Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 149: Epilogue

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Everly POV

A year later Zoe and I sat with Valen and Marcus, as we waited for Doc to tell me how many eggs they
were able to extract that were viable.

"Man, I have never been so nervous in all my life!" I whisper to Zoe.

"I know! My hands are shaking," she whispers.

"What if she says no?"

Zoe worries as she bounces her son, Noah on her lap.

Macey was not able to find a surrogate or an egg donor.

Zoe had come to me and told me she wanted to offer to carry a baby for Macey, yet she wasn’t sure
she was comfortable carrying a baby that was biologically hers.

So after speaking with Valen and telling him what Zoe wanted to do and that we just needed an egg
donor. He sighed heavily.

"You want to donate your eggs?"

I nodded my head.I needed his blessing, because it was a big ask for him knowing biologically the child
would be mine and Tatum’s.

Though I was not carrying this child and it was just eggs I had no intention of using, this was not my
child but theirs and Zoe was the vessel.

"As if I would say no," Valen had said, so Zoe and I had gone to all the appointments, made sure
everything was safe and would work out before deciding to present it to Macey.

We didn’t want to get her hopes up only for them to crash down again.We had all witnessed her
heartache when she couldn't find a donor or surrogate.She desperately wanted to give Tatum a baby,
though we all knew he was content with Taylor, but in Macey’s eyes, their little family wasn’t complete.

We wanted to help her complete it.

The door opens and Doc walks out and I think all four of us suddenly forgot how to breathe as we
stared at his desk as he sat down and went over his notes.

"Seven viable eggs, you just have to ask now," Doc tells us and we all let out a breath simultaneously.

I squeeze Zoe’s hand excitedly and she squeezes mine back.We had it all planned on how we would
ask her.

A little corny, but we were excited to see their faces.

"We will ask at the barbeque tonight," I tell Zoe and she smiles, while Noah babbles on her lap
excitedly, eating his hEAp*[VNNs having no idea what is going on.

The packhouse was full of family.

Kalen and Dad were wrangling the girls.

Ava was chasing the kids around the backyard while they pretended the grass was Lava and Ava was
the lava monster chasing them around the huge climbing frame they played on.

The smell of sausage and steak on the barbeque made my mouth water as I carried a salad bowl out
and placed it on the table.

Tatum was with Marcus and Valen as they manned the meat.

Zoe was giving Noah his bottle and talking to Macey about the upcoming event at the hotel and
arrangements that needed to be made.

"Zoe!" I sing out and she looks up at me, her lips curling up at the edges as she stands.

She passes Noah to Macey.

"Can you give him to Marcus? I just have to help Everly for a second," Zoe says.

"Sure," she says, taking him while Zoe makes her way over to me.

Macey sets her beer down, eyeing us as we disappear back inside.

We walk into the kitchen and I grab a boiled egg from the fridge and chuckle at the silliness of it, while
Zoe finds the little plastic medical diagram of a womb she bought off ebay.

"Ready?" I ask her, grabbing the paperwork showing she had seven viable eggs if she wanted to use

Walking out the back, she was talking to Marcus with Noah perched on her hip.

Marcus, spotting us coming out, nudges Valen who places the tongs down.

"Tatum?" he called out, who was now talking to my father.

He waves him over and Macey was far too distracted talking to Marcus, who swiftly steals Noah from
her arms just as we stop behind her.

Tatum raises an eyebrow at us as we stand with our hands behind our backs.

We both fall to one knee in some strange proposal position, making us giggle.

Yet she still doesn't turn around.

Tatum looks at us as if we have lost the plot before clearing his throat loudly and sipping his beer.

Still, Macey was absorbed with lecturing Marcus about god knows what when I sigh and reach up,
tugging the back of her shirt and she spins around and looks down. I hold up the boiled egg and

She stares at us amused, and it is obvious she thinks we are just being silly.She takes the egg.

"If we are having an egg and spoon race, I am totally winning that shit!" she states.

"Macey, will you let me be your egg donor?" I ask her and her smile slips off her face as she gapes at
me, at the same Zoe offers her the little plastic gyno womb.

"Macey will you put your baby in me?" she asks and Macey takes the plastic womb.

Valen reaches down, plucking the doctor’s paperwork from my hands and passing it toher.

"Wait? Are you Joking?" she asks, staring between us and Valen taps the paper showing her the
number of Viable eggs she has, and Tatum reads over her shoulder.

"Wait, you're both okay with this?" Tatum asks, looking between Marcus and Valen.

"Of course!"

They both say simultaneously.

"We can have a baby?" Macey asks, stunned, her hands shaking as she stares at the boiled egg and
little womb.

"Is that a yes? Because my knees are killing, kneeling like this," Zoe whines.

"Are you sure?" Macey asks, tears glistening in her eyes and we both nod.

"Positive! Let us do this for you," Zoe tells her and she sniffles but nods.

"So that’s a yes?" I ask, my knees also aching at the position, yet all she does is nod her head, unable
to form words.

"Yes!" she finally croaks out and Zoe and I beam with excitement for her.

"We're going to have a baby!" she shrieks, ripping us into her arms and crushing us against her breasts
since she was taller than us both.

Tatum, Marcus and Valen join in on our group hug.

As we all separate and Tatum screams out, "We’re having a baby!" while hugging Macey and kissing
her head.

"You’re having a baby," I laugh as the kids all scream excitedly, rushing over to join in the celebrations
of our little village growing larger.


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