Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 792 I Loved Him! I Couldn’t Change It!

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Keeping her head down, she leaned against the roadside and walked forwards with her slender figure.

When Ernie drove over, he saw Sylvie heading down while thinking about something serious.

His car followed slowly with his quiet gaze falling on the woman walking with her head down. Her calm
face made it impossible for others to read her mind.

Only then, he immediately sounded the horn when he saw her about to reach the stop sign.

Sylvie subconsciously dodged away and found that she had already reached the very edge of the road.
When she turned around, she saw the car and the window slid down to reveal his handsome face.

Before she could react, she saw Ernie again. Ernie? How could he be here? A vague thought flashed
through her mind suddenly which caused her to break out in cold sweat!

It seemed that he had said yesterday that he lived here too? Was it around here?

“Where to go? I can give you a ride!” Ernie called out from the car.

“No need!” Her face twitched a little and before she spoke, she cleared her throat in a slightly
embarrassed manner while barely bringing up a smile, “I just come out for a walk. Are you going to

“Sylvie, I just helped you to settle Bonnie, wouldn’t you forget so quickly?” Ernie said coldly, asking her
for a favor.

“Ugh! Ernie, aren’t you going to work? It’s going to be late!” Sylvie looked at the time and reminded.

“I won’t be late!” He spoke casually.

She was dressed so casually like a student with flat heels, a short-sleeved T-shirt, and capri pants. The
corners of her mouth slightly curled as she spoke, yet, the tip of her nose was naturally red and her
hairs were all hanging softly over her shoulders with a few of them slipping unheedfully down her
cheeks, emitting a kind of unintentional sexiness.

Ernie seemed to be in a good mood. Curling up the corner of his lips, his eyes flickered, he then
unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car, striding over towards Sylvie. He reached out and
wrapped his hand around her waist, his instant warm nose rubbed her sensitive ears and stayed on her
lips, his slightly magnetic voice then rang, “How? Have you made up with Marley? Is it time to distance
yourself from me?”

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly as Sylvie resisted the urge to roll her eyes and pulled down
his hand, “You are so cheap!”

She really couldn’t accept Ernie’s harassment and she was afraid that the more righteous she was, the
wilder and more unrestrained he would be, so she didn’t say much.

She was thinking of going to the hospital now, but after meeting him and thinking of Bonnie, she
thought she would better go back home first!

“Who tells you not to tell me where you are going?”

“Fine then, send me to the Mccathys’ house!” Sylvie said casually, “If you want to!”

“Oh, you are so troublesome, you’ll only get into my car if I got out of the car!”

Sylvie was relieved as she broke free from his hand and said with a smile, “I just want to know, how
exactly did you treat Bonnie?”

“How?” Ernie walked up to the car with her and said as he drove, “Just treating her the way she did it to

“Do you really let Keegan and her…” Sylvie didn’t even know how to say it.

“Hum! You’ll find it out now when you go and see!” Ernie sighed, “Sylvie, to be merciful to your enemy
is to be cruel to yourself!”

“She is not an enemy!”

“But she’s an enemy if she schemes against you!” Ernie glanced at her. “And if she doesn’t succeed
once, there will be another time. Have you ever thought that you might not be so lucky next time?”

Sylvie lowered her head slightly and pursed her lips, yes, maybe next time, she was not so lucky! “But
if you treated her in such a way, won’t she hate me even more?”

“Don’t worry! She won’t as the evidence against her has fallen into my hands! You’ll be safe from now
on!” Ernie laughed. “How? Am I much better than your man?”

“Ernie, in all conscience, you’re much better than him!”

“Oh?” Ernie’s gaze turned serious and then he laughed, “But?”

Sylvie was dumbfounded. “Yes, there’s a but !”

He was easily able to know what was going on in one's mind and Sylvie smiled.

“I’d like to hear more about it!”

“But it’s not the Hughes Group where your mind is being used. I just don’t understand why you keep
presenting yourself as uneducated! That’s not the real you at all! I’m sure the Hughes Group could

have flourished with your ability, but why do you go against Marley? Do you grow up lacking love and
attention? Why must you use rebellious tricks to do something that would hurt your own family?”

“Do I look like a child who has to throw a tantrum when he can’t eat candy in your eyes?” Ernie laughed
instead of being angry.

“Aren’t you?”

“I know you know me well! You’re right, I’m a rebel and I want to get attention, especially from you!” A
whisper rang in her ear, “Sylvie, I won’t go against Marley if you stay with me and we will go abroad
and live, how about that? I can forget everything that happened before, how about that?”

“Don’t joke!”

“What if I say it’s not a joke? And I’ve never failed to do what I want to do!”

The low voice rang beside her. If Ernie’s personality was such that one could not tell the difference
between truth and falsehood, then these words really terrified her.

