Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 130

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The bizarre scene that he had witnessed left him speechless. He wanted to cry as he listened to the horrific screams of torture.

“It’s Black Mamba. He said he was going to let him live but it looks like he’s decided to remove his bones one by one.” Emil answered nonchalantly.

Bronin’s face turned white.

“He’s torturing a professional? And he’s removing his bones one by one to boot?”

Emil stared at Sergeant Bronin with a look of incredulity in his eyes. If he wasn’t a higher rank then he was, he would have hit him.

“Sir, the Sahel is not Corsica. If you don’t get that crap out of your head, you won’t survive here.”

“Wha… what? How dare you speak to me like that?”

Bronin glared at Emil.

“Huh, look at that guy’s eyes.”

Bronin turned away as Emil continued to glare at him. He didn’t have the stomach to stare at someone who had killed so many.

Valboir, who had been gathering the supplies, was also in a state of nerves.

The screams were so desperate that he got goosebumps. They were not the screams of someone fighting against another human being.

“What is that sound? Is it the sound of a dying hyena?”

“Black Mamba must be dealing with the communist. Just let him be and continue shoveling.” Jang Shin answered nonchalantly.

“Communist? You mean that Asian from before? Jang Shin, you carry on, I’m going to go check it out.”

“It won’t be anything you want to see.”

“The things you shouldn’t see are the best ones to watch.”

Valboir’s curiosity got the best of him. Black Mamba was a special person. Whatever he did was special. For Valboir, who had always wanted to be a writer, Black Mamba was an intriguing character.

“He’s not a normal human being either.”

Jang Shin shook his head and concentrated on digging. They had to hurry up and haul out the pick up and fill it with the supplies.

Sun WooHyun was rolling around on the ground like a ball.

He tried all he could to avoid the beatings but it was no use. The club hit him consistently and accurately without a single mishit. The guy’s action was like an automatic press machine that guaranteed exact results.

Black Mamba limited the beating so that it wouldn’t break his victim’s bones. He was a man with great fighting skills and stamina. He was worthy of going around calling himself Namir.

He had teasingly called Sun WooHyun a sidekick but the idea stuck.

He decided to take in the communist. Even the best attack dogs get eaten when they attack their owners. Black Mamba was going to resolutely show him who was boss. For Sun WooHyun, that was extremely bad luck.

It was the wee hours of the morning when the darkness had not yet begun to fade.

Even though his vision was impaired, each strike of the club met its mark. Sun WooHyun got goosebumps at Kanma’s skill. This guy was definitely a wild beast. His eyes even appeared to be emanating a red light.

The monster had no mercy. If he had asked any questions Sun WooHyun would have answered them but all he did was beat him and say nothing.

Sun WooHyun had never imagined that he would ever experience this sort of pain and fear in his life. He had been on the brink of death from gunshot wounds and injuries so many times, he had lost count.

But this time, he was being beaten without a single bone being broken. He thought he would be able to laugh off a beating with a club but he could not.

The pain was tearing his mind apart, and he felt like his spinal cord was about to snap. He wanted to lose consciousness but it did not happen. Every time the club made contact with his skin, he was shaken from his fading consciousness.

The screaming had slowly subsided.

Sun WooHyun could no longer rmove. Tears, snot, spit, and sweat, all the fluid in his body, had been drained away. What was left of him was splayed across the floor like a dead frog.

“Stop, stop…”

His will to fight had left him. He mustered all his strength to plead for his life. Even if he was to die, he did not want to die being beaten like a pathetic dog.

“Who are you? Are you Namir or Narochi?”

“I am Namir.”

Black Mamba’s lips curled up into a smile.

“Good, as a Korean, you should at least have that much pride. Today is not the only day.”

The beating he thought would last forever suddenly stopped.

“Sun WooHyun, you have been chasing around thinking the world was small, then you met a monster and your life was over!” He lamented.

Vengeance should have been boiling up inside him but instead he was just thankful that the beatings had stopped. He was amazed by this guy’s ingenuity.

