Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 76

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An average warhead had the shooting range of 700 meters, while a rocket booster warhead had 100 meters. It was a powerful weapon to use against an old armored vehicle.
There was also the RPG-7, but its shooting range was limited. If it shot out of its range, not even God could predict where the warhead would land.
The M2CG’s muzzle flash, which illuminated the night, was incredible. An extensively long line of fire lit up the entire surroundings.
“Explode!” Bell Man shouted excitedly with his right hand in the air.
Jang Shin lived up to his nickname, Explosions Devil, as he managed to destroy the panzer 700 meters away with a single shot.
The BTR-152, which had received an 84 mm rocket head directly to its front side, flew into the air before landing heavily back down. The rocket from the Panzerfaust could pierce a 65 mm rolled steel sheet. Compared to it, the BTR-152, wrapped with a 6 mm steel sheet, was like paper. The warhead penetrated the front of the panzer, crushed through the inside, and hit the back fuel tank.
The panzer went up in flames as the fuel tank exploded.
Jang Shin didn’t have the time to admire his piece of work. He carried the launcher and ran for his life.
Bell Man, who was carrying the magazines for the weapon, followed hurriedly. He was a doctor whose responsibility now was to carry explosives.
Bang! Ta, ta, ta!
As expected, there was no way the enemies could miss the extravagant flare of fire that came from the rocket’s muzzle flash. The enemy’s grenade launchers and machine guns hailed down on the place they had launched the shot.
Bell Man, who was almost hit, broke out in cold sweat.
“F***, I’m a doctor. Why do I need to carry an explosives box instead of an emergency kit?!”
Bell Man kept complaining as he followed Jang Shin.
“Then why don’t you die hugging an emergency kit?” Jang Shin replied without looking back.
“Ha, private newbie, you’ve got guts after killing some people.”
Bell Man laughed soullessly.
When a machine gun rapidly shot bullets at them, Bell Man began to pump his legs harder.
“Ombuti, that bastard, where’s he gone?” Bell Man shouted.
Ombuti, whose job it was to carry the ammo, had disappeared without a trace.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
It was the sound of an ASG-17 that sergeant Burimer shot in three short successions.
Another BTR-15, which had been running flawlessly with its co-axial machine gun, was surrounded by the grenades Burimer shot off. The gunner on the roof of the panzer looked stressed and panicked as the tank veered off.
“This f****** s***! Throw some smoke shells! Smoke shells!” Ahmud screamed as he slid into the turret. He was frightened out of his wits.
Dark smoke covered the panzer.
However, Burimer didn’t lose a target he had already locked on.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
It was Burimer’s signature three-point sniping. The grenades, which flew out in a row, covered the entire tank.
The panzer swayed once like a fishing boat against the wind. With a broken torsion bar, the vehicle began to crumble slowly on itself.
“We’re hit! Hit! I’m unable to move!” The driver began to wail.
“S***, it’s too late. We’re escaping. Infantry, open the boarding door.”
Ahmud’s greatest talent was making fast decisions. He immediately opened the back boarding door and escaped.
Three more grenades turned the panzer into scrap metal.
The 12.7 mm bullets, which had been flying at the Ratel team, stopped immediately.
“Burimer, thank you!”
Mike winked at him. He hadn’t been able to fight to the best of his abilities since the heavy machine gun suppressed him. He couldn’t help but find Black Mamba, who had sniped bastards such as those with his Dragunov, impressive.
When the coaxial machine gun fell silent, the Ratel team’s sniping came back to life. The enemies who had passed their tripwires began to fall one by one.
“Wow, sergeant Burimer managed to catch the remaining two,” Jang Shin exclaimed.
That was the advantage of a high-speed grenade launcher. It had a fast launching speed and no back flares, which meant that there was less of a risk of having its position revealed. He hadn’t been able to crush the vehicle because the warhead’s power was weak, but a panzer without its upper cupola and damaged power pack was nothing but a large can.
When the two panzers exploded, Jang Shin immediately began adjusting the fuse. The Panzerfaust could turn into a high explosives grenade launcher with a slight fuse adjustment.
The enemies who had been running in the forefront were swept into the air by the flints and aftershocks. He had targeted the exact center of the front attackers.
