Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 87

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Everly POV We drove out of my father’s pack territory. Valen followed close behind me, and just before
we jumped on the main road, he flashed his lights behind me before his voice flitted briefly through my
head. “Pull over,” he growled, he was angry, and I quickly pulled over to the shoulder of the road and
away from the traffic. Ava glances at me, and I put the handbrake on.

“Wait here,” I sighed, climbing out of the car at the same time Valen did; I readied myself for his anger.
He stalked toward me, and I was about to defend my actions when he grabbed my face and kissed me,
pushing me against my car. “Don’t ever do that again,” he mumbled against my lips, his fingers tangling
in my hair as his tongue invaded my mouth, kissing me angrily before he groaned, and my face heated,
knowing my sister was in the the car while he devoured my lips .

I push on his chest . ” Valen ! ” I squeak against his lips while pushing on his chest . He growls , mauling
my lips while I look around , embarrassed at his public display . He growls at me , grabbing m y hand
and placing it on the center of his chest . His heart was racing beneath my hand , thumping so hard I
worried he may have a heart attack . ” You just scared the living daylight out of me . Give m e a minute , ”
he growled while pressing his face into my neck and inhaling deeply . Valen pushed closer , his entire
body pressing against me , and I sighed , running my fingers through thick hair .

And he was supposed to be the blood Alpha , on the verge of having a nervous breakdown ? ” Don’t ever
make me do that again . Do you have any idea how hard it was t o walk away and leave you there ? ”
Valen says , his voice pleading . ” I didn’t mean to scare you ; I am fine . Everything i s fine , ” I assured
him . He sighs , nodding his head before cupping my face in his hands as he steps back . ” You
challenged your father ! ” he said , and I couldn’t help the stupid smirk that split onto my face at his words
. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to kill m e or laugh . He clucked his tongue and shook his head .

” You better win because if I kill your father , you can’t blame me for it , ” he tells me . ” No one is killing
anyone , ” I tell him , and he presses his lips in a line . I know he was angry about learning my father

knew all along about Valarian being his , but what’s done is done . We can’t go back and change it , so
there is n o point in dwelling on it .

My phone rings loudly in the car , and Ava sticks her head out the passenger window . ” What about your
sister ? I don’t trust her to stay with us . I know she is your sister , ” ” I didn’t ask , and I wasn’t going to ,
and she can stay at the hotel , ” I tell him , and he nods , looking over my shoulder , and so do I. Ava
waves my phone to me . ” Hospital ! About some girl named Emily , ” My eyes widen , and Valen lets me
go . I race over to take the phone from her . 11 My hand shook as I held the phone to my ear . Hello ? ” ”
Luna Everly ? ” says a deep baritone voice on the other end of the line . ” Yes , you’re speaking with her ,
” I replied .

” I am one of the doctors taking care of Emily . I was wondering if you are available to come to the
hospital , you are her only listed contact , and we have no one listed as her family , ” ” Yes , correct , she
has a son , but we still haven’t located him , and her only other relative , her mother , died a few years
ago , ‘

” I see . Is it possible you can come to the hospital ? ” the Doctor asked . ” Yes , I was heading over
anyway . Is everything okay ? ” ” I’m afraid not , Luna , but i t is best explained when you get here , ” he
tells me . Valen grips my shoulder , and I nod . ” I’ll be there soon , ” I tell the Doctor before hanging up . ”
Emily ? ” Valen asks , and I nod , dialing Zoe and Macey before merging their calls . They both answered
at the same time . ” What’s up ? ” Macey asks . ” It’s Emily , ” ” On my way , ” Macey says , hanging up . ”
I will get Marcus to take Casey , ” Zoe says , hanging up as well . I swallow the lump forming in my throat
before looking at Valen . ” I need to go . Can you take Ava back to the Hotel for me ? ” ” Do you want me
to come with you ? ” I shake my head . ” No , Zoe and Macey will meet there , but can you pick up
Valarian ? ”

” Of course , ” Valen looks over my shoulder . ” Ava ! ” she sticks her head out the window and looks at
him . 11 ” You’re coming with me , he tells her , and she looks at me . I nod to her , and she climbs out of
the car . Turning back to Valen , he kisses the side of my mouth . ” Ring me if you need me to come over

