Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 796 There Is a Condition

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In the afternoon, at Ernie Hughes’s office.

“Where did you go at noon?” Ernie asked Aila in a cold voice.

Aila trembled and immediately said, “I went to the hospital.”

“Oh?” Ernie shrugged his shoulders slightly, “Really? Are you sick?”

“Yes, I was feeling a little endocrine imbalance,” Aila said truthfully.

“Didn’t you see anything?” Ernie asked.

“Uh. What could’ve happened?” Aila panicked inside. Thinking about her seeing Sylvie and Marley
earlier on, there was absolutely no way she was going to tell him that. No!

Ernie stood up in a whiff, reached out, and grabbed her. He sneered and swept off the things on the
desk. Letting go of his hands, he dropped Aila onto the desk instantly.

“Ugh—” It hurt too much!

Ernie’s strong force that felt like wanting to drop her to death made Aila so painful.

While she was crying in pain, Ernie leaned forward.

His large hand ripped off her clothes, and there was an unfathomable coldness at the bottom of
his eyes, “Endocrine imbalance huh? Should I adjust it for you?”

Aila’s slender figure looked deadly seductive on top of the desk.

Her strength to struggle became smaller and smaller.

Ernie’s voice was full of sexiness. That dangerous sexiness and hotness made Aila’s heart rippled in
circles. Her heart was filled with sorrow, “Vice President, please, I am begging you!”

“Beg me for what?” Ernie sneered and whispered. It sounded like it was a trial, making her tremble.

“To let me go!” Aila begged while crying, “Please don’t torture me!”

Ernie was like a demon, he could play with people at will in the palm of his hands by just casually
moving a finger. He never left any room for error in whatever he did, and never gave her the chance to
choose as well. But Aila was unwilling to accept it, why would she meet such a person? Yet he was so
skillful in dealing with love affairs, easily stirring up all her feelings. She was feeling so uncomfortable
right now!

Aila cried uncontrollably as if to let out her long-standing suppression, resentment, and humiliation. Her
bitter tears hung on her eyelashes, making her beautiful eyes look even more charming, “Ernie, I beg

“Beg me for what?” Ernie smiled and said, “My silly Aila, why are you crying? Aren’t you afraid
that my heart would ache? Are you feeling sick?”

As if there was a thorn in Aila’s throat, her breathing was so rapid that it seemed like she couldn’t
breathe. She shouted with a shivering voice, “Please, I beg you, don’t torture me!”

Ernie withdrew his smile. As if the tenderness just now was just a momentary illusion, he looked at Aila
coldly, “Then tell me, what did you see? I want the whole story!”

Aila’s face was as white as paper. He was a demon and there was no way she could beat him. Yet her
heart was clogged with layers and layers of unwillingness, how was it that Sylvie could easily get the
favor of both Marley and Ernie? Why?

“Still not saying?” Ernie laughed again, and the whole office was filled with his contemptuous laughter.
He raised his eyes to look at Aila who was shaking, “What are you afraid of? If you know you’ve done
something wrong, then change it quickly and admit your mistake to me. I’m so good to you, you think I
won’t forgive you? And I’ll definitely give it to you too!”

Aila widened her tear-filled watery eyes and turned her head to look at Ernie that was standing behind
her. She was feeling somewhat incredulous as to how he could know everything, how did he know that
she was hiding something from him? She was going to say it, if not then she would really be tortured to
death by him, “I’ll say!”

Hearing that, Ernie snickered. Aila was unstable, only to hear him sneered, “See, I’ll sweeten the deal
for you, and I’ve always kept my word! Tell me, what really happened today?”

Aila was sad inside, how could she be a match for Ernie? She then said with a melancholy smile,
“Sylvie’s pregnant. I met her in the hospital when she was walking out from a physical examination.
Marley went to pick her up and the two were very happy. There was also a person that I don’t know
taking pictures and they kissed on the streets, looking very lovey-dovey!”

Once Aila’s words were out, Ernie’s stunned for a moment and stiffened up hard.

All of a sudden, he squeezed her chin hard with one hand, but the other hand tenderly wiped away the
tears on her face, the corner of his mouth curved into a charming yet mocking smile, “No lies?”

Ernie’s eyes stared straight into Aila’s as if he didn’t believe her, and as if he was probing the
meaning of her words.

“Everything I said is true, how could I lie to you!” Aila said anxiously. She had been around him long
enough to know what kind of person Ernie Hughes was. He was decisive, unpredictable, and had the
handsomeness of Marley Hughes but also a heart that was more ruthless than Marley. He was
philandering and had an ill-intentioned heart, but he seemed to have a soft spot for Sylvie Mccarthy.

Aila couldn’t figure out what Ernie was doing! But she knew that with just one word from him, she could
disappear from this world immediately. She shouldn’t fight him, and no matter how unwilling she was,
she just couldn’t!

But at the moment, Aila’s sexual desire was fully triggered by him, and she had to admit, Ernie was
really good in love affairs. She was expecting his further action, so she blushed and said, “Please, do

“Do it?” Ernie smiled lightly with a cold face, his interest had disappeared instantly after hearing the
news. With a gloomy face, he swept his cold eyes at Aila who was on the table, “Get out!”

Aila felt a void when Ernie left her on the table just like that. She was afraid of his dominance and the
kind of pain it brought her, but there was no one better than him, and she had her needs too, “Vice

“Get out!” Ernie’s tone already sounded very impatient.

