Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 30

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Everly POV

We had just pulled out of the Hotel to go pick the kids up from school; I had managed to find an old
photo on the internet today of Alpha Valen when he was a teenager. I hope that would satisfy Valarian’s
burning curiosity, and the questions he has about his father.

I had no idea what to tell him about his father being my mate or if I should tell him that part; he would
question me more, so I was hoping to find a way around that one. Sirens go off behind us just as Zoe
pulls onto the road, and she curses under her breath, and glances in the rearview mirror.

Zoe’s brows furrow, and she pulls over onto the side of the road. She rummages for her registration
papers from the glove box nearly spilling the contents on the floor as she dug for her insurance and
registration documents. The officer knocks on the window, and she winds it down.

“Afternoon, Ladies,“ He says. Zoe looked at him like a dear in headlights, I watched her hands tremble
nervously. Her sudden fear confused me.

“Afternoon, officer,“ I answer when she says nothing and only stares at the man. I give him a brief

“License and registration, “ He asks holding his hand out for the documents in Zoe’s hand. Zoe fumbles
and I raise an eyebrow at her. Why was she so nervous?

“Here, sir, “ She stammers, passing her documentation to him. He looks it over briefly and hands it
back to her.

“I am afraid I have to book you for?“ He pauses, walking around the car before kneeling in front of her
Volkswagon and looking under it. He gets up walking around to my side, checking the exterior of the

“Bald tires,“ He states. I raise an eyebrow before I grit my teeth. F*cking Valen, it had to be him. This
cop didn’t even look like he knew why he was pulling us over and it was evident he was looking for any
reason to target us.

“They’re brand new, “ Zoe argues. The officer shrugs and starts writing her a defect notice when Macey
suddenly pulls up behind us.

“Friend of yours?“ he asks, and I look over the back seat to see her getting out of her car.

“Is everything alright, officer?“ Macey asks, coming over and stopping beside him, he doesn’t even
glance at her just continues jotting down on his notepad.

“Yes, your friend here has bald tires, “

“Bald tires?“ Macey asks, looking at the wheels which were clearly not bald.

“Yep, I am giving her a defect notice; she shall have fourteen days to fix the issue, or I will pull her car
from the road.“ He explains.

“This is bullshit, “ Zoe mutters.

“Pardon, ma’am,“ the officer asks with a coy smile on his lips.

“Nothing, sir,“ She sneers looking back out the windscreen, her knuckles turn white as she grips the
steering wheel and I see a bead of sweat run down the back of her neck. The officer chuckles before
handing her the paper.

“I’ll be seeing you later, ” He states.

“Hopefully not,” Macey says and he laughs wandering back to his car.

“Are you alright? You totally freaked when he tapped on your window,“ I tell Zoe, and Macey stops next
to her window. Watching the officer walk back to his car.

“Zoe?“ Macey asks when she doesn’t answer me. Macey looks at her, concerned.

“That’s Micah’s father,“ Zoe admits, and I look back at the man as he pulls away and back into the

“His father is a cop? Does he know about Casey?“ “No, of course not,“ Zoe says.

“I thought when he pulled me over… I don’t know. I thought maybe he found out about Casey and
would demand and take her from me, “ Zoe breathes.

“No one is taking our kids from us,“ I reassure her, and she grips the steering wheel tighter. I rub her
back and she takes some deep breaths.

“Come on, we should get the kids, “ I tell her, and Macey reaches in, giving her hand a squeeze before
going back to her car.

Macey left first, and we were nearly at the school when she, too, got pulled over by the same officer.

”That prick, ” I growl, watching Macey pull over to the curb out front of the school. Other parents staring
at her and the officer when he gets out of his car.

”What he get you for?” I ask. We pulled up a few cars down from her; Macey stood on the sidewalk
arms folded across her chest.

”Apparently, my headlight is broken because I use them of a day, and me turning it on was a fluke, ”
Macey states, glaring at the officer, who appeared to be having way too much fun. The bells sounds
and the kids rush out, Macey glancing at the kids rushing out suddenly touches the officer pulling his
attention away from the kids rushing out.

Zoe quickly rushes over, shielding Casey with her body and keeping her out of sight of the officer. Zoe
forced her in the car and strapped her in quickly while Casey stared at her mother , clearly wondering
why she was in such a rush. The kids coining out, all eye the officer and murmur that he has a gun.
The other Rogue parents rush off quickly, thinking he will start booking everyone. I shake my head
holding my hand out for Valarian and helping him into the car.

”Want us to take Taylor?” I ask her, and Macey shakes her head.

”No, go ahead. I need to drop her at mum’s

anyway, ” Macey calls out making sure to cut off any view of us behind her as she leaned on her car.
Once we are in and pulling away. I see Macey opening the back door and buckling Taylor into her
booster seat.

We drove off and Zoe lets out a breath of relief that was short-lived, we were about to pull in the Hotel’s
driveway when we heard sirens blaring and the cop car coming up behind us at high speeds.

“For f*ck sake, not again, “ Zoe says before her eyes dart to Casey in the back of the car.

“Swear jar,“ Casey calls out.

“Casey, duck down in your seat for me, “ Zoe tells her, and her little brows push together, Valerian
watching with his ever-watchful gaze as he glances between the officer and Casey ducking down in her

Zoe mutters under her breath, and the officer gets out, and so does Zoe who meets him at the back of
her car, trying to keep him from spotting Casey. The officer looks in the rear window just as Casey
looks up, and he turns to Zoe before ducking down quickly to look back at Casey. That’s all it takes,

one glance and you could sense your family, relatives, or mates unless incapacitated by drugs or

“That’s my son’s…. kid?“ He snarls, pressing his hands against the glass and looking in while Zoe tried
to stop him.

“Why do you have her, how..I don’t understand. Open this door now, “ He bellows I got out of the car,
and Zoe was pulling on the officer’s arm as he tried to make his way to Casey’s side of the vehicle.

“I will arrest you for kidnapping, “ He snarls at Zoe.

“Get away from her, you aren’t taking her,“ Zoe says trying to shove him.

“Just try and stop me, move, “

I stand in front of Casey’s door, and he grips the handle before pushing me out of his way. Casey starts
crying when I stumble catching myself before I fall.

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