Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 55

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My head throbbed even more as Macey watched me with worry , and she came over to me and prodded
the bump on my head with her finger . Which only made it hurt more with her attempt to examine it . ” It’s
only bleeding a little ; I bet it hurts , ” she said , poking it again .

I laughed , which caused me to clutch my head in pain . ” Ah , yeah , because you keep poking it , ” I
responded . ” Shit ! Sorry , ” she chuckled and stopped . ” Maybe you should shift ; it may help heal it a
little quicker ? ” Macey offered . That was the last thing I wanted to do . It always seemed like too much
effort these days to shift , and I hated my wolf form , it made me feel weak .

I tired quickly and didn’t want to spend the rest of the day like a zombie because I shifted for a meager
bump to the head . ” Maybe later , we still have heaps of work today , oh the morgue . Was it Emily ? ” I
asked her . With everything going on , I forgot to ask her .

” No , it was some homeless woman . She She must have stolen some of Emily’s clothes . I recognized
the tie – dyed shirt , but it wasn’t her , ” Macey told me , and I let out a breath of relief . Thank the
heavens . However , it still left me wondering what happened to her and what was happening i In this city
. So many people were missing , and I was beginning to worry something bigger was going on that we
weren’t aware of or grasping fully .

Murders were rare , disappearances rarer i In this city , yet multiple have happened in the last few weeks
. More problematic was the amount of forsaken trying to get into the city . What were they running from ?
They mostly stayed away . Lately , there have been repeated attempts to breach the city’s borders . Also
, even the forsaken that had been tagged and tracked had gone missing without a trace .

” What are you thinking ? ” Macey asked , sitting down on the couch beside me . I shook my head ; I had
no idea what to think . These days , it seemed like it was drama after drama . I looked at her about t o
answer when both Macey and I tensed . Both of us looked in the hallway’s direction . Macey’s head
turned to me before she covered Casey’s ears and mouthed . ” Are they ? ” she nodded toward the hall .

My lips pressed together in a line as I listened to the noises down the hall , trying not to laugh . Casey ,
none the wiser , looked at us . ” How about ice cream ? Let’s get ice cream , ” Macey said , scooping up
Casey . ” But I wanted to show Marcus the Trolls movie , ” Casey complained before jutting out her
bottom lip as she pouted . The noises became slightly more audible , and Macey hurried to the door
before she stopped and glanced at me .

” Tell Zoe I have Casey , ” she exclaimed , rushing out the door before I could protest . Why do I have to
tell her ? I groaned and got to my feet before making my way down the hall . I tapped on the door and
heard things that would haunt m y memory . Zoe was like mine and Macey’s little sister , and there were
some things w e just didn’t want the mental image of . And this was one of those things , especially when
she made those sorts of noises . I blanched . I cleared my throat and knocked again .

” A h , Zoe , Macey has Casey while you um …. she just has Casey , ” I told her before rushing away and
out of my apartment . Safely outside , I made my way back to the main building and headed toward the
restaurant . I had just stepped inside when the door leading in from the front burst open , and Valen
stepped inside looking furious .

His eyes scanned around the place before they fell on me and the relief on his face was clear . ” I’m fine ,
” I said with a wave of my hand as he rushed over to me . A few late stragglers had come in for a late
lunch and peered over at us , and I smacked Valen’s hand away as he reached out to me . He went to
say something before he noticed we had an audience in here , and we were prime entertainment . ”
What happened ? ” Valen asked .

He grabbed my elbow as he led me out of the restaurant and down the hall toward my office . I spotted
Casey and Macey in the creche with bowls of ice cream . Casey waved as we passed the glass window ,
and I smiled and waved back .

” It’s handled , Valen . Marcus handled it ; Micha and Amber came and tried to take Casey . I got
knocked over , and I am fine , ‘ ” 1 I told him as he stuffed me through my office door . ” Marcus said you
were hurt , ” he said while examining me over while I rolled m y eyes . ” I am not a child . You don’t need
to check me and kiss away my pains , ” I growled as he poked and prodded me .

