Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 770 I’m Really Tired

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“Hi, Mrs. Hughes, what a coincidence.” Jemima Wallace smiled, and her red lips were sexy. “Are you
going out?”

“Yup, quite a coincidence. Are you going out too?”

“Yes!” Jemima smiled.

“I’m leaving. Goodbye.” Sylvie hurriedly said a few words and walked right past Jemima.

“Goodbye.” Jemima nodded politely and then she left.

The phone rang again. Sylvie finally had no choice but answered the phone.

A tense voice immediately came from the side of the phone, “Where are you?”

“Downstairs in the lobby!” Sylvie said.

“Oh!” Marley was relieved in an instant. “Sylvie, come up here! Have you eaten?”

“Have you eaten?” She asked instead of answering him.


“Let’s eat together!” She said. “At the hotel restaurant! I’m now going up and we’ll meet there!”

“Okay!” He said.

Ten minutes later, they gathered at the hotel restaurant.

When Marley finally met Sylvie, he slowly glanced at her. He didn't see the difference in her face, and
Sylvie was smiling calmly. "What do you want to eat?"

"Just now—"

"I would like to have steak. It's been a long time since I've had steak, I miss it!" Sylvie interrupted him.
She didn't want to hear anything, and she didn't need any explanation from him.

Marley felt a little embarrassed that she had interrupted him. His gaze shifted from her to the waiter

After ordering the meal, both of them sat there. Sylvie picked up the glass of pure water and took a sip.

"Sylvie, Jemima and I actually—"

"I believe in you!" She said softly, "You don’t have to tell me, there’re some things that I really don't
want to know!"

After Marley heard what Sylvie said, he desisted.

Just, what was in her mind?

He realized that although she was sitting in front of him at the moment, yet she seemed very far away
from him.

She smiled and put down her glass.

He looked at her faint smile which could barely be noticed. His hands were resting under the table. He
couldn't help but tighten his fist. He started to feel a little annoyed and he couldn’t help frowning.

When she saw him frowning, she was distressed for him, and she also felt heartbroken. She was
distressed because his face was filled with sorrow; she felt heartbroken because the one who could
soothe his sorrow wasn’t her.

It should be a woman like Jemima!

During the meal, she was quiet. She cut the beef with a knife skillfully. For about half an hour, she
barely spoke. He occasionally said a word, and she responded lightly as if deliberately trying to keep a

After the meal, they returned to their room.

As soon as the door opened, Marley said behind her, "Sylvie, there's really nothing going on with
Jemima and me. It’s over now!"

She was stunned. She didn't turn around and didn’t say anything. Such a silent atmosphere seemed
more appropriate now. She also didn’t look at him for a while, but said, "I know!"

"Then what do you mean now?" He asked rhetorically.

He felt hurt inside. A woman he once loved had conceived his child and aborted it before he even knew
it. Couldn’t he just be sad? However, he was more concerned about her feelings. But the way she was
now made him feel even worse.

Sylvie suddenly went into a trance. Finally, she turned and looked at him, as if she was about to say
something, but she couldn’t.

“I don't mind”, she couldn’t even say the words. How could she not mind? She saw Jemima hugging
him and watching them kiss. Of course, she would mind.

"It wasn't me who took the initiative to kiss her!" He looked closely at her and said. Sylvie was shocked
by his deep voice, "Something happened, and I just got caught off guard."

Sylvie didn't get back her sense immediately. Then she clenched her fist fiercely.

Was he explaining to her?

It was probably his limit to say something like that.

Her mind was in all the perturbation. Then she lowered her head and whispered, “Marley, I don’t want
to talk today. It’s unrealistic for me to say I don’t mind. However, I don’t even seem to be in a position to
say that I mind. After all, our marriage was a union, and neither of us wanted that at the beginning. In
fact, I just want you to be truthful with yourself. If you want to leave and go to Jemima, I really won’t
blame you. But please don’t let me be the last one to know about it! I can agree to break up and agree
to a divorce.”

Marley frowned.

He reached out, grabbed Sylvie, and held her in his arms. The smell of the perfume in his embrace
made Sylvie frown instantly, and she felt a little nauseous for a moment.

Her stomach began to churn. She couldn't help but think of his hug and kiss with Jemima just now.

She immediately pushed him unconsciously.

Suddenly with a "bang—" sound, she was held down hard by him.

"Ah..." With a shriek from Sylvie, her little body was picked up by a pair of strong arms and suspended
in the air.

He carried her and went straight to the couch.

"Let go of me!" Sylvie exclaimed.

After he placed the struggling Sylvie on the couch, his robust body pressed down towards her.

Marley looked at Sylvie under him who was staring angrily at him. A faint hint of anger lingered in his

"Jealous?" He smiled faintly and asked her.

Sylvie turned her face away and didn't answer. She didn't like the smell of his perfume. It was offensive
and annoying. "Get off me, Marley. I'm going to take a shower!"

He didn't say anything as he continued to just stare at Sylvie under him for a moment.

He pursed lips with a faint smile that could barely be seen.

"Sylvie, you're the most hypocritical person I’ve ever met. You just say one thing and do quite another



All women were hypocritical.

