Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 1018 Frightened

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Marcel didn't force her anymore, but took her to the hotel where he stayed when he was drunk!

Still that hotel, still that room.

It's just that the decoration inside had changed, but Rae's face paled when she entered the hotel.

Was it a coincidence?

Or did he know something?

Rae turned his head a few times to look at Marcel.

He also turned to look at her.

However, he didn't say a word, just looked at her, and then said to her, "Something?"

Rae shook her head quickly, "It's okay!"

"Is it okay to live here?" Marcel asked her.

"Yes, of course!" Rae said.

Marcel smiled and lowered his head slightly, his long eyelashes covered the dullness.

Rae had been in a trance since meeting Julian.

"What's the matter?" Marcel stepped forward with concern and took her shoulders. "You have
something on your mind?"

"That." Rae said, stuck again, and paused before saying, "You said, how long will Ophelia's father be

Marcel raised an eyebrow, "Under seven years!"

Rae nodded. "Oh!"

"Is there anything else?" Marcel asked again.

"Has Raphael been sentenced?" She hadn't asked about it yet.

"Yes!" Marcel said.

"How long?" Rae raised her eyes and looked at him in astonishment.

"Five years!"

Rae was still surprised.

"This penalty was already very light for Raphael!" Marcel said.

This was indeed the fact.

"Why the sentence is light?" Rae asked.

"This is out of our control!" Marcel said, "Do you have any other questions?"

Rae was still happy for Raphael in his heart!

She shook her head. "No!"

With her head down, Rae didn't see the slightly disappointed look in Marcel's eyes.

Soon, she said again, "I'm a little tired, won't you go to school?"

"Don't go now, go tonight!" Marcel said.

Rae was taken aback, smiled, and apologized, "Sorry, I was so tired last night! I will accompany you

Marcel sighed in his heart, knowing that Rae couldn't be seen, especially just now, as soon as she
arrived at the school gate, she met Julian. She was scared. She was afraid that she would go to school
during the day and meet an acquaintance. Then she would really expose!

Marcel wanted to force Rae to confess to himself, but seeing her in a daze, he felt very distressed.

He was afraid he was pushing her!

He was also afraid that if he didn't force her, she will escape more!

He wanted her to confess to him this time, no matter what!

No hurry!

A few more days!

Marcel will wait patiently!

"Then rest, rest, we will go again tonight!" Marcel reached out and patted her shoulder before going to
the bathroom to wash.

Seeing the closed bathroom door, Rae struggled inwardly.

Alma mater, although she was dreaming, she had always been unwilling to think about it.

But Rae also knew that she would have to face this problem sooner or later, even though she kept it
hidden from Marcel, but when there was a little trouble, her heart shrank tightly, but she still tried to
smile slightly, not make people noticeable!

And now, Reuben knew it!

What should she do?

She was thinking when the phone rang suddenly.

Rae was taken aback. When she looked at the phone number, it turned out to be Reuben.

Rae just thought of Reuben and his phone rang!

She quickly glanced at the direction of the bathroom, then walked to the balcony and answered the
phone. Although she was shocked, she still said in a tepid tone, "Reuben!"

Over there, Reuben seemed to smile coldly, "You are so bold that you actually left City B with Marcel!"

Rae knew that Reuben probably didn't know at this time that he already knew that he knew his true

So, Rae said nothing to protect Ophelia at this moment!

Her mind was running fast, trying to stabilize Reuben. Now that he knew it, she didn’t have to conceal it
so hard. She just said, “I have something to wait for me to tell you, Reuben, you don’t need to call
again and again. Give it to me! I will find you myself in a few days!"

"You are looking for me? Why are you looking for me if you want to run away from me?" Reuben
listened to Rae's voice, and there was already doubt in his tone.

Rae listened to his tone and understood his mood in her heart!

Probably, he was very painful!

After all, he loved Rae!

Therefore, she also felt sorry for Reuben.

The person he loved left him forever, and can't come back again!

He was so conceited, how could he bear the sudden change in what he thought, and she pretended to
be the woman he loved, and he didn't reveal it after he knew it, so what kind of plan did he hold back?

Rae was really frightened.

Reuben only knew that she was pretending to be Rae, but he maybe didn’t know that she was Rae’s
sister. If he really loved her sister, then if she can confess everything, Can he find out the murderer who
killed his sister with her in the face of her sister?

Even if it was for the Baxters, she had to take a risk. Now, there was no other way!

"Reuben, for the sake of Rae in the past, I would like to call you brother. Please give me a few days. I
will return to City B. I have something very important to tell you!"

