Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 126

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Carter POV

The bastard was cocky, and it was pissing me off that he thought he was calling the shots.I watched as
John’s Beta slinked around his office as we reviewed the plans.

Little did he know they were changing.

"I’m changing the plans," I tell him.

He rocks back on his heels as he passes me my drink, where I sit in the armchair

"Excuse me? "

"Are you hard of hearing, Beta? I said I am changing the plans,"

"We can’t.It’s too late. I already have everything set in motion," Clarke says, and I raise an eyebrow at
his words.

I watch him over my glass as I take a sip of the cheap whiskey.

"Plans change Beta.You’ll heed to my demands, and you will comply and still get your revenge.If not,
you will find yourself disposable," I tell him, watching as the twit swallows.

I would have thought John’s Beta would have been more loyal.

Turns out he was a snake, just like his daughter.

Jumped at the opportunity when my father offered to take down John.His price is the pack, and he
could have it.

"These new plans you speak of? " He asks, leaning on the edge of his desk.

"Everything is set in motion.Did you speak to your brother? Is he keeping the council away? " I ask him.

Clarke nods when Amber waltzes into the room.She pecks her father on the cheek.

The girl had her father wrapped around her finger.

Clarke didn’t take too kindly to Everly and Ava, calling her out when Everly challenged her father.

Even if what they spoke was true, and it was true, Amber was willing to bed anyone to remain high on
the totem pole.

Damaged her and her family’s minuscule reputation.

Yet appearances are everything to these bastards.

Fools, I would use it if it helped me to keep gaining the.

"Amber out, we are discussing business," her father says, and she pouts, batting her lashes at him.

"Can I go see my mate? " Clarke waves his daughter off.

Amber escapes quickly, sending me a wink as she sashays out of the room.

"So, what has changed? "

"Nothing for you.You will have your pack once John are dead.My father will grant the pack to you upon
his return.But as for me, I have found my mate so that I will bargain Ava in return for her and leaving
the city," I tell him.

"So I don’t have to do anything? "

"No, just stick to the plans as originally planned, and I am leaving you in charge of making sure my
father gets back into the city once the council leaves to challenge Valen."

"You’re father wants to challenge Valen? "

"Yes, because if I go through with my original plans, my mate won’t submit to me.Unfortunately, she is
close to them.I promised I would back down for her,"

"And you intend to? " he asks incredulously.

"She is my mate," I tell him simply.

"But what of John? "

"The evidence the council has and all records are in his name for the forsaken facility.So as long as
your brother kept up his part of the deal, he will be executed either way by the council when they
realize it was Claire’s DNA that my father was used to morph the forsaken.Rest assured, this had been
in the planning for nearly a decade now.I know what I am doing.They will have no doubt’s my father
was forced, especially when handed the information about my mother,"

"So we frame John.You leave with your rogue mate, and where does that leave me? Valen will kill me,"
Clarke growls.

"Not if my father kills him first,"

"He is the blood Alpha," Clarke states, as if I didn’t know that already.

"My father only has to get close enough.One bite, and it is all over for him.Valen will kill his own family
once he turns rabid.Then the city is yours and my father’s to do what you wish with.And I will be far
away from here with my mate and her daughter," I tell him.

"You’re keeping the brat too? "

"Mind your tongue, Beta! I can easily change the plans again and cut you out of them and the slag
daughter you have, too.I wonder how your rep will fare if I release the footage of the gang bang she
was involved in? " Clarke growls.

"And you will hand that footage over when it is all said and done? " I nod to him.

We had a deal.He just needed to help my father get back into the city.

Finishing up our little meeting, I headed home, well, what I was calling home for the time being.

Pulling up, I see Amber’s little hatchback and groan.I couldn’t stand the bitch.

If she wasn’t mated to one of my men now, I would tell her to fuck off.

Walking inside, the first thing I do is check Ava is okay.She is still tied up and gagged.I untie her so she
can use the restroom in the corner of the room when Porter comes in.

"Got that information you wanted, boss? " I hold my hand out for the folder, and he places it in my

"I sent some men to kill the kid for you.They plan on taking her out during the school run,"

"You what! " I bellowed, spinning on him.

He flinches, taking a step back.

"I thought that is what you wanted," he stammers.

I growl, stalking toward him.

"Did I ask you to do that? " I ask him.

He shakes his head when Amber comes in, and I sneer at her.

"Call it off, now! " I snap at him.

He nods his head, quickly ripping his phone from his pocket and nudging Amber out of the room.

"She stays! "

"I’m sorry, boss, I will sort it.I thought…"

"You thought wrong! Do you dare make decisions on my behalf? Now you will know what it feels like."

"Amber! "

I growl, pointing to my feet.

He had to learn there were consequences for not obeying me, and he would learn.

Amber, the whore, was all too willing to comply.

Porter quickly dials.

"I will take care of it," he gushes, and Amber looks up at me as I look down at her.

The woman disgusted me.She really was a whore.She is willing to do anything to remain at the top,
even with her mate watching behind her.

Porter makes the call, and I nod to Amber as Ava moves back to her spot.

"Sit! " I tell her and she does, rolling her eyes before cuffing herself, knowing I would send Porter over
to do it if she didn’t.

I nod to Amber, who fumbles with my belt before pulling my cock out.

Porter whimpers, clutching his stomach, and I focus on the wall.

Vile thing, she was like a leech.

And if she wasn’t the Beta’s daughter, I would have killed her by now.

Yet no matter how much she sucked my dick, it would never go hard for her.

And this was merely a punishment for her mate, who eventually begged for me to stop, and I was glad
once he did.

Shoving her away, I tuck myself away, and she wipes her mouth when I grip her face.

My phone started ringing in my pocket, and I knew it would be Macey.

She definitely would have felt that, which only angered me more as I gripped Amber’s face.

"Disgusting whore! And you’re not even good at it! " I sneer, shoving her away.

"Fuck you, Carter! " Amber sneers

"Been there, done that.You were even worse at that than you are sucking cock, Amber.Now, get out of
my face.Both of you! "

I tell them, pulling the phone from my pocket

"You fucking prick! "

Macey shrieked at me the moment I answered.

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