"Marley, let go of me!" Sylvie's tone turned serious. The smell of the perfume from his body really
turned her off making her want to vomit. She thought maybe she was allergic to the smell.

Her stomach began to churn even more, as it had a slight soreness. It was a very suffocating

He didn’t let go of her and he still pressed against her. Sylvie bit her lip hard.

He lowered his head to kiss her. The hot breath came over her, and the perfume smelled even
stronger. She unintentionally saw the lipstick mark on his chin. The lipstick mark was so light, but she
could notice it at a glance.

The disgusting smell was getting stronger, even... in the next second, she could throw up on the spot.

The moment Marley's lips were about to kiss Sylvie, she began to dry-heave.

"Um—" she pushed him away and ran straight to the bathroom. Then, there was a continuous sound of
dry-heaving from the bathroom. Such a strong sound crashed into Marley's eardrums.

Marley frowned and his eardrums hurt a little.

It was a severe hurt to his pride. She actually felt disgusted with him! A hint of complex sentiment
flashed in his dark eyes.


What a harsh word!

She threw up!

Sylvie held her hand on the toilet in the bathroom and threw up. She was just dry-heaving and it was
very uncomfortable.

How could it be so nauseous? She felt a little dizzy and fatigued.

"Do I make you that disgusted?" Marley then came to the door of the bathroom. His tone had obviously
become deeper.

Sylvie raised and turned her head to look at him. She smiled and she was still indifferent. "The smell of
your perfume is too strong! It choked me!"

Marley was stunned after hearing her words. He instantly got embarrassed and took a long time to get
back to his senses. He turned around and walked outside. He then pulled down his shirt and smelled it.
There was really a smell of perfume. He frowned.

Yes, it was Jemima's perfume. No wonder Sylvie didn't like it! He was a little chagrined and walked
back to the room. "You take a shower first. I'll take a shower and change my clothes too!"

However, Sylvie looked pale, and she stood up. "You should wash first, I want to get some rest!"

She really felt a little tired and was afraid she couldn’t hold it.

"Then let's wash together!" He walked in and took off his clothes. Then, he helped her take hers off
directly regardless of her reaction.

"Ah! No!" Sylvie shook her head.

"I'll help you to wash!" He said.

"I'm a little tired!" She said in a low voice but determined. "You wash first!"

"All right!" He stopped forcing her and let her go.

She returned to the couch and sat down. Her face was pale. She suddenly looked up and realized that
he was looking at her. Her heart was beating so fast for a moment.

"Are you all right?" He asked.

"Yes!" She said.

He was undressing in front of her without closing the door.

She glanced at him and hastily averted her gaze again. It was only then that she suddenly realized how
terrible her thoughts were. She couldn't move her face away from trying to look at him again. When had
she fallen so deep?

She turned her head and looked at him again. His body was so well-built and muscular, with a perfect
V-shape no worse than those of top models. She looked at him and sighed in her heart, this man might
not belong to her in the future! He suddenly raised his head and his eyes met with hers. Sylvie was
stunned and looked towards the doorway in a panic.

He smiled faintly and began to shower. He washed twice with the shower gel to rinse the smell of
perfume off his body.

After around ten minutes, he walked out of the bathroom in his bathrobe.

Her face wasn’t pale as earlier. As soon as she looked up, she saw him standing in front of her. Sylvie
raised her head to look at him and stood up. "I'll take a shower too!"

After taking a shower, she came back. She felt very tired after the flight. She didn't know why she felt
her body was getting a bit exhausted.

Marley saw that she looked indifferent and went to the bathroom with her head lowered. His face
became gloomy. He frowned impatiently but didn’t get angry. By the time Sylvie came out, she was
even more tired. She went to bed in her bathrobe and laid straight down on it. She lifted the quilt and
tried to sleep.

"Sylvie, I told you I didn’t have anything to do with her!"

"Uh?!" Sylvie opened her eyes and saw him beside her, staring at her. "Marley, I'm tired, very tired. Can
we talk tomorrow? I'm really tired!"

"Why are you still angry with me? We were fine earlier! Don't you believe me? Jemima and I are really
over!" Marley said solemnly.

"I'm tired! I said I'm tired!" She spoke calmly.

"Sylvie!" Marley put his arms around Sylvie. He tried to suppress the unhappiness in his heart and said
softly, "I know you do mind about Jemima, and I'm sorry about today. But the past is in the past! I hope
you don't mind it anymore!"

"Marley, will the past really be the past?" Sylvie's voice trembled lightly.

Marley looked at Sylvie domineeringly, "What are you trying to say? You said you are not angry with
me, but you are angry right now.”

Sylvie looked Marley firmly in the eyes and said clearly, "Marley, I don't mind. I'm really kind of tired
right now. Can you let me sleep for a while, please? I feel so sleepy!"

There was a tired smile on the corner of her lips and it looked all calm in her eyes. Yet deep down in
her dark eyes, there was a hint of loneliness and vastness. The room was quiet. The luxurious wall
lamp also began to shine a grim illumination, and this grimness had seemed to fly into the hearts of
Marley and Sylvie.

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