Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 52

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I had every intention of coming over here and dragging my son out and beating this stupid man
senseless, though I probably would have needed help to do such a thing, and it all backfired.

“Stay, I will sleep on the couch,” Valen says gripping my arm.

“You would sleep on your own couch?” I scoff.

“Wouldn’t be the first time. Also, pretty sure I have passed out on the floor more times than I count,” he

“No, I have to go see Zoe anyway.”

“Call her and stay. The Hotel will survive without you for one night,”

“I don’t even have clothes here,”

“I own a washing machine and dryer; I also know how to use them,”

“Ha, very funny. You’re probably a better cleaner than I am with your OCD. But I don’t think that is a good
idea, I can’t,” I sighed, rubbing my temples.

Since when did my life become so complicated ? I had so much going on. The Alpha meeting was in a
few days. My employees were missing, the rest sick. Now the drama with Casey’s father, and now I had
to fight my damn bond every second the day. I felt like my grasp on control was slowly slipping.
Everything is being thrown out of wack.

“I don’t want to confuse Valarian more than he already is,”

”What do you mean, we are about to announce to the City we are mates Everly? How would you being
here confuse him,” he asks, leading me out of the room and into the hall. He shuts Valarian’s door before
stopping to look at me. How does he not get it?

“Yes, exactly announcing we are mates, but that’s it. I don’t want him thinking we are suddenly a family
like everyone else. It is different,”

“You are making this different. To me, it is straightforward. I am yours, and you are mine. That’s what
mates are, Everly. We are supposed to be together, so why do you keep bloody fighting it?” I don’t bother
answering. Instead, I go look for Marcus.

“I sent him home,” Valen calls out behind me. “You sent him home?”

“Yes, because I hoped you would stay,”

“I don’t want to stay, Valen. I don’t know how I can make it much clearer,”

“You know what your issue is. You are so used to being in control. You call me OCD, and yet have you
looked at yourself?”

“Excuse me, I am nothing like you. I didn’t f*cking torture you for years. I sure as hell didn’t ask for your
god damn help; that boy in there, I raised him on my own. While you stuck your dick in every bitch in the
city and spent the last few years drunk out of your f*cking brain, we are nothing alike,” I snap at him.

“I have apologized, I can’t f*cking change it, or I would. So stop throwing it in my face every two seconds.
I am trying to make this work while all you do push me away. I know I f*cked up, but you could have done
more too, don’t put all the blame on me,”

“Done more? You kicked me off your f*cking territory, I tried telling you over the phone, and you laughed
at me,”

“My private life is far from private Everly there were plenty of events in the city where you could have
come right up to me with him, and I would have recognized him, f*ck you could have sent me the DNA
tests or coun-ordered them, you make out I am a drunk,” He pauses for a second he appeared to be
thinking before he shrugged.

“Well, I was, but I wasn’t drunk every second of every day. I still had obligations to the pack and city.
Don’t tell me there was nothing else you could have done. And the reason you didn’t was because that
meant you ran the risk of f*cking losing him, so don’t put the blame entirely on me, you f*cking hate me, I
get it but you also could have found another way and your hate towards me is why you didn’t, ” I blink at
him when Valarian’s voice reaches my ears.

“Mummy?” Valerian murmurs, making Valen spin around to face the hall.

“Why is everyone yelling?” I went to pick him up when Valen did before I got the chance.

” Come on, I will tuck you back in; you have school in the morning,” Valen whispers to him, kissing his

“Stay or don’t. I am done arguing. My keys are on the bench if you want to leave,” Valen says while
walking off with a sleepy Valarian in his arms. I could hear him murmuring to him before I turned around
walking into the kitchen to look for his keys. I snatched them up, intending to leave, when I stopped when
I heard Valarian was crying in the room.

Moving down the hall, I stop near his door listening to Valen try to calm him. Wondering if I should
intervene. “I don’t want to stay if mummy can’t. Does she think I don’t want her because I wanted to
stay here? You don’t have to make her leave.” Valerian sobbed. My head clenched at his words. D id he

think I blamed him or his father? I was the one trying to leave. I went to walk in when Valen’s voice
stopped me.

“Your mother is angry with me, not you. She will come back. Daddy did the wrong thing, that’s all,”

“But she is leaving and not taking me with her, why wouldn’t she stay?”

“Do you want me to take you home?” Valen asked him.

“But I want to stay here too,” peeking in the door, Valen rubs his face.

“I am right here. I am not going anywhere,” I tell him before Valen no doubt tries to retake the blame.
Maybe he was right?

Perhaps I could have done more or maybe it was the bond making me think that or the fact Valarian was
upset. Although, I always noticed when events were held in the city. We made sure not to organize
events on the same weekends. He wasn’t wrong about that part; he was a part of many events where I
could have approached him. Moving into the room, Valen looks at me before looking at

Valarian. “See, she is right here,”

“And you will stay?” Valerian asks, and I look at his father before nodding.

