Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 173

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Bellman, who had been a caporal-chef, became a sergeant. There were no separate ranks for sergeants in the Legion Etranger. As a sergeant, Bellman had to take off his cape blanc and wear a cape noir, which the commanders wore.

Soldat Emil became a caporal-chef and a veteran mercenary. A caporal-chef wore two gold lines on their cape blanc instead of a single black line. Jang Shin, who had been a second class private, became a caporal.

They had all advanced by two ranks, but the atmosphere wasn’t bright. Six of their comrades had been buried in the desert. They couldn’t act happy before the families of those who had passed either.

“We’ve all suffered to death, so the rewards should be as great. There’s an additional reward on top of the combat, expertise, and weapons allowances. The special reward is three times your average allowance. It means you’re getting three times the amount of your total pay.”

“Three times!”

Jang Shin and Emil’s eyes grew wider.

“Oh, my God! The Department of Defense must have been scared witless!”

Black Mamba smiled bitterly at Bellman’s words. Bonipas, who’d been frightened, had increased their pay under the clause of special rewards. The old men at the Department of Defense must have allowed it to pass, acting as though they had no choice.

“Senior officer Burimer will receive, in addition to his family’s rewards, 750,000 francs, while sergeant Chartres will receive 680,000 francs. Paul will receive 800,000 francs, while Bellman, Emil, and Jang Shin will receive 500,000 francs. Ombuti will receive 100,000 francs as a special reward. I’ll tell you the exact numbers separately, later.”

“Ugh, we’ll be choked to death by all that money,” Emil murmured.

“Amazing. It was a good decision to leave it to Black.” Bellman smiled.

It was, as expected, three times the amount he’d been expecting. It was better to have more money than not. The faces of the families of those who had died and the survivors grew brighter.

“There’s another gift too. The president and the general of the Department of Defense are giving separate rewards. They have come up with 500,000 francs. Our brigade also raised and sent 50,000 francs. Out of 550,000 francs, 150,000 francs are given each to Ombuti and Sun WooHyun. This is to thank Ombuti for being our guide and accomplice, and Sun WooHyun for being our helper.”

“What are you going to do with the rest of the money?”

“I’ll add 50,000 francs to the 250,000 francs. From there, I’ll allocate 300,000 francs to Silvie and Leah’s education fees. With that amount, they’ll be able to graduate college.”

Julie jumped to her feet and bowed.

“Black, that’s going too far. We’ve received plenty of allowances and rewards. I’m afraid my husband’s death will be painted another color.”

“I understand what you fear, Julie. Burimer has died in honor, and everyone acknowledges that. The special rewards from the government and the Department of Defense are a result of my threats. You should at least buy yourself a grape yard and think about both you and Emily’s retirement. I’ll take care of my cousin’s education. However, the best wines should be for me.”

Black Mamba stopped talking and winked.

“Oh, Burimer, to send such an amazing cousin like this, I’ll forgive you for all the time you’ve wasted on fishing. Children, thank your uncle Black.”

Silvie and Leah swallowed the food in their mouth like baby swallows.

“Thank you, uncle.”

They gathered their mouths to give a soulless thanks before immediately turning their gazes back onto the table. The two kids didn’t know the meaning of 300,000 francs and God’s blessing. They were enamored by the macaroons that were right before their eyes. It was a meal that both adults and children ate happily.

“Now, our long journey has ended, and the calculations you’ve left to me has also wrapped up.”

“Black, you’ve really done well. No, it was something only you could do. I won’t be able to give you the inquiry payments, but I’ll give you your success rates.”

At Paul’s words, Bellman, Emil, and Jang Shin agreed violently.

“Hehehe. I’ve been waiting for those words. I’ll use you to your bones. The condition is to visit the dead’s families every year on La Fete Nationale every July 14th, and today, January 18th. This is an installment that will last 50 years.”

“It’s an evil resolution, but I like the terms and conditions. We all agree to divide the 50-years visits between us. Applause!”

“I’ve never felt so good receiving an evil post-installment plan.”

Everyone clapped at Paul and Bellman’s words.

“Now the fight is gone, and happiness remains. If anyone has problems regarding the way I solved this, say it now, and if you don’t, I want you to never speak of it again.”