” Wait , where is Valarian ? ” ” With my father , I called him over to watch him for me , ” I sighed . ” He is a
good father , Everly ; you don’t need to worry about my father . I trust him with our son , ” Valen told me .
Giving Kalen the benefit of the doubt , I let it go . H e had never shown signs he was a threat t o our son
and also told me he wanted to be part of his life . ” And where is Micha now ? ” Valen asked . ” His father
took him away . It’s sorted ; just leave it be . ” ” I won’t do that . Micha is part of my pack , and he will be
punished ”

” Punished how , Valen ? You can’t go killing people over a dispute . ” ” He hurt you , ” ” Valen snarled . ”
I am fine , but you may have to speak to Micha about keeping his mouth shut and Amber because they
are aware we are mates now . Marcus hammered him pretty good ; I don’t think he needs another
beating . ” ” Wait , where is Marcus ? ” Valen asked , only now recognizing he wasn’t with me .

I laughed and cupped my mouth , and Valen stared at me . ” What ? ” ” Zoe and Marcus are mates , ” I
chuckled . His eyebrows almost disappeared into his hairline before a thoughtful expression crossed his
face . ” Huh , now that explains the sniffing , ” he murmured . ” That makes so much sense . How did I
not figure that out ? ” He said . I thought the exact same thing , both of their weird behavior made it even
more apparent that they were mates while poor Casey was stuck in the middle of their sniffest .

I chuckled , making my headache worse , and I winced before walking to my desk in search of painkillers
. Valen gripped my hand when I pulled out the packet of paracetamol . ” You said you weren’t hurt , ” he
growled . ” I bumped my head , just a headache , ” told him , snatching my hand out of his grip . Valen
stared at me before a growl escaped him , and he started prodding the bump on the back of my head . ”
I’ll fucking kill him , ” he snapped , storming out of the room before I could stop him .

” Wait , Valen . Just leave it be , ” I shrieked , chasing after him as he made his way outside to his car .
His car beeped as he unlocked the doors before tossing the doors open and I raced t o the other side . ”
Valen , stop . Let it go , ” I said climbing in the passenger side . ” Get out , ” Valen growled . Fur was
growing along his arms as he fought to remain in his human form . His eyes flickered with his rage , and I
canines protruded . ” No ! “

” Everly ! ” ” No , Valen . Either I come with you , or you 11 don’t go . ” Everly ! ” Valen snapped , and I
raised an eyebrow at him . ” I won’t let you hurt him or do something you can’t undo . It was a dispute ,
that is over now , and no one needs to die over a bumped head , ” I told him . Valen’s claws slipped from
his nail – beds , he clenched his fists on the steering wheel . He went to say something else , and I
glared at him .

” ” Micha is Casey’s father . He may be a shitty one , but he is still her father . You hurt him , and it could
upset her , so no . You will not touch him or whatever it is you were planning on doing to the idiot , ‘ I
snapped at him . Valen seemed shocked b y my outburst , but retaliating would only worsen things . And
Zoe didn’t need the added drama when she was about to enter a custody battle against him . This would
just add more fuel to the fire .

” ” You can’t expect me to do nothing , ” ” That’s exactly what I expect . The issue is over . Officer
Richards looked like he was going to give him hell anyway over the drama he caused . seemed
genuinely embarrassed over his son’s actions and n o doubt would deal with him , ” ” As his Alpha , I
can’t let it slide when he hurt my mate , ” Valen snarled . ” And as his Luna , I won’t allow you to kill him ,

” I retorted and he seemed taken aback by my words .. ” Are you trying to pull rank over me ? ” He
scoffed . ” Not trying , I am . If you hurt him , Valen , i t will just cause more issues . I don’t want the pack
hating me before I even join it . Micha and his father are well respected in your pack and this city . I sure
as hell don’t want to walk in , disturbing the peace straight away , just because he hurt me before he
realized who I was , ” I tell him .

