Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 53

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” Can you not stare , ” I snapped at Valen . His roaming gaze made me self conscious . My body was not
what he would be used to , my stomach wasn’t flat , my hips had faint stretch marks and my boobs didn’t
sit perky on my chest anymore . My body was ruined from carrying Valarian . While he stood looking like
he just stepped out of a sports magazine all hard chiseled muscle and tan complexion while my skin was
pale in comparison and I looked frumpy . ” Does my staring bother you ? ” ” Ah , yeah . I wouldn’t have
said it if it didn’t , ” I tell him , turning away from him .

” You have had a baby , that doesn’t make you look any less appealing , Everly , so don’t shy away from
me now , ” he says , putting his head under the shower spray t o rinse the shampoo from his hair . Easy
for him to say , I don’t have ex’s for him to compare himself against . Whereas I have seen the girls in the
papers that he kept on his arm , even met one of them . As if I wouldn’t feel inadequate compared to
their perky fit bodies while I looked like used goods .

I quickly washed before hopping out and wrapping a towel around myself . Valen leisurely moved about
as he got out , uncaring that he was standing around naked in front of me but unlike him , I averted my
gaze instead of gawking and kept my eyes strictly above his pecs . I yanked his shirt over my head
before undoing the towel when I realized the pants were gone . When I tried to leave the bathroom ,
Valen stepped into my path . Moving the other way he did the same thing . ” Trying to escape me ? ” ”
Valen , I am tired , please . I don’t want to play these stupid games . Just move aside , ” I tell him . ”
Always so serious ,

” And you are always annoying me . Please move , ” ” ” I will , but you have to sleep in the bed with me ,
” I shake my head , and he folds his arms across his chest and looks down a t me . ” No , ” ” Fine , we
will sleep here then , ” he shrugs before leaning against the door and with a devious smile on his lips ,
and I glared at him . ” Fine , but I want the bathtub . You can have the floor , ” I huffed before turning
around and walking over to it . Somehow I don’t think his OCD ass would cope with sleeping on the wet
floor . ” Are you really that bloody stubborn ? ” Valen asked . ” Yep , ” I tell him , popping the P. Valen

growled behind me , and I climbed into the bathtub . I have slept in worse places , but I know he hasn’t .
He would not last long . ” Everly ! ” ” Valen ! ” I retorted .

His growl bounced off the tiled walls before he suddenly yanked me out of the tub . ” ” Good thing I am
also stubborn . Would you look at that we have something in common , and you are sleeping with me , ”
Valen growled while I struggled to get out of his grip .

” Valen , ” I snapped . My fists hit his chest a s he tried to pull me from the tub . He laughed before
tossing me over his shoulder . I banged on his back before digging my elbows into it . ” You can be a jerk
, ‘ ” ” Imagine Valarian’s little face when he finds you in my bed instead of on the 11 couch , ‘ ” That is
guilt – tripping and you know it , don’t use our son to get what you want , . ” What I want is for my mate to
sleep in the same bed as me . I never said I would try to sleep with you , but your squirming i s making it
rather difficult ” I dug my elbows in deeper and his back arched as h e walked up the hall toward his
room , he pushed his bedroom door open with his foot , and I growled at him .

” Do I need to find something to tie you down with , or will you behave ? ” ” Do that , and you will wanna
sleep with a towel wrapped around your bloody neck , ” ” ” Why would I want to do that ? ” ” To stop me
from cutting it while you sleep , ” I snap at him . ” Then I am definitely tying you to the bed , I growled ,
my legs and arms flailing before I stopped and growled at him . ” Fine , but I am the big spoon , ” I tell
him . ” Are you trying to ruin my masculinity , ” ” Take it or leave it , ” I tell him before I am dumped on the
bed . A squeak left my lips a t the motion , and I growled while he chuckled at me . ” Fine , you can be
the big spoon , ” Valen growled as he climbed on the bed .

