Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 93

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The hand that knocked away Ocelot’s wrist became another weapon as he swung it at his neck. Ocelot stepped back in a blur as his arm extended and a fist charged into his chest. Thud! It sounded like a drum.
The speeding hand hitting his chest made a sound as if it had hit a Kevlar bulletproof vest. After attacking Ocelot’s chest, which caused Ocelot to jump back, Black Mamba used his elbow to hit his chin and went into his more advanced attacks. He continued by using all the best martial arts moves he knew.
Ocelot wasn’t an easy adversary, either. His upper and lower body extended and shrank away flexibly as if flying away in the wind. Black Mamba’s strongest moves were used for attacks, while the middle tier was used for defense. Hands and feet made contact with each other.
Ocelot wasn’t having a difficult time combating against Black Mamba’s martial arts skills.
Black Mamba’s opponent’s joints were more flexible than his. No, Ocelot was more like an octopus that didn’t have any joints. Even within close range, his feet would attack Black Mamba’s stomach, and his heel would come up from behind his back and hit his head. Even if Black Mamba was able to just barely avoid him, he would have his chin kicked by the top of Ocelot’s foot. His elbows bent outward, and his hands hit his neck. His feet, which had just grazed past him, suddenly swung back and hit his head. Black Mamba was just able to avoid a critical, hit but the guy’s movements and power were becoming faster and stronger.
Not only was Ocelot’s physique great, but his speed was just as impressive. His strange timing and angles of attacking were tiring Black Mamba out in trying to avoid them.
“Ah!” Ocelot’s chin suddenly stiffened. Finally, the strength of the energy force took full effect. When he placed his head backward, gravity took hold of him.
His hands and feet felt like sandbags. This was the scary nature of a gravity attack. The first attack established the zero point, then the tenth and twentieth attacks were difficult to pass.
Having attacked a thousand times, Ocelot stumbled with the weight of his heavy sandbag-like movements. Black Mamba had come right up close to him like a shadow and started to attack him with fervor. Ocelot was able to avoid half of them, but he took the brunt of the other half. The attacks to his chest and thighs damaged him severely. He contracted his muscles to protect himself from the energy penetrating his insides, but his muscles were ripping and collapsing. His breathing became heavy, and his speed died down.
“Wow!” Emil, who had been watching with bated breath, suddenly let out an exclamation without meaning to.
Mike hurriedly covered Emil’s mouth with his hand. It had been a violent collision between the two infinitely powerful entities. In the situation where Black Mamba was winning, if he became distracted, it could affect the flow of the battle. Mike was carefully observing the flow of the battle. Black Mamba’s mercenary status wasn’t given to just anyone.
The faces of the mercenaries, who had become their audience, turned red. Even Bell Man had become distracted by the battle so that Burimer was sadly left forgotten.
Ocelot was furious.
The bug wasn’t fighting fair. He had wanted to fight head-on, one punch at a time as two gentlemen mutants. There was nothing he could do to defend himself when he was attacking him while Black Mamba was attached to him like a tick. His nose was bleeding, and his teeth were broken. A couple of his ribs were cracked, too. How could the invincible mutant end up like this?
“Die!” screamed the wounded predator in frustration. The air shuddered, and the hotel building echoed with the sound.
Black Mamba had predictive teleportation, his veins pulsing. Like a shadow, Ocelot’s hands and feet flew at him, and Black Mamba’s back bent backward to the point of almost breaking. It was an attack that ignored the principles of inertia. Pang—
A chilling rush of air passed him. The air seemed to shift under its power.
Black Mamba broke out in a cold sweat.
If he had bent forward to avoid it, his neck would have been sliced through. The object changed direction midair and sliced through the air once more. Ocelot had abandoned his pride and pulled out his whip, which Ocelot had named Gorgon.
The whip was made with piano strings and wrapped with a whale muscle cable. It was coated with diamonds on the ends and had the highest elasticity, ductility, and lethality all in one. With Ocelot’s power, he could easily cut a person into two with one swing.
Due to the whip’s unique ductility and elasticity, it was able to change directions quickly.
