Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 169

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Rudrey Edel, wake up. How will you ever gain back Papa’s farm by being so lax?

Edel pulled at her hair as she tried to shake away the vision that she kept seeing in her head. If only that man had been next to her father.


Her father had died while living for another. Black Mamba, who was currently pulling the strings of the French officials in the government, reminded her of him.

After gaining independence, Chad’s chaos only grew bigger for the next 10 years. In 1975, Noël Odingar, who was part of the Sara tribe, started a coup d’état. President Tombalbaye was assassinated by the coup d’etat army, and the reigning terror increased afterward. Edel had been 18. She had just enrolled into London’s medical program.

Chad had been the best at producing cotton and exporting in the world. Out of the 9,000,000 people in Chad, 8,000,000 of them were farmers. Out of the 8,000,000, 3,000,000 had cotton farms.

South of N’Djamena toward Shari lake was a place called Pende lake and Doba lake, where it was mainly used as cotton farmland. Her father, who owned farmland in Pende lake, had the prestigious class A land for cotton farming.

Her father had been a medical general in the English army for 20 years. Even after buying the farmland in retirement, he did not let go of his medical training.

Her father had spent half the year elsewhere. He visited various locations to treat patients, make schools, and teach hygiene. With the money he made off the cotton farm, he bought medicine and medical supplies. It became the cash cow, which allowed him to build schools.

Colton Wayneright Edel was the name of her respectable father. He had been strict to himself but selflessly kind to others.

When the president was assassinated, FROLINAT started to seize power. The rebellion forces began to invade all the farmlands. Her uncle, who had taken care of the farm in place of her doctor father, did his best to protect it. He gathered up the workers and stood guard around it, holding Lee–Enfield rifles.

Her father, having heard of the worsening situation, drove back in his beat-up pickup truck, when the fight broke out. The farmers crucified her father.

The workers had all been Christian. They believed that her father, who had treated the Arabs, was a traitor. “He is Judas who fraternized with the Arab traitors,” that had been her father’s crime. It was ridiculous. Her father did not discriminate among his patients. They, too, had been treated by her father in the past.

Axes tore at his delicate skin and broke his bones. The blood of the father she had been so proud of dyed the cotton fields in red. Her uncle had arrived quickly afterward with a wicked smile on his face that she could never forget. She had been hiding in the cotton fields with bated breath.

Why did you use all your hard-earned money on the black punks? Those blacks you loved so much were seduced by the little money that you had, invaded your land, and got you killed. They are animals. If you feed and give them a little money, they will do whatever you tell them to, like animals. You, my brother, had caused this, so don’t resent me too much. I will raise Edel well because she will have to marry Andrew. Thank you for handing over this large farm to me. Hahaha!

The wicked laugh that echoed in her ear could never be forgotten.

Papa, I will do whatever it takes to get your farm back. I will get my revenge. However, I am not the devil. Papa, you raised me to be too kind.

Edel turned around to shed a tear before bringing over the fruits and tea.

“Black Mamba, I thank you for not mentioning Ocelot at all. You are too kind. Of course, this will also be part of the negotiation?”

“The stupidest person in the world is the one who breaks their own food bowl and overthrows the card table.”

“Ha, incredible. You are more intelligent than Fabius.”

Boniface didn’t understand what he meant by the card table, but he understood the food bowl reference. The 22-year-old Korean man could be seen as young. It was incredible to see him enacting the devilish battle skills and psychological warfare behind that handsome face.

“Is Ocelot dead?”

“He ran away after being critically injured.”

“Ocelot ran away…”

Boniface’s eyes grew wide in surprise. The two wildcats had battled it out. One was still fine, so that meant the other was not. However, the crazy wildcat, Ocelot, ran away? It was hard to believe.

This was the guy who had turned Darfur into a bloodbath. He had been able to rip apart the troops after being a sodden bullet rag. This meant that Black Mamba was a scarier entity than the crazy wildcat.

There was another reason as to why he had stayed quiet during Miguel’s planned operation. He had wanted to gain data from the battle between the two beasts. There was not enough information to determine if Black Mamba was a mutant or if he was a martial arts master. However, there was no point in figuring all of this out now.

“He is known as a national assassin, but he is actually a psychopath mutant. Having lost a wounded predator would create a big problem.”

“It’s not something a man who let loose of a predator should be saying.”

Boniface flinched at the sharp gaze.

“Well, the use of Ocelot was exclusively planned by Miguel. Miguel took responsibility for it and was fired.”

“Another reason why that punk should die. A wounded wildcat. A large-scale bloodbath may soon occur.”

