Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 107

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Everly POV Macey dropped the vial off later that night. However, when I heard the knock
and opened the door, I was stunned to see Tatum with her. I knew they were close, but to see him with
her so late at night made me wonder if more was going on than them than just being friends with
benefits. Macey, noticing my shock at seeing him, speaks. ! “Oh, we weren’t… Tatum just came with me
just in case,”

“You woke Tatum up at one in the morning to see my dad? You sure he wasn’t already at your place?” I
laugh, raising an eyebrow. I don’t understand why she was being so secretive about it. No one would
care, but I knew Macey still hated packs, so I wondered if it was because he was one of Valen’s pack
members. I let them in and walked into the kitchen to make coffee.

“Hey, Mace,” Valen says as he comes into the kitchen to help. Only then do I realize that Valen would
see it by me getting my hidden coffee out. He snatches it off the counter the moment i set it down.

“No caffeine. You’re pregnant,” Valen growls, BK6lf[EJ I try to take it off him, but he holds it above his

“It is morning. I am tired, and I have to be up soon. So there is no point in me going to bed now,” I growl
at him.

“You will make them come out with six heads,” he snarls. I shake my head at his logic. Caffeine was fine.
Macey, taller than me, snatched it from him and stuck her tongue out at him, handing it to me.

“It won’t hurt her. But why aren’t you going to bed?” she asks. I point to all the files on the coffee table.
“Have a meeting with dad’s accountant tomorrow. I’m going over everything first to figure some shit out,”
I tell her, and she sighs.

“Make me one; I can help,”

“Don’t you have to get home to Taylor?” I ask.

“Na, mum has her,” Tatum says, and I look at him and smirk before eyeing Macey, and her face heats.
“Just friends, huh? But his mum now has Taylor?” I ask, knowing Macey didn’t trust anyone with Taylor
other than her own mother, brother, Zoe and I.

“Oh, for god sake, babe! Just tell her already,” Tatum says with a shake of his head. I look at Macey

“Nothing! There is nothing to tell at all. Crystal is just baby sitting because I had dinner with his
mother,” Macey says, and Tatum growls.

“Macey is moving in with me. Mum had Taylor for a sleepover while I moved all her crap. I filled a damn
trailer with toys. Toys!” Tatum says, shaking his head.

“I swear if there is a troll or Smurf toy on this earth Taylor doesn’t have, I will eat my left kidney! Bloody
crazy the amount of toys that girl has,” he growls. Macey rolls her eyes at him.

“We could use a break so we can move the rest tomorrow,” Tatum says.

“Sounds good, and she doesn’t have that many toys,” Macey says, with a sigh. “That trailer we fitted an
entire living room in and bedroom Macey. She has too many toys. My house only has three bedrooms.
One room will be just for all of her toys!” I snicker at their quarrel.

Yet I knew Macey spoiled the crap out of Taylor. I did the same with Valarian, although he never asked
for anything. However, when he did, he always got it; it was the same with Zoe.

After the Hotel kicked off, we made up for lost time, so I understood it. For so long, we scraped coins to
make ends meet, and often that meant no toys and buying only the staples. So once we had money, we
spent it on the kids, giving them what we couldn’t before we had it.

I was the same with Valarian, yet that kid was limited with what he liked, so his toy hoard wasn’t even a
quarter of what the girls had. He wanted order and regularly cleaned out his toys to make room for new


“So you’re moving in with Tatum?” I ask, pouring the hot water into the mug. Valen growls and reaches
for my cup, but I glare at him.

“Oh, here,” Macey says, distracting him by giving him the vial. Valen held it up to the light, and I could
see the metallic silver liquid inside as he examined it.

“By the way, how did your ultrasound go? I forgot to ask earlier,” Macey says, looking at Valen. It
was Macey, and I knew she wouldn’t blab to the world, and neither would Zoe and Valen, told his father

“You jinxed me,” I tell her with a gicgle.

“Jinxed you?” she says, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Twins?” she asks.

“Triplets,” Valen says behind her, and her lips part as she looks at my nonexistent stomach.

“Girl, you gonna be huge, like a beach ball huge,” she laughs.

“Wow, bet that was a shock,” Tatum says before coming up behind Macey. His arms encircle her waist as
he buries his face in her neck.

“Yep, you can say that again. Everly will get her tubes tied after.” valen abruptly states.

“Really?” I scoff

“Yes, I am not being neutered,” Valen says.

“Yeah, I’m with Valen. No man wants someone cutting into their junk,” Tatum agrees.

“But someone should cut into mine,” I retort.

“They will already have to. How many triplets have you heard of being born vaginally?” Valen asks, and I
think, he had a point, but why do I have to get it done?

“Nope, if I’m carrying them, you can sacrifice your balls. Your balls caused it,” I tell him, sipping my

“No way,” he growls. “Why?” Macey demands, just as outraged.

“Because I don’t want my balls cut off,”

“They don’t cut off your balls,” Macey says, shaking her head.

“I am not losing my manhood,” Typical man response.

“Idiot, and I am not getting my tubes tied. You will either get the snip or wear condoms,” Valen pulls a

“It doesn’t feel the same,” I shrug, uncaring. He was getting it done if he didn’t want anymore after these
ones. “Bloody damn litter,” he says pocketing the vial.

