Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 31

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I look in the window to see Casey climbing out of her seat and moving closer to Valarian, who wraps
his arms around her.

“Move, lady, I need to double-check something, “ He snaps at Zoe, who tosses herself in front of the
door blocking him from opening it.

Zoe shoves him, and I gasp. “Get the f*ck away from my daughter, “ She growls in warning, her eyes
turning obsidian, and her canines and claws slip out.

The officer growls at her, but she doesn’t budge. He goes to grab her, but she slashes his arm with her
claws, and he lunges at her while fumbling for his handcuffs. He tries to snap them on her wrist when
his gun falls from his holster.

The officer tosses her against the side of her car, trying to restrain her. Zoe struggles, and I try to grab
him to make him let her go. Zoe was wild and crazed as she lashed out, her need to protect her
daughter kicked in.

This was my fear, someone taking Valarian. The officer backhands me, tossing me off, and I hit the
ground. He looks at me briefly and curses. I feel blood trickle down my lip.

“I didn’t mean that, f*ck, he will bloody kill me. “ He says while trying to restrain Zoe. Both kids
screaming as they watched when I heard a car skid to a stop. Looking at it, I see Macey jump out of her
car in a fury before she grips the officer’s shirt ripping

him off Zoe, and he stumbles back, shocked. Macey gets between them as I scramble to get to my

“There are kids present officer. Do you really want to scare your granddaughter?“ She snaps at him,
and he halts his advance toward her.

“So she is?“ The officer asks, looking in the back window.

“Please, please, “ Zoe begs, dropping to her knees and falling apart in her desperation.

“Answer me,“ the officer roars at Zoe and takes a step toward her but Macey growls taking a step
toward him too, her claws slipping out.

“Yes, yes, she is Micah’s, “ Zoe says, looking at him pleadingly. The officer looks between Macey and
Zoe before barging past Macey to get to the car.

The officer steps forward, and Zoe tries to stop him, but he flings the rear door open and leans in. He
reaches for Casey, but she flinches away from him before sniffing the air.

“Come here sweetheart, Poppy won’t hurt you, “ the officer says, holding out his hands to her. Casey
looks at her mother, and Zoe’s shoulders sag, her face streaked with tears and running mascara.

“I swear you try and take her. I will do everything in my power to stop you, spend every cent we have to
fight you for custody if you try to take her from Zoe“ I threaten him. The officer looks at me, pulling
Casey from the car.

I grip his arm as he removes Casey from the car. “ You take her I will ring my mate, I will ring the blood

Alpha,“ I growl only low enough for him to hear. He stops glancing at me. I didn’t want to use his name
but it had the right effect, as he instantly paused.

“You… you won’t tell him… I didn’t mean to make you, “ He glances at my split lip.

“That depends, give her daughter back, “ I tell him and Zoe jumps to her feet and reaches for her.

However, the officer turns his back on her and sits

Casey on the hood of her car.

“Does Micah know about her? “ he asks, looking at Zoe.

“Yes, he knows, “ Zoe tells him and the Officer growls but turns back to Casey brushing her hair from
her face.

“What’s your name, princess?“ He asks her.

“Casey, “ she whispers shyly wiping her eyes before glancing at her mother. She reaches for Zoe, and
the officer looks at her.

“He never told us. He and his mate are having trouble conceiving, “ The officer states.

“That is not my issue, or Casey’s. Ana doesn’t need to know about her,“ Zoe tells him.

The man nods, looking at Casey and smiling sadly. “ Can I bring my wife Olena to meet her?“ he asks.

“Are you going to tell Ana that Micah has a daughter?“ Zoe asks.

“No, but I will be saying something to my son. Does he help with her?“ he asks.

“He pays child support, “ Zoe says, placing Casey back in the car. She buckles her in, and the officer
looks over her shoulder, his eyes going to Valarian for a second.

“He’s mine,“ I tell the officer when I see him looking at Valarian curiously.

“Does Valen know?” He suddenly asks, and I swallow. Valerian looks at me questionably.

“No, he doesn’t,“

“He has his eyes, the resemblance is uncanny, “ The officer remarks, and I look away.

“I will let your wife meet Casey but only if you don’t say anything to Alpha Valen about Valarian, let
Everly tell him when she is ready,“ Zoe says quickly. The officer thinks for a second, looking in at Casey
and waving to her.

“You will tell him? I know his father has been putting pressure on him to marry and give him an heir,
even lined up and arranged marriage with Alpha John’s daughter Ava,“ The Officer shakes his head.

“What?“ I ask. The officer shrugs.

“That’s the rumor going around the City, Valen said no, but if he doesn’t show he has an heir soon, his
father will cause trouble. You are best off telling him before his father finds out about your son. I won’t
take Casey from her mother, but Kalen will take your boy if he finds out about him, especially if he finds
out you’re a rogue before Valen marks you, reputation is everything to Kalen,“ the officer states. And
didn’t I know it, Alpha Kalen ruined his own mate all because she was an Omega.

“He isn’t Valen’s, “ I quickly state. It was clear the officer knew I was Valen’s mate, but I could deny
Valarian being his son. The officer snorts and laughs while shaking his head.

“The eyes are a dead giveaway, also his little Alpha aura, I can already feel it, so I bet you can too. He
is definitely an Alpha in the making, no need to lie to me, Alpha Valen told me you were his mate. But
he never mentioned a son, his resemblance and aura will give the boy away to anyone paying close
enough attention to him, Everly. I suggest you tell Valen soon, I would hate for you to lose your son,“
The officer says closing the rear door. I could see the questions burning through Valarian gaze as he

“You have a week, after that, I will have no choice but to tell him, I am sorry. Also, I kind of need to give
you a ticket again for something. Valen will ask questions if he doesn’t see multiple tickets. Valen told
me to harass you and your friends, don’t worry, I won’t lodge them but need it for appearance’s sake

unless you try and stop me seeing my granddaughter, my wife will be so excited, ” he gushes, beaming
happily at Casey who waves to him.

“You can see her, but Ana must not know, ” Zoe says.

” Never liked her much, snobby piece of work that woman is. Can I bring my wife by over the weekend,
you ladies work at the Hotel Mountainview?”

“We own it,” I tell him and his mouth opens in disbelief.

“But you’re Rogues, “

“And that doesn’t make us any less capable,” I tell him.

“I guess not,” The officer says looking at us all in shock. Yet I now worried too many people knew my
secret, and it was becoming inevitable. I knew it was only a matter of time before Valen found out, one
thing this City is good at is the gossip mill. No secret stays buried forever and I could see this was one
of those secrets that would eventually come out.

The officer picks up his gun and puts it back in his holster before glancing at me.

“You won’t tell your mate about?” He points to his lip.

“It can stay between us, as long as you stick to your word and don’t try to take Casey, everyone knows
not to cross the Blood Alpha, I have a feeling he wouldn’t take too kindly to anyone that hurt his mate.”
He nods glancing at the car. “I will see you on the weekend, Zoe,” The officer says to her giving her a
nod. Zoe nods before climbing back in her car.

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