Black Mamba looked around at his comrades and the families.

“There’s no way we’ve any complaints. You’ve ripped off a whole lot.”

“Hehehe, I can nearly see the rotting faces of Bonipas and those old men.”

“You’ve dusted out those old men’s slush funds too.”

“We’re just grateful.”

There couldn’t be any complaints. The enforcer was setting forth his own money.

“There are no complaints, but Black, how much are you receiving?”

Jang Shin glanced at Black Mamba, who was wiping Leah’s mouth, which was smeared with ice cream.

“You crazy b*stard, everything’s a secret with him.” Emil slapped the back of Jang Shin’s head.

The Chinese duck was good at everything except for his fondness of money.

“Agh, damn it, I’m just too curious. If we got 500,000 francs, did Black get 10 times that amount? 20 times?”

Everyone’s gaze began to flounder when Jang Shin stubbornly pushed the issue.

“Black, I’ll contribute some of my money to Silvie and Leah.”

“I’ll add mine to the fund too.”

The mercenaries stepped up to help.

“That’s not needed. The government’s relief funds, the charity funds, and rewards should be enough. I’ll take care of the two children as I’ve promised Burimer. If you do want to participate, then discuss giving relief funds to the Sahel with Edel. I still can’t forget the sad eyes of the Sahel mothers clinging on to their children who had died from hunger.”

Black Mamba’s words turned the atmosphere solemn. Their memories recalled the world that involved humans killing each other, the drought and civil war, the desolate lands swept away by locusts, and situations that couldn’t be fixed with a single will or determination.

“Black, you’ve given us too great a gift. What’s the point of those old men’s money? There’s nothing greater than the sadness of hunger. We’ll contribute to the relief funds for Africa.”

“Right. Now that Silvie and Leah’s funds are established, I don’t need a great sum either.”

Pierre and Julie stepped forward to add to the funds. Black Mamba shook his head.

“I’ve already ripped off 50,000,000 francs for the emergency food relief within the Sahel region. I thank you for your intentions. However, I want my brothers and families to live in comfort.”

“Woah, 50,000,000 francs!”

Everyone’s mouths fell open at the unimaginable amount. 50,000,000 francs were enough to buy the commerce sector in Paris.

“Exactly how much did you rip off?”

“As much that needs to be used.”

Black Mamba smiled and looked at the people sitting around the table. Everyone was in high spirits. He felt proud. He’d made all these people happy with his ability. Fists had its value depending on its use.

It was said that negative feelings spread 10 times faster compared to positive feelings. That difference was a result of the development of human brains. The brain’s cerebral cortex, which controlled emotions and reason, was developed later during human evolution.

Negative feelings like anger and hatred were factual and didn’t need a creation stage. On the other hand, positive feelings like love, empathy, and respect had to go through a mental stage called assimilation. It was easy to increase the feelings of hatred and anger, but that also meant it was harder to spread happiness.

“This is your last gift. In two weeks, there’s going to be a medal ceremony at Elysee Palace. The medals hold the title of a fifth level Chevalier of legion d’honneur and will be presented to both the dead and the survivors.”

Black Mamba threw the last, saved sack of presents. The most delicious dishes were bound to come last.


Exclamations and claps erupted at once. It was unbelievable.

“We’re receiving legion d’honneur!” Bellman muttered.

Black Mamba’s power was beyond his imagination.

France never awarded the legion d’honneur to foreigners formally and only rewarded them with the title. Many mercenaries had left behind incalculable feats since Legion Etranger was created, but none of them had been formally awarded.

The Ratel team were the first variable, and the first mercenaries to be awarded the legion d’honneur directly. It was the guilty conscience of the Department of Defense and the DGSE who spoke as one.

No one had been able to protest the results from the mercenaries war when Bonipas convinced the Oecophylla smaragdina. The Department of Defense, especially, took a fiercer stance as Black Mamba had rescued them from GIGN’s initial mission failure.

The aftereffects of the war played a part too. The FAP’s hawkish faction lost their strength, and the collapsed FROLINAT swept away by internal crises, had reached the point of opposing warlords.

Gaddafi and the Soviet Union had lost the timing and cause of the attack. Thanks to that, Hissene Habre had been able to push the FROLINAT up north with France on his back.