The whip master could use it with ease, just a snap of his wrist to control the direction and power. Due to the whip’s unique flexibility, it was a weapon that was difficult to defend against.
Black Mamba had never fought against a whip before.
Ocelot pressed down his thumb and snapped his wrist up and down to swing the whip. Crack! With the force of inertia, the whip left a chilling sound in its wake. Black Mamba could have never dreamed that the whip that had cracked past him could suddenly swing back at him.
Astonished, Black Mamba rolled to the ground.
He fell hastily to the ground to avoid it like the character in a martial arts novel, although he looked more like a sub-character than the main.
The whip grazed his back. His skin ripped, and red blood flowed from its trail. This was the power of the diamond coating. Even if it just grazed the skin, the skin could peel away.
When Ocelot started to adamantly swing his whip, Black Mamba was unable to find a way around it. The whip, which changed directions and moved from side to side with ease, was unable to defend against and only caused him to be backed into a corner.
He couldn’t even hide for cover. Even if he were to hide behind a tree as thick as his thigh, he and the tree would both be cut in half. The immense power of the attacks left Black Mamba with cold sweat running down his face as he mustered all his agility to avoid getting hit.
A whip was designed so that if the strength put into the handle was ten, the resulting attack would be 100 due to its centrifugal and centripetal force.
The 18,000-square-foot space of the hotel garden was filled with trees.
Once the two monsters were able to battle freely, the surroundings were left in chaos. The outdoor table and chairs shattered, the thick trees in the gardens were chopped down, and the statue of elephants and donkeys were all left broken. Anything within the vicinity of the whip was left in shambles. The tornado that was left in its path created a dust storm of leaves and water that clouded their vision.
‘It wasn’t the end of the whip but the man’s wrist and fingers.’ Black Mamba soon realized the true shape of the whip. With the slight movements of his wrist and finger, Ocelot was able to freely control the whip. To read the opponent’s movements, it wasn’t enough to just use his dynamic visual skill. He used his spatial perception skill to record Ocelot’s muscle movements directly into his brain.
Black Mamba soon became used to the whip’s movements and swiftly started to move through them. He changed the focus of his attacks from defense to offense. Black Mamba saw an opportunity and headed to the side.
Ocelot, not expecting such an attack, spun like a top. Swish—
The secretly launched second attack swept past Ocelot’s left eye and left a long gash on his face.
“Tsk!’ Black Mamba clicked his tongue. He had failed in his attack because he had miscalculated the guy’s movements. Based on his opponent’s fighting intuition, a similar attack wouldn’t work again.
“Ah!” Having spilled blood, Ocelot’s anger exploded. He was unable to deliver a critical hit and was only angering his opponent, so the sound of the flying whip became more powerful. The gandoura he was wearing was already gone. His exposed upper body was built.
‘Oh no!’ Black Mamba’s pivoting foot sank into a hole dug by a rodent. Black Mamba had trained his balance by standing on a spinning log. Without delay, he immediately regained his balance, but Ocelot’s animalistic instincts didn’t miss the small window of opportunity.
Ocelot’s foot had fallen into the hole, so he had to move with his left foot for support. Ocelot’s whip flew toward the left side of Black Mamba’s waist, striving to take a big chunk out of his skin.
“Agh!” Black Mamba, caught by the counterstrike, thrust out his left arm to block the whip. Swishing, the whip that was as thick as a finger wrapped two to three times around his left arm.
“Hahaha! I’ll cut you in two.” Ocelot laughed with a crooked smile on his face. He felt embarrassed for being beaten to a pulp by this hybrid.
With his strange hand movements, the whip closed the distance between them. Crack! The sound of it sent chills up Black Mamba’s spine.
‘This could be trouble.’ The shield he was wearing on this left hand was able to resist the power of the whip. Black Mamba thanked the unknown creator of the shield.
Ocelot pulled at his whip. This incredible power was all due to its inertia.
At that moment, Black Mamba flew up from the ground. Black Mamba didn’t fight it with his power and instead embraced it. With the addition of his pushing up from the ground with the initial pull, he was able to close in fast. He was showing some vulnerability in exchange for breaking his opponent’s bones.