“Bet Valarian was excited,” Macey laughs and I sigh.

“Let’s just hope they are boys,” I tell her, and she snickers..

“I hope you have three girls,” I glare at her.

“Hey, don’t say that. You jinxed me last time, so close your damn swallow hole.”

“I can assure you she doesn’t swallow,” Tatum says, and Macey elbows him. 1

“Prick, will you shut up, go annoy Valen and compare dicks, or whatever it is you men do,” she snaps at
him. Tatum chuckles but doesn’t leave her side, and Valen grabs a beer out of the fridge and passes
Tatum one. I glare at him, he reckons he needed a beer after finding out we were having triplets yet I
worried seeing him drink.

“Maybe you can convince Macey to let me put a baby in her,” Tatum says, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

“Fat chance. I like the babies I can hand back to their mothers. Taylor is enough for me,” she says
quickly, and Tatum pouts.

“Just one.” he asks but Macey shakes her head.

“Two,” Tatum says.

“How did we go from one to none and now two?” she says, shaking her head.

“Just get, you want kids, go find someone else. When I agreed to move in with you, I told you that I didn’t
want any more children,” she tells him. Yet I knew why that was, which made me wonder if Macey told
him because he wouldnt have asked if he did. Macey couldn’t have children. She had a hysterectomy
with Taylor because she bled out and nearly died.

“Macey?” I whisper once he wanders over to Valen in the living room.

“I know I have to tell him, but.” She looks over her shoulder at him. “He will leave when he does,” she

“Is that why you didn’t want anyone to know you moved in with him?”

She shrugs.” Just enjoying it while it lasts. Once he finds out, he will run for the hills. They always do.” I
smile sadly. In the last five years, Macey has had two serious relationships.

She even got engaged once, but both left her once they found out she couldn t kave children. She told
the first one just before they moved in together, and he walked out as quickly as he came into her life.
The other she told him the day after they got engaged and the same thing.

“I don’t think Tatum is like that, but you need to tell him before he gets his hopes up?” She chews her lip
nervously as I tell her. I prayed I was right. Macey nods and sighs before running her fingers through her
hair and grabbing her mug. “Come on, let’s sort these papers out,” she says, wandering over to the
coffee table.

Valen was on the phone with Doc, who was waiting for the vial. They spoke for a few minutes before he
stood and looked at Tatum.

“Want to come for a drive with me to the hospital to drop this off,” Valen asks, and Tatum gets up off the

“You have been drinking,” Macey scolds.

“I have had one mouthful,” he says, passing his almost full bottle to Macey. She takes it and looks at it.

“Fine, go then. Can you bring me some Pringle’s back?” Tatum laughs and leans down as she looks up
at him. He pecks her


“Yes, be back soon,” he tells her. Valen kisses me before walking out with Tatum, leaving us alone.
Macey and I go over the paperwork for the pack, and I sigh, finding it getting worse the more we dig.

“This one here,” Macey says, holding out a slip of paper. I take it from her and glance at it. It was an old
arcade that was in the red. “Yeah, what about it?”

“Want to sell it?” she asks, and I glance at it.

“You want to buy an arcade?” she shrugs.

“Zoe and I were discussing pooling our savings and buying something to fix up and invest in,” she says.

“But we have the hotel?” I ask her.

“No, you have the hotel, Zoe has her flat out the back of it, and I have nothing, not that I am complaining.
I know we have always split the hotel income, but I want something to leave to Taylor, same with Zoe. So
we have been looking into it,” I chewed my lip, feeling bad now she said it like that, but I was initially
planning to cut the girls in before I got my father’s pack. But maybe I still could.

“You can have it if you clear the electricity bill on it. Just pay what is outstanding on it. It just shut down,
but hold off buying anything with Zoe for a bit. I want to speak to Valen first.”

“You’re giving it to me?” she asks, glancing down at the arcade. It was rundown but owned outright by
the pack, but the electricity bill was nearly nok. And the machines needed work, so dad just shut it down,
and it has sat vacant since.

“10k, and it’s mine?” she asks, checking the electricity. I didn’t know how much she had exactly, but I
knew she could cover it easily. One thing all of us were good at, was saving. The only time we really
splurged was with the kids.

“If you want it, you can keep all the crap in it, too,” I tell her. I had no use for an arcade and had no idea
what state it was in, but that would be one less bill to pay.

“Valen won’t have a problem with that?” she asks.

“No. But I may have something else if you want it, but I need to speak to Valen first.”

“Are you sure? The building is worth a lot more than that. It has a bowling alley in it and is on the main
drag?” she asks.

“Macey, if you and Zoe want it or even just you, cover the electricity bill and it is yours,” I tell her. It would
only help me out if she took it off my hands. I had no time to fix it up and also the funds. If she wanted to
put her time and money into it and save me the headache, that was fine by me.

“Thank you,” she whispers, looking at its portfolio. Now, I just needed to speak to Valen about the Hotel.
Maybe I wouldn’t have to sell it to Valen if he let the girls chip in as partners. They know what it holds in
value, and it could help cover the rebuild cost. Besides, they helped fix the place. It seemed only fair they
also owned it along with me. 1

But the rest of this crap, I was in way over my head with.

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