Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 873 A Woman’s Sorrow

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This was a woman’s love. It was miserable, desperate and helpless! Rae seemed to feel the same
way! But she was also shocked. That was another entangling lovey-dovey story. Love couldn’t be
explained clearly. Because of love, many people had been obsessed with it for their whole life, which
had harmed themselves and others.

“But he’d rather have Shayla Anthony than me! He also wanted Joanna but not me! What was wrong
with me?” Piper Salinas laughed mockingly again to herself, “I could live and die for him! But only now I
realize that he doesn’t love anyone. What he loves the most is money!”

Rae was slightly shocked. Money was good and many people loved it. However, money must be
obtained in a proper way. Many people probably didn’t understand this!

“Do you know my cousin, Kaden Duran? He said I was cheap. In fact, I was only fifteen when I had sex
with him for the first time.”

Rae was dumbfounded.

She had sent someone to follow Kaden but couldn’t discover traces of him. He spent most of his time
with Piper. They were caught together while they were arguing.

But there was nothing to indicate that Kaden had a problem in this case!

However, Piper now said that Kaden was a teacher, but he was actually a hypocritical person.

Were Piper’s words trustworthy?

Piper’s words should be the truth. Perhaps she looked through something after suffering that kind of

Piper complained slowly. She would pant when she got agitated sometimes, but she quickly
suppressed her agitation.

“Kaden cheated me. That summer, he brought me to City L. In that small hotel, he coerced me for the
first time! We’re real cousins! And yet he liked this relationship as he said it was exciting! Do you think
it’s disgusting? In fact, I think it is. But we’ve been maintaining this relationship for six years!”

Rae was stunned. It had been six years!

This incestuous relationship between real cousins had lasted for six years!

In these six years, Piper had experienced too much. Piper was twenty-one now, but she had become a
woman for six years!

On the contrary, Rae was now twenty-five, but she was still a girl!

Rae had no regrets. She felt she was clean in her private life and she was not the type of woman to be
casual. She held fast to her moral boundaries. Not everyone had morality.

Piper continued, “Until I fell in love with Braeden two years ago, I no longer let Kaden touch me. Kaden
was too fierce. He made me can’t get out of bed every time. I didn’t like him to touch me! So, he was
very angry. He would torture me once he caught me. There was a time I bled for a month. But during
that time, he still wouldn’t leave me alone! I avoided him by not meeting him. But unfortunately, SC
Normal University was too close to the Affiliated High School!”

“Why don’t you make a police report?” Rae asked rhetorically.

“Report it so everyone knows that I’ve been toyed by my cousin? How can I face Braeden?” Piper
countered. She loved Braeden. If everyone knew that she had been together with her cousin and they

had done all the things a couple would do, would Braeden still love her? This was what she was
thinking at that time.

Rae was silent, putting herself in Piper’s shoes. What would she have done if she were Piper?

Just as Marcel had harassed her in private, she hadn't said anything.

Yes, they worried too much!

Many people were bound by reputation.

Reputation kept most people who were hurt silent.

It was like a calm sea level. No matter how big the waves were below the surface, the sea was calm.

All the suffering, she would face it, she would survive in the end.

This was probably the first thought of all the people who had been hurt.

It was precisely because of this fluke idea to make the harm greater!

“I thought how great it would be if my cousin was Braeden! Every time I had sex with him, I
automatically ignored his face and imagined that the man on top of me was Braeden! Women are so
cheap, they can strike all kinds of flirtatious poses to the ones they like, but they don't want to be
perfunctory to those they don't love! I no longer had pleasure with my cousin, I felt that every action
was perfunctory. But even so, we still maintained this abnormal relationship! Because he wouldn't let
me go. He threatened me and toyed with me, but I was too embarrassed to do anything about it!
Therefore, he became unscrupulous and crazier! I was getting more and more injuries on my body!"

Rae was speechless. Everything happened for a reason! It was the victim’s connivance that made the
perpetrators more unscrupulous.

“I envisioned a romantic relationship with Braeden, and I looked forward to being with him! And my
hope came true!” Piper’s expression now was like a woman who had fallen in love. Her eyes showed a
glimmer of longing for a dream relationship. But it suddenly disappeared and replaced by grief. Then
Rae heard Piper said slowly, “The first time I saw Braeden was at the freshman commencement
ceremony. I had the urge to him when I caught a glimpse of him. Maybe this was what they called love
at first sight!”

