Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 761 Man’s Jealousy

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Just when she was about to suffocate, Marley slowly let go of her and used his hand to wipe off the
blood on the corner of his mouth, then he smiled devilishly, "Remember that you are my woman! Don't
ever think about another man! Don't ever say that another man is good!"

Sylvie was suddenly stunned!

Was he being jealous?

Such a strong jealousy from a man?

Her lips that he had just kissed were swelling, and it was bleeding, there was fresh red blood, and she
looked so hot in this moment that it was hard to describe.

Marley's dark eyes were filled with deep light, he lowered his head and softened his grip, he hugged
her and said in a deep voice, "Sylvie, he is lying to you! How can you change sides! Do you know how
worried I was?"

His sudden soft voice made Sylvie surprised, but when she thought about the way he harassed her,
that he didn't believe her, and that he said that she was used by him!

This made her feel so bad! When she thought about that, she trembled all over.

"Sylvie?" Marley looked at her big eyes, and was surprised by the deep hurt in her eyes, he didn't want
to see her hurt, he didn't want her to say no, "Tell me, you are never going to betray me again!"

Sylvie's heart shook, she never thought about betraying him. He was overreacting.

"Sylvie, talk to me!" He saw that she was quiet, and felt anxious in his heart, he had a feeling that he
couldn't control Sylvie anymore. He raised his head and looked at the emptiness and the hurt in her
eyes, "Talk to me!"

Her red lips said, "If you don't believe me, if I have already been used by you, why would you speak
with someone who was already used? Do you think an used woman's words can be trusted?"

Marley was stunned, that was what he said when he was angry, he didn't think that he hurt her! "I..."

He was stuck!

Her eyes turned to look at him, she looked at his eyes, those eyes, as if filled with accusations, "Marley,
do you really trust me? If you do, why do you hurt me with those words? When I was with you, I was
clean! I am still clean right now! Who is the one who isn't clean, that person should know! You have
been living with your Jemima five years, if we are talking about an used person, then you are even

After hearing this, Marley's eyes widened.

"Marley, let me tell you, I also doubt what happened tonight has something to do with Ernie, but it
doesn't! I believe him, no matter what you think, I believe Ernie! He was the one who noticed that I was
lost, at least I am more important to him than to you. To be honest, I feel honored! I feel comforted,
luckily he found me, otherwise who knows what could have happened! Can you even imagine what
would happen if a woman got raped? Ernie got hurt for saving me, and he didn't want to go to the
doctor, he asked someone to get clothes for me because mine were torn, I couldn't go out at all! He
would rather let himself bleed and still wanted to wait till I was dressed, he was worried about my
reputation, if he had another purpose, why would he care about my reputation? What about you? You
say that you are my man, but when I was kidnapped, where were you? If I was waiting for you to save
me, do you think I can still be clean now?" She looked at the man that was right in front of her, she tried
to show no emotions, her tears were running down her cheeks, her heart was feeling a sea of pain, that
was spreading out into her limbs and bones, she couldn't move.

She didn't mind the hurt expression on his face, and kept saying, "I was saved by him! You don't
understand the feeling of a woman that was almost raped by a bad person, I needed comforting! But
you didn't give me any of that! You always care about your pride, your arrogance, your face. What
about me?"

She stared at the pain on him, but Sylvie didn't stop, she had a strong urge to continue, "When you get
back you take off my clothes, just like now, you are dressed but I am not. Yes! We are married, and
married people see each other naked, but this is not love between a married couple, you are harassing
me! The first thing you do is to check my body, you don't believe what I said! Marley, you say that we
have a marriage without trust, so why are we keeping it? I really didn't want your true heart, I just
wanted to keep distance, but you are the one that kept seducing me. Marley, to be honest, I wanted to
be with you, really, for the rest of my life! But now, I don't have confidence anymore! Can we stop
hurting each other? Tomorrow I will go back home, please let us have some distance okay? Let us not
feel any hate when we see each other, okay?"

"Sylvie..." Marley looked at her stunned, his expression was frozen, he didn't even know that she was
feeling so wronged and painful in her heart.

"Marley, I really don't want us to be enemies! I like you, I really do! But you cannot use that to mob me!
I have my limits!" Sylvie said those hard words, she opened her eyes wide and cleared her eyes of the
tears, she let them flow out. But, the tears didn't seem to stop!

"Sylvie, don't hate me, listen to me, I didn't do this on purpose, I am sorry, it's all my fault!" Marley
explained anxiously, "You misunderstood me, you completely misunderstood, I am not the way you
think I am, you don't understand me, you really don't."

