Novel Name : Super Necromancer System

Chapter 0.1: Last Updated

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Chapter 0.1: Last Updated

Here's an updated status sheet for the main character to keep things easy to track.

Last Updated: Chapter 44

Name: Aldrich Yang

Race: Undead

Class: Necromancer (Occultation of Legion)

Level: 11

EXP Bar: 870/1400


HP: [30] 60/60 (99/99)

*HP Values in [ ] indicate a barrier/shield

Mana: 93/93 (183/183)

Coins: 20



Strength: 11

Agility: 10

Vitality: 20 (33)

Magic: 31 (61)

Attunement: 51 (76)

Perception: 8 (13)

*Stat values in ( ) indicate values after passives and gear are accounted for


Equipment Stat Bonuses:

+30 Magic

+13 Vitality

+25 Attunement

+5 Perception


Units Controlled: 17/22

Attuned Spell Limit: 7



1. Undead Body

The host has become an undead. They do not require sustenance, sleep, or rest to function. Their stamina is virtually limitless. Any wound aside from a critical head injury will not compromise the host's mobility or bodily functions, but damage will still be registered to the host's total HP pool. However, the host will not receive any bonus damage from being struck in locations other than the head.

-Necrotic/Negative energy damage is converted to healing

-Healing is converted to damage

-Immunity to disease and sickness

-Immunity to psychic damage

-Immunity to poison damage

-50% resistance to cold damage

-50% resistance to curse damage

-90% resistance to piercing damage unless struck in the head

-50% resistance to slashing damage unless struck in the head

-Double damage taken from crushing/bludgeoning damage

-Double damage taken from fire type attacks

2. Call of the Legion Rank 1

+5 to units controlled

3. Carrion Barrier

Grants a barrier made of corpses with a healthpool equal to 30% of the caster's maximum health. The barrier may be replenished by absorbing corpses into it.

4. Death Sense

The caster is capable of tracking units around them that are below 10% maximum health (near death state).

5. Anti-Life Shell (Passive)

The caster constantly conjures a 'shell' of negative energy around them, restoring the health of undead in its vicinity while draining the life force of the living. The rate of draining/restoration is at 5% of current health per second.


Attuned Spells (7/7):

[Mass Grave Consumption]

Rank: Cantrip

Type: Single Target/Multiple Targets

Cost: None

Cooldown: 5 seconds for single target/10 seconds for multiple targets


The caster may consume available graves to heal 5% of their maximum health. The caster may also consume risen or summoned undead and gain 10% of their maximum health. This may be used on all available graves or undead in a twenty meter radius as well.

[Chill Bolt]

Rank: Cantrip

Type: Single Target

Cost: 4 Mana

Cooldown: None


The caster fires a high speed bolt of chilling energy from their hands or a magical catalyst. The bolt inflicts both piercing damage and freezing damage. As a cantrip, this spell possesses no cooldown or cast time. The damage on this spell scales with the Magic stat.

[Mass Raise Undead]

Rank: 3rd Circle

Type: Single Target/Multiple Targets

Cost: 5 Mana for each corpse, 10% of maximum Mana for sufficiently powerful corpses, continuous life and mana drain for boss level creatures

Cooldown: 5 seconds for single target/15 seconds for multiple targets


The caster raises an eligible corpse OR all corpses in a twenty meter radius to become an undead. Depending on the state of the corpse's condition, the undead will either be a zombie or a skeleton. Zombies will possess a rotting aura and touch that inflicts necrotic damage scaling off of the caster's Magic stat.

The raised corpse retains all powers that it had while alive but will lack coordination and strong independent thinking.

Cooldown reduces with scaling based on the caster's Attunement stat.

[Anti-Life Shell Rank 2 (Active)]

Rank: 3rd Circle

Type: Area of Effect (10 meter radius)

Cost: 5% maximum mana per second

Cooldown: 10 seconds after deactivation


The caster's Anti-Life Shell's draining capacity intensifies. The rate of draining and healing is doubled and all non-undead units within the range of the shell are slowed with the slow dramatically increasing depending on how low the unit's health is.