For the last fifteen years, he had learned all sorts of ways to kill someone. Sun WooHyun trembled then let go of consciousness. With the screaming stopped, silence filled the room.

Valboir was at a loss for words.

This was not something a human could do. He had imagined this formidable Asian would be difficult to break but had been turned to rags in exactly three minutes.

‘Is that really the same quiet Korean who had served under me?’

Any thought of Black Mamba as an inferior had disappeared.

“Sergeant Bronin!”

Bronin jumped in surprise and grabbed the bedpost to regain his balance. Emil glared at Bronin with narrow eyes. He almost dropped Sergeant Mike onto the floor.

‘What a monster! Even though we are on the same team, I’m still terrified.’

Bronin placed his hand over his trembling heart.

Although Mike had been brought in with a bayonet sticking out of his chest, the captain was not surprised. Mike’s actions had been no different to jumping into an alligator pit hoping to die.

Black Mamba looked at the dying Mike without emotion. The punk who had always been a nuisance to them because of his inferiority complex, had finally caused some real trouble.

The stupid idiot had run around without knowing his place and had met his death. If he had not stopped him, he could have caused the death of his comrades. In war, it is not the cowards that cause trouble, but the ones that do whatever they feel like.

“Will he live?”

“We’ll have to wait and see, but if the surgery goes well, he could live.”

“Is surgery possible?”

“He’s the same blood type as Emil and Centienne. It’s not the best environment for surgery but I can cut away the damaged portions and bandage him up.”

“Phew, please do your best. I don’t want to lose any more of my comrades.” The captain sighed in relief.

“Black Mamba is half killing the guy he named as his sidekick.”

“He will have a plan. Everyone is in awe of his incredible power but he’s also a deep thinker.”

“Ombuti, wake him up.”

Ombuti poured water over the face of the unconscious Sun WooHyun.

“Huh poo!”

Sun WooHyun’s eyes shot open as he rolled his body and got out of the way.

The mercenaries were in awe. He was a person who was trained to react instinctively to any situation.

Sun WooHyun collapsed as he tried to lift his body. It was a consequence of the injuries he had sustained during torture. He fell several times before he was finally able to stand upright.

Sun WooHyun held his blade in front of him and got into position.

Even in these circumstances, he was ready to fight. His mental resolve was strong.

Black Mamba nodded his head.


Although he wasn’t giving it his all because he had marked him as a potential sidekick, this guy was not an easy person to break. His mentality was strong and his body was well trained. His judgement of him had changed from useless to useful in an instant.

Because Sun WooHyun was so strong willed, he had to take this opportunity to make sure he knew his place once and for all so that he could not bare his teeth against him ever again.


Black Mamba jumped into the air.

A white streak passed through the air.


Sun WooHyun tensed as he crossed both arms over his chest in defense.

Thud! His left hand sent the defending arm upwards and he hit Sun WooHyun’s chest with his right palm.

The ending was flamboyant.

Thud! The left hand grabbed the neck and flipped Sun WooHyun upside down to slam him down onto the ground. This was a skill that was not part of Ohgeumgong.

The mercenaries who were watching the merciless scene trembled in the background.

“Don’t you think that would have broken his neck?”

Valboir’s body shuddered in fear.

“He’s incredible. In that moment, he turned his neck and landed on his shoulder.” Emil announced.

“Captain, Black seems to have a great deal of pent up anger.” Belman said with a fearful expression. As a fellow human, he had never seen anyone with the ability to beat someone to that extent.

“The guy attacking and the guy getting attacked are both incredible. I would have been happy to have been knocked out in one shot.”

The captain got chills all through his body as if he had the flu.

At the time of Chartres’s death, he had received a beating from Black Mamba. Seeing the state of the Asian who called himself Namir, he realized that his own beating had been nothing in comparison.


A boot stepped on Sun WooHyun’s neck.

His breath was cut off. All the strength left his body and he could not move his fingertips.

“Idiot, there is a black sky beyond the blue sky. Don’t you know the saying’ blue sky of black sky’? Stop clinging onto me with that weak body of yours and stay down.”

Black Mamba slowly released the strength from his foot.

