Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 88

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We got to see Emily and sat with her for a while. We all sat with her for about an hour. Tubes hung out
of her nose and mouth, her arms covered in different lines. The room smelt heavily of antiseptic, and I
could even smell the infection running through her veins, and smell the antibiotic drips hooked up to
her. Emily did not deserve this; nobody did.

Looking down at her, she looked so frail, her skin pale, and I found it hard not to break down. Emily was
always so bubbling and a chatterbox. Seeing her like this was heartbreaking. I prayed she woke up
soon, prayed she would pull through this. I would even drink her terrible coffee. God, I wished I could
be drinking that horrible coffee. I wouldn’t even complain if it meant she would come back to us.

We weren’t sure if she could hear us , but eventually , Zoe had to leave to help ” Marcus and Macey
wanted to go home and check on Taylor . Sitting next to Emily , I held her hand , rubbing circles into the
back of her hand . ” You hold on , Em . Benny needs you , ” I told her . Kissing her hand , I tucked her
blankets around her and reluctantly left . I t was dark as I climbed into my car . It was the middle of the
night , and I listened to the radio as I headed toward the old commune and to Emily’s caravan on the
way home .

I was mentally and physically drained , and all I wanted to do was go home , see Valarian and crawl
into bed beside my mate . The commune was all mud and puddles , the rough terrain a little slippery
since the storm , yet I managed to navigate through to the back where Emily’s caravan was . Pulling up
beside it , I got out . Using the key Officer Derrick gave me not long after she went missing , I unlocked
the flimsy door . I stepped inside the tiny little place she shared with her son . Toys and stuffed bears
sat on the bed they shared , a small Tv perched in the corner , and the walls were littered with Ben’s
artwork .

I saw two jars of her special made coffee and chuckled . I see a blue duffle bag hanging on a hook o n
the wall . I grab the bag , looking for clothes with her son’s scent on them before carefully bagging them
, making sure not to taint them with my scent and hoping it would give Emily comfort . I tidied up a little

before finding a picture of her and Ben taped to her fridge , both smiling as they stood out the front of
the school . He was 9 years old , and her entire life , he was her world , and she was a good mum ,
quirky , but that’s what everyone loved about her , and no one loved her more than her son .

Emily worked her ass off , and her only dream was that her son would grow up and become part of a
pack and have the opportunities the other pack kids had one day . We all wished that our kids would be
a part of something bigger than us . That they would achieve more than us . It is what most parents
dream of for their kids .

To give them more , watch them grow and succeed , knowing we got at least one thing right . Grabbing
the picture , I put it in the bag for her when my phone starts ringing in my pocket . Valen’s name pops
up on the screen . ” Where are you ? ” he says , his voice frantic , and his fear suddenly smashed m e
through the bond . ” At Emily’s place , grabbing a few things for her room , I’m hoping something with
Ben’s scent will help her hold on , ” I tell him . ” Head home now !

A forsaken got past the borders , the border patrol has been chasing it for an hour , it keeps going to
the commune , get out now Everly , ” he orders . ” What ? ” I shriek , looking around nervously and at
the open door to the caravan . ” I am sending men to your location . Get out now ! ” he says , and I
hurry to grab the bag . I rush out the door and lock it before running to my car . I chuck the bag onto the
passenger seat and start my car .

Looked around into the darkness of the night nervously . ” Marcus is on his way ! ” I hear Valen say a s
I put the car in reverse . The car becomes stuck in the mud . The tires spin , yet the truck only groans
as the engines revs , spraying mud everywhere and up the side of my truck . ” Everly ? ” ” I’m stuck , ” I
tell Valen , grabbing the phone . My headlights light up the forest surrounding the commune . My
breathing becomes louder as panic sets in .

” Hold on , I am on my way , ” Valen says , and I glance at the phone that was on the loudspeaker ,
sitting on the passenger seat . ” What about Valarian ? ” I asked , not wanting my son anywhere near
here if a forsaken is on the loose . ” Tatum will watch him till my father gets here , ” Valen says ,
hanging up . I try to drive forward , but the back wheels just spin , making a mess and the hole deeper .
” Fuck ! ” I curse . Just my luck ! What is the saying it happens in threes ? Well , I hope this is the last of
my bad luck today .