Bell Man quickly tossed the warhead to Jang Shin, who caught it like a frog catching a fly, and immediately connected it to the launcher and ran for his life. The Panzerfaust’s signature bright muzzle flash was like an advertisement of his location to the enemies.
Bell Man kept complaining as he chased after him.
“Ahh, I’m going to die! What’s Black doing? Why isn’t he here yet? Is that bastard pissed off about how I didn’t use anesthesia on him before sewing him back up, or what?”
Jang Shin, who had sprinted 30 meters, threw his body forward as if to bury himself into a hole. Bell Man, who had followed, similarly plastered himself to the ground.
Crash! Gurgle!
An 84 mm grenade landed nearby, and the hot aftershock waved over them.
“Ugh, you s***. Are you planning to run all the way to N’Djamena?”
“Shut up! I need to catch that bastard, but I’m not within the range, damn it.”
Jang Shin, who sent another fire to his target, immediately hauled the launcher and sprinted again.
The downside to the M2CG was its muzzle flash.
The FROLINAT’s soldier handling the grenade launcher was very skilled. Just then, a grenade landed near him. Because of the enemy soldier’s burning desire to catch him, Jang Shin had no choice but to run for his life every time after he launched his attack. Due to the continuous hit and run, Bell Man began to lose his breath.
“Hey, you’ve already shot four rounds. Throw it away now!” Bell Man shouted.
“It’s not as if we’re going after a tank, so why should I?!” Jang Shin shouted back.
Another negative aspect of a Panzerfaust was its internal construction. After three shots, the sight point on the scope tilted out of balance. Like Bell Man said, an accurate shot was hard to make. However, Jang Shin was confident that he could work with the tilted sight point if he used a high explosives area grenade.
An unlikely comment came in through the headset.
“Jang Shin, you idiot, why are you running around with a Panzerfaust when you’ve caught a BTR-15?”
The Captain’s angry voice cracked.
‘Ha! What was I doing?!’
Jang Shin pulled himself together and ran towards the rear of the camp with Bell Man on his tail.
A series of mortar shots had far better resistance than the Panzerfaust. There was no reason to show off with a strong, mutually destructive recoilless weapon.
Every time the sound of a grenade went off, one or two enemies died in the explosion. The ones who arrived on the second line of tripwire didn’t even care. They ran forward as though they were on drugs.
Mouris had carefully set up the mines to lead the enemies into the direction of the Claymore, but there was no use because they ignored the mines and ran forward.
The enemies passed the minefield and ran into the 300-meter defensive line made of Claymores.
Twenty to thirty enemy soldiers had died from the grenades and sniping, but there wasn’t a noticeable dent in the number of soldiers.
Mouris, who had the Claymore’s control device in his hand, glared at the defensive line.
“Flare launching, night goggles off.”
Pssst. Bang!
The flare Jang Shin launched had brightened the entire desert, revealing the enemies.
Mouris waited for the perfect time to press the control device in order to increase the impact. He rubbed his sweaty palms on his thigh.
All eight sets of those Claymores were his responsibility.
In three more seconds, the armed foot soldiers would attack since they were only 15 to 20 meters away. Considering the enemies’ attack speed, the Claymores were placed in four sets of two in a direct line.
If Burimer was a professional in explosives, Mouris was the king of booby-trapping. The mines and Claymores were placed strategically by Mouris and Burimer.
They had installed two Claymores to increase the range of the explosion and its concentration. If they exploded in intervals of three seconds, they could wipe out the entire field in range.
The flare brightened the sky again before it disappeared into the darkness.
Mouris turned on his night goggles. Blurry shadows gathered countlessly on the marked point.
“Here’s a present, you bastards.”
He pressed two controls at the same time.
The 1440 millet-sized bullet spheres were squeezed out of 700g of C-4 high explosives and swept forward at four times the speed of sound.
The enhanced Claymore’s caused an explosion that swept across the field within 120 degrees to the 200-meter point. The enemies, who were within the 50-meter radius of the Claymore’s strongest explosion point, received a massive impact.
However, despite that immense damage, the force of the opposing vanguard’s attacks didn’t lessen.
“Those bastards, they’ve dowsed themselves in drugs.”
A cold smile appeared on Mouris’ lips.
When the third and fourth Claymores went off, the opposing vanguard’s enthusiasm began to falter.
