Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 29

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Valen POV

I finally told Marcus about Everly, and he had organized patrols to run through the reserve for me t o
keep an eye on the back end of her Hotel. Someone had broken the fence, and I was organizing it to
be fixed; hopefully, sometime today someone would be able to go out there, or I would go myself.

Marcus and I had just finished at the library, we found no records of an Everly Summer’s from before
five years ago, nothing by the name Everly at all, yet even Marcus said the name sounded familiar.

Walking outside, we were about to head to the council chambers to look in the birth records or any
records, even bank statements.

Anything but the only thing we managed to find was the Hotel’s data and something stating she was in
the hospital almost five years ago. Yet didn’t say what for or which part of the hospital; the lady behind
the counter told us to try the werewolf council because she couldn’t access her files for some reason

“That name sounds so familiar, “ Marcus says, shaking his head.

“It’s right on the tip of my tongue. I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out where I have heard it, also.
Don’t you think it is a little odd that not even you can access her files?“

“Yes, obviously, “ I tell him.

“She has to be hiding something. Why are there no records of an Everly or a Summers? Everly is a
unique name. I don’t know anyone with that name yet it sounds familiar,“ Marcus ponders.

Marcus hits the button on his key fob, the blinkers flash, signaling it was unlocked, but we both stopped
dead in our tracks.

“What the hell, what happened to my car, “ Marcus shrieks while rushing over to his beloved car. He
just brought it a week ago, having liked mine so much. I press my lips in a line, glancing around for any
culprits, and spot the library’s security cameras that point at the car park.

“Alphahole?“ Marcus says, and I walk over to the front of his car.

“They have mistaken me for you. Which bastard would do this?“ He growls angrily.

“They removed your tire valves too, “ I point out his flattened tires. He starts shaking, fur sprouting
along his arms in his anger. He spent all day yesterday polishing and cleaning it and even made me
take my shoes off before I got in it this morning.

“When I catch this f*cker-, “

“Well, you’re in luck, “ I tell him, pointing to the cameras and cutting him off. He smiles, rubbing his
hands together. Heads would roll when he catches them unless?

“Their asses are mine, “ he growls, stomping toward the library entrance again. Yet I had a sneaking
suspicion Everly’s name was all over this. No one would dare touch anything belonging to me. I smile
at her tenacity to try and get revenge. Chuckling to myself, I follow after Marcus. I may have to stop the
riot Marcus would no doubt cause in his wrath.

The woman at the counter smiles when we return, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

“You’re back, Alpha, Beta. What can I help you with this time?“

“I need to see your security footage, “ Marcus all but growls, and the woman startles, shrinking in her
seat. I gripped his shoulder, tugging him away, his aura rushed out, and a few people glanced at us

“May we look at the security footage, please Agatha, someone has trashed his car out the front, “

“Certainly Alpha right this way, “ She says. Jumping down from her seat, she disappears behind the
counter, and I lean over to look at her, her head barely coming to the top of her desk. How in the world
does she climb onto that stool? She was so short she would barely be taller than a child and a small
one at that.

Marcus glares around at the people looking for the assailant. I chuckle while shaking my head before
nudging him toward Agatha, who walks out from behind the counter.

“Holy shit, you’re short, “ Agatha glares at him, and I elbow him.

“What, she is, she is the perfect height for, “ “Zip it,“ I tell him.

“Well, she is, “ He mutters, following after her. She leads us to the back of the library and unlocks a
door before pushing it open. She glares at Marcus, who pretends not to see as he walks in.

“I will be at my desk if you need help; the password is Redmoon, “ She says before sticking her nose
up like it would make her taller before walking away.

“Bet her wolf looks like a chihuahua, “ Marcus laughs before walking over to the laptop. He types in the
password before flicking through the files and pulling up today’s date, he start rewinding.

The security footage wasn’t the best, and he stopped it when we pulled into the car park. I watch our
blurry figures walk into the library, and about five minutes later, a little yellow Volkswagon pulls in
beside his car.

I instantly recognized not only the car but the blue uniform Zoe had on and the Black one Everly always

“Their faces are too fuzzy. Does it zoom in?“ Marcus growls, hitting the button a little too hard.

“No need, I know who they are, “ I tell him with a laugh.

“Who? Take me to them, I will smack them into next week,“

“Woah, Rocky, settle down, and you really want to beat on a girl, “

“How do you know it’s a girl? That could be anyone, “ He says, squinting at the screen.

“One because I know the car, two I recognize the uniforms, “ Marcus turns in his seat to look at me.

“It’s my mate and her friend she lives with. She saw my car the other day. I bet she thought your car
was mine, “ I chuckle.

“Your bond trashed my car?“ he snaps, glaring at the screen.

“Appears so,“

“Well, you better say something to her, or I will, “ He growls.

“Don’t worry about it. I will handle it, “ I tell him, pulling my phone from my pocket and sending Everly a

Valen: Where are you?

It takes her a few minutes for her to reply. Everly: Work, where else would I be?

Valen: Didn’t happen to stop by the library today, did you?

Everly: No, been at work all morning, us Rogues have no need for books. We aren’t entitled to an

I briefly wondered what the meaning of the last part of her message was, briefly. I had no doubt it was
to have a dig at me about something out of my control.

Valen: Next time you want to vandalize my Beta’s car, check for security cameras, have a very pissed –
off Beta to deal with because of you.

Everly: Well, tell him I ann sorry his Alpha is an *sshole. I thought it was yours. I will double—check
next time.

Valen: There will be a next time? Everly: Depends

Valen: you are playing games with the wrong person;

Everly, you won’t win.

Everly: Fifty K in my bank account says otherwise; you paid Thirty-Five thousand too much; the Rogue
school says thank you for your considerable donation to their play equipment. Would you like mini
sausage rolls and party pies to go with your frankfurts and fairy bread?

Valen: I would prefer you served on a silver platter. Think you can organize that?“

Everly: I prefer Gold. Valen: Gold it is then. Everly: Dreaming!! !

Valen: Only of you. So, would you like to come and apologize for your misjudgment? I accept all kinds
of begging, sexual favors, but it could all be forgotten and forgiven for a simple mate mark?

Everly: Hard pass. Beta Marcus should choose his friends more carefully, and his cars apparently.

Beta Marcus, how does she know my Beta’s name? I know he is in the public eye a lot, but he is never
mentioned, and the Rogue school? I think to myself. We had Rogue schools, but why would she give
them so much money?

I needed to check out this Rogue school her friend’s

kid goes to. Maybe generosity is the way to get in her good graces, but first, I must get even for my
grumpy Beta. I doubt me giving money away to the Rogue school would be a good enough punishment
for him.

“Why are you smiling like an idiot, Valen? What about my car?“

“Send it for detailing, “ I tell him, waving him off, and Marcus growls before I start dialing Richard’s
number. He worked at the City’s police station and was usually on highway patrol.

“Yes, Alpha,“

“Hey, Rich, I have a favor to ask, “

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