He tugged the covers back before climbing underneath them . ” I was happy to just share the bed with
you , but hey , if you want to hug me , I will take it , ” Valen tells me , and I rolled my eyes at him but
climbed underneath his blankets . Gosh , his bed was comfortable , like a cloud , and I would never ever
agree to take the couch again . I realized how uncomfortable my bed was , which I used t o believe was
comfortable . I was pretty certain he just ruined my bed for me now . Ah , and his scent made me want to
roll around in it , not that I did . I have some control , but I suddenly never wanted to leave his bed . ” Ah ,

are you forgetting something ? What about spooning me ? ” Valen laughed . ” I’m too comfortable to
move now , hug yourself , ” I yawned before feeling the bed shift under his weight .

Valen pushed my shoulder , wanting me to roll on my side , but I was actually considering biting him for
moving me . Although the warmth he offered made me shut up and wiggle back against him . ” I prefer
being the big spoon , ” He said , snuggling against me . He shrieked when I jammed my freezing cold
feet between his thighs . ” How can your feet be cold when you just had a shower ? ” He growled , and I
snickered .

” If you want to be the big spoon , you also get to be my feet warmer , ” His chest vibrated against my
back with his growl , but he didn’t move ; instead pressed closer , and I succumbed quickly to sleep . The
sound of my phone ringing in the living room woke me . Valen groaned behind me , and I blinked around
at the room to find it still dark but could see the sliver of light peeking out the sides of the thick block –
out curtains . ” Turn it off , Valen snarled while pressing his face into the back of my neck . ” 1 I yawned
about to toss the blankets back and climb out to retrieve my phone when I realized the tune playing
wasn’t my alarm but my ringtone . The noise cuts off mid fmid / tune . ” Thank god , ” Valen mumbled
when it started blaring again , and I sat upright .

Valarian’s voice reached my ears . ” Hey , Aunty Macey , ” Valerian said from the living room . I peeked
over at the bedside table to see Valen’s phone on charge and I moved out of his grip to snatch it . I
pressed the power button , and the screen lit up , telling me it was midday . A gasp escaped me and I
lurched upright . ” Valen , get up . We slept in , ” I snapped at him before hitting his shoulder just as I
heard Valarian’s footsteps run up the hall toward the bedroom . The door opens further .

” Mum , Aunty Macey said she needs to speak to you about Zoe . She is crying , ” Valarian said while
holding the phone out I took it , placing it to my ear . ” Hey , I am sorry I am late . I- ” ” Why haven’t you
been answering your phone . Amber and Micha just rang Zoe and said they are on their way to get

Casey , ” ” What , ” I said , jumping out of bed . I raced / to Valen’s dresser and opened drawers before
grabbing the first set of pants I laid my hands on . I ripped them up legs . ” I am not at the Hotel , Zoe
rang me hysterical . I am stuck at the morgue . I need you to get to her , ” Macey sobbed , and I nodded .
” I’m on my way , ” ” Wait , why are you at the morgue ? ” ” They think they found Emily . An officer
picked me up to identify her , ” ” ” Her son , ” ” I have no idea . Get to Zoe , ” Macey said , hanging up .

My head spun , and Valarian stared up at me worriedly . ” Is Aunty Zoe alright ? I didn’t want to wake you
, I’m sorry , ” Valerian cried and Valen looked around confused . ” It’s not your fault , but I need to go .
She will be fine , ‘ ” I told him . ” What’s going on ? ” He yawned . ” I need your keys ; I have to get back
to the hotel , ” I tell him . ” Stay with your father . I will be back when I can , ” I told Valarian before
rushing out the door . I snatch his keys off the bench and herald for the door just as Valen came out
carrying our crying son . ” Everly , what’s going on ? ” ” Micha mate found out about Casey .

Zoe needs me over at the hotel , ” ” Is everything alright ? ” I looked at Valarian , not wanting to say much
in front of him , especially since’l didn’t exactly know what was going on . All I knew was I let Zoe down . I
should have gone home and told her last night what Officer Richard said . ” I will send Marcus to meet
you , Go . I will meet you over there,”I nodded and rushed toward the front door.

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