, ” h e says , and I nod . Unable t o form words right now ,swallowing down my worry , I suck in a deep
breath before turning and back to my car and climbing in . I don’t even remember the drive to the hospital
, I was on autopilot as worry ate me , praying for some miracle that she would be alright , yet the Doctor
wouldn’t have called if she was . No news is good news . News always means something to worry about

Pulling up at the pack hospital , Macey rushed toward the front door , and I called out to her . She stops
and turns , concern etched into her face , her eyes blurring with tears . Reaching her , Zoe pulls into the
car park , zooming past us and into a vacant parking spot . She jumps out still in her pajamas and slams
the door . Zoe looked like crap and ran over her to us , looking somewhat pained . But still , she came . ”
Emily ? ” she asks , hitting her key fob and locking her r . ” I just got here , ” I tell her , and she nods
before we all walk toward the front doors . We walk to the lift , catching to the correct floor . ” Sort out the
council stuff ? ” Zoe asks ,

straightening her pajamas like it would somehow make her look more presentable . Macey pulls a hair tie
off her wrist , pulling Zoe’s hair into a bun on her head and tying it . ” Yep , I challenged my father for my
title , ” I tell them as the door opens to our level . ” You what ? ” Macey asks , yet my eyes were on the

room I knew was Emily’s . Doctors were rushing in and out everywhere . We pick up our pace . Walking
into the room , the doctors looked like they were getting ready to run her somewhere . The Doctor
noticing me , walks over to me , his notepad in hand , and he tucks his pen behind his ear . ” Luna , I’m
Doctor Porter , ” he says with a grim smile offering me his hand before his eyes darted to Zoe and Macey
. He offers his hand to them . ” You are ? ” ” Family , ” they both say simultaneously . The Doctor’s brows
pinch , making a deep crease between his eyes , but he turns his attention back to me .

The Doctor sighed , pulled his glasses from his face , and rubbed his eyes before looking over at Emily ,
” As you know , Emily has been having trouble fighting off the infection , and we had to remove her leg , ”

I nod , having already known that . I glanced at Emily and swallowed nervously , watching as nurses
fussed over her , unplugging machines . Doc pulls the pen from behind his ear and passes the notepad
to me . I glance at it before looking ” We need to take Emily back in for surgery , ” he says slowly , letting
that sink in . ” But she will be alright ? ” Zoe says , and I look at her . Her lips quivered , and the Doctor
smiled sadly before turning back to me .

” There is a chance she won’t survive the surgery , the infection spread , and her other leg has turned
gangrenous . This is a DNR . We need to know 11 what your wishes are , ‘ ” What’s that ? ” Zoe asks . ”
Do not resuscitate , ” Macey tells her , and Zoe makes a strangled noise like a whimper . I glanced down
at the paperwork in my hand . ” You want my permission to let her die ? ” I ask , shaking my head .

” Luna , you need to think o of the future , ” I shake my head . ” I am . Emily has a son to live for . The
answer is no . Do the surgery . She will pull through , ” I tell him , and he sighs and reluctantly nods his
head taking the clipboard back from me . ” Luna ? ” Doctor Porter says .

” No , she will pull through , ” I look over at Emily with tubes hanging out of her , she can live without legs
, and she would pull through . I had to believe that . I had to hang onto that . We are ushered out while
she is prepped for surgery and taken away . W e waited hours in the corridors for any news about Emily .
All other issues suddenly seemed small in comparison .

Macey paced frantically , and I was surprised she didn’t run track into the floor . Zoe stared off blankly ,
biting her fingernails , a terrible nervous habit she had , but I let her go . While I sat numb to everything
going on around us . After what felt like eons , the Doctor came down the corridor , and we all jumped to
our feet .

He held his hands out , and we waited to hear what he had to say . ” She is stable , they are moving to
one of the wards soon , but the infection is moving rapidly throughout her body and putting pressure on
her heart . We will be running more tests overnight , but she is a fighter , ” Doctor Porter tells us , and I
let a breath o f relief . ” Can we see her ? ” I ask and he nods . ” Yes , just let them get her settled first ,

she is not responsive , as you know , and I don’t see that changing any time soon , but for now , she is
stable . I will have a nurse come get you when you go in , ” he tells us , and we all nod . Macey grips
both of us , tugging us to her . ” Thank the Goddess , ” Macey whispers , squeezing us both tight .

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