Aila bit her lip and immediately collected her clothes with humiliation. She then put them on trembling
and walked out.

The sound of the door closing was heard, and only Ernie was left alone in the room. His eyes flashed
across a dull pain at that moment. He abruptly closed his eyes and sat in the executive chair. His brows
were furrowed, and he had a look of struggle and entanglement that couldn’t be seen through.

“Bang—” His fist pounded on the table, and his eyes were tightly closed.

She’s pregnant!

And it’s Marley Hughes’s child!

Along the beach.

Marley, who bought a bunch of food and supplements, came back with Sylvie in his car.

When they were getting out of the car, Sylvie wanted to carry some of the things.

“Don’t take it, I’ll carry it myself. You just need to go upstairs.” Marley stopped her immediately, “Sylvie,
now it’s the early stage of your pregnancy and you have to be well. There can’t be a single slip-up and
don’t do any heavy work! I’ll go online and look up how to take care of pregnant women later.”

Sylvie was laughing and crying at the same time. Looking at him carrying with both of his hands full of
bags, big and small, yet he wouldn’t let her take one. She was quite surprised by
his heartwarming action.

“Let’s go, I’ll get some rest later!” Marley was already urging her.

“Okay!” Sylvie did think he was exaggerating, but since it was to protect the baby, then she would do as
she was told. As long as the baby was healthy and everything was fine, that’s all that matters.

Back in the living room, Marley put the things in the kitchen, then washed his hands and went to pour
Sylvie a glass of water, “Don’t drink any beverages from now on, and don’t get anything with added
coloring as well! Drink only mineral water or pure water. Come, have some water first.”

“I can do it myself!” Sylvie watched as Marley brought her water, even more so brought it to her hand
personally, and she was even more surprised.

“I’ll serve you.”

“I don’t need to be served, I can fully take care of myself.” Sylvie took the cup, and was actually feeling
thirsty so she drank the water, “I’ll go and cook then, you haven’t eaten yet, right?”

“No, I’ll cook!” Marley looked at the watch in his hand, it was 12:30, “I’ll get the remaining stuff, you
have some rest first. Don’t worry about anything, I’ll cook.”

“Okay.” Sylvie didn’t refute.

Marley had already gone to the garage to get the stuff, Sylvie looked at his back and sighed, he was
like a different person because she was pregnant. He actually said to cook for her! He really was
looking forward to the arrival of this baby. Stroking her belly, “Baby, dad loves you so much, and mom is
really happy!”

She then looked at her watch, Marley had to go to work in the afternoon, so she quickly went and
sorted out the things. In the kitchen, she put the vegetables in the refrigerator and prepared them with
some ingredients that they were going to eat. Marley ran over immediately when he came back and
saw Sylvie washing vegetables in the kitchen.

“Sylvie, I said I’ll do it!” Marley took her hand and looked for a towel to help her wipe her hands.

“I’m pregnant, not disabled. I’ll help you, do you want to be late this afternoon?”

“I’ll cook!” He insisted.

“Marley, I’m not doing any heavy work. I’m just going to wash some vegetables and do some cooking.
It’s only good for the baby if I move around like this.”

“But I want to take care of you. It’s already hard for a woman to be pregnant!” Marley looked at Sylvie’s
gentle little face, his voice sounding a little hoarse, “I’ve been bad to you, so now I just want to make it
up to you and be good to you!”

He said while gently finished wiping her hands.

Sylvie’s small white hands reached over and wrapped around Marley’s neck, she rubbed her head on
his chest and pouted complainingly, “If you really want to be good to me, then just trust me. Always
trust me from now on, don’t be mean to me and let me do the things that I like, that’s all!”

“You can do what you like!” Marley said with a smile as he dotingly stroked Sylvie’s hair.

“Then I want to help you cook right now!”

“Uh.” Marley was a little helpless, his heart was feeling a hint of heartache, “Okay! But it can’t be too

“Hehe, okay!” Sylvie smiled like a child after being approved.

Looking at her happy little face that went on to wash the vegetables again, Marley’s heart was getting
softer and softer. She asked for so little, and she was still a child herself, whereas he was so much
older than her, but he was always picking on her. Now that he thought about it, he really shouldn’t have
done it.

Sylvie only just helped Marley with washing the vegetables. It turned out that he could cook everything,
and by moving nimbly, he quickly cooked four dishes and a soup, then dragged Sylvie to the table.

Luckily there was no pregnancy vomiting, and they both ate happily.

It was two o’clock when Sylvie saw that Marley was still washing the dishes, so she couldn’t help but
say, “Hurry up and leave, you’re already late!”

Marley still finished up the washing and then came out of the kitchen. He asked while wiping his hands,
“Think about what you want to eat this afternoon. I’ll go buy it when I get back this afternoon. For now,
go take a nap!”

“There are still ingredients in the fridge!” Sylvie said, “Didn’t you just buy a lot?”

Marley walked over and held her hand, “You need to improve your nutrition. You were very thin before,
so now you need to boost it!”

Sylvie’s gaze slowly gathered on the hands that they were holding together. She slowly held Marley’s
hands back, then raised her eyes to look at him and whispered, “You’re so good to me, I’m scared that
I’m dreaming!”

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