Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 125

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“Haha, I’ll leave behind my cumbersome body.”
Black Mamba sniggered. He was 110 meters from the boulder at the back, if he ran undercover, he could get there in 15 seconds. 15 seconds gave him plenty of time to sweep up all of them.
The rabbit that was trying to attack flinched at the eagle.
‘What is that?’
Black Mamba’s gaze was directed at the private’s barrack in the back. There was a man coming out of the barracks drenched in blood. With eyesight close to that of an owl, there was no way he could fail to recognize the figure at 10 meters away. It was Pieff. The muscles he had contracted to run at explosive speed, quickly relaxed.
“Silly man, he ended up causing a scene.”
His determination fell away. Black Mamba started to walk as he watched the backs of the retreating guerrilla troops.
Pieff was only partially conscious.
The will to live was the only thing allowing him to move his body. Black Mamba sighed as he looked over at Pieff. He had been cut here and there with a thick blade. His skin was hanging open, a chunk was missing from his side, there were darts stuck to his side and thigh, he was a patient with multiple injuries.
His side and thighs were not the big problem. It was his breathing. His broken ribs were putting pressure on his lungs. If this situation continued for 10 more minutes, he would die from asphyxiation. Black Mamba hesitated for a moment then placed his thumbs on Pieff’s sides. As if he was going to punch a hole through them, he pressed in his fingers and grabbed the broken rib bones.
Crack… He pulled the broken ribs and put them back in place. Pieff shuddered in agony.
“Ahh!” A scream came out of his unconscious lips.
Thud- He repeatedly hit the left side of his neck. After pulling the two ribs back into their rightful place, Pieff breathed a lot easier. A dark bruise appeared on the spot where the fingers had dug into his side.
“You fool, if you don’t have the skill, it is more helpful to stay out of the way.” Black Mamba muttered as he wiped away the sweat from his forehead.
He was anxious about this harsh medical procedure. He ripped his clothes to use as bandages to stop the bleeding and got back up.
Suddenly he registered another presence inside the barracks.
It was a weak presence with all its will to do battle gone. There was not enough time left to investigate. If he gave the guerrillas time to regroup, it would become that much more difficult. He had already lost time due to treating Pieff.
The smell of blood floated around the barracks and silence fell upon it.
The three barracks in front of him and the two behind him were completely empty. The guerrilla troops who were able to escape the nightmare had disappeared into the hills.
There was not a single bullet fired in the direction of the barracks. These men did not have guns with them at all times and if they had not escaped as fast as they did, they would have lost the opportunity to counterattack. From the hills, the energy of soldiers crept toward him like a fog. These were not the same as the child soldiers they had used as cannon fodder. They were the special forces specifically trained to target Deuxieme Rep.
“Nigimi Ddugural, this is going to get complicated.”
He looked at Pieff with indignation. Because the pathetic punk was poking his nose around without knowing what he was doing, he had created a difficult situation. If he hadn’t been the commander, he wouldn’t even have bothered treating him.
“If you’re not going to listen, then you will have to get a beating. Believe me, if you get to witness the third level of my skills then you’ll stop getting in the way.”
The eyelids of the unconscious Pieff fluttered.
It was 110 meters to the top of the hill. It would take six seconds if he were to run straight to it, 10 seconds if he ran in a zigzag. Swoosh… He decided against running straight. This would make it easier to avoid becoming a target for the men who were aiming at them.
He changed direction every 0.9 seconds.
Every time he changed direction, a strong wind whipped up around him. The best sniper in Deuxieme Rep was Mike. The time it took for Mike to mark a target and shoot was 1.2 seconds. That meant that unless it was a fluke, there was no way to catch Black Mamba.
“How could there be a human-like that!”
As if he had teleported, the figure, who had been coming in a zigzag, suddenly disappeared. Sun WooHyun mouth hung open as he aimed his gun from one side to the other. He didn’t get a chance to shoot one bullet. Nor did his other men.
Sun WooHyun assumed this was the Kanma that Hadad had told him about.
