Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 910 I Can’t Decide

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Rae shook her head. "Ophelia, this matter can no longer be stopped! If I say stop, my dad will take the
risk and I will lose him. Also, I can't stop it. If I go back to be Natalie, I will go to jail. Dad will too! And
we can’t take revenge on the Baxter family, and I can’t know what Leonard is! So far, I already doubt
my dad’s excuses! I didn’t do as he told me. I just want to delay it until he gets old, and it ends

This was probably her delusion.

Ophelia shook her head and was disapproving. "Natalie, you are deceiving yourself. When I hear you
say that, I feel that he is not a person who is easy to give up! Think about it, it will be almost 30 years,
at least 20 years, and he still wants to take revenge. He is just for revenge. This obsession is very deep
and difficult to get rid of! You are lying to yourself, deceiving yourself that he will end naturally! In fact,
you know he will not, even if he dies! If you don’t follow what he asks, he will find a way to let you go. If
you don't go, he will go by himself! It's just a matter of time! You can put it off for a while, but you can't
put it off for a lifetime!"

Rae admitted that what Ophelia said was reasonable. Ophelia was right, and her reason told her so,
but she can't do that! She still had feelings!

"Ophelia, I know how to do it! I also have a bottom line, that I will not harm people! I want to see and
feel, I will not take such measures as a last resort!" Rae promised that she would not be complete fool!

Ophelia shook her head and frowned. She was also anxious. "The measure is to surrender?"

Rae nodded.

Ophelia still shook her head. She felt wrong. "The deeper you sink, the more disadvantaged you are.
Natalie, you can't be a pawn in your father's hands! Your life should be yours!"

Rae lowered her head, a little frustrated. Now that she can't make her own decision in her life long ago!

She felt resigned now!

Ophelia saw her so depressed and very sad. "At that time, why didn't you tell me?"

"You are abroad..." Rae whispered, "The incident happened suddenly. Rae's body was salvaged. My
dad went to pretend to her father and take it. Then I called you, but you didn't answer it. At that time,
your roommate said you were going to work!"

It was not very smooth when Ophelia studied abroad. Her family wasn’t rich. Even if she went abroad
to study, she had to do part-time job, she was very hard!

Ophelia sighed, very sorry. "If you told me at that time, maybe it wouldn't be like this! Have you ever
thought that there are thousands of ways to get revenge, why did your father choose this one?"

Rae shook her head, she was confused. "Ophelia, don't talk about this, okay? I know you are for my
good, but I am very puzzled now, let me think about it! And you don't reveal my identity!"

Ophelia naturally knew, "Of course, but you must take care of yourself!"

"I understand!" Rae nodded.

Ophelia suddenly said, "By the way, the handsome man who was with you that day is your leader,
Marcel, isn't it?"

Rae nodded.

"Why is his name so familiar?" Ophelia racked her brain for a while, "I used to hear it?"

Rae blushed and said, "Five years ago, I told you in a letter that he is the senior I have a crush on!"

"Damn it! Right!" Ophelia laughed loudly, "It's cool to be with the man you have a crush on for many
years, right?"

Rae was taken aback and was surprised at Ophelia's sharpness. "Who is the criminal policeman?"

"Natalie, you are sometimes sharp and sometimes dull. The way he looks at you and the way you look
at him are enough to expose your relationship! The eyes you looked at him was shy and timid, he
looked at you was like looking at a prey! Your relationship is not simple!"

Rae gritted her teeth, "What? I'm just with him a short time! We are in a pure love! I don't know where
the end is, I sometimes feel selfish, but I can't bear it! I just want to try, or I will regret it!"

"Then try it! No, you two haven't had sex yet, right?"

Rae blushed and nodded.

"Then what are you waiting for? If you are in jail…" Ophelia slurped herself immediately after speaking,
"Bah! You won't go to jail! I mean—"

"It's okay, I know what you mean!"

"I mean you have to take the initiative, or you will regret it. Are you a virgin now?" Ophelia looked at her
with a very contemptuous look, and looked up and down.

Rae smiled awkwardly. "I can't compare to you, not as unrestrained as you. Who is raising you now?"

Ophelia twitched her lips. "By a beast. I will tell you then! He is not in the country now!"

"Yeah!" Rae didn't continue to ask, she knew that everyone had their own privacy.

"Are you unwilling, or he does not take the initiative?" Ophelia asked her.

Rae blushed and replied, "We started living together today!"

