Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 127

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Macey POV

Leaving Everly and Valen, I escaped to the roof, slipping through the doors and up the stairwell.I
couldn’t afford to be overheard as I made the call to Carter.I was furious.

It was bad enough I had to bargain with him for Ava.

"You fucking prick! join telegram for latest update " I screamed at him the moment he answered.

"Well, hello to you too," He purrs.

"You think I can’t feel your infidelity, you asshole? Yet you expect me to run off into the sunset with you!
" I snarled through the phone.

"I was teaching one of my men a lesson.The whore means nothing.And don’t pretend you haven’t got
up to mischief today, love.I know you visited your internet boyfriend," he says, and I chew my lip.

Iscrub a hand down my face, staring at the night sky.

"Macey, are you there? " He asks

"Yes, I’m still here."

"Good.So have you thought about what I said? Have you gotten all your ducks in a row and are ready
to leave with me? "

"How do I know you will stick to your end of the deal? I don’t trust you,"

"I gave Micah back, didn’t I? Don’t doubt my love now.But for ensuring purposes, we can leave her at
the borders before we head to the cabin."

"A cabin? I am supposed to leave my daughter, my life behind for a cabin? " I chuckle.

"No, you can bring Taylor," he says.

Yeah, definitely not! I would never allow her near this monster.

Yet he would be if I left her behind.

"No.Not until I know you stick to your word.I am leaving Taylor here.I want to ensure you’re safe first."

"I would never harm your daughter, Macey.Why do you think I was punishing one of my men? He
wanted to have your daughter killed.I stopped it and made him watch as his whore of a mate sucked
my dick.Vile woman! " he says.

"Where is Ava? " I ask, ignoring his words.

"Beside me, safe and sound.And she will remain that way, as long as you abide by the plans," Carter
tells me.

"And no harm will come to anyone here? " I asked him "None, you have my word.I just want you,"

I chew my lip, leaning on the wall looking over at the city.

"Fine, we have a deal.Send me the details," I tell him before hanging up on him.

I didn’t want to talk to him more than I needed to.I sigh heavily; I could do this! Yet I just hoped the
band didn’t come in the way when it was time to kill him.

And he would die for what he had done! However, turning around, I was about to head back inside
when I spotted John sitting in one of the fold-up chairs.

"Interesting conversation, you just had Macey," John says, drawing back on his cigarette.

"Yes, indeed, it was.So I assume you have a plan and reason for keeping this from my son?”

"And my daughter? "

John adds as Jalen comes to stand by John.

How I was stupid enough to not realize I was being followed and that John was up here the entire time
was beyond me.I let my anger get the better of me and became solely focused on Carter’s infidelity
that I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings.

"So you lied to Everly and me earlier, though I knew it was a lie.You don’t get periods after a
hysterectomy," Kalen says.

I admit I panicked when put on the spot.

Yet it wasn’t actually a lie.I still get cramps.

"Technically, I still get the occasional cycle, and monthly cramps, though they are more of a dull ache."

"So you do only have a partial hysterectomy? " He asks, and I nod.

"Yes, I still have ovaries.But the way Doc explained it besides, eventually going into early menopause,
is that my body will still have a form of a cycle, though the body absorbs any egg. "

"But you still lied? "

"Do you think I want to? How would Zoe feel knowing the man responsible for letting what happened to
her is my mate? Carter needs to die! And they won’t risk my life by killing my mate, so I have no

Kalen and John look at each other.

"So Carter is your mate? You’re certain? " John asks.

I nod and bite the inside of my cheek.

"You can’t tell them.I know the girls and they won’t risk my life.Killing Carter is the only way! "

"And you could really kill your mate? " Kalen asks.

"I have no choice.Besides, if I do as Carter says, he will give me Ava back.It’s a trade," John leans
forward, clasping his hands together.

"And you’re the trade? " He says.

"Let us help you.I get why you don’t want to tell the girls, but you don’t have to do this alone.Let us
help," Kalen says.

"It can only be you, no one else.Carter has people on the inside helping.He knows things he shouldn’t
know," I tell them.

"OK.Say we let you go along with his demands.Ambush and kill him; you and Tatum split.You have a
daughter, Macey.So then what, you die? " Kalen asks.

I had thought of it plenty, which is exactly why I had Everly sign those papers.

My baby would be safe.

"I have plans for her in place.Everly and Zoe will take her,"Itell them, and John looks at Kalen.

"I will talk to Tatum after we sort this mess.Killing your mate, we have no idea what effect that will
have.It’s different from Valarie and me, and you are rogue," Kalen points out, and I knew exactly what
would happen.

I would deteriorate faster.

One thing breaking a bond, another slaughtering it.

"No, Tatum was clear.We were over.I don’t want to be pity marked,"

I growl at the thought.

No one wants a sympathy mark.

John and Kalen seem to think when John sits back in his chair.

"OK, what about, and don’t take this the wrong way, but Kalen or I could mark you? .You, not us, just to
keep you alive? " I gape at him.

"Dude, you’re old enough to be my father! Ew! Gross! "

"Not like that! Just…"

"Nope! The bond will still have effects, grandpa! Keep your wrinkly, dusty old balls to yourself! I will let
you help, but neither of you is marking me! "

I shriek and pull a face.

Yeah, I have no desire to be Valen or Everly’s stepmother by default.

"OK, we will figure out that bridge as we cross it,"

"No! I will figure out that bridge.Neither of you is taking a bite out of me.I would rather die than be
attracted to your old asses! "

"I am not that old! What is it with this generation thinking we are old? I have plenty left in the tank, not
that I would, you aren’t the only one grossed out by the idea, but at least we had one! "

Kalen snaps?

"Did you have a black-and-white TV? You are bloody old then! "

He curses.

"Bloody stubborn woman, fine! But tell us the plan, and let’s work something out," Kalen says, reaching
over and snatching John’s smokes.

He puts one in his mouth.

"Since when do you smoke? " John asks him.

"When I am anxious.So shut and hand me a lighter! "

Kalen snaps, clicking his fingers at John.He then offers me the packet, and I take it, leaning against the

"So, what is this plan? " John asks, lighting his own smoke before passing me the lighter.

"We kill Carter, and take back the city, but first I need to get close enough to him and get Ava out," I

"And the plan? " Kalen asks.

"Ah, that’s all I got so far, I admit and Kalen curses.”

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