Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 166

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There had been no blitz attack like this one. Blanc, Flaubert, and Cavani were surrounded by tear gas. They tore at their chests while crying tears and snot.

These men were not demonstrating citizens of Korea in the 80s or army kids who endured basic training. They had zero experience with tear gas whatsoever.

The break room door swung wide open. Three men in black uniforms wearing black masks ran into the room.

“What are these punks doing here at this late hour, creating a scene?”

“Hurry, the operation can only take three minutes.”

The men in black masks hit the back of the doctors’ necks, which led to seizures. With the sound of a crack, Blanc and Flaubert’s dream of winning the Nobel Peace Prize disappeared into thin air.

“Fifth floor. The attending nurse and doctors are neutralized.”

Currently, it was exactly 11 o’clock at night. The targets were three men in the VVIP room on the seventh floor of suite B at the end of the west wing. The strike team told the guards on the seventh floor to leave. They met the agents as they were heading up the elevator. They avoided unnecessary collateral damage.

“Aller, Aller.”[1]

The movements of the three men running through the hallway became more stealthy. They did not make any stomping noises and only left the sound of light footsteps behind them. The rubber combat boots given to the commandos were dulling the sounds of their movements.

“One, two, three…there are nine. C’est inutile[2], it took them two days to show up.”

Black Mamba creepily smiled as he got up from bed.

“I will follow Wakil as the prophet of the Tuareg tribe.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. I mean it.”

Ombuti smiled brightly. Even though assassins were charging towards them, they did not display an ounce of nervousness.

“If we understand the kind of person they are and stab at their weaknesses, it is easy to anticipate their next movements.”

“You mean, you were aggravating Landre on purpose?”

“The idiot called himself the new African Director. It means that the people who betrayed us cut their losses and went into hiding. If we want to find them, we have to get rid of Landre. I’m no thug, so why would I go bothering some random pathetic man for no reason?”

Sun WooHyun’s heart went cold. He realized that he had manipulated Landre to launch a surprise attack on them. Black Mamba was a persistent man worthy of his call name. To make an enemy of such a man meant that there would not be a single day whereby he would be able to sleep peacefully.

“How did you know he would do something so rash even when he was aware of Wakil’s identity?”

“He wouldn’t believe it unless he directly experienced it. A man who crazes over women would turn a bit crazy if he was beaten in front of a beautiful woman. He probably wanted to take this chance to get rid of Wakil and gain acceptance from the organization,” Ombuti explained to him.

“Black, don’t kill him. You have to give the idiot a chance to become smart.”

“Oh dear, Edel’s heart is purer than that of an angel. How could your heart be as beautiful as your face!”

Edel smiled bitterly at Ombuti’s words. Her response actually meant to beat the s*it out of Landre, but Ombuti was overreacting.

“What’s the point of being pretty when the person you want attention from is not remotely interested. I want to hit him.”

Edel swung her fists with her back turned to Black Mamba so he couldn’t see. Black Mamba commanded them as he went out the door.

“Sidekick, there is no threat to us other than the punks coming this way. The door is bulletproof, but we can’t let our guards down. If I miss anyone, shoot them. There’s no need to worry about the aftermath.”

“That’s a task I’m confident in. Don’t worry.”

Sun WooHyun pulled out his Beretta and checked his magazine.


Black Mamba blended with the hallway as he activated his natural camouflaging skill.

Edel rubbed her eyes. The man had disappeared into thin air, so it was normal to not believe what she had seen. If she had not been a naturally calm woman, she would have definitely screamed.

“Mister Ombuti, Black is…”

“Edel, it’s one of Wakil’s skills. Pretend you didn’t see it. Wakil is the resurrected Azrael. His powers cannot be revealed to the world.”

“I am aware of that. He is a special person. When he helped treat the children at Haiti hospital despite his injuries, I felt my soul echo. Whatever he did or however he looked, I could never believe it. As long as Black doesn’t kick me out, I will stay next to him for the rest of my life.”

Sun WooHyun was touched by Edel’s determination. He was jealous of Black Mamba, who had found a woman like her. There was no one in the world like her.

“There is no one in the world as dull as Wakil. I will tell Wakil about your feelings for him.”

“No!” Edel yelled.

“I believe that there is something much bigger than the love between a man and a woman. I don’t want to make Black uncomfortable because of my greed.”

“An angel! The Angel of Death and the Angel of Love. Oh my God.”

Idiot, is now the time to reference the Angel of Death?

Ombuti glared at Sun WooHyun, who was making a fuss.

“What if Black gets hurt? His body’s not fully recovered.”

“Wakil getting hurt? If a wasp attacks, thousands of honeybees will die. Even if a hoard of honeybees attacks, the wasp will never get hurt. It’s like worrying whether an elephant would get stepped on by an ant.”

Sun WooHyun squashed any worry that Edel had.

The VVIP room was at the end of the west wing of the cross-shaped hospital in suite B. The ceiling had a row of lights that brightened the entire hallway, and it would remain on even at night.

The guard that was always at the desk by the stairway entrance was no longer there. Only the green floor tiles were lit up by the bright fluorescent ceiling lights.

“Huh, these punks have put in a lot of effort.”

Black Mamba clicked his tongue. The VVIP room had its own elevator. A guard would have stood in front of the personal elevator at all times. The invaders reached the seventh floor without much interference. They had either neutralized the guards or warned the hospital staff earlier on.


It was the footsteps of two people moving as one. They had turned a corner but were unable to see Black Mamba, who had been camouflaging with the concrete walls.

Thud thud—

They were both hit in the stomach before they collapsed onto the floor.

