Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 130

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Valen POV

The phone temporarily cuts out as it goes through my Bluetooth, and I could hear Everly giving the
council a mouthful.

“Valen!” she groans through gritted teeth as pain courses through the bond as I race to get to her.

“Nearly there. Hold on,” I tell her, racing through the streets.

This explained why the council cancelled at the last minute, but why was another question? Yet right
now, I had a one–track mind: to get to my mate.

“Touch me again, and I will gut you!” I hear Everly growl at someone.

“Grab my bag! Over there, you twat! Now move!Unless you want to deliver my babies, get out of my
way,” she snarls, groaning as another contraction hits her.

I pressed my foot harder on the accelerator when I heard her panting as she breathed through another,
and Marcus white–knuckled his seat as we tore around another corner, the car sliding out and narrowly
missing some parked cars before I pulled it back.

“It‘s too early! It‘s too early, Valen!” I hear Everly cry out.

Yet we hoped she would get to this point, sure we would have preferred her to go full term, but Doc
expected this and Marcus assured me the hospital was getting prepared and an ambulance was on its
way to her.

Now, I just needed to get there. Yet as the engine screamed around the next corner. Marcus screamed
when we found a roadblock. Cops were everywhere up the main drag blocking both sides of the road,
and I saw my father get pulled from a truck while John had his hands in the air.

Both of them are surrounded by the council and half the police force. The car screeches to a stop, and
Marcus is thrown forward in his seat as the car comes to an abrupt stop.

Then suddenly, all guns were turned and pointed at us.

“FUCK!” I curse as the car becomes surrounded. I growl.

“Valen? Valen, the ambulance is here. Where are you?” Everly cries as pain ripples through the bond,
along with her panic. She was scared, scared she would have to do this on her own, scared for our
babies and overall, just scared for herself.

“Just a detour, love. I will meet you at the hospital,” I tell her, watching as the car becomes surrounded

“You‘re coming, though? I can‘t do this again, Valen!” Everly cries.

“I promise I will be there. Just go with the ambulance,” I tell her before tossing my door open.

“HDYYgMDeWs where we can see the Alpha,” comes a voice, and I turn my head to see John‘s Beta
smiling and walking toward me.

John was pinned to the ground, being handcuffed. My father still stood with his hands in the air, and I
wondered what was going on when I felt Everly‘s panic through the bond.

“Breathe, love! I am coming. I‘ll be there soon. Just gotta take care of something first.” I mind linking her.
We had been avoiding the mind link for weeks, worried about the strain it put on Everly, but seeing as it
was baby time, I don‘t think she would become more stressed than she already is

“Well, this is a fun turn of events now, isn‘t it, Alpha?” Beta Clarke says when I see his brother Deacon
pull up before getting out of his car. I knew he was with Everly, so if he was here, the ambulance had
already gotten Everly.

“Valen, my daughter? Clarke said she is in labor,” John says, and I nod to him as he struggles on the
ground, “Trying to get to her, John. Give me a moment,” I call back to him when I see a scuffle, and my
father shifts abruptly, taking off for the borders. I had no idea where he was going, but the moment he
started fighting, so did John before everyone rushed to contain him. My father‘s huge black wolf takes
out two of the men but effectively escapes. Yet Marcus and I were surrounded.

“Well, gentleman, you either shoot or drop your weapons. Because I made a promise, and I don‘t intend
to break it,” I tell Deacon as I start undoing my cufflinks.

“You are under suspicion for your involvement in the forsaken and rogue murders,” Deacon tells me, and
my brows raise. No doubt Carter and Nixon were up to something.

“Is that so?” I ask him while removing my blazer. I toss it on the hood of my car before I start unbuttoning
my shirt, and they start backing up.

“Yes..Alpha Valen, we have—” Deacon stutters, but I ignore him.

Of all days to pick to piss me off, today wasn‘t one of them.

“Now, I have a mate who, as you know, Deacon, is in labor,” I tell him, tugging my tie off. I tossed it on
the hood, mindful of everyone watching me as I sized them up and counted how many surrounded us.

“We can‘t let you go, Alpha Valen. Not until…” Deacon begins to say when I cut him off.

“The hard way it is then,” I finish for him as I toss my shirt aside. I hear Marcus growl behind me, but I
pay no attention to him. I know he has my back.

Stepping forward, I smile when they back up. They knew the very danger they were in if they tried to stop
me from getting my mate; however, what I was not expecting was for Alpha Nixon‘s wife to step out of
the black SUV behind them. My eyes zero in on her.

Of course, Nixon had something to do with this and looking at Beta Clarke, and we now knew who the
other informant was.

“We have all the evidence we need to prove this was Alpha Johns and your doing, Alpha Valen. It would
be best if you came with us,” Deacon says while Nixon‘s Luna saunters over with a smug smile, her
wrinkling made–up face.

“And what evidence is that?” I ask, curious about what I would have to prove myself innocent of.

“For one, the facility being in yours and John‘s name,” Deacon answers.

“What facility?”

“The one hidden in the mining mountains. Also, the amount of incriminating evidence of the patient zero,
of course. To use his own wife for his sick misdoings is purely vile, and you helped him all to drive my
husband from the city. We have all the evidence needed to prove our case. Both your signature and
John‘s are on it. The patient used to create the poison and the vaccine. I won‘t let my husband take the
fall for this,” she growls.

“And where did this supposed evidence come from? You? Nixon himself?” I ask her, knowing it did. The
other council members look around at each other while Deacon looks between the other council elders
and me.

“Now, I am going to give you one last chance. Deacon, to correct this mistake. If not, you will find out why
they call me the blood Alpha,” I tell him.

If they want a fight, they will get one because no one was stopping me from getting to my mate.s

“So, I suggest you choose wisely because your shitty wolfsbane bullets won‘t stop me. And if I have to
run through all of you to get to my mate, so be it,” I tell them, feeling the ripple of the shift as it starts to
take over.

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