Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 798 It Felt Like Many Years Already

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Marley didn't do anything. He had been tailing them for almost half a day and then he saw Ernie's car
leave. So, he quietly returned to the company.

Jemima did not go upstairs; she got out of the car and made a phone call. Then a car came, she got in
the car and left.

As soon as he entered the company, department managers came to see him. After dealing
with and managing the work of the departments, only then did Marley found some time. He took out
his mobile phone and wanted to call Sylvie. He looked at the watch, he wasn’t sure if Sylvie was
already asleep at this hour. He heard that a pregnant woman always felt sleepy, he was afraid to
disturb her, so he sent a message, ‘Baby, are you awake? What are you doing?’

Sylvie was surfing the internet, she saw the notification on her phone, she grabbed her phone and had
a look, she was a little surprised that he sent her a message.

As soon as she saw the message, she felt very sweet and touched, she felt really warm.

She thought for a while and typed a message, then she replied to his message, “I woke up, now I’m
using the computer!”

As soon as it was sent, the mobile phone suddenly started ringing. It made Sylvie wonder whether
Marley had been holding the phone all this time. He was waiting for her to reply to his message to
confirm whether she was awake. He was so eager that he called in almost a second after receiving the

Seeing the caller ID, Sylvie felt her heart beating. She answered the call and as soon as she put the
phone by her ear, she heard Marley’s deep yet slightly scolding tone, “Why didn’t you call me when you
woke up?”

Sylvie thought his reaction was funny, she said softly, "I'm worried that you're busy. Isn't the company
very busy?"

Marley was silent for a while then said slowly in a soft voice, "You are using the computer? Don't use it
too much. The radiation is too severe. It's not good for the baby!”

"I just replied to a few emails, I'm about to turn off the computer!” Sylvie told him honestly.

Marley suddenly asked, "You didn’t have anything to say to me?"

Sylvie’s heart beat faster. She held her phone tightly and walked outside towards the sun. She just
whispered a very simple word, "No!"

Then, the other end of the phone was just silent.

She felt a little strange, ‘didn’t Marley just leave home for only two or three hours.’ If she had anything
that she wanted to say, she could say it after he came back from work!

After a long time, only then Marley sighed, he sounded very helpless, “But I want to hear you say that
you miss me! Baby, I miss you!”

Sylvie's heart pumped wildly.

She suddenly felt that they were just like a couple madly in love. Even when they didn't see each other
for a minute, they would feel miserable as if they had not seen each other for years. She missed him
too! Since she woke up, she kept thinking about him.

It's just that she can't stand him being so attached.

"Baby, why aren’t you talking?" He asked again.

Sylvie's face was blushing, she said, "What shall I say?”

She felt a little shy and embarrassed like a young girl, even her voice was unconsciously higher.

At this moment, Marley’s office door was being knocked.

Sylvie heard his deep voice saying, “Come in!"

Then he talked on the phone and said, "Have a good rest. I'll do my work first and talk to you later."

"Alright!" She said softly and hung up the phone, she didn’t want to disturb his work.

Marley looked at the call that was hung up and listened to the beeping noise. He felt a little upset. Did
Sylvie hang up his phone call in such a hurry?

"Did I disturb you?" Tyler came in with a pile of documents, he saw Marley was on a call and he looked
a bit surprised.

"No!" Marley’s tone sounded soft, “Have you dealt with all the money? "

"It had already been returned. Now it’s just waiting for you to sign and remit it to the Mccarthy Group!"

"I’ll tell Mr. Cassius Mccarthy!" Marley looked at the document, then he grabbed the phone again. He
dialed Cassius's phone until Cassius picked up the phone. Marley said politely, "Mr. Mccarthy, I'm
Marley. Some of the funds from Hughes Group have been recovered. I want to return half of it now!"

Cassius was stunned for a moment then he said slowly, "Young man, you are very committed! But I'm
not in a rush to get the money, why are you in such a hurry? Will the money run away from Hughes

Marley thought inside his heart, Cassius is a smart old man, Marley was really afraid that the money
would be gone, that’s why he was anxious to return it.

Cassius continued, "If this is the case, remit the money then! But I want you to remit it into Sylvie's
account. I'll send someone to get in touch with you. I have a private account for Sylvie, I have already
planned to give the money to Sylvie anyway! Let her handle it! Alright, I have to go out now!”

"Eh!" Marley didn't expect this answer. He was so puzzled that he couldn’t give any reaction.

When Cassius heard his doubts, he explained again, “Marley, Sylvie is my granddaughter. I kind of
understand what’s going on in your family. There are many times when you need money! I don't want
money for the time being. If you have to give it, then give it to Sylvie! Then you'll have no worries.”

"Mr. Mccarthy!” Marley was very moved. He didn't expect Cassius to be so considerate. He wanted to
put the money with Sylvie to make it convenient for him to borrow money again while avoiding his
family members from prying into the money!

"Don't forget, you are my grandson-in-law! Don't disgrace me!” Cassius said and laughed, then he
hung up the phone.

"What is it?” Tyler was confused.