France had been able to gain both the cause and enactment of their movement. They raised their guard against Libya and stabilized the Chad government. France’s vested power and influence, which had been shaking within southern Africa, had been able to stabilize like concrete. The great adventure of a mercenary from South Korea with a call name had accomplished all that. Compared to the number of benefits that the Ratel team had given them in the form of military strategies and advances of technology, their rewards were like a piece of bread. Not even the culture minister, Jacque Long, who was rumored to be critical, was able to raise a counter. Anyway, everyone was happy. The fight disappeared when the clinking of gold rang.

“Black, what about my request?” Jang Shin asked in a low voice.

“How can I forget my friend’s wish? Emil, Jang Shin, Ombuti, Sun WooHyun, I congratulate you on becoming French citizens.”

“Yes! Hooray!” Emil shouted while Jang Shin and Sun WooHyun screamed as though they were mad.

Ombuti only smiled. As always, there wasn’t an inch of mistake to be found in his master’s actions. All he had to do was perform his duties as a servant, no matter what his nationality was.

Edel quickly passed them their citizenship. Their cheerful shouts shook the snowing sky. It wasn’t a hospital room but a party hall.

“Black, it’s really nice to see. You’re a virus. A happy virus,” Edel whispered as she leaned on Black Mamba’s shoulder.

“Don’t say embarrassing things like that. I’m happy when everyone’s happy.”

Black Mamba’s face, which was always expressionless, formed a vague smile. He’d thrown hope with a hand that delivered death. The world was chaotic.

“Not many humans can take another’s pain and happiness as their own. Why don’t you call a meeting at this point? How does ‘Black culture’ sound?”

Edel had lived understanding another’s happiness as hers. She didn’t ensnare herself with her father’s hopeless revenge and regained their wealth. She’d killed her non-resolvable hatred with dedication and volunteered for her entire life.

She’d never seen people who were this happy in her entire life. Edel’s heart was similarly filled with happiness. The person, who sliced hatred and sadness with a single swing of a blade and threw a happiness bomb, was Black. Emil, who’d been listening in, raised both of his hands.

“Agree, I totally agree! Everyone, an angel has just decided on a gathering. The gathering is to be called Black culture! The head is Black Mamba. Everyone who wants to join, raise their hands!”

Emil was always drumming and hammering on everything by himself.

“Woooo! Hurray for Black culture!”

Shouts filled the hospital room. Silvie and Leah also clapped their hands. Black Mamba and Edel glared astonishingly at Emil. And so, the gathering called Black culture was created.

As the atmosphere lightened up, Black Mamba sneaked off. His heart felt heavy. He was worried about the Jin Soon siblings and his aged teacher. He wanted to wrap things up quickly and fly back to his hometown.

“Geofrey, you’d be hiding rather well, wouldn’t you? You’re the b*stard I’ll never forgive.”

Edel brought Leah into the hospital room as Black Mamba wore his outer clothes.

“Black, I know it’s hard, but won’t you take a look at Leah? I think her autism is on the brink of reaching the second stage. I think the first was immobilizing her mechanical functions. Her walking is unstable. Seeing how she can’t talk properly, I’m suspecting cerebral thrombosis or brain embolism. How happy would this child be if we could separate the blood clots like filariasis?”

Black Mamba recalled feeling something out of place when he hugged Leah. It was hard to pinpoint, but it had felt as though something had been crushed.

“Hm, are you saying that autism will be treated automatically if the blood clots or blood flow returns to normal?”

“I think so. Is it possible?”

“What’s the difference between a clot and an embolus?”

“It’s a blood clot if the blood is hardened due to thrombosis in the local blood vessels. If the blood clots in the local vessels near the heart’s blood flow, it results in an embolization. An embolus should be easier to treat. Of course, brain surgeries are dangerous, and many cases can’t be solved. It’s hard to find the blood vessels after all.”

“Let’s see her first.”

Edel’s face brightened at his agreement. Black didn’t say anything false. Black had once fixed a patient who had the untreatable Medina parasite and a patient who had filariasis, in Ati, on the spot. Her heart swelled with hope at the prospective treatment of a poor child.

“Leah, do you trust your uncle?”

“Yes, I like my uncle.”
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