[Create Greater Undead (1st Ring)]

Rank: 4th Circle

Type: Single Target

Cost: 10 Mana, 10 Health

Cooldown: 15 seconds


The caster creates greater undead from the 1st Ring, selecting from the following list:



Skeleton Marksman

Skeleton Assassin


Grave Ward


Created 1st ring greater undead match the caster's level up to a cap of 20.

The cooldown of this spell reduces scaling off the Attunement stat.

At 100 Attunement, this spell upgrades to [Mass Create Undead (1st Ring)]

[Negative Surge]

Rank: 2nd Circle

Type: Single Target Buff

Cost: 15 Mana

Cooldown: 10 Seconds


The caster selects an ally or self to receive a surge of negative energy designed to strengthen the undead body. The targeted undead gains a bonus to their strength, agility, and perception stats equivalent to 20% of the caster's magic stat.

[Horror Warp]

Rank: 2nd Circle

Type: Single Target

Cost: 20 Mana

Cooldown: 20 Seconds


The caster shoots forth a cloud of malevolent, mind-twisting energies. Any enemy struck by the cloud will be assaulted with a nightmare of constant horror and pain, stunning them and inflicting psychic damage upon them.

The stun lasts ten seconds but has reduced duration depending on the victim's Perception and psychic damage resistance.



Weapon [Lantern of the Accursed One] (One-Hand)

Rank: Uncommon+


+10 Magic

+5 Vitality

+5 Attunement


Protection of the Old Flame (Passive) - The wearer receives half damage from all fire type damage.

Eye of the Watcher (Passive) - Any unit revealed or targeted by this item continually attains stacks of a debuff that reduces resistance to curse type damage. The debuffs stack up to ten times, requiring a total exposure time in this light of 30 seconds. This debuff lasts for three seconds after the unit escapes the light of the item, at which point the stacks will rapidly decay. In addition, any unit suffering this debuff is Revealed, preventing them from entering stealth.

Disintegrating Gaze (Active)

Cost: 20 mana per activation

Cooldown: 5 seconds

The eye within this item fully opens, shooting forth a cone of destructive light that deals disintegrating type damage with a 5% chance to instantly kill. The higher the affected unit's vitality, the higher their resistance to this instant death effect.

If this skill affects a unit with ten stacks of the Eye of the Watcher passive applied to them, it is guaranteed to instantly kill unless the affected target possesses a minimum of 50 vitality. If they posses more than 80 vitality, they will still be Maimed, losing a body part and taking significant damage.

Head [Hood of the Grave Reaper]

+3 Magic

+5 Perception

Body [Vestments of the Grave Reaper]

+5 Vitality

+5 Magic

Waist [Unholy Sash of the Grave Reaper]

+5 Attunement

+2 Magic

Arms [Spinal Bracers of the Grave Reaper]

+5 Magic

+5 Attunement

Legs [Base of the Grave Reaper]

+5 Attunement

+3 Vitality

Accessories (2/5)

-[Phantasmal Mask]

Rank: Uncommon +

Type: Head Gear (Light)


+5 Magic


Phantasmal Shroud (Passive) - The wearer obtains a permanent passive that grants them a 10% chance to dodge an incoming attack by phasing through it.

Ghost Walk (Active) - By activating this item, the wearer may enter a Phase state where they are rendered invisible and pass-through solid objects with 50% boosted movement speed. [Ghost Walk] lasts for 3 seconds. While this ability is on cooldown, Phantasmal Shroud is disabled.

Cost: 30 Mana

Cooldown: 15 Seconds

[Ring of Avarice]


[Restorative Flask Rank 2]

Rank: Divine


Use to consume the waters of life, healing 30% of one's total maximum health/mana or 10 health/mana depending on which value is greater. Attune charges to either health or mana and restore charges at the Wellspring of Life in the Nexus. May be upgraded upon the completion of Trial Quests to hold more charges

Available Charges: 6

Healing Charges: 3

Mana Charges: 3




[Staff of Stilling Pollen]


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