.” He yelled.

Sylvie trembled lightly, staring at him with her hollow eyes. How could he say such words and made her
felt so ashamed of herself? He is humiliating her and also humiliating himself! “How can you devalue
yourself like this?”

“Haha!” He sneered, a lonely sadness flashed in his eyes. “Sylvie, you see me as a gigolo. What do
you want me to do? Do you still want other men? I tell you, there is no way!”

“I'm not a prostituting client!” Sylvie said sadly. “You are not a gigolo either. Marley, get up! Don't do

“I'll prostitute myself to you, you can't reject it now!” He said in a deep voice, and got her suddenly.
“Sylvie, I don't allow you, don't allow you to be with other men!”

Sylvie was having an unspeakable heartache of a sudden. She looked at Marley’s eyes with her clear
helpless eyes. She said slowly and softly, “You want my body! You got it, and now you are pressing on
me but you say that you are prostituting yourself. Marley, who is the one bullying another?”

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