Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 818 Men’s Words Were Unbelievable

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Ryan said it seriously, his tone was devoid of any plea. Every word he said was filled with solid
strength, colliding with Marley’s inner world heavily.

Instantly, Marley felt that his insides had collided as it panged hard with pain. His pupils immediately
contracted sharply, and his tone filled with chiding, “Mr. Babel, please don’t forget that Sylvie is my

But Ryan did not even look at him, his gaze landing on the plate before him. His voice rang calmly, his
emotions unreadable, “Sylvie is a strong girl, she wouldn’t care less about anything, but only you! If you
really think that she’s your wife, please treat her better. If she keeps being this exhausted, she might
even lose her child!”

The sentence hit Marley painfully as he was stunned there, the expression on his face had frozen
solidly there.

Ryan gave Marley enough time to think, as his words continued at the same normal pace, “I don’t have
the right to ask you for anything, but I just want to remind you that Sylvie is a fine girl. If you can’t treat
her nicely, someone else would be thinking of her, someone else would be better than you, and would
care for her more than you do. If you love someone and can’t give her happiness, you should rather let

Marley was silenced by Ryan’s words, he was deep in thought. It was undeniable that during their
marriage, Marley had always thought and comprehended his needs and his purpose. Whenever he
was unhappy, Sylvie was also unhappy. There were indeed problems with their marriage, and the
problems would have existed even without Jemima, without Ernie.

Ryan took a deep drag of his cigarette, “Marley, you’ve never really understood Sylvie. If you really love
her, you would have noticed if she was being slightly unhappy, and would even be more unhappy than
she is. But you’re not. Or you have realized it but you’re distancing from her on purpose, you’re

torturing her. You’re selfish, Sylvie is pregnant now, she pregnant with your child. How could you allow
her to look this exhausted? You should know, today when I saw her and saw her pale face and
greenish eyebags, I wanted to take her away!”

Marley did not know what to say at the moment and could only listen. At this moment, he was

“Do you know why she fell in love with you? I think you surely wouldn’t know!” Ryan continued lightly.
“Sylvie had known you five years ago, if you had a heart you would have remembered. If you didn’t
have a heart, I wouldn’t say anything else! I just want to add one more sentence in the end, if Sylvie
keeps on being unhappy, no matter with what identity I will take her away. You better watch out!”

Having said this, Ryan extinguished the cigarette butt in his hand, stood up, and left in large strides.

Marley was stunned there and did not speak for a long time. Just like that, he sat there silently,

Ryan walked out and went down from the stairs on the other side, he avoided Sylvie on purpose.

When Sylvie came back again, she saw Marley sitting alone by the table. She was a little surprised,
“Where’s Ryan? Did he leave first? Let’s go as well? Ryan’s leaving for Country K soon, on the flight
the day after tomorrow.”

Marley realized that she seemed to be explaining, his heart feeling uncomfortable and suffocated. He
finally realized Sylvie’s carefulness, as if he was a husband that got jealous easily. At this moment,
Marley suddenly felt that he seemed to be unreasonable. Something pressed on his heart and he
suddenly felt that he could not breathe. How did they end up like this?

Sylvie realized that his eyebags were heavy as well, he looked exhausted. After a long while of seeing
him being unresponsive, merely looking at her like this with a heavy expression. His look at her was

unreadable, and Sylvie called out to him hesitantly, “Marley?”

Marley stood up, walked forwards, and hugged Sylvie. His strength was strong and his hug seemed to
have regained its warm feeling. Sylvie instantly felt that her heart was sore.

“Sylvie, go with me to the company this afternoon, alright?” He asked by her ear dimly.

Sylvie buried herself in his arms. After a while, her voice whimpered as she spoke, “Alright!”

Sylvie went to the company with Marley and took a nap in the restroom in the office while he handled
work affairs.

In the afternoon, Marley received a call and left the company hurriedly, saying that he would come by to
pick her up after work in the afternoon. Sylvie waited in the office, as she was being bored, Aila came
up to find her.

Sylvie was a little surprised at her arrival, “What’s up?”

Aila sat on the couch, laughing at herself. “I want to know where Ernie went!”

“Ernie?” Sylvie frowned. “I don’t know!”

“How could you not know? How is it possible that Ernie didn’t tell you where he went? He adores you
so!” Aila was quite emotional. “Tell me, Sylvie, I’m looking for him!”

“I really don’t know!” Sylvie’s eyes were clear, staring straight into Aila’s eyes.

“I’m carrying his child!” Aila spoke softly, her tone filled with pleading. “If you know where he is, please
tell me, I’m begging you!”

Aila is pregnant with Ernie’s child?!

Sylvie was thunderstruck and was unable to recover for a long while.

Sylvie did not know what happened between Ernie and Aila. At this moment, she only felt a little
strange, her feelings were indescribable. Was this how men were? Ernie had told her that he loved her,
but he had an affair with Aila. She did not intend to blame Ernie for anything, but she suddenly felt that
men’s words are so unbelievable! She did not have the right to blame Ernie for anything as well, but
she was instantly relieved. Some words were unbelievable!

“If I have any news of him, I will surely tell you, but I really didn’t know where he went! So, I’m sorry.”

Aila saw that she did not seem to be lying, she opened her mouth, wanting to speak but stopped.

