Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 91

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Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son chapter 91

Valen jinxed me. He said I was going into heat, and I was. Here I was thinking I was coming down with
the flu. If only it was that. The last thing I wanted was to go into heat. It irked me, although Valen was
enjoying himself as I woke like he was waiting for it to get so bad that it would wake me.

His fingers trailing up and down my spine are what woke me, and the flare of instant heat rolling over
me from my head to my toes made me roll over to find him smiling seductively. H e traces his fingertips
around my areola, making me look down to find I had stripped off in my sleep; I groan when I lift my
head to see my clothes dumped on the floor. Valen laid their expectantly like he was just biding his time
until I woke.

“Well, would you look at that? I was right?” Valen purred, his hand grips my arm and he dragged me on
top of him. I tried to growl at him, yet the noise that left me was a moan. His skin makes mine tingle and
cool as I lay on his chest. His fingers moved lazily up my sides, and I bury my face in his neck. My
tongue rolls over his mark. Yet coherent thought was becoming harder to maintain as his scent became
all-consuming and his gentle touch became electrifying. Teasing the heat that was trying to overwhelm
me and threatening to set me on fire.

Valen chuckles as I nip and lick his skin. I wanted to devour the man, climb inside him. I couldn’t get
enough of him, couldn’t get close enough as my lips nipped and licked my way down his body before
wrapping around his cock. Valen laughed, I stared at him trailing my tongue up the side of his hard
length, enjoying the taste of him on my tongue. Valen’s eyes flickered black, and he smirked. “Looks
like I don’t have to worry about the IOU,” he chuckles, confusing me for a second as I took him in my
mouth, his cock hits the back of my throat as I took him deeper before it registered. I peek up at him to
find him smirking, and he places his hands behind his head.

I raise an eyebrow at him, and I feel my own eyes flicker before dragging my teeth up his length. Valen
hisses, and his hand moves to my hair like he is worried I may bite it off, my tongue teasing the rim as I
wrap my lips around the tip, my tongue swirling around it. He relaxes and sighs. My lips suctioned
around the tip before leaving his aroused flesh with an audible pop. “Okay, okay, I won’t tease,” Valen
growls. I growl at him, and he puts his hands u pin surrender.

My eyes narrow at him. Yet my lips returned to his cock. Valen groans as I take his entire length, loving
the saltiness of his flesh on my tongue. His fingers tangle in my hair before he fists it pushing me down
his cock. My hands grip his thighs, and my nails dig into his flesh as h e brutally thrusts into my mouth,
making my eyes water, his cock hitting the back of my throat.

My heat craves this rough side of him, relishing the way he forced more himself in my mouth. My heat
soars, and my arousal coats the insides of my thighs before he rips me off him by my hair, pulling me
up his body. His lips were demanding as they crashed against mine hungrily, bruisingly as he
dominated my mouth. Valen groans, his other hand gripping my hip tightly, so tight I knew it would
leave bruises as

my skin pinched between his fingers, his grip on my hair growing tighter as my heat sucked him in,
unleashing the beast that lived within him

My hips roll against him, his hand gripping my hip moves to my ass, his fingers digging into my flesh. A
whimper escapes my lips, turning to a moán as he squeezes my ass before sitting u

p with me on his lap and turning.

His movements are too quick as he slams me on my back. Desire writhed through every cell as I stared
up at his lust-filled demonic eyes. His canines jutting out between his parted lips. Valen’s hands move
up my thighs to my hips he grabs me, flipping me over onto my stomach and pulling my ass up and in
the air.

Sparks rushed over my flesh and my pussy clenched in anticipation as he sank his cock into my depths
with one hard thrust, the heat flaring to life with a renewed vigor, craving his touch and what it had to
offer. His pelvis slaps against my ass, and my walls clench around him like a vice. My legs tremble as
he drags his cock out slowly, his fingers digging into my ass as he watches himself slipping out of my
wet confines before slamming back in.

A moan escapes me as the top half of my body flattens against the bed, my fingers clenching the
sheets as he drives himself into me. His hard length scrapes along my inner walls, building friction. My
blood ignited like fire in my veins, making sparks rush everywhere with each harshl thrust making me
cry out in pleasure. My walls clenched around his large thick length, my legs shaking and threatening to
give out under me, sweat glistened on my skin. My entire body heated as I climbed higher, the feeling
intense, my entire body tensing for the exhilarating rush. Valen’s grip tightens, his grip almost
punishing, yet I relished the pain and pleasure, the line between blurring as I writhed beneath him
pushing back against him forcing him in deeper and harder..