Valen seemed to calm down and folded his arms across his chest , turning slightly to look at me . ” So
you are my Luna ? ” ” Shut up , and take me to my son , ” I told him . He didn’t start the car ; instead ,
Valen continued to stare at me while I stared out the window , trying to ignore his gaze . ” I can’t believe
you are trying to pull rank over me , and you haven’t even let me mark you yet , ” he chuckled .

I folded my arms across my chest and turned to my head to look at him . ” So what will it be , Alpha ? ” I
asked , and he clicked his tongue and shook his head , muttering under his breath . ” Oh , so now we are
turning to blackmail ? ” He chuckled . ” Yep , you want a Luna ; I don’t want blood on my hands , ” ” 1 ”
Technically , his blood would be on my hands , not yours .

I wouldn’t want you to break a nail , ” Valen taunted . ” Broken nails never fazed me , but you make
things worse , and I may just have to change my mind on this entire Luna business , ” I tell him . ” Is that
so ? ” ” Yep , ” I tell him . He scratched his chin . ” It’s not up for discussion , ” I told him when he opened
up his mouth to argue . What about a compromise ?

” ” That would make it up for discussion , ” h e chuckled and shrugged . ” I won’t hurt him , ” he growled
the last part out , clearly not liking it . ” If ? ” I stared at him , and he smirked before a cocky smile split
onto his face . ” If what ? ” I asked , glaring over at him , knowing he would ask for something that he
knew I wouldn’t want to agree to .

” You give me a kiss , ‘ ” You want a kiss ? ” ” Yep , that’s my deal . Take it or leave it , ” ” What , right now
, here ? ” I asked , looking around and praying for an excuse that someone was around . I found nobody
. ” One kiss ! ” I told him and he smiled triumphantly . ” One kiss , ” he repeated . I pressed my lips i n a
line and glared at him . He laughed and mid – laugh , I leaned over and pecked his lips before sitting
back in my seat . ” They’re done , ” I chuckled . ” Ah . that’s not what I meant by a kiss “

” A kiss is a kiss ” I told him .

” That is not what I meant , and you know i t , I have kissed my father better than that . He growled . ”
You kiss your father ? ”

” ” That came out wrong . I meant on the cheek , in greeting , not a romantic way ! ” I laughed . ” What ,
you don’t kiss people ? ” he asked . ” Well , I don’t kiss my father , that’s for sure , ” I said . ” Stop it , you
know what I meant , ” Valen said , becoming embarrassed at his word vomit . It was strange to feel him
through the bond , although I liked that he was the one who was embarrassed for once . ” I know what
you meant , and I think it is sweet that you give good old dad a peck on the cheek . Bet that makes him
happy that you haven’t outgrown your father’s love , ” I tell him . I didn’t want him to think I thought it
weird . It was totally acceptable . It just shocked me that he was that close t o his father .

Although neither of them appeared too affectionate , Valen was always happy to receive and give our
son hugs and affection . It made me think of m father when I was still his daughter , not his biggest
shame . He , too , was a good father and never turned our affections away until I got pregnant and went
from daddy’s little girl to daddy’s Rogue – whore daughter . But I was glad he had a strong relationship
with his father . That would never be a bad thing . Though it made the entire Valarie mess more upsetting
, knowing how much it would hurt Valen to know his father lied to him all these years . ” So about this kiss
you cheated me out of ? ” Valen chuckled . ” I did not cheat you . You cheated yourself , ” I told Valen as I
motioned for him to start the car . ” I kissed you . It’s done ; now let’s go . I need to get back to do some
work , ” I told him . ” Fine , but you owe me a kiss still , and a ” Valen taunted while starting proper one , ‘
the car . ” And I will make you pay up , ” he added as he reversed out . I chuckled and shook my head at
his words.

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