Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 182

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The Phoenix Program that the CIA commenced in 1969 aimed to kill all the communists in political power and their remaining cells. The plan, which was spearheaded by William Colby, who was then the head of the Vietnam CIA division, progressed violently.

The American military, Navy SEAL, and Vietnam’s military and police force commanded by the CIA was mobilized. Assassination, torture, and terror proceeded, and they even committed atrocities, including killing crowds of planting farmers.

The SDECE, now known as the DGSE, had a large number of local informants back then. Several of them were killed or imprisoned due to the Phoenix Program.

The head of the Chinese SDECE asked the CIA to change its strategy manual. The head of the CIA regarded the request as an interference of activity. The fight for pride turned into an assassination battle between agents. A combined total of 20 agents from both sides died in two months, and for the first time, an SDECE project manager was assassinated.

This was unknown to the outside. The French foreign relations stated that several Vietnamese-French were killed due to misjudged shots. The French intelligence department hid behind a veil. In addition to the DGSE, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (DRSI), the Ministry of Home Affairs DRM and DPSD, and the Custom’s DNRED never stepped forward. For the head of intelligence to reveal internal documents and appear on South Korea’s media was unimaginable.

From then on, an unspoken rule that involved intervening in other agents’ projects was not condoned.

“I’m not asking you to save Davis. The person who leaked the information was his boss. Davis was unfairly accused and is holding on to papers that can serve as evidence.”

“Hm, that’s a frequent occurrence in intelligence organizations. His boss must have blocked his evidence submitting route. The CIA has 30,000 people as full-time workers. It wouldn’t be strange to have such trash in the body of a dinosaur.”

You b*stards are worse than trash, you f****** s***!

Black Mamba snorted in his mind. The DGSE was as bad when it came to dirty jobs. It was funny how they judged others when they tried to kill their own soldiers who were carrying out a mission. It was like a dog rubbed in s****, accusing a dog rubbed in fleas.

“That’s right. Davis will do the rest as long as you open the route for him.”

His crumpled expression smoothed out.

“Interfering will be a problem, but I can help with that much.”

Ariba disappeared off somewhere with a telephone in hand. It was a coded message, which made it hard to understand. A small smile graced Ariba’s face as the call ended.

“Boss Bonipas said he’d talk with the CIA’s executive director, himself. Is there anything else you need? I received an order from the headquarters to complete anything tasked as long as it’s within reason.”

“No. I’m leaving for N’Djamena tomorrow. Tell Geofrey in George Island that Black Mamba sends his regards.”


Ariba flinched. The Kanma’s regards…that was basically asking him to wait with his neck stuck out. Recently, Geofrey had been unable to eat, traumatized by fear.

Ariba realized that Black Mamba’s tenacity was the true cause of fear. He’d burned Miguel to death in the middle of the Alps mountains and had brutally murdered colonel Tanshe by infiltrating the airborne regiment.

There was a rumor spreading around the intelligence headquarters involving Black Mamba. Once you get on his bad side, you’re as good as dead. Hearing the guy’s words made it sound as though he knew the connection between the DGSE and Geofrey. Chills ran down his back.

“Right. I will.”

Sorry, Geofrey. It seems like the strategic division can’t protect you any longer.

Ariba felt sorry. Unlike Miguel, he thought highly of the traditional HUMINT work. The basis of HUMINT was trust between superiors and subordinates. Trusting that one’s intelligence agency would shield one’s identity stopped the agents from betraying.

All Geofrey had done was to work with the DGSE. He had made a smokescreen that involved Etang, but everything had gone south due to colonel Philip’s rushed work.

Geofrey had already entered Black Mamba’s shooting range. They had to protect a helper until their last breath, but with Black Mamba as their opponent, it was better to give up. The entire intelligence department would be met with a disaster if they tried.

“He wouldn’t be able to contact the CIA if he’s being tracked by the clean up team. Tell the Davis guy to contact this number after a week.”

