Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 99

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Avoiding Valen’s watchful eyes in the past 24 hours has been near impossible . It didn’t help
that morning sickness decided to rear its ugly head . I believe that now I knew I was pregnant . Every
pregnancy symptom suddenly sprang forward with an ugly vengeance , trying to screw me out of hiding it
. He knows something is up because I had no doubt he could feel it . Zoe and Macey had been at me all
day about it , and just when I thought , I finally escaped them by hiding in my makeshift office in the
events hall .

Thanks to Alpha Nixon , it used to be a storage room for tables and chairs , but is now my new office . It
was nearly time to clock out and head home . Valen said he would pick me up tonight , worried I would
run myself off the road , confusing my fear of him finding out with nervousness about the upcoming
challenge But Macey and Zoe weren’t giving up so easily as they burst into my office , blocking the door
as I switched my desk lamp off that was running off an extension cord from the main room .

I roll my eyes as they stop my exit . Looking at the clock above the door , I pin them both with my glare ,
they know Valen will be here any minute , or maybe that was their plan so they could out me . ” Everly ,
you aren’t leaving us much choice , ” Macey says , folding her arms across her chest . ” That’s because it
isn’t your choice , I have to challenge my father . The entire city knows about the challenge . I back down
now the rogues will think I am running . I need to do this , ” I tell them .

” But the risks , you can’t shift ! ” Zoe says , her hands reaching toward my non existent bump like she
pictured it round and full of limbs . ” I’m durable . I know what I am doing , I won’t let him harm me .
Besides , he knows , ” I tell them , chewing my lip nervously . ” Your father knows , yet you haven’t told
your mate ! ” Macey growls at me . ” I didn’t tell him , he found out for one , and secondly , if I do this , we
hold reign over a third of the city ; Valen held half

We only need to tip the scales a little more . Valen holds control , but not enough without my father’s
pack to change the laws himself . Slasher , Shadow , and Nixon hold the other half , therefore equal
votes within the council . This throws that out , ” 11 S ” Yes , but not at risk to your … child . Think Everly

! If you do this , you are putting yourself at risk . ” Macey argues . ” I’m already at risk . This is bigger than
me . For all those in the city , my life seems a no – brainer . But don’t worry , I am not planning on losing
, so it will mean something . Valen can’t challenge for the title , only an heir can . My father holds the land
titles .

I need these land titles before Nixon gets his hands on them . This needs to be done . It is the only way
to set everything right , back to the way Valarie intended , ” I retort . ” The City can wait ! ” Macey says ,
and I shake my head and push past them . ” I won’t blow my chance . Every fucking step we take , we
get knocked back four . I am sick of playing this Yoyo game of cat and mouse . I am done being the
mouse ! The laws pass when I beat him .

For thefirst time , I hold power . The fucking rogues hold power for once ! ” I yell at them . A couple of the
workers in the event hall rush out , thinking we are about to come to blows . We never have and never
will . But this shit was getting to me . ” Everly , please , ” Zoe murmurs . ” I’m tired . I’m so fucking tired of
battling , don’t you get it ? How many girls have come through our damn doors looking for a place to stay
and work ? How many ? ” I ask them .

” How many times have we had to scrape them up off the floor when their families abandoned them ,
their packs shunned them ? How many hungry mouths do we have to feed before we suddenly can’t
anymore ? ” ” It’s not your battle Everly , ” Macey says . ” It is ! ” I screamed . Everything became too
much and erupted in anger , everything crashing and smashing relentlessly . Something’s gotta give ! I
am drowning here , and everything is just adding weight . Drowning in grief responsibility ,

obligation , and the restraints are so heavy , so , so heavy . I can’t keep fighting . I am done fighting . I
just want to rest , and if this is what I have got to do to get it , then so be it , Tears burn my eyes and
Zoe’s . Macey purses her lips , looks at the ceiling , and clicks her tongue . I suck in a breath before
turning on my heel , walking out toward the doors . ” Valarie wouldn’t want you to risk yourself like this .
Risk her grandchild , ” Macey says , and I stop . ” That’s unfair , Macey , ” I tell her , spinning around ,

and she shrugs . ” It’s true , ” she says . ” Who do you think I am doing this for ? ” I tell her as tears slip
down my cheeks . ”

She gave me everything when I had nothing . She fought for me and all of us when no one else did . This
, everything we have done and all those we helped , was for her . She had the vision to make this city
free . It was supposed to be free , and they took it from her . I tell them . ” I am just getting it back and
doing what she wanted . Nobody knew sacrifice more than that woman did . So yes , she wouldn’t want
me to do it , but she would understand why Lhave to . So no , you don’t get to use her against me ! ” 1
tell them before turning on my heel and walking out before one of us says something we can’t take back .