This is the perfect size to take out the trash.

A large laundry cart caught his eye. Black Mamba shoved the two men into the cart.

Once Landre stepped into suite B, he knew something was wrong. He did not see the two men whom he had sent in first. He immediately retreated.

“Shoot the ceiling lights. Everyone, put your night vision goggles on.”

His instincts had been dulled from sitting behind a desk for so long, but it did not completely rust away.

Thud thud thud—

The men ran out from behind the pillar and broke all the ceiling lights. Suite B fell into darkness. They had been able to quickly hit all the ceiling lights in one shot. Their shooting skills were phenomenal.

Although their skills were great, their choice of target enemy was bad. After getting rid of the lights, he didn’t even give them time to put on their night vision goggles. A strong wind blew past the hallway.




There were a couple of bouts of sounds before the surroundings became quiet once more. Seven dark figures were splayed all over the corridor.


Black Mamba flew into the air like a ghost and turned at the pillar.


Landre instinctively shot at the black shadow that was charging at him. The MP5 automatic pistol had 13 bullets. In two seconds, he cleared out 30 shots.

The shadow was too fast for him. With each second shot, he would move to avoid the bullets.


His vision went black at the fifth shot.

What is this?

That was his last thought as Landre fell unconscious onto the floor. Humans were curious and thinking creatures.

“Idiot, if I didn’t need your mouth, I would have shattered your skull. Why did you have to make things so complicated?”

Black Mamba grabbed his ankles and dragged him across the floor. He tossed the unconscious invaders one by one into the laundry cart. The laundry cart was pretty big with a length of 1.5 meters and a depth of 1.2 meters, but it was still not spacious enough to fit them all comfortably. Once he shoved Landre in, it became a human mountain.

Even an injured tiger was still a tiger. Black’s decision to clear an entire platoon of commandos by himself didn’t make sense. It was the DGSE’s bad luck that Boniface sent over Landre, who he thought was an idiot. Colonel Tanshe, who was head of the organization, had also stepped in shit.

“♬♪The boy and girl lived in the same village. The two of them liked, like…♬♪”

It was a song he had sung together with Hae Young on Bijin Island. The off-tune song, amid a somber atmosphere mixed with the darkness and the creaking wheels of the laundry cart, added an element of creepiness to the hallway. Love had flown far away, and Mu Ssang was now continuously wandering in a world full of blood and violence.

“Wakil, good job.”

“It’s nothing. I was just picking up the litter.”

“Still, they were some vicious trash.”

Ombuti joined Sun WooHyun and pushed the cart into a corner of the living room. Sun WooHyun slid outside. A few moments later, he returned with a bunch of weapons.

Edel pretended to be calm, but her heart was pounding. It had only been three minutes since Black Mamba had left the room. He had picked up nine fully armed men and thrown them into the cart like trash. It was just as Mister Ombuti had said. He was the resurrection of Azrael.

The two men who served him were great, respectively. They were skilled and completely loyal to their master. It was not because they had a contract or because of money. They had a bond based on the trust and affection they have for each other. It was a relationship that Edel wanted with him too.

The image of her father, who had been assassinated by a traitorous comrade, and her mother, who had gotten sick from longing for her husband, came to mind. If only Black Mamba had been by her father’s side. She suddenly got teary-eyed.

Rudrey Edel, a twenty-five-year-old young woman, had been thrust into the black land of the holocaust. She was a fighter who did not lose her smile even in the most desperate of times. She was a woman who had her fair share of tragedy.

“Sidekick, the one in the green mask dug his grave last night. Reveal the identities of the other men and get a statement from them.”

“I’m good at something like that. Edel, can you grab me a tooth extraction tool? I have to get them to their senses first.”

Ombuti dragged the man in the green mask across the floor and tossed him in front of Black Mamba. Ombuti removed his mask and slapped him across the back of the head with his thick hands.




He didn’t hit his cheeks but exposed his scalp instead. Ombuti was a strong, spiteful man.

Landre had experienced offensive attacks as the tactical director. The moment he returned to his senses, he poked Ombuti’s eyes. It was an instinctive reaction.


When the fingers poked into his eyes, Ombuti screamed without realizing it. There was a flash of light. The two fingers fell to the floor. Landre’s unfortunate decision had led to a tragic result.


For a long time, the agonizing screams echoed around the room. The back of the Kukri, which had severed his fingers, hit his pressure point as it passed by. The screaming stopped and was replaced by the sound of blowing air.

Landre looked up blankly at Black Mamba, who was sitting at the edge of the bed. His body was paralyzed, so his brain could not register what was happening. What exactly was the situation currently?

“Ombuti, I need to create an atmosphere to start a conversation.”

“I’ll bring him back to his senses for now.”

Ombuti was extremely angry as he almost lost both his eyes. He took off Landre’s shoes and beat him savagely on the head with it.

“Stop, I’m telling you to stop right now.”

Landre, whose head was severely beaten, yelled out. Blood was trickling down his face, but his eyes did not lose focus. He grabbed his bleeding left hand with his right and growled.

“Black Mamba, what are you doing? Do you think you can live after doing this?”

Edel, who was preparing to staunch the wound, frowned. The man who had broken in with a hoard of men in the middle of the night was not daring enough to threaten them.

He was reminded of a memory he had wanted to forget. There are men like that. These men lived their entire lives privileged. And so, they felt entitled around everyone all the time and believed they were superior to them.

“Black, I think that man will only come to his senses after being beaten.”

Edel left and went back into the bedroom after saying those terrifying words. She did not dare to see the horrific scene that was about to come.

[1] “Go, go.”

[2] This is useless.
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