Novel Name : Super Necromancer System

Chapter 72: {volantis, The Tyrant Of Bone 2}

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Chapter 72: {volantis, The Tyrant Of Bone 2}

Velus floated towards Volantis's imposing, giant metal form as his total of eight arms moved rapidly, manifesting and throwing out bone chakrams at such speed that they became blurs.

The closer Velus got to Volantis, the thicker this storm of chakrams became, but because they were solid matter, Velus's disintegration field broke the endless flurry of bladed projectiles before they could shred Velus into pieces.

Velus trembled as he hovered forwards. The only thing he could hear was the intense cacophony of bone smashing against rock and the only thing he could see amid this storm of white bone was Volantis's gleaming red, orb like eye.

That eye stared directly at Velus.

"How amusing. You would challenge me straight on though your bones are frail. Then come! Show me you deserve the flesh that hides away your bones!" roared Volantis.

Velus took in a deep breath and landed on his feet, staring at that terrible red eye that flashed with eager anticipation. He was not a fighter, he never really had been. As a Connector that functioned like a diplomat in the criminal world, he never saw fighting as he was forbidden to attack others and others were forbidden to attack him. But he knew that it was now or never.

Velus closed his eyes and sprinted with his arms outstretched, trying to disintegrate Volantis.

"W-what?" Velus opened his eyes as he felt himself pass through Volantis. He looked back and saw that he had passed right through the giant creature, disintegrating out a man-sized hole inside the armor.

Volantis stopped moving as the red light in his helmet eye dimmed down. His skeleton arms turned into dust while his regular arms fell to his sides. He slouched over, limp. The giant skeletal hands trapping the Butcher broke apart, revealing the B rank villain no worse off for wear.

Seth Solar and Zayn tanked and dodged through the last volley of chakrams with several bleeding cuts but no severe injuries. They hovered in the air as they looked down at Volantis.

"I've killed it!" said Velus triumphantly. "Where all you so called soldiers could do nothing but fear, I managed to kill it!"

"The fuck…?" Seth looked into the hole in Volantis's armor and saw that there was no flesh inside it. Just a sort of shadow darkness that flickered like miasma.

Volantis had no physical body within.

"Commendable, human." Volantis's voice echoed out as he suddenly moved, the red light in his eye glowing again. He reached out and placed his hands on either side of Velus.

Velus flinched, but Volantis did not touch Velus.

"You have managed to completely break down this proud armor of mine, but I am no being of flesh and blood. I am Living Armor, and disintegration alone shall not end me unless it is absolute." Red swirls of energy formed around Volantis's black gauntlet claws, and these struck Velus from either side, encasing him in an aura of red.

Volantis raised Velus in the air using this crimson energy tether. "And as Living Armor, I am also Demon.

And as Demon, your soul is mine to feast upon."

Volantis made a tearing motion with his claws, and Velus screamed before a faint red silhouette of himself emerged from his body, funneling into Volantis's red eye orb.

Volantis dropped Velus's limp, dead body. "Your defense, this barrier that breaks down all manner of construct, was worthy of praise. But with flesh as frail as yours, your soul becomes far too easy to take."

"No! Snack Man!" The Butcher roared as he barreled towards Volantis after seeing his handler and caretaker die. He slammed two giant fists down into Volantis's shoulders.

Volantis took the attack head on, and the force of it shattered the stone beneath his greaves. The disintegrated parts of his armor started to patch back, regenerating as if new.

"And you, your flesh is sturdy, too strong to sever your soul from, but you wield the strength of this flesh with the poise of a simple-minded fool." Volantis's bone and black metal armor glowed before covering itself with raw red muscle fibers that threaded out from its gaps and seams.

Volantis landed a clean left and right punch combo on the Butcher's head, disorienting the mad man and driving him a few steps back.

The Butcher snarled and swung his tree trunk of an arm wildly, trying to club Volantis away.

Volantis parried the swing with an elbow strike to divert the blow away before landing a powerful punch to the Butcher's portly stomach. While the Butcher keeled over, Volantis followed that up with an uppercut that sent the madman flying backwards with several seconds of airtime.

"That is how you properly wield strength," said Volantis in a lecturing tone as the Butcher crashed into the ground heavily, groaning in pain.

Volantis then grunted as a laser beam blasted into his body, driving him into the ground in a crater. All the muscle fibers the laser beam hit sizzled and melted away.

"[Organ Stitching: Pyro Glands]" Volantis used Shattered Bone necromancy to channel the flesh, organs, and bones of creatures he had assimilated into himself.

Previously he had been using the spell [Organ Stitching: Giant Muscles] to cover himself with the muscle fibers of a giant. Now, he turned his metallic, bony armor dark brown, changing its hard exterior into a rubberier form.

This was flesh from the flame generating organs of dragons. Highly resistant to fire damage.

Volantis stood up, easily withstanding the solar beams now. However, volleys of giant black feathers pierced through his softened armor, piercing right through him. But since he was a Living Armor that had no vital organs to really pierce through, piercing damage like this did almost nothing to him.

"[Part Stitching: Drake Wings]" Volantis's armor body shuddered as two large draconic, black scaled wings sprouted from his back. He leaped into the air while accelerating himself with his wings. The sudden speed let him catch Zayn by surprise, and he landed a powerful punch that sent Zayn crashing into the ceiling like a pinball.

Seth Solar retaliated with a punch that Volantis blocked with a guard, but it was heavy enough to drive him back dozens of meters in the air before he stopped himself with a flap of his wings.

"Your raw might is exceptional. It outstrips even mine. I would require muscle stitching merely to keep up with it," said Volantis. "You alone may reduce me to half my health. Yet without your Necromancer to appear before me, I cannot recognize this trial.

That is, unless you kill me fully. Then, I will have no choice but to cede the Obelisk.

"Yeah? You're still not even down to 'half health', whatever the fuck that means, after all that?" said Seth Solar.

"Did you think defeating one of the five Deathguard would be a mere simple task?" scoffed Volantis.

"Alright. Alright then." Seth Solar glared at Volantis as Zayn flew to his side.

"Zayn, stand back. I'm taking care of this," said Seth. "I'm going to kill this fucker. If I kill him, this whole thing ends."

Zayn understood what Seth wanted to do and nodded his eagle head, flying away.

"A duel? I will gladly take one," said Volantis. "There is no better way to take the bones from flesh than in a proper duel where what is desired is taken rightfully."

Seth reached into his tattered coat's pocket where he withdrew his cases of Boost. He snapped open the black case, took out a vial of azure blue liquid, and uncorked it, drinking the liquid down.

"Zayn!" Seth tossed the rest of the case down and Zayn caught it gently in his beak.

Seth took in a deep breath as his body started to glow brightly, shining like the sun, illuminating the dark and grey depths of the arena as if a miniature sun had set been set alight within it. His clothes burned away entirely as his body became completely dressed in a sheen of bright gold with his eyes a bright shade of pure white.

Waves of heat rippled all around him as did strands of bright orange energy reminiscent of the solar flares and explosions that scorched the surface of the sun.

"It's about time I ended this," said Seth Solar.

"Oppose me if you can, mortal," said Volantis… "I welcome the challenge."

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