Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 936 To Examine One’s Conscience

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Rae did not expect that Reuben would mention that he did not know about it?

He even knew that she was living together with Marcel, what else did he not know about? There were
so many hidden and unknown details about this man!

It was not a big deal no matter how much he tried to hide. She looked at Reuben and smiled a little,
“I’m not responsible for this case! Therefore, I don’t understand either!”

“Oh?” Reuben raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t you discuss about this matter with your friend?”

Leonard looked at Rae. When Rae looked at her father, she said, “One of my friend was involved. I
tried to ask but he knew nothing about it!”

Leonard nodded and turned his eyes at Reuben. There was no question but his action showed that he
was going to ask the next question.

Reuben understood and replied, “There’s a rumor about the relationship between my father and Karina
but unfortunately, I don’t know much like you all do!”

Leonard nodded his head.

Reuben was repeating the same words back and forth without going straight to the point.

Rae knew that it was pointless to stay any longer. Therefore, she took a quick bite and stood up. She
said, “Mr. and Mrs. Baxter and Mr. Reuben, I’d take my leave. I’m going to work now!”

Reuben also stood up and said, “Allow me to send you off!”

“Both of you aren’t done yet!” Mrs. Baxter shouted at Rae but she already left.

Reuben followed Rae and both left from the Baxter residence.

Leonard just snapped his chopsticks on his wrist while showing his unhappy expression.

“Hey!” Mrs. Baxter frowned and asked him, “What are you doing? Whom are you trying to show your
unhappy face?”

“You...” Leonard gritted his teeth when he replied but he was stopped in time!

“What’s wrong with me?” Mrs. Baxter was puzzled.

“I’m done!” Leonard stood up and left, he was not in the right mood.

Mrs. Baxter did not overlook nor spare and said, “What are you doing? You better make it clear before I
let you go!”

He was speechless when he looked at his wife. He replied, “Reuben is not a simple man. You’re just
like a fool in front of him! Even Rae is smarter than you. I don’t even know what you are doing when
you’ve been with me for the past few years? You wouldn’t even know even if you were being sold!”

“How am I a fool?”

“Reuben never showed up for the past few years. He suddenly appeared without any purpose and yet
you believe in him? He even brought up his father’s privacy. Did you realize that he tried to play some
tricks? Who knows about his purpose being here today! I don’t want to talk with you, go back to your
room and think about it deeply!” Leonard left after he finished his sentence.

Mrs. Baxter gritted her teeth as she watched her husband leave. “I’ve been with him for so many years
yet I’ve become a fool! You’re not angry, you’re literally cursing! If you’re not anxious, Rae is twenty-five
this year, she would’ve been a leftover woman if it’s too late!”

Leonard did not respond anything. He opened the door and walked away.

Mrs. Baxter was stomping her feet angrily as she did not have any way to deal with him.

Rae was supported by Reuben to get on to his car outside of the villa. Although she was very angry but
she could not match with his strength. She was almost late at that time so she had to get on his car to

Reuben remained silent along the way.

When they arrived at the workplace, Reuben personally opened the door for her. Rae got down and
walked towards the workplace.

Reuben added, “You better think about it. I’ll come back tomorrow and bring our photos over, I believe
that you might need those things.”

Rae was about to leave. She suddenly stopped when she heard about what he said earlier on.

Reuben walked over.

Rae asked, “Tomorrow, what time?”

If there was a photo of them, perhaps she could find out something about the past. There was
something about Rae’s death. She had to investigate. She just wanted to understand what happened
to the real Rae Baxter!

“I’ll come to pick you up from here tomorrow at 11 a.m. Let’s go for lunch together too!”

“Okay!” Rae nodded.

When she was about to leave, Reuben suddenly grabbed on her wrist. Rae tried to let it go but he used
even more strengths to pull her over. He held on Rae’s face and kissed on her lips. Then, he smiled

treacherously and whispered, “If Marcel saw this scene, are you still far away from breaking up with

“You!” Rae glared at him while gritting her teeth. She stretched out her hand and wiped her lips,

“Hmph!” Reuben chuckled. “I’m waiting for the news of your breakup and I’ll break up with Ophelia too.
Let’s call it even, Rae! This time, we’re not going to avoid with each other!”

Rae had not seen such a shameless person. She felt extremely disgusting while hoping that no one
saw the scene earlier on.

However, she did not get what she expected. She could hear someone gossiping about her before she
even entered the building.

“That’s the vice president of the YS Club, Reuben James! Rae and him...”

“He kissed Rae!”

Rae could not care too much and went upstairs right away. She did not see Marcel in the corridor.

The corridor was too quiet that you could hear a needle falling. When she arrived at Marcel’s office
door, it was very quiet inside. It was so quiet that made anyone panic. She was wondering if there was
anyone inside or not. Rae was startled in front of the door for quite a while, she was hesitating whether
to go in or not. What could she say even if she entered the office?