“After some contact, I found out that my cousin Joanna was with him. He was good-looking and he
looked gentle when with his glasses on. But he was so fierce when he kissed Joanna that she almost
suffocated! His hand was so strong, holding Joanna’s waist tightly. I was shocked when I saw them
kissing under the tree! “

“Joanna spotted me and introduced me to him! Then, my teacher became my friend! It was so sarcastic
that I was madly in love with him!”

“I started spying on everything he did with Joanna. I had intentionally pleased Joanna, but I hated her!
If it wasn’t for Joanna, maybe I would have had a chance! However, I couldn’t do anything and could
just watch them from afar!”

As Rae listened, she then sighed and said softly, “There’s no reason for love. Although reckless love is
blind, it also makes some people envious. It’s just that unscrupulousness can sometimes hurt other
people and themselves!”

Piper opened her eyes wide as she seemed to recall something and said, “But later, I found out that he
not only had that kind of relationship with Joanna, he also had it with my sister, Kenzie Salinas. I didn’t
know when they meet. But that one time I found out they were together was when Kenzie seduced him.
I saw Kenzie’s leg crawl between Braeden's legs under the table… After that, he got up and made an
excuse to leave and Kenzie did the same. They left me and Joanna there. I also immediately found an
excuse to follow out. I took a cab and followed Braeden’s car. I observed that he drove to a farm

located in the next town. Soon after, Kenzie came down from a cab and got into his car. Then they
drove to the farm together. I hadn’t seen anything, but they were too impatient. They had sex in the car
in the forest outside the farm.”

Rae was shocked as they were too shameless!

“I found out his secret and he was still with Kenzie. I threatened him and said I would tell Joanna. At
that time, he didn’t say anything, he just looked at me. Then, at the sports equipment room on our
campus, he… I was comfortable, it was a different feeling from Kaden! But what he said afterwards
was so hurtful! He said if I told Joanna about his and Kenzie, he would tell Joanna that I had seduced
him! I didn’t want Joanna to find out, so I didn’t tell her anything! We made a deal. I wanted him to be
my boyfriend! Instead, he said he wanted me to be his hidden mistress!”

Braeden was suspicious. Rae finally understood why Marcel detained him. Marcel had sensed
something was wrong with Braeden from the beginning, but he had no proof.

“I became his mistress! Our second sexual encounter was three months after that. He was very
reluctant as he said it was unpleasant to do it with me!" Piper laughed at herself, "I got angry and
drugged him. We had sex all night, he wanted me like crazy, and we had out of control! The next
morning, he humiliated me with his face grim. He said I was the most shameless woman he had ever
seen! Haha, he didn’t think Kenzie was shameless, and he still could be with her! Kenzie was a social
butterfly in YS Club, and he didn't mind being with her, but he minded being with me! Ha! I only have
him and my cousin, I wasn’t an easy girl, but Kenzie was. However, he was still fine with Kenzie! And
Joanna, she obeyed his every command, that was not love. I'm the only one who loves him the most!"

As Piper said, her tears rolled down her cheek. She wiped her tears casually and said viciously,
“Braeden and Joanna were very attached and loved each other. Even Joanna was willing to seduce the
big boss for him!”

Rae was shocked. Seduced the big boss?

She said inadvertently, “What kind of big boss? What Braeden was thinking?”

“A chairman of a big Group!” Piper sneered, “Ha, she actually succeeded! Was it hilarious? The big
boss liked this kind of woman too! Joanna and Kenzie were the same, both were social butterfly and

Rae just found it ridiculous and hilarious that a man would let his woman seduce another man. He used
a woman to become wealthy. This couldn’t be considered as a human!

Rae slightly sighed and suddenly asked, “You knew he was that kind of person, why didn’t you quit

“Because I was not convinced! Why could he treat Joanna and Kenzie lovingly, but treat me badly?
How am I worse any than Joanna and Kenzie? Everyone in the family dots Kenzie, and my mom treats
her better than she treats me! I’m so angry!”

As she was unconvinced, she ended up in a nightmare by mistake, and might never wake up again.

However, in Rae’s mind, she still pondered the credibility of Piper’s words, “Who’s the big boss?”

“An old man who appears on the TV. He looked okay and his last name is Gill!”

Rae was shocked and she asked offhandedly, “Mathew?”

“How did you guess that?” Piper looked at her in astonishment.

“The Gill family is famous!” Rae said.

"I was happy for a long time when my cousin fell in love with Mathew! I even prodded her to break up
with Braeden, who was simply using her. But Joanna didn't care, and she told me to leave it alone! She

also said that I could stay with Braeden while she was away and kept Kenzie from getting her way!
Braeden had a lustful desire as he needed lots of women to overcome his desires!"

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