She froze slightly.

Ernie was the son of a wealthy family who was fearless of anything, yet, such a noble and arrogant
aura that was released from his bone made him such a rebel!

She was at her wit’s end as Ernie was so heavy scheming that he made her at a loss as to how to deal
with him, even though she had always been good at reading people’s minds!

She didn’t want to be ambiguous with him as he was Marley’s cousin, but he always liked to flirt with
her! Perhaps he was intentional, or perhaps he had some purposes, but all had nothing to do with her.
Therefore, sometimes she really didn’t know how to get along with him. What could she do to prevent
herself from offending him without making herself embarrassed?

It was time to go to work, the roads were not congested, and the black car was taking its time in the
middle of the road without panic.

It was silent inside the car.

Sylvie sat in the passenger seat and turned her eyes slightly to the side to see Ernie’s calm face. His
deep eyes gazed at the road ahead while pursing his thin lips unconsciously lightly. His slender fingers
gripped on the steering wheel and drove leisurely.

“Have you seen enough?” A question with a slight smile broke the silence in the car.

“You and Marley really look alike!” Sylvie said so.

Ernie smiled and a faint light crossed the bottom of his eyes. “Really? Many people say so! Since we
look so much alike as brothers, if you can fall in love with him, you can definitely fall in love with me

“Five years ago…” Sylvie pursed her lips without saying anything but just opened her mouth and said
softly, “When I was seventeen, when I was in my second year of high school, my mother, Sadie, tricked
me into going to a nightclub from school! She bought me some new clothes that day and made me feel
a mother’s love that I haven’t felt in years. But that night, she actually asked me to serve a client! She
pushed me into a private room with a lot of men in it!”

These were things that Sylvie had never said before.

Ernie was slightly stunned upon hearing those words. “Damn! What an unethical mother! But then
again, who gives permission for biological parents not to be unethical? Sylvie, what happened

“Then I met Marley who saved me! He saved me from being sold, and I’m grateful to him for my whole
life!” Sylvie returned calmly.

Upon hearing those words, Ernie’s hand which gripped the steering wheel abruptly hardened. “So,
you’ve been devoted to him and have been treated him well ever since?”

“I just want to repay his kindness! I am only clear with this!” Sylvie said calmly, “And from that day on, I
fell in love with this man! For five years, I have treasured him in my heart!”

“But he may not be worthy of your love! He doesn’t deserve you!”

“My love for him is never about him but just because I love him! Ernie, I am hard-hearted and even if I
don’t love him, I won’t fall in love with others! These words, including what happened five years ago, I
have never told Marley and he doesn’t know that he saved me five years ago! Perhaps he has
forgotten, but I do remember that he is a good man!”

“If the person who saved you five years ago wasn’t him, would you still love him?” Ernie suddenly
stepped on the brakes.

Sylvie froze and answered honestly, “I don’t know, I have never thought about this question!”

“If the person who saved you five years ago was not him, perhaps you would not have fallen in love
with him. Sylvie, your love is conditional and I have saved you before!” Ernie turned his head and
looked at her with his fingers gripping on the steering wheel with a slight force.

Sylvie looked at him without averting her eyes but just looking at him. “Yes, you saved me too, but I met
him first! Look, God is fair! The feelings between two people are destined! There’s just a difference
between the first and the last!”

She spoke directly. If she loved whoever she ran into, wouldn’t that be a mess?

“So, even if you are desperate inside, even if you think he is not a business talent who has a lot of
shortcomings just as the rumor says, do you still love him?”

“Yes! I love him! I can’t change it!”

“What if I tell you that I will definitely get you back!”

“That’s just your business too! It’s none of my business!” Pursing her lips, she turned her head away,
hugged her bag tightly, and sat down quietly without speaking again. By the time she had begun to love
Marley, it had also nothing to do with Marley!

Ernie gave a faint twinkle in his eye...

The atmosphere was once again turned eerily quiet.

Sylvie had lived with Sadie for seventeen years and had lived abroad for another five years. She had
learned to read people’s minds and was originally a stubborn girl, but she had been polished by reality,
yet, she was not that easily defeated!

Love was not like two could love each other easily! It was a matter of mutual consent! No matter how
scheming and skillful Ernie was, it didn’t mean that Sylvie could just be his woman!

The time passed slowly in silence, Ernie’s eyes faded and he blinked without moving.

Just when Sylvie thought he might give up and think things through, he suddenly pounced on her and
dropped a fierce kiss!

An aggressive kiss ravaged her lips as if there was finally an outlet for his long-standing anger. Ernie
cruelly bit her lips and tongue, yet, she struggled to bite back in response, and the taste of blood filled
the air between their lips and tongues.

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