Her words stung because I knew she was right , but Valarie too , risked her life fighting for the rogues .
She could have walked away , hung up the banners and stopped fighting , given in , and reformed , but
she didn’t . She lost her son and her family’s reputation , her home , and the city , and I will be damned if
I let that keep repeating . It takes me a few seconds to regain myself and I groan when I feel Valen
getting closer at an alarming speed . I wipe my face just as Macey and Zoe come out behind me , and
Valen runs around the corner of the main building , looking panic -stricken . Trapped was how I suddenly
felt , caught between my mate and best friends , the girls I trusted more than anyone , and I was a deer
in headlights as Valen grabbed my arms .

” What happened ? What’s wrong ? ” he asks , his clothes in disarray from running . He looks around
frantically for any danger before looking at Macey and Zoe behind me . I wait for it , wait for everything to
unravel and fall apart again . We were so close , so close . ” I’m fine . Where is Valarian ? ” I ask him . ”
In the car with Marcus . What’s going on ?

” ” Nothing . We disagreed . I’m fine , everything is fine , ” ” You don’t feel fine , ” Valen growls , cupping
my face in his hands and looking at the girls . I swallow , waiting for them to say something . ” Why is
everyone crying ? Answer me , someone ! ” he snaps , looking at us all , and I look at them . Zoe opens
her mouth , and I beg her with my eyes not to , and she closes it . ” Nothing . We had a dispute over

rosters . We wanted her to take some time off , ” Macey lies , looking at me . Relief floods me , and I
hang my head .

” Well , that’s a good thing . I agree with them , ” Valen says , rubbing my arms . ” I thought someone
died or hurt you . Geez , you nearly gave me a heart attack , ” he says , hugging me . I keep my mouth
shut , unable to speak , but I am grateful they didn’t say anything . Macey walks over to me , chucks her
arm over my shoulder , and Zoe follows . We walk out to the car , and Marcus is leaning against the hood
. He moves to the back door and opens it , and Casey climbs out .. ” Everything alright ? ” he asks Zoe ,
who nods to him . He doesn’t look like he believes her either , but we all say our goodbyes when Macey
grabs me as Valen climbs in the car . ” Thank you , ” I whisper to her . ” Please don’t ever ask me to lie
like this . again . But , I get it . Kick his fucking ass ! I will be cheering from the sidelines and ready to
hammer him if he hurts you , ” she whispers , kissing my cheek and I chuckle .

The drive home was silent , but Valen kept glancing at me . I could even feel his eyes on mé as I stared
out the window . He clutches my hand , and I look at him before his voice flits through my head . His
eyes go to Valarian in the mirror . ” If it’s about tomorrow , you can back out . I know it must be hard to
challenge your father , ” Valen says . I shake my head , and he squeezes my hand . ” It’s not that . Just
don’t be mad afterward , ” I tell him , suddenly feeling guilty . We had come so far , and now I was not
only risking myself , but us , but I had a reason . And he looked at me , turning his head to the side to
look at me . ”

Why would I be mad ? I could never be mad at you , ” Valen says . ” What’s going on ? ” he asks when I
don’t answer . ” Nothing , I think dad just got in my head , ” I lie . It was becoming a thing . Lying
shouldn’t be a thing , yet I knew the rogues needed this . I needed this . This would set us free . Yet why
did it have to risk so much ? ” If you’re scared Everly , you can back out . It’s ok to be scared , ” Valen
says .

” I’m not scared , ” I tell him . ” Good . Because the moment I think you’re in trouble , I will be pulling you
out . I won’t let him hurt you . ” ” Valen , it’s a challenge , that is the whole point , and you can’t make him
submit for me , ” ” No , but I will . I don’t care how many laws it breaks . I know only an heir can challenge
, but I will not let your father kill you either , Everly . And before you ask , don’t ask me not to step in if it
comes to that . That is something I won’t promise you , so either win or back out now because if you are
on the losing end , I am getting in that arena , ” he says , and I sigh . ” Ok , I won’t ask that , but ..

” No. There are no buts . That is how it is . Sorry , but if I have to pull rank , I don’t want to have to , but I
will if it means keeping you alive , Everly . Don’t expect me to watch you get hurt or killed and stand there
. I wouldn’t ask that of you if our roles were reversed , so don’t ask something of me . I know you
wouldn’t live up to yourself , ” I swallow out guilt . His words hit home a little too closely . He knows me
too well , which only makes me lying to him tear me apart more .

All night I was restless and sleep didn’t come easily . Valén luckily didn’t ask me to train , insisting I
needed a good night’s rest , yet when I woke up the following day . I felt anything but rested . I was
anxious , and my eyes felt like sandpaper . My stomach twisted violently and had me running for the
bathroom as I retched and gagged Once I emptied my stomach , I rinsed my mouth and wet down my
face just as Valen walked in and leaned on the doorframe .

” Nerves ? ” he asks and I nod , trying to catch my breath . ” You alright ? ” he asks . ” Yep , never better ,
” I lie . He nods , walking out , and I stare at my reflection , trying to get myself together . A few more
hours and this city was about to have another power player , and for once the ball was in my court , I just
had to win the challenge first . ” Everly , Breakfast ! ” Valen calls out to me and I sigh . As long as I could
make him submit before we came to the second round , which requires us to shift , I could win this . If not
, it may all be for nothing . So that was not an option .

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