Oecophylla smaragdina. Boniface had tossed Miguel to Black Mamba as prey. It was easy to see what he was doing, but he pretended not to notice. There was no reason to prod Boniface any longer at this point.

“It is a dangerous situation. I, too, have a request. Kill Ocelot. I will give you a reward that you will not regret upon completion. He is a nuisance to France.”

“I’m getting the feeling that you were also part of the plan.”

“That is true. The project to create a second Ocelot is currently in the works. I will have them stop the operation. If there is a powerful monster like yourself here, there is no point in creating a monster with only brute strength. It’s not guaranteed that we can even make one.”

“I can’t understand it. France is a powerhouse country. Is there a desperate reason to continue with such a project? Either way, that guy is not normal. If I get the chance, I will get rid of him.”

Either way, Ocelot would only be a threat to the world. He could not leave a creature who thought of humans as prey that he could hunt.

“Thanks. I can predict what you will do within five days. I will not interfere. A man has no power to block a catastrophe. I will use all my powers to fulfill all your requests.”

The long negotiation was wrapped up. The result was a detrimental loss to Boniface’s side only. With each sensitive issue, Boniface was knocked out by Black Mamba’s viciousness. The deal between a monster and a man was already determined.

“We have finished up our negotiations. This is a direct result of your faults, so I won’t thank you for it. Shakespeare had said that when the sound of gold echoes, the fighting stops. I know that you have gotten a promotion through this. I congratulate you on becoming the tactical director.”

Black Mamba lifted the coffee cup. At the same time, Boniface awkwardly lifted his coffee cup. Boniface’s shoulders sagged as he collected his bag. After being harassed by the villainous loan shark for two hours, he suddenly felt old.

“Idiot, why do you even bother breathing? You don’t even deserve to breathe. Just die, die.”

Boniface kicked Landre, who was splayed out in the corner of the living room, with all his might. Boniface turned back to face Black Mamba before he left through the door.

“Black Mamba, intelligent beast, I will give you a special present. We will become great partners.”

An ambiguous smile formed on Boniface’s face. Men in black uniforms ran into the place and removed the ragged burden.

What is this? The feeling of being outrun right in front of the finish line?

Black Mamba cocked his head in confusion.

Baldgras military hospital was three kilometers away from Sen lake. Since there were no tall buildings to the north of it, you could see Sen lake from the VVIP room on the seventh floor.

After finishing the negotiations, Black Mamba went to the window and stared blankly at Île Saint-Louis. Ferries continuously went up and down the lake. He couldn’t see their faces, but he knew it was full of skin rubbing humans on it.

It had only been three years since he had left his home country, but it felt like it had been 10s of years. There had been an artist who once said that the world had changed when he had woken up, and he, too, felt that his life had been completely flipped around.

He placed his hands in front of his eyes and stared. If you glanced over it quickly, you would assume that it was the delicate hands of a woman. However, if you look more closely, there were 100s of scars on it. The hands that had once hit a moktak in Amja had now erased 100s of lives. His teacher had told him that the life of an ant was no different than that of a human, but who could that be!


He let out a deep sigh. Boniface was an old member of the Oecophylla smaragdina. He had used all his strength as if he was participating in a game of tug of war. For the last couple of nights, he had wracked his brain trying to get the dirt out of the French government, and he had finally finished it now.

After resolving the heavy burden, a rush of despondency overtook him. Even though he was troubled, he was busy wiping the tears away from others. What was the point of all this as he wandered around the foreign place, abandoning everything he had had?

Who was this for, and what was the purpose? All he had wanted to do was find his mother and live a normal life with her in a house that he built. Instead, he killed 100s of men and became a wreck.

He had wanted to be comforted, but there was no one to comfort him. Many would follow an angel, but no one would tightly hold a bloody hand. It was either an enemy or a minion. It was lonely. He suddenly felt a rush of sadness.

Que tengo miedo a perderte.[1]

Perderte después.[2]

Quiero tenerte muy cerca.[3]

He hummed to Besame Mucho without realizing it. It was the song he had enjoyed listening to on the second floor of the Mokjo house, which was Hae Young’s house. The falling leaves knocked on the window as the yearning song knocked on his heart. That day, he had decided to let her go.

“Ah, Hae Young!”

The name he had vowed never to call again, escaped his lips. His heart melted.

Even the all-powerful Black Mamba could not defeat this pain! He leaned his swaying body onto the windowsill.

“An empty boat, an empty boat. A drifting empty boat. One may see when it leaves, but one is unable to tell where the drifting boat will end up.”

He let out a long sigh.