Her tears stopped, and Sylvie's face was cold, "What is there to understand, and what if I don't
understand, can it change the fact that you hurt me?"

"Sylvie, I thought that it was all an act that he initiated, he told me many times that he liked you! And
even if he saved you, did he need to hold your hand when coming out? What do you want me to think?
And when you saw me, you immediately took your hand back, didn't you think it looked like it was all on
purpose? If there is nothing for you to hide, why would you push his hand away when you saw me?"

Marley looked at her, his dominance was still there, his handsome face was showing the manly manner
of his.

"Sylvie, could it be that you are too easy to Ernie? He kissed you and I didn't see that you refused him
firmly! Don't you think that there is a problem with you? Yes! I didn't protect you and that is my fault!
What about you?" Marley's eyes flashed, to be stared at by him made her feel like she was
hallucinating, as if she was being peeled by him, no matter if it was her clothes, or her soul. In that
moment, he was surrounding her with his eyes, giving her no chance to get away, no chance to breath.

Marley got closer to her, he put his arms on the side of her head, his upper body straightened, his eyes
looked confused.

His eyes were drawing hers to him like magnets, his voice was deep and seductive, and he said slowly
and clearly, "I am a man! Did you ever think about my feelings? Not just tonight, but before?"

Sylvie suddenly paused!

He held her face, there was a slightly stinging feeling, "Sylvie, do you think a man should welcome
another man who likes his woman? What if this man is his cousin? When have you ever refused him

"I..." Sylvie sighed in her heart, didn't she? Was she at fault?

Marley knitted his brows, he strengthened his arms, as if he was afraid she might fly away the next
second, then he said, "I am not kidding, I really want to destroy you. I want to take every bone in your

body and break them and make them into powder, so that you can never seduce another man again!
Don't tell me that you have never seduced another man, if you haven't why would Ryan take care of
you for four years? Why would Ernie tell me that he is serious about you so officially?"

Marley made her heart tremble, they were waved, all those ripples went on and on, into her heart,
those feelings weren't good. He didn't only use his body to restrain her, he even used his manhood to
restrain her, that was such a dominance.

Marley's face looked confused, his eyes were looking deeply at her without blinking, they were shining
like the black diamond.

He was lying on her, the dark shadow made his face look even more handsome, "Sylvie, nobody is
perfect! But have you ever allowed me to trust you?"

"Tonight, I won't touch you! We should both calm down! I will think about myself, and you think about
yourself!" After saying so, he got up and left.

The door closed with a bang, then it was quiet in the room.

Sylvie started asking herself again and again. Was she wrong? Was she? Did she not care about his

She went to the bathroom and took a shower, then changed her clothes, and went back to the
bedroom, she laid down on the bed, her big eyes staring at the ceiling, she couldn't fall asleep for a
long time.

It was 4 am in the morning, the sky was still dark, the moon was up, she got up and went downstairs.

There was no light, only the moonshine was shining a little white light in.

It lit up half of Marley's face, that carried anger, it made people suffocate, his black hair covered his
eyes, with a shining light. Sylvie was stunned, after the surprise, her heart was filled with fear, her little
face was pale.

He didn't sleep all night? Was he sitting downstairs smoking?

"You didn't sleep?" She got scared, her voice was trembling.

Marley's eyes were dark, "What are you doing here?"

She just didn't fall asleep, and was thinking about some things, she didn't want to fight with him.

Marley's face was so pale that it looked horrified, he suddenly got up and went towards the stairs,
where Sylvie was standing, he passed her without saying anything, and went upstairs.

"Marley!" When he passed her, she said in a low voice, "Let's talk."

"I don't want to talk right now! Let's all calm down, last night, I didn't protect you, I will investigate it!"
After saying so, he went upstairs.

After Sylvie went back to her room, Marley wasn't there, she thought that he probably slept in the guest

Sylvie changed her clothes early in the morning, and got up early, she saw that Marley had also
changed, and came out of the guest room.

Sylvie said, "Good morning!"

"Morning!" Marley said calmly.

Sylvie didn't know if she should cook breakfast, then he said that he would buy something on the way,
and left!

When they were at the office, he was very quiet.

At 8 o'clock morning.

"Sylvie!" Tyler held a pile of documents and called her.

Sylvie just made coffee, and was about to bring it to Marley when she was called by Tyler. Tyler pointed
at the document analysis, "Look at this! These data don't look right?"

"Uh, I will look at it!" Sylvie nodded. He handed over the documents to her, and Sylvie gave the coffee
to him.

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