When Black Mamba charged at him, it was Ocelot’s turn to be taken aback. He hadn’t anticipated that the opponent would run at him.
It was easy enough to say it, but putting it into action was impossible. A human’s base survival instincts would reject it. Who in their right mind would risk their arm to slice the neck of their opponent?
Ocelot had reigned supreme for decades.
There had never been a time when he feared for his life. On the other hand, Black Mamba had experienced such a thing when he had battled against Choi Do Shik. There was a big difference in having fought against another strong opponent before.
Ocelot shook off the whip from his wrist, but it was already too late.
Both of Black Mamba’s feet flew straight at him. When he avoided the foot that aimed for his shoulder, the other would graze his head, and if he maneuvered to attack his head, the heel would come straight for his face.
Black Mamba’s attacks ensued as such.
The skill required him to hit a target, then bounce off that hit to aim at another target. It was like a fly landing and immediately flying. Black Mamba continued this pattern to land hits on Ocelot.
From midair, his kicks rained down on him like hail. Deeply affected by the attack, the surroundings became filled with flying dirt and grass.
Ocelot was flabbergasted at the second onslaught.
Sixty years earlier, he had been the product of a Russian Siberia Kosac research project. He was furious at finding himself losing to this young punk.
He was certain that his opponent’s physical build was weaker than his own, but the longer the fight continued, the more he seemed to be losing his advantage because of his Black Mamba’s strange movements. It was Asian martial arts that Ocelot had only ever heard about.
There was a limit to defense.
One slight moment of putting down his guard had left his shoulder exposed.
Crash— Ocelot collided with the garden landmark as he was flung back. Crack— The six-foot-tall garden statue was uprooted and flung into the air. With immense strength and amazing speed, it was like two tigers with the strength of elephants were fighting.
Black Mamba was about to stomp down on Ocelot, who had rolled onto the ground but flung backward as if someone had pulled him from behind. Crack! The whip whizzed past with an ear-splitting sound.
Ocelot soon caught up to him to close the distance between them and kick him. Black Mamba was kicked in the chest while Black Mamba punched Ocelot straight in the face.
Both screams were heard at the same time. Black Mamba’s ribs were broken at the same time that Ocelot’s nose collapsed. Ocelot, who had been close behind Black Mamba, stepped back as he wrapped his hands over his face.
‘Ack, you’re a stubborn one.’
Black Mamba swallowed his scream. A fracture had occurred in his third and fourth ribs. When Ocelot’s kick had come toward him, he had used all his strength to hit him in the chest, but he only grazed him in the end. In the same place where the whip had touched him, a piece of his flesh was missing.
He had shattered his jaw and broken his left clavicle; he was getting what he deserved.
The world was indeed wide. Who would have known that another powerful human like Choi Do Shik would exist!
After colliding with each other, the place of impact felt paralyzing, as if his bones had been broken. His hands and feet, which had also been bruised, were throbbing.
‘Should I use the resonance…?’
He contemplated it for a moment, but Black Mamba decided to fight him simply with his body. This could be the only chance he could train in such a manner. When would be meet another incredible force as this one again?
As Choi Do Shik had done in Siberia when his teacher’s staff had upgraded his skills, this guy would help his growth. If Ocelot knew what Black Mamba was thinking at that moment, he would have thrown up blood and fainted.
Ocelot was slowly starting to lose consciousness.
Like a chef that had been beaten up by his ingredients, he exploded in anger. “Ahh!” Ocelot’s rage made the hotel windows shudder.
“Who the hell are you?”
“How could you throw a bomb into the hotel garden. Are you out of your mind?”
His angry voice echoed loudly. In a fight between whales, there was always a shrimp that had its back split in the middle. In this case, it was the hotel manager and deskman.
With a swish, a glowing circling was drawn. The diamond caught the moonlight and lit up white, then passed swiftly across the two angry men’s necks before falling to the ground. Their bodies fell immediately afterward. It seemed there was no way to avoid the inevitable for a human life destined for death.
The two men whom DGSE had planted at the hotel disappeared in vain. It was the manager and the person who had called the assassin to target Black Mamba’s comrades.
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