Sylvie was smart, she saw her response as if she had something to say. Yet she waited for a long while
and did not see her starting to talk, so she finally started, “Anything else?”

“Sylvie!” Aila exclaimed in a low voice, after a long while she finally said, “I’m envious of you, and I
even hate you a bit. You’re very lucky, I once imagined turning from rags to riches, but I know that it’s
merely a dream. I wouldn’t dare to claim ties with Ernie. I just want to find him and ask him. If he wants
the child, I’ll give birth to it. If he doesn’t, then I won’t!”

Sylvie was stunned, the child was innocent. She was also having a child now, and naturally, she would
know what it felt to be a mother, it was a living thing. “What happens if he doesn’t want it?”

“I’ll abort it!”

“This is too cruel!”

“If Ernie wants it, it’ll be the child’s destiny, if not it’ll be the child’s fate. I won’t raise it alone!” Aila stood
up and walked out. When she got to the door, she turned back and said lightly, “I was once head over
heels with Marley, but he didn’t feel anything for me. But now I’m in love with Ernie, I must have been

the kind of woman that’s unable to be wholehearted and is prone to cheating. Ernie probably wouldn’t
want this child as well. If in three days there’s still no news from him, I would abort it!”

“Aila, don’t be reckless. I’ll think of a way to help you find him, but I’m not sure if I can find him!” Sylvie
did not dare to make the promise.

“Thank you!” Aila thanked her genuinely, and she then walked out.

When work ended, Marley had not returned. He called to tell Sylvie that he asked Tyler to send her
back as he would be returning later, so Sylvie did not wait any longer.

Once her work had ended Sylvie hurried to leave. But once she opened the main door of the office, she
saw Tyler standing outside the door.

His gentle face had a warm smile on it, “Let’s go, allow me to be your protector once and send you

“Thank you, Mr. Cooper!” Sylvie smiled, closing the door she went into the elevator with him.

As the car passed by downtown, Sylvie suddenly remembered that she had run out of plums, and she
had been eating a lot of sour foods recently. She said to Tyler in embarrassment, “Mr. Cooper, please
stop by Jenkins Plums for a while. I have to buy some sour plums and it might take you ten minutes!”

“It’s alright!” Tyler drove towards Jenkins Plums.

Sylvie went to buy the sour plums herself, and she entered the store while Tyler waited in the car.
Jenkins Plums was an old store that sold sour plums exclusively and had booming business. Going in
and buying a lot, Sylvie walked out holding them. But she happened to see a car stopping at the store
opposite Jenkins Plums. Sylvie felt that the car was familiar. Upon a closer look, was that not Marley’s

While she was still stunned, she saw Marley getting off the car, and from the car beside a tall and
slender figure walked down. It was Jemima. The two of them walked towards the café together, and
Marley even opened the door for her gentlemanly, and they both walked in together.

Sylvie stunned there for a while. Then Tyler pressed on the horn and she finally came to her senses.
She smiled lightly and got on the car. “Sorry I made you wait for so long!”

“What are you looking at?” Tyler saw that she was in a daze just now and did not know what she was
looking at.

“Nothing, let’s go!” Sylvie pestered and took out a small bag, placing in at his back seat. “This is for
you, Jenkins Plums’s green plums!”

“Wow, thank you!” Tyler started the car and left in the other direction. As he looked out from the car
window he frowned, was that not Marley’s car? He did not ponder further, as he started the car and
drove away.

He left after he sent Sylvie back to the mansion.

When Sylvie went back the nanny had finished cooking. She ate in silence, and she then returned to
her room.

She tried hard not to think of the scene in the afternoon, but she could not get over that thought in her
heart and could not help but think. Marley had met Jemima but he told her that he had an appointment
in the afternoon, he was lying!

Yes! Men all loved to lie!

Ernie and Marley were the same!

When Marley returned it was around eight o’clock at night. As he entered his expression looked
especially tired, once he saw Sylvie he smiled, “Sorry, I was too busy in the afternoon. I had an
appointment, and it has ended! Have you eaten?”

Sylvie was stunned, she had seen him and Jemima entering the café together, yet he actually said that
it was an appointment, Sylvie was disappointed! But she did not show it.

Marley took off his clothes and went into the bathroom in front of her. It had been so long, that was the
first time he came back to bathe in this bathroom.

“Help me to find some clothes, Sylvie. Don’t slip, appropriate exercise is good for giving birth after!” He
said in the bathroom.

Sylvie could only go to find his clothes for him. She took out the pajamas and the bathrobe from the
closet and walked to the bathroom door that was slightly ajar, pushing the bathroom door open lightly.
Behind the door the steam was thick, through the blurry steam, Sylvie saw that Marley was bathing
under the showerhead.

His figure was slender, and his proportions were perfect. His legs were long and his torso was a
reversed triangle. The muscles on his body were solid, a sore sight for the eyes in the blurry steam.

Sylvie put the clothes at the door and she then left. She did not have the mood. She wanted to ask him,
yet she felt that it was unnecessary.

Marley finished bathing and came out, Sylvie was not in the bedroom. He changed his clothes and
went downstairs to find her. She was sitting in the living room watching television, there was a bag of
sour plums in her hands.

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