It seemed wrong if it was about work. If it was about requesting for leave, he would be in a bad mood or
perhaps he was never in the office at all. She was afraid to face with Marcel especially after so many
things happened today. She was feeling a little guilty. She was stunned for a long time and decided to
turn back to her office.

Lexie was in the office. She greeted her when she saw Rae, “Hi! Rae, what happened to you? Why did
you just arrive? Captain Hopkins was looking for you this morning. He came here to look for you for
three times and realized that you were not around. He seemed upset and speechless. You better be
careful then!”

Rae was surprised by Lexie’s reminder. Marcel could have called her. Why did he come to look for her
three times? Perhaps it was after he looked for her three times before he called her when she was
having lunch at the Baxter residence.

Rae suddenly remembered that he slammed the door this morning then the thought of her having an
extra fiancé which made her frown even more.

“Did Captain Hopkins say something?” Rae asked Lexie.

“No, he only asked if you were here.” Lexie added, “I just said no and he stopped talking. I didn’t dare
to ask. He looked handsome but when he had this straight face, he looked more scarier than anything

Rae laughed a little. “Is it too exaggerating?”

“Why not?” Lexie replied. “As soon as he put up that straight face, I would rather go with Gustavo and
the others to dissect the dead people or even the rotten ones for many days. I wouldn’t even want to
stay in the office. It was so scary! He just remained silent while glaring at you. It’s creepy! It feels like a
ghost tickling behind your back!”

“Hahhh..!” Rae laughed a little. It stopped the pain of her lips being bitten by Reuben. “Aw, it’s so funny!
Lexie, the way you explained is so true!”

“That’s right!” Lexie replied. She suddenly looked at Rae ambiguously, “Well, Rae, I heard that there’s
something going on between you and Captain Hopkins? Is it true?”

Rae was startled because she was surprised that Lexie would ask her directly. Although they were in
the same office before, she had never had a deep and private conversation with Lexie. If Lexie had not
started the topic, she would probably just greet her only.

But the way that Lexie asked was too direct. If Rae denied, it would be an obvious lie. If she admitted, it
would be the same as what the headlines news mentioned earlier that she wanted to claim connections
of higher status.

Whether to say it or not was a big question. Rae smiled and decided to skip the topic. “Lexie, your
clothes look stunning! Where did you buy it?”

Lexie lowered her head and looked at her clothes. She was embarrassed when someone praised her.
She added, “I bought it when it was on sales. You know that our salaries are too low, I can’t always get
what I want. It would look too lowly if I only wore those cheapest clothes, therefore I could only buy the
discounted ones! How’s it?”

“Yes! That’s fine!” Rae replied.

“Yes! I think it’s fine too!” Lexie seemed like a little girl, she was being distracted easily.

Rae went out of the company with an excuse and went to meet up with the forensic doctor to ask about
the result that she wanted to test.

Lexie came back to her sense as soon as Rae left. She muttered to herself in a low voice, “Damn! Rae
just distracted me to skip the topic! Does she have anything with Captain Hopkins?”

Rae arrived quickly to meet up with the forensic doctor. Sophiehappened to be there too. When she
saw the arrival of Rae, she already knew her intentions and said, “Rae, the result of the DNA that you
wanted, it would take at least an hour to get it and I will deliver it to you later!”

Rae just wanted to know about the data. She did not ask any further as soon as Sophie had spoken it.

“Rae, whose case is it for this data?”

Rae was afraid that anyone would suspect about something so she just replied quickly. “YS Club! I’ll
come back to take the result after an hour! I’m going back now! I still have a lot of work to do!”

“Okay, Rae!” Sophie replied.

When she was about to go, she turned around and ran into Easton. She was shocked and stopped for
a while.

Rae did not expect that Easton was right behind her. She raised her head and greeted at him. She
realized that he looked a little puzzled then she added, “Easton!”

Easton looked at her and replied, “Yes.”

Rae took her leave first. Easton turned around and looked at Rae as she was leaving.

Easton pretended to ask Sophie about something. “What about the DNA that you two just mentioned
earlier on?”

“Oh! Rae brought a cup for a test before, she said it was a DNA test. I asked her which case was it for,
she said that it was for YS Club!”

Easton seemed very confused. There was nothing for her to investigate in YS Club. Marcel did not ask
her to check anything about the club. But now Rae was waiting for the DNA test? It seemed suspicious!

Easton did not continue asking Sophie about it. He took the report and left.

He came back again after fifty minutes. Sophie just received the report of the thing that Rae wanted to
test. When she was about to deliver it to Rae, she saw Easton again. Easton looked at the report and

asked, “Sophie, are you going out now?”

Sophie nodded, “Yes, I’m going to send the report to Rae. Easton, is there anything that I can help you

“Yes, I have a sample of fingerprints here. Can you analyze them for me? That report, I will deliver it to
Rae for you! I’m about to go out to meet with her later.” He added, “It saves your time from going out

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