Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 58

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We ate dinner, or should I say breakfast, for dinner. Kalen was reluctant to leave and was very hands-on,
playing with the kids, but we needed to get them showered and dressed for bed, so Kalen said his
goodbyes and left, stating he would see us at the Alpha meeting.

“Valarian, time for a shower, buddy, then you have to go to bed,” Valen told him. Valarian got up off the
lounge, and Casey followed.

“Casey, you will have to wait until he hops out,” I told her. “But mum showered with Marcus with clothes
on. Why can’t I shower with Valarian?” Valarian scrunched his face up while I just looked at Valen, hoping
he would explain, but it was Valarian that answered her.

“Gosh, you can be silly, Casey.

People don’t shower with clothes on.

How would you get clean,” Valarian asked while shaking his head.

“Na, Marcus did. He told me he was showering with clothes on with mum,” “Probably because he didn’t
want to tell you he was making babies with Aunty Zoe,” “You can’t make babies in a shower, wait how do
you make babies?” Casey asked, and both of them looked at us. Well, that diverted quickly.

Valen cleared his throat and pulled at the neckline of his shirt, uncomfortable with the direction the
conversation had gone. “And how does the baby get in there?” “Ah, must I tell you everything? The man
takes the baby and puts it in a cabbage, the woman eats the cabbage, and her belly gets fat,” Valarian
says. Valen raised an eyebrow at his explanation while I tried not to laugh.

“That’s not how babies are made; you got that of that cartoon, the one the cabbage patch dolls,” Casey
argued. ‘Well, how else would mum have a baby,” Valarian retorted. “Fine, they would know. Ask your

parents,” Casey huffed and pouted. I snickered as I bailed, leaving that for Valen to find a way out of.

Starting to clean the kitchen, both kids looked at Valen expectantly, who seemed very uncomfortable.
“Um, they just happen,” Valen said; that was his big explanation to the birds and the bees. “But how?”
Casey asked. “By showering together,” Valen blurted. “See, I told you, Marcus was making babies in the
shower,” “You said the man puts the baby in a cabbage, so if he is showering, where does the cabbage
come from,” Casey asks, and Valarian seems to think.

“I don’t know, let’s g****e it,” Valarian says, racing to the table for his father’s laptop. However, Valen was
quick to get to his feet and snatch the laptop up before he could grab it. “No, it is bedtime. Shower now,”
“But we want to know,” Valarian whined. Valen scrubs a hand down his face before looking over at me
and glaring at me, and I smirk. “Yes, best explain how babies are made, Alpha,” I chuckled, and he
growled at me while both kids waited for him to answer.

Valen dropped onto the couch with a sigh. “Well, when a man and woman love each other, they do
grown-up things which make a baby,” “What grown-up things?” Valarian asked, suddenly very interested
in this topic of conversation. “Like um, kissing and hugging, and adult wrestling,” Valen offered, and the
kids pulled grossed out faces.

“Wait is mum kissing Marcus in the shower with clothes on, ” Casey asked. “Ah Casey, I told you people
don’t shower with their clothes on,” Valarian asked. “Yeah, they do. Or Marcus would see mum’s private
parts,” “So! People see private parts all the time when they shift. Remember that hippy lady out at the
reserve, she took her clothes off before shifting, and we saw her butt, and her big hairy front butt,” “Huh,
you’re so smart, Valarian; I forgot about that,” Casey says.

“But if mum and Marcus are kissing in the shower, oh, oh, oh I am going to be a big sister, I always
wanted to be a sister,” “Where are we going to fit a sister? Our house is too small, and no baby is
sleeping in my room,” huffed Valarian before he shook his head, walking off to the bathroom.

“I’m going to be a sister, I’m going to be a sister,” Casey laughed and danced in the living room. “I say let
Zoe break the news about being a sister, and thanks for the help, by the way,” Valen said, coming over
and grabbing a tea towel and drying the dishes as I washed them.

“You are aware I have a dishwasher?” he asked. “Yep, I needed an escape. Dishes sounded like a good
one,” I told him. After the kids were showered and dressed for bed, I helped tidy up their dining room and
living room mess. “Are you staying in our room, or?” Valen asked hopefully. “Yes, and you mean your

I don’t live here,” “Yet,” Valen says, and I shake my head at him. “Besides, Zoe will need the extra space
since Casey is going to be a big sister,” Valen chuckled.

“I’m sure Marcus has an apartment or place?” “Nope, he prefers to stay at the packhouse,” “Well, if by
chance they decide to have kids, I will move out into one of the other flats at the hotel,” I tell him. “It’s not
if by chance, more like when they have kids. Marcus has always been vocal about wanting kids. And why
would you move into another apartment when you can move in here,” “Valen,” “What, you said so
yourself that the media will go crazy when we announce we are mates, I could imagine the stories
already if we don’t live together, Everly,” Valen said, picking up all the pencils that fell under the table.

“We can work it out,” I tell him watching him set the pencils into their rightful places. That would take all
night if he planned on putting them in their selected spot. Shaking my head, I took them from him and
jammed them in any order.

His jaw clenched, and I knew he wanted to sort them, but Casey would only pull them out again. ‘Or you
can stop being so damn stubborn and move in here, “I happen to like being on my own; I don’t have to
answer to anyone besides I have the Hotel so I need to be at the Hotel,” “Then I will move in with you,”
Valen says.

“What part of I like my independence don’t you get?” “The independence part because we are mates,
Everly. Mates live together, not in separate places besides Valarian likes it here, and I want to be with my
son,” “I swear, Valen, if you pull shit like Micha, I will lose it,” “Then don’t make me. Valarian can’t go from
house to house just because your too stubborn about living with me. Either, we are mates, or we are not,
Everly. So make up your mind,” Valen snapped.

“I am not saying you can’t see him; I am just saying I don’t want to live with you,” “I am sick and tired of
your mixed signals, one minute, you’re saying you will be my Luna, and now this,” Valen growled before
he stormed off angrily, I felt terrible because of the stupid bond.

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