"Huh?" Ophelia blinked her eyes. "Starting from today?"

Rae nodded. "Yes, I'll move later and move to his house!"

"Haha, okay, I agree! Such a handsome man must be in your hand! Let him become your man, he is a
criminal policeman, and it will be convenient for him to help you deal with your these things!" After all,
Ophelia was thinking about her future!

Rae felt warm in her heart.

At this time, Ophelia stood up, shook the key in her hand, and said, "Go, I will take you to buy some
clothes to seduce that policeman!"

Rae was taken aback. "No need!"

Ophelia pulled her up directly. "You know, men are all sense animals! So, you have to listen to me!"

Rae would never come if she knew that the lingerie shop Ophelia took her to was a sexylingerie!

She had only heard of it and had never seen what was inside!

Now Rae had really seen it!

A lot of costumes were hung in the window, and some were simply worn on models, such as SM
outfits, garters, jumpsuits, body shaping outfits, and various uniforms.

It made people look blushing!

They went to a wholesale store, not a store in a mall. It was a underwear shop.

After Ophelia entered, the salesperson greeted her with enthusiasm.

"Ladies, where do you sell the goods?"

Rae was taken aback, when did they sell the goods?

She looked at Ophelia suspiciously.

Because Rae really didn't understand why did the owner ask them where they sell the goods?

Ophelia lowered her voice and said to Rae, "Don't talk. She thought we opened a store, so we wanted
to wholesale! I will bargain with her, don't interrupt, you know?"

With that, she was getting serious, and Rae nodded quickly.

At this moment, what she could do was nodding.

She had no experience in opening a shop. Why she came to buy underwear and people thought she
opened a underwear shop?

Rae had to follow Ophelia, only to hear Ophelia say, "We opened a branch in GH Road and are looking
for new sources of goods. I think the quality of those goods is not good! For example, this set is made
of recycled rubber. It was useless at all! So when I got angry, I fired the original purchaser!"

When the salesperson heard this, she immediately greeted them with tenfold enthusiasm. "Ah, that's
right, don't worry, ladies, we absolutely don't have recycled rubber here! The quality is absolutely good,
which one do you want? There are products for men..."

Rae saw the salesperson take out all the equipment used by the man and put them on the counter. She
explained to Ophelia one by one without blushing. Ophelia listened carefully and continued to give
professional evaluations.

She really was embarrassed!

Her face had turned red unconsciously.

She was still a virgin, and had never seen such things!

At this time, Ophelia said again, "Bring the things for ladies. I want to buy some clothes this time. You
know, most of my customers are girls, so I'm going to try some ladies' clothes first. If it's appropriate, I'll
come back later!"

"OK, don't worry, I will never give you defective products. The quality of our products is good! Oh, why
this lady’s face is so red?" The salesperson did not forget to ask Rae, she really observed carefully.
Even if Rae was silent behind them, she also got the attention.

Ophelia explained to the salesperson without blushing, "Oh! What? This is the second boss of our
shop. She just partnered with me. This is the first time she sells this kind of stuff, and the first time she
buys it. She is so shy, sorry!"

"I understand!" The salesperson nodded quickly. She seemed to remember the look when she first sold
this kind of thing, "don't be shy. In fact, you will get used to it! Men also will buy such things. We
encounter so many men. Some men are hooligans. I have to show them every time when they come to
buy things. In our business, we have to have foresight, otherwise we will suffer a loss! We can't let the
hooligans take advantage of us and also have to sell the goods. You need to learn more!"

Rae listened and really learned something!

She nodded violently, well, she admitted that it made sense, but it was useless for her!

She was too embarrassed to say anything else, Ophelia was still pretending to be a vendor.

Finally, the salesperson brought what Ophelia wanted.

It was a nurse uniform. Ophelia said, "I want it. Try it first. Bring all the uniforms and thongs. Give me
two sets of all styles. This is a girl's favorite and is very popular!"

"Okay!" The salesperson brought all the thongs.

Ophelia divided these into two and put them in a bag.

Then she said, "Two suits of Butterfly Enthusias, one set is red, one set is pink. Two suits of My

Dream, two suits of Bunny Girl, both are purple! Two sets of men’s U-convex bag thongs ..."

When Rae looked at Ophelia who was shopping seriously there, she was really shocked and her face
was hot!

Just then her phone rang.

She looked at the phone, Rae immediately became nervous.

Because the call was from Marcel, she seemed to be extremely guilty.

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