"You don't have to give it to Mccarthy Group anymore. Someone will come to contact us later. Just put
the money directly into Sylvie's account!" Marley signed and passed the documents to Tyler, “Go talk to
the person in charge from Mccarthy Group later, at the same time, rush out the rest of the other
projects. We should start looking for a new project now!”

"Okay!" Tyler nodded, “Mr. Mccarthy prepared a treasure for you! Once the money is in your wife's
savings account. It's her own money! In the future, it's convenient for you to use it when you have
difficulties. If you don't have difficulties, others can't touch the money as well!"

Marley chuckled, "That’s why we always say the old people are wise!”

"Then cherish the happiness in front of you. Marley, Sylvie is worthy of your good treatment." Tyler
stood up and left the office with a smile.

At five in the afternoon.

Ernie promised to see Mr. Mccarthy. His car slowly drove into the parking lot at the appointed place.

Mr. Cassius's car also stopped. They arrived at the parking lot almost at the same time. As soon as
they got out of the car, Ernie looked at Mr. Cassius. Then he came forward with a faint smile, "Mr.
Mccarthy, are you looking for me?"

Cassius looked at Ernie quietly. Judging from his look, Ernie looked really handsome, looked quite alike
with Marley. He seemed trustworthy, tall, and muscular, but his aura seemed big. He seemed laid-back
but he was actually very serious.

Cassius had met countless people all his life. At first glance, he had a deep impression of Ernie.

"Let's talk at the teahouse." Cassius also gave a faint smile.

"After you.” Ernie reached out his arm and made a gesture of invitation.

Cassius walked into the teahouse.

They went into a room. Cassius was very direct, “Did you ask you men to do something to Bonnie?"

"Well! Yes!” Ernie did not deny it at all, “And it's something very bad!"

Cassius was stunned at first and then he asked, "Are you not afraid that the Mccarthy family will do bad
things to you?”

"If I am afraid, I wouldn't do it! If I’ve done it, then I will not be afraid!” Ernie answered calmly.

Cassius's eyes flashed a sense of admiration, “Why did you do this?"

Ernie blinked his eyes, suddenly he smiled and asked, "Do you really want to know?"

"Don't tell me you did this for Sylvie!"

"You are right, Mr. Mccarthy! I really did it for Sylvie!"


"I can't watch Sylvie being bullied. She is already pitiful. She was almost hurt by Bonnie. In fact, I just
taught her a lesson! Besides, I'm merciful. She found a few men for Sylvie but I just found one for her!”
Ernie was very honest with his action, he did not feel that he was wrong.

"You are very honest!" Cassius’s face still looked the same, Ernie couldn't see through him, his face
had always seemed to be very calm.

With a laid-back smile, Ernie said, "Mr. Mccarthy, are you quite helpless! Both of them are your
granddaughters. It's embarrassing for you that they fight like this?"

Cassius raised his eyebrow slightly, “Destroy the videotape!"

"Impossible!" Ernie didn't agree at all. Even if it’s Cassius who came to talk to him, he wouldn’t give in,
“Mr. Mccarthy, for the sake of you being Sylvie’s grandfather, I respect you, but to destroy the video, no,
I can’t! You know better than I do what kind of person Bonnie is. I absolutely don't allow her to hurt
Sylvie, but you can rest assured that if she doesn’t do any harm towards Sylvie, then I won’t publish the
video! However, if she continues to hurt Sylvie, I can't guarantee anything!”

Ernie’s tone was so resolute that Cassius was surprised, “Why do you want to protect Sylvie so

Ernie laughed. He glanced at Mr. Mccarthy who was a little surprised. He asked, "What do you think?
When a man is willing to protect a woman until this level?”

"Do you like Sylvie?" Cassius was stunned. He didn't expect this.

"Well! If you want to understand it like this, I have nothing to say!” Ernie said. Then he moved his wrist,
looking at the time. His laid-back look finally changed, "You see the potential in Sylvie and chose her to
inherit your family property, why can't I see the potential in her too?"

Hearing what Ernie said, Cassius turned his eyes and looked at Ernie carefully. There seemed to be a
flash of depressed feeling in his eyes. Then Ernie smiled as if he was mocking himself, but he regained
his calm.

"Young man, do you like Sylvie or the family business behind her?"

Ernie heard Cassius’s words, he sneered. He looked particularly disdainful, “Mr. Mccarthy, you are
really a businessman. You are used to judging everyone with money!”

Cassius looked into his eyes. He really didn't understand this young man. He couldn't see any trace of
greed for money through his eyes. Was he too good at hiding it, or was his judgment wrong?

"For love?" Cassius asked tentatively.

"I admire her!" Ernie replied. He smiled and couldn't help but think of that familiar face of Sylvie.
“Bonnie's video is with me, don’t worry. I just wanted to remind you kindly that Bonnie may have
paranoia. You'd better find someone to treat her! Don't hurt Sylvie. Next time, if she does something to
hurt Sylvie, then I’m sorry. Don't blame me for being cruel!”

Ernie spoke coldly, it made him feel like he was drenched in the snow!

Cassius couldn't help shivering, but he did really like him, “Young man, your heart is cold and cruel!”

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