The men he had commissioned were made up of 50 from the Tubu clan and 10 volunteers. 34 had been killed and only 26 had been able to escape. He had killed two of them but their losses were much greater. The smirking face of Hadad flashed before him.
“Damn punk. I’ll be sure to kill you one day!”
He ground his teeth.
“Its Kanma!”
“Kanma is here.”
He could hear his comrades chattering.
“You fools!”
Sun WooHyun was flabbergasted.
He had heard about Kanma more than he wanted to already. It was all a hoax. A man who was able to dodge RPGs and bullets! Was he some character who popped out from an American superhero movie?
Most African tribes are simple-minded. If they cannot understand something about themselves, they will look to a higher power to explain it.
“Superstitious fools. If he’s Kanma then I am Tubilis, no Namir!”
Sun WooHyun was determined in his will to fight. Kanma was a formidable opponent but he too was called grim reaper. He had no intention of lowering his tail. It was too late for that.
While Sun WooHyun was angrily grinding his teeth, Black Mamba was climbing up the boulder like a spider. He was able to move his right and left hands and feet at the same time.
The warriors of the Tubu clan, who were looking around nervously, were suddenly struck from above. Black Mamba had silently climbed over the hill.
The guerrilla who got his head struck by the kukri didn’t have time to make a sound. It was Black Mamba’s specialty to cut through both the nervous system and the respiratory system in one go.
Before Black Mamba was a sniper, he had been an assassin.
18 times stronger than the average human, his eyesight was not compromised by darkness, and with the ability to increase his body’s efficiency, with animalistic instincts, he was the king of the night.
The nightmare of war escalated in the darkness.
He approached them as stealthily as a snake and then stung them like a scorpion. He jumped from boulder to boulder like a mountain goat and ended their lives as swiftly as a puma.
The guerrilla troops fell into a panic. The assassin was on the attack but they did not know where he was. Without a target, their guns were useless. The Tubu clan warriors grabbed their swords and shamshir and chased aimlessly after the shadow man Kanma.
Before his presence had been known, he had been hidden in the dark corners of the Sahel to quietly murder his victims. Even the chirping bugs seemed to be holding their breaths. His spatial awareness powers intensified in the dark. With his ability to find where the enemy was hiding in the darkness, there was nothing to stop Black Mamba.
The Tubu clan warriors were an adequate threat to him also.
Even with their lives at stake, their swords would swing, and they would use their comrades as bait and counterattack. They were much different from the guerrilla troops he had faced previously. They were skilled in the use of their weapons and swords. If the ones he had met at Uldi Harmarl were assassins, then these men were warriors. It was a large burden to have to kill them off quietly.
Crack… A guerrilla soldier hiding between the boulders got his head twisted completely around. Swish- As a subtle sound rang out, Black Mamba swept away like a balloon blowing away in the wind.
Two soviet made bayonets NR-2s suddenly plummeted into the ground where he had been standing. Black Mamba, who had been flat against the rock, used his agile skills to quickly jump over the boulder.
Puk puk puk… The bullets landed in the spot where he had been.
“What? Is he human?” Sun WooHyun exclaimed in surprise.
The enemy who had been right in front of his eyes suddenly disappeared from view through his night-vision goggles. He had thrown his bayonet and shot at the place he had estimated him to be, but he had disappeared like a ghost.
He had wasted the chance to catch him with his perfect placement of his men as bait.
After losing his opportunity, Sun WooHyun quickly switched his location. His opponent had amazing skills as was rumored. If he hesitated in one spot, he would be dead in a heartbeat.
Black Mamba touched the part of his cheek where the bullet had grazed.
There was blood on the palm of his hand.
‘Pretty good. That might turn into a cross.’
Of all the places to hit, the bullet grazed the part of his face the puma had left a scar. Now it would form the shape of a cross. He pulled out a gauze from his backpack and placed it over his cheek.
Of the survivors, there was one who had pretty good skills.