“Even that yellow chick, Jang Shin, is doing his job, so a veteran shouldn’t fall behind.”
Mouris gathered the controls once more.
“Trois, deux, un…” (Three, two, one)
Mouris, who had been counting down, flinched.
It was the sound of a grenade falling close by.
He threw himself down.
The 84 mm grenade, which landed in close range, pushed the ground apart. Unfortunately, Mouris wasn’t Black Mamba. After being showered in spare pieces, his body bounced from the shocks. He was thrown like a straw of threshing grain and embedded in a rock’s crevice five meters from his position like a rag doll.
His consciousnesses came back after several seconds. His body had hardened from extensive training. He instinctively threw himself into a crouching position. However, his body didn’t move.
Mouris’ gaze moved towards the lower half of his body. He couldn’t see anything beyond his waist.
‘I still have half.’
Mouris painfully squeezed out the last of his strength. He pressed the control with all he had, but he didn’t feel anything. The place where his arm should have been was empty. Mouris blinked. His arm was gone.
Mouris began to laugh as he looked down at his missing lower half and right arm. Slowly, he began to feel numb. He couldn’t feel the pain.
‘S***, there’s still another three sets left… Mike. My partner’s going to be pummeled to death by Black. However, at least my comrades would be able to return to Sari, thanks to him. Adios!’
Mouris slipped out of consciousness as his last thoughts were of his comrades’ safe return.
Mouris was from Morocco’s Revolutionary Guards.
He was handsome. He had been told that he looked similar to Omar Sharif. There was one pervert that was after his handsome a*s all the time. That bastard was one of the Guard’s commander, a Soviet.
Mouris, who couldn’t hold back any longer, sent the perverse Soviet bastard off in his car with a liquid bomb. Mouris had fled to Legion Etranger to avoid the military police. The light faded from the eyes of Huang Mouris, of Morocco’s Revolutionary Guard, 1st Sergeant.
“Hoorah, Allah, Allah!”
The vanguards broke through the last defense line.
“Sergeant Bell Man, the Claymore… Do you think something happened to Sergeant Mouris?”
“Jang Shin, don’t imagine things. On the battlefield, one must fulfill their roles to save their comrades. Your job is to push back those enemies until Black Mamba returns.”
“Yes, sir.”
Jang Shin used a large mushroom-shaped rock as a shield while he aimed his grenade launcher.
Plop- Plop-
He shot two rounds and fixed its point of impact. Explosions Devil Jang Shin began to pour in high explosive grenades. Bell Man, who was his temporary partner, began to move the magazines quickly and reload.
Black Mamba may have been at the rear, but the Ratel team had the best mercenaries who had once swarmed around the Sahel.
Burimer stopped their advancements with an ASG-17 30 meters away from Jang Shin. The 30 mm grenade, which followed, played a significant role in pushing them back.
When the grenade launcher and mortar stopped their frontal assault, Senior Airman Miguel and the Captain began to thwart the enemy’s assisting fire with their Minimi and M60. Mike and Bell Man calmly got rid of the enemies who crossed their defense line. The assisting explosive guns, repressive explosion guns, and snipers worked together like well-greased gears.
The FROLINAT’s determination, with their advantageous numbers at the forefront, was unbearable. They rushed forward under the shower of bullets and grenades. The 84 mm grenade launcher from the rear shook the Ratel team’s armed camp and opened up a pathway for their vanguards. Several machine guns showered light tracer bullets in rows.
“Get those bastards’ grenade launchers and mortars damn it. If you get those, the front assault team can swallow them in one go.”
Ahmud, who had suddenly fallen to the rear, began to encourage the grenade launcher shooters.
The grenade launchers and machine guns began to aim for Jang Shin and Burimer mercilessly.
If they shot two to three times, a returning shot immediately came. Jang Shin and Burimer, who couldn’t take it any longer, had to change their positions several times. Due to their weapons’ technicality, their locations were quickly revealed.
Jang Shin gritted his teeth.
He had predicted the location of the launcher from its flare, and shot several mine launchers, but hadn’t been able to silence it. The place they’ve concealed themselves in was too vague.
Rifle bullets began to fly in. The moment they’d allowed the rifles to approach within range, they’ve failed to defend themselves. The Captain felt as though a hand would throttle him at any moment.
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