Reuben's breathing seemed to stagnate for a moment, and for a long time, he said coldly, "I think it's
better now. I'm already in the hotel where you are staying. Now, come to my room, I'm next to you!"

Rae trembled all over, and looked towards the bathroom subconsciously.

Inside, the sound of water kept flowing.

Rae thought for a while and decided to go.

So she took the note paper, wrote a message, posted it in the most conspicuous place, and walked out
with the phone.

When she walked out of the room, she happened to see Reuben standing at the door next door to the
left. There was too much darkness in her deep eyes, like a messenger from hell, which made people

feel extremely cold!

His eyes were a little red, but they were so deep and obscure.

Rae saw the look in his eyes, complicated and weird.

She sighed in her heart and nodded at him. "Let's go!"

Rae still mustered the courage to enter Reuben's room.

Because I was staying in the hotel on the same floor, Reuben's room layout was the same as the room
next door.

Rae walked in and closed the door himself.

"Said!" Reuben said directly without giving her a chance to stop.

Rae didn't know where to speak for a while.

She thought, thinking about how to speak.

At this time, when Marcel next door walked out of the bathroom, he found that the room was empty. He
subconsciously walked a few steps, walked to the center, and looked around, not seeing Rae's figure,
and then wrapped in a bath towel. He went to the balcony, the dressing room, and looked for it, but he
still didn't see Rae.

Marcel frowned slightly, looked for it again, and found a post-it note.

He walked over and saw a line written on it, ‘I have something to go out, don’t worry, wait for me!’

Where did she go?

She left without having time to say anything!

He then drew off the bath towels on his body, went to the suitcase to find his clean clothes to put on,
then found his mobile phone, and started calling Rae.

Rae was still hesitating at this time. When she was in a trance, the phone rang in her pocket, but Rae
didn't notice it, and finally Reuben reminded her.

Rae regained her senses, condensed the random thoughts in her mind, took the phone out of her bag,
and habitually stretched out her hand to answer the call, her fingers paused suddenly.

It was Marcel!

Rae stared at the flickering phone screen for a long time, and finally did not answer the call until the
ringing of the incoming call stopped.

She sighed long, it seemed to be mixed with a sense of desolation.

Reuben stood by, looking at Rae without saying a word.

Two people kept silent a long time, Rae’s phone rang again, and Reuben clearly saw that Rae’s
stunned eyes flashed lightly, and then stared at the phone’s screen and pressed her lips forcefully. After
a while, she turned the phone to silent, put the phone in her pocket, and then looked up like nothing
happened, and said to Reuben, "I'm here to say something very important!"

Reuben's breathing stopped at once.

Rae groaned slightly, and made up her mind to look at Reuben in general, saying every word, "Reuben,
Reuben! The things I'm going to say below may be weird, but every sentence is true! I only have one
purpose, to make the truth come to light!"

At this point, Reuben's whole body stiffened, his eyes suddenly stared at Rae crimson, and his chest
was heaving.

Suddenly, Reuben shouted angrily, "Don't say it!"

Rae was also startled by his sudden anger, but she still said it in one breath. "I am not Rae! Not the
Rae you are thinking of! I am her—"

"Don't say it! Don't say it! You are Rae, you are Rae, you are my Rae!" Reuben suddenly snarled like
crazy and grabbed Rae's hand.

Rae stiffened in place in an instant. Looking at Reuben, who was suddenly excited and uncontrollable,
Rae was shocked.

She shook off his hand vigorously, said bluntly, and asked, "Do you want to deceive yourself?"

Reuben’s eyes were red and didn't say a word, but he took another step towards her.

"I'm not—" Rae was about to speak when Reuben interrupted again.

Reuben yelled emotionally, "You are Rae! I said you are Rae, then you are Rae! Don't tell me this, you
just want to get rid of me, that's why you tell me this, your heart is really ruthless! "

Hearing this, Rae's brows couldn't help but frowned tightly, "I'm Natalie! Not Rae!"

After Rae said that, her whole body was suddenly pushed against the wall behind by Reuben, and her
lips were blocked severely.

Rae was frightened, but he reacted for the first time and resisted desperately.

At this moment Reuben kissed her so fiercely, he was so domineering, as if he wanted to suck the
oxygen in her chest completely.

He was domineering was like desperate to kiss the last lover!

Tomorrow, it will be gone!

He was so desperate was like having a dream. When he woke up from the dream, he will never see
her again!

Rae felt pity in her heart, but still refused Reuben!

She was not Rae!

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