He had thrown a sword as bait and then shot in the location of where he anticipated he would move to avoid it. He had even been careful enough to use a silencer so that his location would not be compromised.
“He’s pretty useful.”
Even among Deuxieme Rep, he had skills that were difficult to come by.
‘Crazy punk, how can he be so fast.’
After quickly getting away, Sun WooHyun calmed his beating heart. There are many special task force members in North Korea. From every navy, army, and reconnaissance group, his skills had received much recognition and acclaim.
He was the best when it came to reconnaissance and one to one combat. Within 10 meters, he could throw a spear and hit a cockroach. A cockroach is very sensitive to movement and sound. He had the skills to overcome the adaptability of a cockroach and be fast enough to predict its movement and to catch it.
Kanma was able to avoid the bayonets which landed five to six steps behind him. He was unable to follow his movements with his dynamic visual acuity. After failing in getting him even after perfectly calculating his gunshots, Sun WooHyun started to sweat.
“F*ck, I’m Namir Sun WooHyun. Let’s do this!”
Sun WooHyun’s bad luck was brought on because of his pride. There is a sky beyond the sky. He had confidence in his skills but hadn’t realized that his opponent was one who could throw a needle from 10 meters away and still hit the target.
Sun WooHyun dug into the ground to push his body into the air.
Puh puk… Bullets continuously flew at him and exploded around him.
“Ha, I’m already accustomed to the double-tap.”
“Eekee!” He mustered all his strength to roll away.
Puh puh puk… Sun WooHyun was just barely able to avoid getting shot as he slammed his head against the ground.
There was a smell of burning protein.
The last shot had got a piece of his hair. It was not a double-tap but a triple- tap.
“You’re no joke,”
He got chills down his spine. If it hadn’t been for his alert instincts, he would have had a bullet stuck in his head.
As he collected his breath, there was the sound of hook-guruk and a scream. The scream was not a scream exactly. It was the sound of air escaping from someone’s throat. The sound when the head is sliced off.
His opponent had forced him between these boulders and then casually went looking for his comrades. He was a terrifying man worthy of being called Kanma. Sun WooHyun wiped his itchy face. His palms were wet with cold sweat.
As the cloud cover disappeared, the fat white moon rising from the west poked out its head. Splatters of blood dripped down in between the rocks.
Once his sight was restored, the battle got more intense.
The guerrilla troops, many of whom had been killed left and right without a sound, were now upping their resistance. The surviving guerrilla troops formed into teams of two.
“Ack!” “It’s Kanma!”
The assassination had changed to a scream filled massacre. If their partner was attacked, they screamed on his behalf. It was a way to let the rest of them know where the enemy was located.
Clang… puk puk… Black Mamba kicked away the bayonet aimed at his stomach and placed two bullets in his opponent’s chest with a double-tap. At that moment, a shamshir popped out of the ground.
‘Ah!’ He almost got his leg chopped off. His big toe gripped into the earth. Using his momentum, his body sped forward. The shamshir hovered in the air and passed by him. Puk…The Tubu clan warrior who had popped out of the ground fell with a bullet hole through his head.
The moment he landed, the corpse immediately jumped up and swung his sword. It was a perfectly timed attack aligning with his landing.
“Allahu akbar!”
“God damn!”
Black Mamba’s left foot kicked the sword, and using the momentum, spun in the air, then kicked his adversary in the temple with his right foot. It was a move that defied the laws of nature.
Thud… With one kick, the opponent’s spine snapped and his face turned 180 degrees resulting in the unnerving sight of a man looking up at the sky with his body lying face down.
He exhaled the stale breath and deeply inhaled fresh air. He did not think that the corpse would get up again.
It was the guy who had been hit with a double hit to the chest. For every result, there is a cause. He pushed the corpse away with his foot and ripped off the clothes from his chest.
‘Metal plate!’
He was surprised at seeing the metal plate on the man’s chest. It was a poor quality bulletproof vest. He felt bad for the men running around with heavy three-millimeter metal plates under their uniforms but it had saved the man’s life, if only once.
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