Ariba wrote down a number on a piece of paper and handed it over.

“Send Bonipas my thanks. I’ll forget all ill feelings from this moment onwards.”

“Thank you. The minister’s diarrhea and headache will finally be solved.”

Ariba’s face brightened. The upper levels of the DGSE hadn’t been able to relax at all, due to Black Mamba. It was a common understanding that Black Mamba was an uncontrollable predator. It would be a great loss if Black Mamba, who was valued as a national treasure, went against them.

“I’ve only let go of some past grudges. I’ll be cutting off necks, next, without warning.”

“How terrifying. We’ll prepare a Hercules for N’Djamena, in return.”

“My, even the electricity fees!”

Black Mamba was truly surprised. He hadn’t expected them to pay for the electricity.

“This is Monsieur Bonipas’ and my sincerity.”

Ariba pushed over a thick envelope. Black Mamba, who received it, smiled in satisfaction.

“You two know how to connect with people.”

“The minister said that fights disappear when gold clinks.”

Ariba smiled sourly. He recalled his boss’s words, which were to give everything down to one’s clothes when it’s time to give. Black Mamba was a fierce predator. He had to be given many feeds to be silenced.

“Viva France!” Black Mamba suddenly shouted a cheer.

Trips to Africa were always a problem. There weren’t direct flights, and the planes’ movements were always loose. He was grateful to those who had prepared a flight for him, on top of the electricity fees. France was a grateful nation.

Ariba was confused by the sudden shout. It was said that talented people had psycho tendencies, and Black Mamba was as hard to grasp.

“Viva France!” Ariba shouted with a tortured expression.

“Edel, check how much is in there.”

Black Mamba handed the envelope to Edel. Edel’s eyes grew wide upon seeing its contents.

“My god, 300,000 francs! There would still be some left for you, Black, even if you take a trip around the world with a woman.”

“You can take a cruise vacation if you want, Edel.”

“Hmph, it’s not as if you’ll go with me anyway. What’s the point of going on a trip by myself?”

“You can meet a gentleman.”

“Tsk tsk, those overconfident ones?”

Edel snorted as though it was a chore. All the men in the world were scarecrows compared to Black Mamba.

“It’s enough for everyone if you take 100,000 francs each.”

Their mouths dropped open. This was too great a gesture. Sun WooHyun’s mouth split open. The master had allocated 100,000 francs for their vacation. A big rice cake was bound to give more droppings.

“Wakil, the sum is too great.”

“There’s nothing like ‘too much,’ there’s only big happenings. You figure it out, Ombuti. You can use it to invest or drink yourselves to death. Whatever!”

“Wakil can use it for your trip home.”

“Keke, there’s a lot of b*stards who can give me that fee. Let’s see how much Philip throws up. Kekeke!”

Black Mamba laughed like a gangster.

“Lackey, you have something else to do.”

“Whatever you say, Wakil. I can bring you the president’s head.”

Sun WooHyun’s loyalty and confidence reached the skies.

“Nonsense, why would you take the neck of a president who’s staying still? I’m heading to N’Djamena tomorrow after tidying up some things here. I’ll be reporting to Philip, then leaving for Korea.”

Black Mamba clicked his tongue. Those who were sly were more prone to moments of idiocy.

“Wakil, do we need to be separated for three months?” Ombuti asked in fear.

There was nothing like his expression. It looked like a girlfriend was sending off her boyfriend to the Korean Army Training Center.

“There’s a lot to do. Lackey, you should dig into governor Kuera first. He smells rotten. Investigate the Samaria farm case seriously and report.”


“Don’t kill that Nick b*stard.”

“I won’t ‘kill’ him.”

“Don’t touch a hair on him. If he’s the one behind Monsieur Colton’s death, I’ll hang him on the cross myself. A betrayer has to be judged by Allah.”

For a moment, Black Mamba’s craze for blood could be seen by the light pink hue in his eyes. Memories of his uncle who had tried all kinds of tricks to steal his brother’s strip of land and his aunt who had shoved her cousin into s*** flickered before his eyes.

