Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 139

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Macey POV

“You’re right. It is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean it has to be unpleasant, right?” I ask before climbing
between his legs. He watches me as I reach for the waistband of his pants, my fingers slipping beneath

My fingers tremble as I grip them and slide them down his legs, only for him to grab my shoulders and
haul me up his body. He crushes me against his body, and he rolls on top of me, his body sliding
between my legs and pressing against me as he purrs.

His hands reach for the thin slip dress as he bunches it before removing it over my head. He tosses it
aside, his lips going to my chest. My skin buzzed and came alive at his touch, tingles spreading
everywhere as he captured my nipple in his mouth.

His lips trailed down my ribs, nipping and grazing my flesh with his teeth. I swallowed, trying to ignore our
bond that was telling me to give myself to him. Yet it was hard when, despite not wanting his hands
pawing over me or his lips tasting me, the sensations were overwhelming, yet down there, he would be

He nips at my hip, shoving my legs apart, and I feel beneath my pillow to the edge of the bed when his
mouth is suddenly on me; I cry out at the pleasurable sensation as his tongue sweeps over me while my
fingers search for a piece of the antler I broke off.

The chain on my ankle seemed to annoy him when he shoved my leg higher and spread me wider for
him, yet I needed to move closer to my side of the bed, knowing the antler was at the very edge of the

Yet my hand fists the sheet when he sucks my clit, an involuntary moan escapes my lips, and I hated that
he could play my body like a damn instrument thanks to the bond we shared.

“You seem distracted,” Carter murmurs against my lower lips, and my hand freezes in its search. I glance
down at him to find him watching me, and his eyes flicker to that of his wolf side. It was eerie staring into
them and seeing my face reflected back at me.

“No, I am just worried about Taylor,” I tell him, which wasn’t a lie. I was petrified for her. I didn’t want
Nixon anywhere near her, if I didn’t tell him the truth with him feeling out the bond, he would know I was
up to something. Carter sits up on his elbows. He kisses my knee before he looks at me, his eyes
scrutinizing my face.

“You will be reunited with your daughter soon enough, but for now, we complete the bond, Macey,” he
says, dipping his head and running his tongue along my thigh. He grips my hips, his hands going
beneath my ass so he can lift me to his mouth. His hot mouth covers me, and I squirm, wiggling closer to
the side needed.

While he is distracted, I slowly move my arm above my head again, placing my other hand on his head
and fisting his hair while my fingertips search the edge of the bed. Carter growls against my clit, the
vibration sending shock waves through me when I brush the edge of the antler.

I gently pull it out, knowing it isn’t 100 percent straight, and if it bangs on the wood, he would be alerted; I
leave it beneath my pillow for easy reaching before tugging on his hair and moving my hips; he growls at
me, trying to hold me still when I jerk his head back by his hair; he lifts his head and crawls up my body,
settling his weight between my legs, and I wrap my arms around his neck, hugging him closer to kiss

My tongue delves between his lips, and he kisses me back hungrily when I feel his erection pressing
against me. I wrap my legs around his waist, rolling my hips against him, and arousal floods me, which

helps me keep up with my plan yet also clouds my mind as my body decides it wants to overtake all
rational thought.

Carter groans against my lips, his tongue tangling with mine as he tastes every inch of my mouth, and
tears spring in my eyes at what I was about to do. He was my mate, and if he hadn't done what he had,
no doubt I could have loved him. But I also loved Tatum, and that love was pure, not tainted by death and

Carter was willing to love me despite me not being able to give him kids, despite me being rogue, so it
saddened me that the one person who actually wanted me was toxic. I couldn’t have him. Yet, despite
hating the man, I wanted him, just like I wanted Tatum, yet the bond made the feeling stronger. Some
rational part of me knew the bond made me feel that way.

And now I was about to kill the one person whose soul should be linked to mine, my twin flame, and I
was about to extinguish the fire and replace it with his blood and death, including my own. Carter rocks
his hips against me, his hand going between our bodies as he positions himself at my entrance. His lips
travel down to my mark on my right side. He sucks on it, nipping at my flesh, and I run my fingers
through his hair.

My throat suddenly developed a lump as I choked back emotion, and I kissed his cheek before he thrust
himself inside me. He groans, and I roll my hips against him while he buries his face in my neck and
breathes against my skin. My hand leaves his side to beneath the pillow beside me. I couldn’t get his
heart from this angle, yet still, I wrapped my hand around the piece of antler.

His tongue traces over my mark, and I would miss that feeling that only made tears stream down my face
as he moved slowly, rocking his hips against me when I gripped his hair. I locked my legs around his
waist, and his hand gripped my thigh. A sob tore from my lips as I plunged the antler into his neck. He
stills and gasps, startled, and I could feel the pain through the bond, the betrayal he felt while I choke on
a sob at what I just did. 1

I grip him harder when he tries to push off the mattress, and I jerk it out only to plunge it back in, blood
spurted across my face and gushed out of him, and his hand tried to pry my hand free, holding the antler
in my fist.

“Macey,” he chokes, and I break at the sound of my name leaving his lips. I twist it, causing more blood
to pour out. I felt it go through his windpipe, and heard him gurgle.

“I could have loved you, and I would have loved you,” I cried as I clutched him.

“But you hurt my sister,” I breathed. Carter gurgled, trying to lift up, but my legs were locked around his
waist, my feet locked behind my ankles as I held onto him as he struggled to breathe.

“Fuck your mate bond. No, mate bond is stronger than the bond I have with my sisters,” I tell him as he
chokes on his own blood. It spews out of his mouth and coats my shoulder, face, and neck with its
warmth. His last breath beside my ear will always

haunt me, same as the pain that sliced through my chest as sharp as a razor edge; it cut right through
my heart and made my soul bleed as a coldness settled over me, so cold, it felt like death, and I knew it
was his and mine.

I felt the part of me that was connected to him die along with him. The bond tether and agony tore
through me, and I hiccupped a sob. Kalen said killing your own mate would have consequences, and it
felt like I was rotting from the inside out as I felt blood trickle from my nose instantly.

I sniffled, feeling his dead weight crushing me as his body went limp, and it took every ounce of strength
I had left to crawl out from under him.

I was drenched in his blood, and I looked at his body face down on the bed before my shaky hands
tucked the blanket up, as if I could pretend I was tucking him in instead of being unable to look at what I

did. Yet as I did, my legs went from under me, and I fell heavily beside the bed. I killed him. I killed my
mate and knowing that only killed me even more.

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