“You must let go of all the obsession!” he mumbled quietly to himself. It was the last thing his teacher had said to him on the day he had left.

Yes. Wherever your heart takes you, nothing will be able to predict its path.

There were still many things left to do. He clenched his jaw tightly.

The eyes of Edel, who had been preparing the bed, were glistening with tears. The world’s strongest warrior and the man who had played the veteran intelligence director had disappeared. Only the contemplating face of a sad young man remained.

Black, you too are a soul with many scars.

The large and clear eyes, which were like a lake, were filled with tears that had trickled down her cheek. A woman might not be able to understand words, but they had the superpower to understand the meaning of a sigh from a man that she loved.


Ombuti, who had been cleaning up the mess, came running into the room. His usual servant-like attitude was gone, and instead, he looked like a villain ready to catch a snake. The serene atmosphere was interrupted.

“Definitely, the great Wakil. You got us things we couldn’t ever imagine receiving. The serpent froze in front of Black Mamba. It will be a documentary I would never be able to see again. It’s a shame the Captain and the rest of the team were not able to witness this themselves.”

“I have both strength and justification in my hands. If I can’t do anything with it, I am an idiot.”

A benign smile formed on Black Mamba’s face.

“Wakil, I have surrendered to you. Wakil is all-powerful. Please train me well.”

Even in this situation, Sun WooHyun was thinking of himself.

“Black, thank you. It will be a lot of help to the poor people in the Sahel. You are a true angel.”

Edel revealed her aching heart to him and fell into his metal-like chest.

“Why are you all acting like this? You’re embarrassing me. Stop it.”

Black Mamba’s face grew red as he slightly pushed Edel away. Ombuti couldn’t stop himself from laughing. Wakil put down his gun and couldn’t hide his embarrassment. He was like a schoolboy. It was good to see this side of him.

“Sidekick, bring the Sciacarello. If we don’t drink at a time like this, when else would we drink?”

“That sounds great.”

At Ombuti’s agreement, Sun WooHyun excitedly went to retrieve the alcohol bottle.

“Ombuti, call lieutenant Paul. We will all gather here in five days. We have to unravel our presents, and as promised, roll around the Meridian hotel for four days and three nights.”

“Yes. Emil will be ecstatic.”

“There are no condoms in Africa. You will have to fit the size and get plenty ready.”

Sun WooHyun whispered in Ombuti’s ear while glancing over at Edel.

“Sidekick, I’m not interested, so you can prepare as much as you need for yourself. On a side note, there are many STDs that even a condom cannot protect you from.”

“What? What’s that?”

“Ask Edel?”

Ombuti pointed over at Edel, who had lasers coming out of her eyes. Sun WooHyun jumped and pretended to be doing something else.

“Call lieutenant Kikali too. Let him know that it is time to become independent. How long is he going to be stuck behind FROLINAT, wiping their ass for them?”

“You already knew about this.”

“The FAP recruits look to be mostly from the Tubu Clan. It’s obvious to see the fox-like Kikali hiding behind a herd of wolves with bated breath.”

Ombuti’s face brightened. He was not only powerful but intelligent. He was proud of himself for deciding to serve Black Mamba as his servant. Ombuti’s eyes glistened in determined anticipation.

“To the comrades buried in our hearts!”

“For our comrades!”

“To the future of the Tuareg tribe!”

“For the Tuareg tribe!”

“To the poor citizens of the Sahel!”

“For the citizens of the Sahel!”

“To our all-powerful Wakil!”

“For Wakil!”

It had been two months since they drank without having to worry about bullets coming their way. Their party lasted until the next morning. Apart from the two men, Edel had also passed out. Black Mamba cleaned up the mess and muttered to himself.

However strong the alcohol was, he would never get drunk. It was a symptom of the excita virus that had contracted. Most poisonous substances would instantaneously be broken down. He would have to drink at least a 75.5 degrees Fahrenheit Puerto Rican Bacardi or a 96 degrees Fahrenheit Polish Spritus by the gallon to get drunk.

Black Mamba muttered as he lifted Ombuti and Sun WooHyun like a sack and threw them onto the bed. He flinched while he was trying to move Edel. Edel was asleep with her head lying on the table, her shiny blond hair wrapped around her face.


His left hand swept past like wind. The hair that had been surrounding her face was brushed neatly to one side. He could also use his Ohgeumgong skill to brush back the hair of the beauty.

The beautiful woman was pretty even when she was a mess. Even without lipstick applied, her lips were red and slightly opened. Her light breath had the sweet scent of a young woman and wine.

[1] I am afraid of losing you.

[2] I am afraid of the future.

[3] I want to keep you close.
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