Slapping flesh and my cries filled the room and his harsh breathing. Valen leans over me, squeezing
my breast before ripping me back, his hot chest presses against my back, his grip painful as he
squeezed my breast while his used the other to sweep my hair to one side. I feel the sharp points of his
teeth puncture my flesh, breaking the skin as he sank them in deeply, sending me blissfully over the

The fall was violent and tumultuous as my body convulsed in his arms, yet his pace never relented as
he drove himself into me and impaled me on his cock. His canines slipped from my skin, and his
tongue rolled over my heated flesh, making my toes curl as I rode out the waves o fmy climax.

My pussy grips him when he pulls out of me. I gulp when I am shoved on my back. The intense,
animalistic look on his face no doubt mirrored mine as he growled, shoving my thighs apart before
sheathing himself inside me. The night slips by without anyway to measure time, my heat not abating
until I sank my teeth into his flesh.

Valen groans, his cock twitching deep inside me as my walls grip and squeeze him, his hot semen
coats my insides, and I pull my teeth from his neck, breathing harshly as he drops on top of me. Both of
us were sore and exhausted beyond anything I had felt before.

Exhaustion smashes into me as my temperature drops, and Valen pulls out of me, rolling onto his back
beside me.His breathing heavy as his chest rose and fell. My eyes flutter shut, and I welcomed sleep

My brain tried to process the incessant noise that was invading the darkness of my sleep. My eyes felt
like sandpaper as I tried to force them open, light filtered into the room through closed drapes, and I
could just make out the sounds of cartoons coming from the living room. My phone started ringing
again, the ringtone loud as it vibrated on the bedside table.

Valen groans beside me, slapping the bedside table, trying to shut the noise off. My body felt heavy as I
dragged my body over the top of his to reach for my phone. It stops ringing the moment I grab it, and I
roll back to my side of the bed. With sleepy eyes, I squint at the screen t o see 13 missed calls from
Macey and 7 from Zoe and a heap of calls from the hospital. I was about to unlock my phone to call
them back when it vibrated in my hand. Sitting up, instantly knowing something had to be wrong for
there to be so many missed calls.

The fog lifts as fear seeps into me as I watch it ringing in my hand. Macey’s face pops up on the screen
and the ringtone blares loudly. My hands shake and I swipe my thumb over the screen and answer it.

“Everly!” Macey gushes before she sighs heavily, her breathing shaky as I listen to her breathe on the
other end. “What is it?” I ask and Macey makes a choking noise. My entire body shakes when she
doesn’t answer straight away. “Macey?” I aks my voice shaking with fear. “You need to get here,” she
says the words sounding so broken. The emotion in her voice as she stammered and cried into the
phone had me jumping to my feet. I ran across the bed, jumping to the floor and grabbing whatever my

hands landed on first. “What happened?” I asked, frantically dragging a shirt over my head and placing
the phone back to my ear.

Macey cries, the sound crushing my soul and twisting my stomach as dread filled me. “It’s Ben,” she
sobs, and my heart stutter and threatens to stop beating at her words. A cold sinking feeling settles
over me. Valen sat up, looking for danger, and tears burned my eyes as I stared a t him, shellshocked.
No! Not Ben! My heart and soul screams for the boy, for Emily. It would kill her if something happens to
him. Valen gets to his feet looking alarmed.

“Everly?” he asks.

“I have to go. I need to get to the hospital,” I tell him as the cold feeling washes over me, making me
numb and turning my veins to ice. I felt like I was on autopilot as I chucked clothes on without seeing
them. Valen chased me around the apartment as I grabbed my handbag and keys, only stopping when
I noticed Valarian sitting at the coffee table watching cartoons and eating a bowl of cereal. He looks
over at me, Ben was his friend. Ben was not much older than my son.

“Mum?” Valarian says as I stare at my son unblinkingly, a parent’s worst fear is something happening to
their child, the very life they created and made, the one worth living and fighting for.

My voice was robotic. “Everything is fine. Eat your breakfast,” I tell him. “I will head over as soon as dad
gets here,” Valen tells me gripping my arms, he shakes me a

little and I blink rapidly turning to look at him.

“I have to get to him,” I gasp before turning on my heel and I run toward the door.

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