Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 946 It’s Beautiful Here

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Rae came downstairs and saw Reuben. Reuben also saw Rae, then he bent down to the passenger
seat to get something. He showed up and Rae saw a bouquet of fiery red roses! It was a very large
bouquet of roses, about a hundred stems, and there should be like ninety-nine of them!

Rae was so stunned that she stopped. Reuben sent her such an exaggerated bouquet of roses. Did he
want to embarrass her in the police bureau?

Now, the whole police station knew that she had become Marcel’s girlfriend in the morning, and then
received roses from Reuben, the son of YS Club owner, at noon. She was afraid that the rumors would
be spread maliciously. Rae took a deep breath and didn’t move.

When Reuben saw her standing still, he walked towards Rae.

The bouquet of fiery red roses in his hand brought a faint fragrance, but Rae frowned.

Reuben walked up to her. He smiled and handed her the bouquet.

Rae didn’t take it. “Mr. James, there’s no need for you to do such a childish thing!”

“Heh-heh, Rae. I know you’re an economically rational person and don’t want me to waste my money,
but that’s not necessary. Men earn money just for women to spend!” Reuben forcefully shoved the
flowers into Rae’s hands.

Rae was stunned. Reuben let go of his hands, and Rae had to hold the bouquet.

Meanwhile, what Marcel saw from upstairs was that Rae had taken the roses. Marcel’s eyes were filled
with anger. He clenched his fists, and the veins on the back of his hands were exposed.

But he didn’t do anything. He just saw Rae holding the bouquet and got into Reuben’s car.

As soon as Rae got into the car, she threw the flowers on the back seat of his car. Then, she told him
solemnly, “Since you have informers in our department, I’ll tell you, we can’t be together! I don’t
remember what happened before, I can take control of my future life, we’re just not destined to be
together! So, please don’t mention the engagement again, okay? You dare to mention it, I’m really
embarrassed to admit it!”

“Ugh! Rae,” As soon as Reuben heard what she said, he was reluctant and said directly, “You do have
an engagement with me, which was set by your dad and my dad together. Now, you can abandon our
engagement and fall in love with another man, then why do I need to be embarrassed to mention it?
Besides, our relationship is completely above board. The relationship between you and Marcel is a
sordid act. In ancient times, you would be considered cheating, and Marcel was considered adultery!”

Rae frowned when she heard this, “I don’t want to talk to you. I’ll let my dad talk to your dad. By the
way, I came out today to talk to you clearly! Reuben, you’re being deliberately messing around, really
makes me suspect that you’re approaching me with a purpose!”

“What do you think I have in mind for you with the way you are now?”

“I don’t know!” Rae said matter-of-factly.

Reuben slightly laughed, “Of course you don’t know anything. I’ll now take you to where we’ve been
before! Then, we’ll go to have lunch!”

After saying that, Reuben stopped talking. He drove straight to the suburbs. Rae didn’t know where he
was taking her until they arrived at a villa in the suburbs. It was surrounded by colorful flowers and
there were red maple leaves all over the mountains. She couldn’t help but praise the beauty of the

Reuben drove into a villa, and then he drove directly into the garage under the villa.

Rae was stunned but she remained calm in her heart.

Reuben didn’t say anything either. He got out of the car, then opened the car door for Rae.

Rae got down and asked him with a frown, “What is this place?”

Reuben didn’t answer. He just locked the car, and then said to Rae, “Come up first, see if you can
remember anything!”

Rae was even more confused as to what this place was and why Reuben had brought her here!

She followed Reuben out of the garage and walked towards the door of the villa. Just when she
reached the door, she saw the door being opened from the inside, and a woman of about fifty years old
was standing there. She smiled and looked at Rae. The way she looked at her was warm and

“Miss Baxter, I haven’t seen you in years, and you’re still so pretty!” The woman said. Her tone was
gentle that it was hard to feel offended and even made her feel friendly. Maybe it was because of her
warm smile. She smiled at Rae, then looked at Reuben, “Sir, the meal is ready!”

“Okay!” Reuben nodded. When he saw Rae was stunned, he explained, “This is Flora, she has always
taken care of me. Seven years ago, she also took care of you! Have you forgotten her?”

In Rae’s mind, it wasn’t that she had forgotten Flora, it was that she didn’t have Flora in her mind! Even
if she thought deeply, she couldn't recall her useless memories!

However, Rae was curious. Perhaps, she could investigate Rae’s past from here, and she might be
able to find out the cause of her death. She wouldn't have been Rae for five years in vain.

Flora looked at Rae and smiled, “Miss Baxter, sir has told me that you’ve forgotten your past! I feel bad
for you. I was wondered why you hadn’t visited me all these years, but it turns out you lost your

memory after a car accident! It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re still alive!”

“Flora, there’s plenty of time to talk later. You go on with your work, I’ll show Rae around!” Reuben said.

