Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 897 Do It And Don’t Ask

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Seeing Marcel Hopkins’ action, Braeden Walls was stunned for a second, and then he even laughed,

“You’re welcome,” Marcel said.

Not until then did Rae Baxter find Braeden’s lips peeling.

Maybe only Captain Hopkins could notice such details, she thought.

Braeden smiled sightly, “A cup of water for me? You must want more further details.”

“Nope,” Marcel also smiled, “it’s just humanitarianism. You look thirty. I can’t ignore your peeling lips!”

“Hahaha! I know.” Braden waved his hand to interrupt. “I will say, OK? Captain Hopkins, I knew it’s
good for me to confess earlier. You must have got enough evidence since you decided to arrest me,
but your evidence can’t sentence me to death!”

“Well,” Marcel nodded, “only the court can sentence you, not us.”

“When will you transfer me to the court?” Braeden asked.

“Tomorrow!” Marcel answered honestly.

“Good. It’s your style, fast and resolute. I would have no way out even if you detain me for some days.
Does the court want to detain me again?”

“The earlier you confess, the faster this case will be finished!”

Braeden nodded, “Fine, I’ll confess. Indeed, I hate Sammy Champs, who was the cause of my mother
and father’s car accident. My mother argued with my father, just because of Sammy Champs. I’m not
sure if the car accident was a real accident, but I doubt that it was just a plan made by my mother, who

wanted to kill my father and then herself. She had the reason to do that because she was mad then,
but they couldn’t leave me alone in this world! My father deserved to die because he had betrayed my
mother! But my mother was too pitiful! She did nothing too much. Fate also betrayed her!”

“Sammy Champs, that old woman! She even came to my house to attend my father and mother’s
funeral! She profaned my mother’s place! I made my mind to revenge at that moment! Actually, I knew
everything about the amour between my father and her, and I have already known this ten years ago! I
wanted to revenge, but it was at my mother’s funeral that I made up my mind. I needed to bite the
bullet and get her blood for my mother’s blood!”

“I’ve taken five years to make the plan, and finally got her trust. However, I failed! That bitch is a
disgusting demon, who knew everything but pretended to know nothing! Hahaha! I am a fool, right? I
planned to revenge, but actually, she’s just making use of me!”

What Braeden said was almost the same as Marcel’s inference.

Braeden intended to revenge and to destroy the Gill family!

However, he failed. Just as he got close to the Gill family, he was found out!

Kaden Duran’s mental illness had influenced his plan.

And Joanna Salinas’s death was also a huge shock for him!

“So, who do you think is Joanna Salinas’s killer?” Marcel asked.

Braeden Walls thought for a while, and then laughed, “Captain Hopkins, I’m not sure of it. There should
be some suspects for Joanna’s death.”

“Yes,” Marcel nodded, “I’ll name three suspects, and you should judge who the real murder is.”

“The first one, Raphael Gill, the second, Mathew Gill, and the last one, Sammy Champs!” Marcel asked
Braeden to judge.

Without hesitation, Braeden made his judgment, “It must be Sammy Champs!”

“Why?” Marcel wasn’t surprised, because he also thought Sammy Champs was the most possible one.

“You will never know even a little about an evil demon’s means! Maybe it was just her who wanted my
mother to die so she put something in my mother’s car, but she just didn’t expect that my father was in
the car, too!”

“Is there any evidence?” Marcel frowned.

“No!” Braeden shook his head, “but years ago, a stranger came to the cemetery with a carnation. I went
to find him later. He was a repairman of a garage! I asked why he had sent the flower on that day, he
refused to answer. I went to find him once more, but he was not there! I have never found him again! I
think he must have something to do with Sammy Champs’s plan and my father and mother’s car

“Why didn’t you ask for the police’s help?”

“Calling the police will ruin my plan!” Braeden said, “Now I’m asking for your help, so you can
investigate this.”

“Give me that repairman’s information, and I’ll ask my men to find him.” Then Marcel asked Garbassi to
take charge of this matter.

At this moment, Rae’s phone rang. She went out to answer it.

Soon she came back but looked strange. She got close to Marcel and said, “Captain Hopkins, the
fellows from Material Evidence Section called me just now. He said there is something strange about

Mathew Gill’s clothes. The blood on it is like spray, but according to Joanna’s wound, there must be
someone who stabbed her on her back! The blood should not be like spray. I think Braeden’s judgment
is right. Sammy Champs is the most likely one!”

Braeden Walls interrupted, “From what I know of Mathew Gill, he’s merciless, but not so merciless as
Sammy Champs. Mathew Gill is a playboy, and what he wants are just girls, so he is reluctant to kill a
young beautiful girl! It’s not reasonable for a playboy to kill ladies, but it’s reasonable for an evil demon!
You guys don’t know much about Sammy Champs, but I do. She’s a real desperado!”

According to the analysis from the Material Evidence Section, the clothes stained with blood were
indeed Mathew Gill’s clothes, but the spray-like blood on them also showed that Mathew Gill was not
the direct murderer!