The commune was eerily quiet , and I cracked my window just a little to hear the sounds of howls and
wolves in the forest . I stared out the windshield . My heart raced , waiting for Marcus or Valen to get
here . I refused to get out of the car . I had watched one too many horror movies and knew that was a
bad idea . ” You okay ? ” Valen says through the mindlink , and I could feel him getting closer but still a
fair way out . ” Yes , fine , just a little freaked out , ” this place was creepy , and I don’t know how Emily
lived out here . Yet she loved her little spot . ” I will be there soon , just keep talking to me , ” Valen says

I explained about Emily , not that he didn’t already know he had been ringing me all night checking in .
But rambling was better than panicking when I saw a wolf run out of the treeline , two border patrols
chasing after it , and my eyes widened as I saw them tear into the wolf . The wolf turned and beelined
straight toward my car . Only it diverted toward the caravan at the last second , clawing at the walls
before snarls sent it running again .

It seemed too small for a normal forsaken and It tried to run back toward the treeline to escape ,
terrified . I watched . ” Everly ? ” Valen says as I watch the two border patrols rip into it . Its howls are
horrifying to hear when it is flung across the dirt and suddenly shifts or tries to . My heart lurches in my
chest as I see the figure get to its feet . Semi shifted , its body still covered in fur , its limbs were
deformed until it looked at me , and I instantly recognized that face , it was the only recognizable trait
he had .

He looked like most forsaken until he shifted only smaller . My heart nearly stopped , and I don’t even
remember opening the car door as I saw one of the patrols go to rip into him . His petrified eyes , so
much like his mother’s widened as I ran toward them . ” No ! ” I screamed . The sound that left me was
more of a strangled wail as I screamed out to them . One of them tackles him , tearing into his neck
and shoulder before jumping back and looking at me , running toward them , waving my arms
frantically .

” Please , God , no ! ” I cried , skidding on the ground as I fell to my knees next to his body . The border
patrol tried to shove me back , but my claws slipped for my . fingertips and slashed at them , an angry
growl escaping me before grabbing him . Sobs wracked my entire body as I smoothed back his hair ,
looking at what had become of him .

He was deformed , and it shouldn’t be possible . How was it possible he was just a boy ? He had no
wolf yet . One of the patrols shifted back and reached for me . ” Get a fucking ambulance now , ” I
screamed , clutching onto him and protecting him from the patrols . ” He is a forsaken , ” the guard says

I shake my head , and his eyes flutter open , bloodshot and rabid , but I hold him tighter as he thrashes
, snarling and growling , trying to attack me but I knew this boy , this wasn’t him . Someone had done
something horrific to him but that wasn’t who he was . His wounds were horrific , and he eventually
passed out in m y arms . His slow heartbeat was the only indicator that he was still alive .

” Call for help ! ” I wanted as tears streamed down my face . ” Luna ? ” the young patrolmen questioned
. ” He isn’t forsaken . He is a fucking child ! ” I screamed , baring my canines at them as they slipped
from my gums . I hear the mind link open as the border patrol orders for an ambulance . ” It’s okay , it’s
okay , help is on the way , ” I whisper to him . ” Luna , ” the patrolman says , grabbing my arm , but I
shake him off . ” Don’t touch me , ” I snapped . ” He is dangerous , ” he tried to reason , but I didn’t care
. I had known this boy since h e was in diapers and watched him grow .

I didn’t care how dangerous he was , he was family , part of my village . ” He is not dangerous . He was
trying to come home , trying to come home to his mother , ” I growled at them . ” Hang on , Ben , hang
on for me , ” I whisper , clutching him closer while my hand pressed against his gaping wound holding it
shut , trying to stem the bleeding from his shoulder . Hearing a car , headlights light up the clearing and
I see Valen jump out of his car frantically .

He raced toward me and I could hear sirens in the distance on their way here . ” Everly ? ” Valen
screamed at me fearfully because I was so close to the mutated wolf . ” It’s Ben , it’s Emily’s son , ” I
choked out , turning my attention back to the boy in m y arms or half boy . Valen grabs my arms trying
to pull me away but I shove him off . ” Nobody touches him , ” I snarled at him . I would not allow them
to kill him , I don’t care how dangerous he is . > ” Everly ! ” He snarled . ” Tell them to stand down , ” I
growled and Valen growled looking at them and nodded for them to back off .

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