Rae could only smile at Flora as she didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want to hurt an elder who
smiled sincerely at her.

Flora hurriedly said, “Okay, I’ll carry on with my work. When you are done eating, leave your plates on
the table and I will clean up!”

Then, Flora left.

This villa was large and spacious.

When Rae walked in, she saw the design of the house was fashionable, modern, and simplicity. The
sofa was amazingly huge and brightly colored. The design made people feel stylish, youthful, and full of
vigor! The window screens were printed with roses. The tablecloth and the furniture were all in girlish

Reuben let her in. Rae looked around at the furnishings, and she was a little puzzled. She didn't take a
step for a moment and froze in the doorway.

Reuben didn’t rush her, he just said, “Do you feel anything when you see everything here?”

Rae was stunned for a while. She looked again, and then she said, “This place is full of vigor!”

When Reuben heard this, he suddenly smiled, only there was a faint sadness in his smile. He said,
“Rae, you really forgot, didn’t you?”

There was a subconscious thought in Rae's mind that this place had something to do with the real Rae.
But, how could she know that, so she could only answer, "Sorry!”

Reuben felt helpless to hear her apology, and he said, “You chose the window screens, the furniture,
the sofa, and everything here! You have no impression at all, even you forgot Flora!”

Only now did Rae realize!

At that time, Rae was eighteen years old!

She was a girl who just came of age. She was young and vigorous, the furniture she chose would
certainly be as vigorous as she was.

But Rae also thought of five years ago when she first impersonated her. She went into her room, and
the room was black and white, with no extra colors. At that time, she thought she had entered a man’s
room. If it weren’t for the things and photos of Rae on the table, she would really have thought she had
entered a man's room!

However, now that she saw the color tone of the decorations of the house that Reuben showed her
were all in girlish style, Rae suddenly felt very sad. It was the kind of sadness that couldn’t be
described in words. She just inexplicably wanted to cry and felt so heartbroken!

She didn’t know why she was like this, she just felt heartbroken and miserable!

She turned away her face to hide her unnaturalness.

Reuben suddenly spoke up, “What did you think of?”

When Rae heard his words, she immediately thought that he might misunderstand her behavior, she
immediately said, “Nothing, I just suddenly felt inexplicably sad!”

She didn’t lie as she just said what she really felt.

But Reuben seemed to misunderstand even more as he laughed, “Rae, I think it’s worthwhile to bring
you here!”

Rae didn’t answer.

“Come in, let’s have a meal together!” This time, Reuben was gentle, not sarcastic. His tone was
gentle, like a man speaking to his lover, so soft and sweet.

Rae was a little uncomfortable. But she really wanted to know Rae’s secret, so she couldn’t resist
walking in.

The tablecloth of the dining table was so cute. There were many dishes on it, and they all looked
delicious. It wasn’t Chinese cuisine, but rather like French cuisine with foie gras, caviar, and red wine.
There were two wine glasses on the table and a vase with three lilies that smelled fragrant.

Rae stood in front of the table. Reuben pulled out the dining chair for her, “Please sit!”

Rae sat down, and she had mixed feelings.

Reuben also sat down, next to Rae, so it might be easier for him to take care of her.

Reuben poured a glass of wine for Rae and then one for himself.

He lifted his glass and wanted to clink it with Rae.

Rae said, “I can’t drink!”

“You said the same thing seven years ago!” Reuben said, “Now, it’s still the same. Rae, you’re so cute!”

Rae blushed and shook her head. “I really can’t drink, and I’m not in the mood to eat. So you’d better
just say your purpose! I don’t think there’s a need for us to eat!”

Reuben wasn’t in a hurry. He drank a glass of wine, and then picked up his knife and fork and began to
eat. Rae could only be anxious but couldn’t do anything about it.

Reuben ate a slice of foie gras unhurriedly, and then he looked at Rae, “Rae, during the seven years I
was abroad, I hated you so much that I wished I could have killed you!”

Rae was shocked, but she didn’t say anything.

“I thought about this place all those years I was abroad. I was thinking about how you used to tell me
coyly that you loved me and about all those months we spent together. I really can’t think of what I did
wrong that you needed to betray me so desperately!” Reuben’s tone at this point was so sad that it
seemed to overshadow his previous spiritedness. He looked to have a sense of pathos and

Rae lowered her head and asked softly, “You said I betrayed you, do you know which was that person
at that time?”

Reuben suddenly laughed, and his laugh seemed to be self-deprecating, “Do you think I still have to
ask for proof?”

“So you don’t have any definite evidence at all?” Rae was a bit stunned. ‘Reuben wouldn’t have gone
abroad before he got any proof that Rae had betrayed him, would he?’

Reuben led Rae upstairs, and Rae followed his pace. His footsteps were firm as he walked upstairs
step by step. Rae followed him unhurriedly. The staircase wasn’t long, and soon they reached the
second floor. The corridor was hung with scenery paintings that young girls liked.

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