“I will stay; I just need to ring Aunty Zoe. I will be here when you wake up,” I tell him. Quickly leaning
down, I peck his cheek.

“Go to sleep. It’s late,” I tell him. Valarian snuggles underneath his blanket. I watch as his father gives
him a kiss before I walk out of the room.

I walk into the living room and sit on the couch, pinching the bridge of my nose. Valen was still in his
room, and I sent Zoe a message to see if she was still up. I waited for a reply, but I figured she was

asleep when I didn’t get one. I would tell her tomorrow, it probably wasn’t a good idea to tell her over the
phone, plus I knew she wouldn’t sleep once I told her.

“Are you ringing, Zoe?” Valen asks, walking out and stopping next to me. He falls on the couch beside

“You didn’t have to take the blame,” I tell him. “He will find out eventually anyway,”

“You’re right; I could have found other ways to tell you,” he nods.

“Well, I know now,” He says with a sigh before getting up.

“I will get you some clothes to sleep in unless you are sneaking off, I can distract him until you get back
in the morning?”

“I told him I would stay, I will stay on the couch,” I tell him. He goes to say something but I cut him off.

“Your apartment Valen, I will sleep on the couch,” I tell him and he purses his lips but nods before
walking off.

He returned with some clothes and a towel before pointing me in the direction of the bathroom.
Everything in his bathroom was so clean and white. Undressing I stepped in and turned the shower dials.
Seriously, who has dials?

Water sprayed out like a damn tsunami blasting me in the face and I placed my hands up shielding my
eyes. So much for not wetting my hair.

I turned the other dial only to find water sprayed out the wall making me shriek when my *ss is suddenly
pelted with a force that water shouldn’t come out and it was freezing cold. I tried to shut it off when music
started blaring from somewhere. What the f*ck, the bathroom suddenly turned into a rave and I was
being waterboarded while my *ss was filling with water.

Was this Karma? Did I break a mirror or something? I tried covering my ears over the horrid radio
blasting from god knows where, while trying to shield my eyes as I spun the dials trying to shut it off.


“How do you turn it off?” I screamed. “The blue dial,”

” I can’t see a blue f*cking dial, your dial is broken,” I shriek at him when another jet of water suddenly
comes from the roof, the f*cking roof. I shield my head and my *ss, forgetting the ears, I would go deaf
but my *ss can’t take any more. I felt like I was in a carwash, not a damn shower.

Suddenly the water cuts off and I hear laughing. Scrubbing my hands down my face I blink my eyeballs

“Off” Valen said pointing to one dial.

“On, and that one is pressure,” he says pointing to the third dial while laughing.

“You couldn’t have a normal functioning shower?” I snap while choking on water.

“Maybe yours are dated?”

“My *ss feels like it just got blasted to the damn moon,

who in their right mind wants an *ss blaster in the shower,”

Valen chuckles looking down before I realized while I was drowning and choking on the water I was also
very much naked. A shriek left my lips as I shoved past him to grab a towel to cover up. Wet tiles and my
coordination were not a good mix tonight as I collided with him taking both of us out. Valen tried to grab
me but I was done for.

Valen wheezes as I go tits and *ss up before landing on the floor on top of him. I felt like this was some
sort of set up and I was being punked, surely this couldn’t get any more awkward.

I was so wrong when I realized I was looking at his feet which meant I was on top of him with my *ss on
his face. How? Just how?

“Your *ss really did get blasted,” Valen chuckles. Please moon goddess strike me down and put me out
of my misery! I scramble off, and there was no ladylike way I could have avoided him seeing me when
now he had an internal view, not even my gyno got that close and personal with my never regions.

“Good to know you wax,” Valen adds, his commentary was not necessary. If only he saw it two weeks
ago it looked like the a*””*n jungle, with my winter fur coat. I was foul when I got that call saying I was
three years past my last pap smear. Thank god, I was or he would have been coughing up a hairball.

I snatch the towel off the basin covering myself trying to keep some dignity even though I was pretty sure
most of went down the drain along with my ability to speak. I cleared my throat.

“Do you want me to fix the shower?” I nod and hum looking anywhere but at him. He snickers trying to
contain himself as he turned it on for me. He then takes his shirt off motioning toward the shower.

“I have already seen you, so no point hiding from now, Everly,” he chuckles before shedding his pants
and stepping in.

“Get in the shower Everly, we are even now, I have seen yours and you have seen mine,”

“I was just a bit more polite and didn’t chuck my genitals on your face,” Valen snickers, and I growl at
him. I made sure to keep my eyes on his before he raises an eyebrow at me. I roll my eyes but he was
right nothing much more he could see so I dropped the towel and hopped in.

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