Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 62

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It was the feel of warm hands on my skin that pulled me from my sleep ; I tried to stay awake for him ,
but after the first hour passed , sleep was calling me , so I had drifted off into oblivion . I was still stuck in
the remnants of my dream when I felt him grab my legs

; Half asleep and startled awake , I acted accordingly and brought my knee up , kicking my leg out before
recognizing the tingling sensation moving up my thighs . ” Shit , are you alright ? ” I gushed , hoping I
didn’t hurt him , though why he couldn’t wake me , like a normal person I did not know ?

I heard him grunt and curse under his breath before dragging me closer to him . ” Valen , it’s late , ” I
yawned , rubbing my eyes when I felt his hands grip my hips and his shoulders force my legs further
apart . I had no time to worry about the fact his face was between my thighs when I felt his breath on my
skin before feeling his tongue and mouth lave the inside of my thigh as he sucked on it , moving his lips )
ever so slowly to where I wanted it .

Sleep was forgotten as arousal teemed throughout my body when his warm breath caressed over my slit
before his hot , wet tongue curled between my folds , licking a line to my clit . His tongue was ferocious ,
swirling and lapping , teasing and tasting as he devoured me .

My eyes closed as I became lost in the sensation of his mouth on my flesh . My skin prickled with heat as
my entire body became hot and flushed . Valen’s hands moved from my ass to my thighs as he spread
me wide before dipping his tongue inside me and tasting my desire as it spilled out onto my thighs . His
deep , guttural groan vibrated through me as he pushed me closer to the edge .

His mouth left no part of me untouched as he retraced his path back to my clit and sucked on my
throbbing bud that had developed its own pulse . My pussy clenched as the first simmering ripple of my
orgasm washed over me , and I saw white , my mind blissfully blanked , and my back arched as he
shoved me over the peak , free – falling blinding through the pleasurable waves of my climax .

My hips rolled , and my pussy pulsated against his hot mouth as I rode the tides o f my orgasm . His
mouth moved to lap at the juices that spilled from me as I melted against the soft sheets , blissfully
relaxed a s my body cooled down and I tried to catch my breath .

I shuddered when his tongue flicks over my clit one last time teasingly , tickling before he crawls up my
body and rests his hips between my legs . His erection rested against my sensitive pussy . Valen kisses
my jaw , nipping at my skin , and I yawned when he bit the skin along my shoulder , breaking the skin
and making me hiss . He laughs softly , licking and nibbling my lips as he rolls his hips against me .

” You’re not sleeping . I’m not finished with you yet , ” he growls , and my lips tug i n the corners , yet I
was so ready for sleep now . ” Can I do an IOU ? ” I chuckle . ” You do owe me ; a kiss . Don’t think I
have forgotten , ” Valen chuckles , nibbling and licking at my lips .

He rolls his hips against me , making me gasp as he brushes against my clit . I groaned , kissing him
back when his tongue sweeps across my lips and brushes the tip of my tongue . My fingers slide through
his hair before gripping it and dragging his mouth closer as I tangle my tongue with his .

He shivers when I trace my fingertips down his side t o the waistband of his shorts , pushing them over
his hip as I lifted my knees and rolled my hips against him . He groaned against my lips , helping me get
rid of his pants as he used his hand to shove them down his legs before kicking them off .

He settled his weight back between my legs and moved his pelvis against mine . His thick cock slid
between my folds before pressing against my entrance , and I squirmed , moving up a little before he
could shove inside me and glared at him . ” Forgetting something , I am not having a baby right now , ‘ ”
1 ” No , but nine months sounds alright , though , ” I raise an eyebrow at him , and h e drops his head
against my shoulder and groans . ” Fine , ” he sighed before sitting u p and leaning over to his bedside
table .

He flicks the lamp on and rummages through the drawer , removing a foil package . He tears it with his
teeth before settling between my legs and rolling the condom o n before huffing in annoyance .