This evidence made all of those guys here drop into silence.

What Braeden said was consistent with Marcel’s reasoning. The only clue they got was that Braeden
thought the murderer was Sammy Champs, not Mathew Gill, but he had no evidence.

They left the interrogation room and went back to the office. It was almost three in the morning. The
sun will rise soon, so they were bound to be sleepless this night.

When they left the interrogation room just now, Braeden Walls stopped Rae and said, “Rae, you’re not
qualified to be a policewoman. You’ve sullied this job!”

Rae’s face turned pale at that time!

However, Marcel just squinted and said nothing.

Garbassi and Easton Holder also didn’t say anything, but everyone couldn’t help doubting!

Rae didn’t know what Braeden meant.

Both Mathew Gill and Braeden Walls had said something strange, and she didn’t know their meaning.
Did she do something before? And those people still remembered that five years later and scolded her
for that? Was what they said real? Rae dared not to believe! She was reminded of Gustavo Wagner’s
words. Did Gustavo Wagner know something about this?

Rae had to cheer herself up and tried to be not so dejected.

Marcel Hopkins went back to the office and called everyone who was working overtime to have a
meeting. The video from Material Evidence Section was also sent here. Marcel asked one man to play
the video, and requested the fellow from Material Evidence to explain it.

“There is blood on the clothes, but it seems that it was stained when its owner touched the dead after
she died. It indicated that the owner is not the direct murderer! According to our judgment, there must
be another shirt stained with blood. Now we can judge that Mathew Gill was also at the scene of the
crime, and saw the scene of the dead dying. Maybe he went to rescue the dead, but he failed because
the wound was hard to handle...”

When Rae heard of this, she was reminded of Raphael Gill’s expressions. Raphael looked hesitant at
that time, and his eyes were full of misery. Rae remembered his expressions. He lowered his head, and
his eyelashes were trembling. There were hesitations and struggles in his eyes.

Raphael must have known something more! Rae suddenly stood up.

Her behavior was so obvious that everyone here turned to look at her.

Not until she stood up did she realize that she shouldn’t have done this. She pursed her lips and then
explained in a slight voice, “Captain Hopkins, Raphael Gill must have more evidence! I’m gonna ask

Marcel glanced at Rae, and then spoke in a low voice, “Garbassi, find Raphael Gill here.”

Rae was stunned, and then hurriedly said, “Captain Hopkins, let me do this! I’m sure I can bring
Raphael Gill here.”

Marcel didn’t listen to her but continued to say to Garbassi, “Garbassi, go. Bring him here, and try to
bring the clothes stained with blood back.”

“Yes, sir!” Garbassi took the order and then left. Before he left, he looked at Rae and showed his

Rae didn’t expect that Marcel would refuse her, but she had nothing to do. Marcel Hopkins had the
right. He was the person in charge of this case, so it was his right to order her or not. Rae was just
worrying. She lowered her head and didn’t say anything more. She just sat there even until the meeting
was over.

Marcel Hopkins glanced at her before he left. Rae was still sitting there. He was displeased, “Rae, what
are you doing here?”

Rae finally got her mind back. She hurriedly stood up, but because of her violent action, she felt pain in
her feet. Rae shook her head, “nothing!”

“So go back to the office and have a rest. We have to interrogate Raphael Gill then!” Marcel’s voice
was not gentle, maybe because he was displeased.

Marcel had given Raphael Gill many chances, but Raphael didn’t accept and refused to work together,
which made many troubles for the police. Rae couldn’t help him anymore.

Rae had to nod. She stood up and left the room.

In the corridor, Marcel slowed his paces down and waited for Rae.

Seeing this, Rae hurriedly followed.

Marcel said in a deep and low voice, “Don’t go to see Raphael anymore, and don’t talk any word to him
when he is here later!”

“Why?” Rae was confused.

“Just do it, and don’t ask!” Marcel’s voice was full of impatience. “Listen to me, if you don’t want us to
work overtime one more day!”

Rae had to agree, “OK!”

Forty minutes later, it was about half past four in the morning. Raphael was there. He opened his
mouth and called Rae as he saw her. “Rae!”

According to Marcel’s order, Rae didn’t answer him. She just stared at Raphael and her eyes were
filled with pities. She didn’t expect that Raphael would hide the clue once and once more, but actually,
she could understand the reason.

For the obvious glance full of pities, Raphael got her meanings.

He lowered his head with guilty and didn’t look at Rae anymore.

Garbassi spoke to Marcel in Marcel’s ear, “He refused to give us more evidence. He said there is
nothing more!”

Marcel nodded as if he had already expected this.

They went into the interrogation room.

After everyone sat down, Marcel said to Raphael, in a strict voice, “Raphael Gill! You’ll undertake legal
responsibility if you still give us fake evidence!”

Raphael didn’t speak.

Rae sat there and was worried about this.

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