“What did you say? Weak!”

Sun WooHyun was so shocked that his mind went numb. He had never imagined that someone would ever call him weak…

“Hey punk, just stay quiet and still. The more you flail around, the worse it will be for you.”

“Are you saying that there’s more I have to fear.”

“That’s right. My heart hurts that I have to kill a fellow Korean even though you are a communist. Are you sure you wont die from another beating?”

“Nigimi jotto, I don’t think so.”

“Hoohoo, better to live as a coward than to die a hero.”

Black Mamba scoffed then moved his foot.

Cough… cough… Sun WooHyun gasped desperately as his airways cleared. This guy was even able to calculate the changes in his breathing capacity. It made him indignant, but he was dealing with someone not human.

“Just kill me.”

“Ah, you really can’t understand what I’m saying can you? That is the Spetsnaz knife right? Do you want to come at me again?”

He kicked the knife on the floor with his feet, so that it slid toward Sun WooHyun.

Sun WooHyun jumped in surprise and cocked his head instead of picking up the weapon.

“No thank you. I won’t end up a dead veteran. After I get my energy back, let’s battle it out .”

“After? Yea right.”

Black Mamba raised his fist. As he gathered the resonance into it, his fist began to tremble and made the surrounding air vibrate. Suddenly, he smashed into the boulder with the speed of lightning.


With explosive power, a huge chunk of rock fell away from the boulder with a thud.

“Wha what!”

Sun WooHyun bolted upright in a panic. His eyes widened as he took turns staring at the boulder and Black Mamba’s fist.

“Quit fooling around. You don’t think your shoulders are stronger than this boulder here, do you. If I wanted to kill you, I could have done it by now.”

The chilling words and cold gaze shot at Sun WooHyun like an arrow and hit him square between the eyes. His eyes felt like they were burning, like he had sprayed a handful of pepper at him.


Sun WooHyun’s face drained of blood and he whimpered. He felt as if a monstrous weight was pushing him into the ground.

The Eastern sky was slowly turning red.

Before daylight, he had to hurry and figure out a plan get out of there as soon as possible.

“I’ve done as best as I can for the time being, so I’m going to rest for awhile. Communist, you can rest too.”

Black Mamba threw down the club and then leaned on a boulder with his eyes closed. As his comrades got ready to leave, he had decided to get some sleep.

“Whether you choose to kill me or let me live, do whatever you want.”

Sun WooHyun flipped and laid on his back. His sharpened will had been extinguished. He was human and that man was not human. To try to defend himself against a man who was not human would only cause himself harm.

Tears filled Sun WooHyun’s eyes.

His past flashed before him. He had patrolled the DMZ zone for a year. He hadn’t had direct contact with the South Korean soldiers or the UN army but he could sense their freedom. With the commander’s recommendation and the Party commission’s blessing, he had been able to enroll in Ganggeon General Military Academy. He wasn’t particularly gifted but he was able to rise in the ranks due to the influence of his father .

After listening to South Korean broadcasting he had been found out by the agency. He was not prosecuted thanks to his father’s connections but he could no longer rise in the ranks. Worried about complications, he decided to request a transfer to Zimbabwe. He had gone around and around until he met the true Tubilus that day.

A week ago, he had been commanded to return home.

The reason was that he had illegally crossed over the border into Chad. That didn’t make any sense. As a soldier, it was enough to get permission from the officer in command, there was no need to apply for permission from the embassy.

Sensing that something wasn’t right, he called a friend of his who worked there. From what he learnt, he suspected that his father may have been executed.

If he was to return, it was likely he would also be executed.

Whether he died upon returning home or whether he died from getting beaten by this monster, it was all the same. He felt relieved to have accepted his fate.

Snore… snore…

Sun WooHyun stared down at the snoring monster.

He looked at the dagger in his hand for a long time and shook his head. His body already knew that if he attempted to attack once more, that would be the end of him.

This man was impossible to understand and he gave up trying to. It is impossible to understand someone who is crazy. And the really crazy ones become heroes. Just like Abe and Kim Il Sung.
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