” Happy ? ” ? ” Valen mumbles against my lips as he kisses me , and I nod , kissing him back and
wrapping my legs around his waist before twisting and forcing him on his back . Sitting up , he growls at
me while I rest my weight against his hips . His hand moves up my thigh to my hips , his thumb brushing
over the faint marks that line them from carrying our son , his eyes following his hands that move up my
side , across my ribs to the side of my breast .

He brushes his thumb over my hard , peaked nipple before leaning up to take it i In his mouth while his
arms wrap securely around my waist . He lifts his weight , dragging us higher up the bed so he can lean
against the headboard .

His mouth not leaving my skin as he licked and flicked my nipple , teasing it between his teeth . I moan
softly as the bond flares with desire , and I roll my hips against him . Moving my hand between our
bodies , I wrapped my hand around his large , thick length and positioned him .

My weight sank down on him and my walls clenched around him at the feel of his cock filling me . Valen
leans his head against the headboard and sighs while I get used to the feeling of having something
inside me after so long . Leaning forward , I kiss him , gently rocking and raising my hips slowly as I find
some sort of rhythm . He kisses me back eagerly , his tongue delving between my lips , dominating mine
while his hand slid up my neck into my hair . He grabbed a handful , pulling my head back while his lips
traveled down my jaw and neck .

My hand fell behind me onto his thigh as I moved against him while he sucked and licked my breasts
before clutching me back to him and kissing me deeply . His hands gripped my hips , my skin pinching
between his fingers as he moved my hips faster and set a new speed .

My hands gripped his shoulders as he built up friction , my pussy clenching around his thick cock soaked
in my juices . My hips moved faster as I chased the feeling building inside my stomach , After my

breathing turns harsh , I push his hands away , chasing after the sensation , only to be slow down again
when he grabs my hips . His worry slivers through the bond like he thought he would hurt me .

” You won’t hurt me , have had a baby remember , ” I murmur against his lips as I kiss him . His worry
seems to slip away as he kisses me back . ” Then grip the headboard , ” he mumbles between kissing
me . Reaching up , my fingers grip the headboard above his shoulders when he grips my hips , lifting
them before slamming me down on him and making m e gasp .

His cock bumped painfully against my cervix . It was a good pain as my walls squeezed around him .
Euphoria slips through me as he continues to roll and lift my hips . Our bodies moved in sync as I felt my
stomach tighten , felt the heat wash back over my skin , making goosebumps rise all over . His grip
tightened , his nails digging in , and I felt his legs tense beneath me just as I came undone .

My pussy clenching and milking him as m y orgasm ripples through me ; he groans as he finds his own
release . His grip loosens , and I roll my hips , riding out the remnants of my pleasure before crashing
hard into his chest .

Valen’s breathing was harsh as we both tried to catch our breath . Valen’s lips press to my shoulder
before he turns his face toward mine , which lay heavily on his shoulder . He caresses my lips with his
before brushing his nose against mine .

” I love you , ” he whispers , and I smile , bumping his nose back with mine before pecking his lips . ”
What’s there not to love ? I’m pretty great , ” I chuckle . ” Is that right ? ” he teased ; wrapping his arms
around my waist , he flipped me onto my back .

” Should I be hurt you didn’t say it back ? ” he laughed softly , nipping at my jaw to m y lips . ” No , ” ”
Then say it , ” he whispered while licking the seam of my lips . ” Tell me you love me , save my ego , ” I
chuckle at his words before gripping his face in my hands and pushing him back so I could see his face .

He was breathtaking when vulnerable . He was all the time , but the uncertainty of three words I could
see truly worried him . ” I love you , Valen Solace ; I have since I found out you were mine , ” I tell him ,
letting him . ” The whole time ? ” he laughs , and I chuckle . ” Yep , all that time , I just loved to hate you
then . 11 ” And now ? ” ” I just love you , ” I whispered , wrapping m y arms around his neck and tugging
his lips back to mine .

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