Hehe, I wonder if they’re fine? Yes, they must be living very well.

Black Mamba smiled eerily.

The military hospital workers of Val-de-Grâce erupted into cheers on the morning of the second day. The VVIP guest on the seventh floor had finally left. They’d been suffering from all kinds of discomfort due to the unknown guest.

They had to go through four check procedures for one bag of laundry. They had to do a little leg work every time they moved to departments C and D of the seventh floor since department B was blocked. Their underground fitness center entry had also been restricted. Most of all, the men in black had been thorns in their necks.

VVIP was bound to impose on normal people whether they wanted to or not. That was why careful actions and higher morals were demanded of them. Of course, reality was a s***hole.


The Hercules lowered its great body. Except, it had been an extremely inefficient flight of over 10,000 kilometers with four people on board.

The three Gazelle, which had been waiting on the runway, each headed to their respective destination. Black Mamba towards the base by Shari lake and Sun WooHyun, beside Oriental. Ombuti and Edel were on the Gazelle with extra fuel.

The call name “Black Mamba” submerged by the end of the Chad mission. All there was left was a normal second class private mercenary called Park. Black Mamba’s return to the base was arranged in secret.

The only person who had returned to camp amongst the Ratel team members was Black Mamba. Everyone else had left for their vacations. Even after their vacation, nobody returned. Captain Paul left for Djibouti while Emil left for the Aubagne headquarters. Bellman and Jang Shin were retiring.

“Oh, Park!”

Pieff, who had received the commandant position, greeted him in front of the headquarters’ regiment with wide arms. The badge drew Black Mamba’s attention. He raised his eyebrows.



His greeting was returned with a punch. Pieff, who had his chin punched in by a palm as hard as iron, rolled onto the ground like a fallen leaf.

There were plenty of reasons for the beating. Pieff had been the one to recommend a small group of snipers. Pieff had been the one to choose the members. Pieff had also become baggage for jumping into a rescue mission without a plan.

It was unjust in Pieff’s perspective. He had received Paul’s advice to bribe Black Mamba the moment he arrived. His chin had been shattered even before he could produce the envelope in his pocket.

The mercenaries, surprised by Black Mamba’s unhesitant handiwork, stared on.

“Pieff, I didn’t shatter your brain because you’re my direct commander. I’ll let go of all ill feelings with this.”

Of course, Pieff, who was blinded and deafened, couldn’t reply.

“What are you doing? Move him to the medical office.”

The crack in his scream caused the mercenaries to run over, moving Pieff away.

“Huh! That b*stard’s the flying viper.”

“His temperament had turned worse after the mission.”

A few mercenaries who recognized Black Mamba began to whisper.


Bam bam bam—

Veteran officer Charcosi, who was contacted, appeared like lightning. A veteran unit rushed at Black Mamba with vigor, in gunpoint position.


The sound of thunder reflected the ground. The mercenaries covered their ears and most tilted, losing their balance.

“Stop, Charcosi you f****** idiot, do you want to kill all the kids!”

Lieutenant colonel Louis ran out of the tent blue-faced, as though he was rolling.

“Let’s go in. The major general is awaiting you.”

“Major general?”

Black Mamba glared at lieutenant colonel Louis. Louis, on the receiving end of his sharp glare, stumbled back with a flinch.

Hoo, it’s terrifying. Was he the same guy that had left for the Sahel?

Louis wiped the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand.


Quick on his feet, lieutenant colonel Louis ruan back into the tent.

A party soldier came out a beat later.

“Act! The commander is awaiting you.”

“Armang, it’s noisy outside.”

He wasn’t asking because he didn’t know. Officer Armang looked pitifully at Philip. Philip looked very nervous.


The door was banged open. Lieutenant colonel Louis ran in.

“It’s Black Mamba. Pieff was taken out by a single blow. He’s being carried to the doctor’s office.”
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